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Drama King

To James Trump's politics are terrible but his person is even worse.



In hindsight comedian Chris Rock shouldn’t have been scoffed at when he predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. He said that people then were “enamored” with the Trump energy. That makes sense. But the dynamics between earth’s Martians and Venusians reveal a better explanation.

I recall when Spike Lee’s breakout movie “She’s Gotta Have It” (1986) arrived at my Iowa Hawkeye campus home. Days later as a few of us discussed the flic., a young student mentioned she liked Greer, a leading character in the movie, because he was arrogant. Apparently, offensive behavior can be attractive when done with flair.

The swag factor has snared its share of ladies. The “bad boy” thugnificent cool type attraction is a reality. Men too are enticed by the other gender’s “it” qualities. Colin Cowherd, a noted sports talk show host/philosopher said it best “Two things make smart men stupid beautiful women and sports.”



First Impressions, Second Thoughts

The way people can choose wrong in love was on display in America’s 2016 election. What it takes to correct such mistakes manifest itself in the 2020 election.


The United States of America, (U.S.A. aka America) enjoyed several years of a growing thriving economy. The country was largely though not entirely at peace across the world. Life was looking good. Still, there remained pockets of discontent. A reasonably sized minority felt out of place and out of power.

Then, the bad boy cometh. An old man who sports a rug atop his head that suggested taxidermy more so than toupee, and has a mysterious orange tint to his skin developed a rabid fan following by behaving badly. This base won him the Republican party’s nomination for President.

To some he inspired a longing to leave society’s fringes and return to their prior glory (or the previous appearance as such) as the mainstays in American life. To others, namely conservatives, and some identifying as Christians, he presented a chance for long sought positive change.

The disaffected groups were smitten by devilish Don’s baller status and validation of them. Like many they ignored their friends’ warnings as expressed by the majority vote against “the Donald.” Their votes coupled with the Constitution’s Electoral College oddities enabled him to win the election. America knew better but like so many good girls she still fell for the thug.


Donald Trump did nothing between election year cycles to make anyone think he would change. He continued the bullying , corrupt, cruel, hateful, misogynist, treasonous and xenophobic behavior that he displayed in his ’16 campaign courtship of America. The best word to describe his presidency is chaotic. Yet, America began the year intent on staying with him.

Donald Trump’s infatuation with conflict and confusion provides gist for a hit reality tv show. But this same combustible mix is an unsustainable disaster when it comes to reality itself. Some who voted Trump ’16 began to see what many disenchanted lovers learn about their partners; the spark that attracts can become the inferno that burns.


It's been real, it's been fun but....

American states have displayed a predictable voting pattern since the year 2000. The terms red states, (Republican) blue states (Democrat) and purple states (either or) arise from this trend. The circumstance that would make 2016 red voters turn into 2020 blue voters is the same dynamic that makes people with toxic partners finally see the light; a crisis.

Trouble has a way of exposing truth. When the mirror shows her bruises again she’s inclined to decide his roughish charm is just rouge. When he realizes his lady is more Jezebel than je ne sais quoi he sees less dazzle and more drama queen. Americans are awakening to the fact that many were duped by a drama king.

The Covid-19 pandemic death toll, tanking economy, riots and homicidal police are made worse by Donald Trump’s penchant for making bad situations worse. Americans see the need for the breakup talk. That is “you as our president and we as your public is not sustainable.” This roller coaster rendezvous must end.

Now of course, many will continue to walk on eggshells and tolerate abuse. They are those who march lock step and unmasked to attend crowded rallies during the height of a pandemic. They are those who are validated by this president. As for the rest of us, the United States of America have become the tired states of America. Enough already!

© 2020 James C Moore


James C Moore (author) from Joliet, IL on November 09, 2020:


I suppose there's an initial thrill lived out vicariously being associated with the bad crowd. Thanks for stopping by with the wisdom.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on November 09, 2020:

So true. I still can't see what any thinking person sees in a "bad boy". There is no charm there only mystery. He is going to treat you the way he treats everyone. You are only loved as long as you do what he wants and he can turn on you just as quickly. I can't see the end of him fast enough.



James C Moore (author) from Joliet, IL on November 02, 2020:

Ms Dora,

Let's hope. But regardless of outcome God got our back. Glad to hear from you.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 02, 2020:

"The tired states of America. Enough already!" Thanks for the article. Hoping the majority of voters will agree with you.

James C Moore (author) from Joliet, IL on November 02, 2020:


You pegged it back when your article asked if D Trump was the most dangerous man in America. He gotta go.

James C Moore (author) from Joliet, IL on November 02, 2020:

Angel Guzman

Good to know. I like to say the early bird gets the vote. Thanks for your input.

Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on November 02, 2020:

Glad you spoke up James. I early voted two weeks ago at the Spanish Center. I really really hope we have a bigger win than 2008 and it very well may happen. Arizona, Texas, and Georgia are swing states now. Who would have thought?

FlourishAnyway from USA on November 02, 2020:

Amen! Never a fan of this guy since the way back. I recall seeing him on Oprah talking about Presidential ambitions back in the day and thought he was a clown. We need to hold parties responsible for glorifying this buffoon along the way (media outlets, celebrities, etc.). He’s dangerous and has run us into the ditch bigly.

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