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Dr Liam Fox MP, Speaks out About 5 Day Lifting of Restrictions Over Christmas.

Dr Liam Fox, MP.


Backbench Tory MP, Dr Liam Fox, was once International Trade Secretary in the government. Although Scottish by birth, Dr Fox is the representative of an English constituency. Known to be an ardent Brexiteer and a hard-right politician. Dr Fox also ran for the leadership of the Conservative party up against one David Cameron. He failed spectacularly giving way to young Tory Turk, David Cameron. Dr Fox also became the British candidate, to become the leader of the international trade organisation, known as the 'WTO' or 'World Trade Organisation'. Again, Dr Fox lost out and remains a backbench Tory MP.

Dr Liam Fox is licenced to practice as a GP and indeed, before working as an MP, was an NHS doctor. As a former medical practitioner, Dr Fox will undoubtedly, have views on the COVID crisis, both worldwide and in the UK. So with that in mind, Liam Fox has spoken out against the '5-day' lifting of restrictions over Christmas, so that families can get together. The government has said with the '5 lifting of restrictions' there will be a forfeit. We may have to go into a total lockdown scenario in January to make up for the 5-day lifting of restrictions. The government would prefer any families getting together over the festive period, would stay in protective bubbles.

Dr Fox has said any lifting of restrictions could lead to the third wave of COVID. SAGE the scientific body that advises the government, has also said lifting restrictions could lead to another wave of the virus.

Dr Fox has attacked the fact that people can meet in houses, yet cannot meet in pubs, restaurants, etc. In other words, in his reckoning houses are more cramped (well some homes!) than spacious areas in hospitality venues. So in cramped homes, there is more danger of contracting COVID than in hospitality venues. SAGE for its part, at least some members of SAGE, say that lifting the restrictions could lead to the NHS being overrun in a third wave.

England is currently coming towards the end of a national lockdown. England will then, go back into a three-tier system to keep the numbers of infection down. However, according to the government, these 3 tiers will be harsher than the last system. These 3 tiers and what they represent will no doubt be available to read to on the UK government website.

Infections it would appear, from yesterday onwards have come down from 20,051 a week ago, to now, 11,051. This is is obviously good news and areas of England there were in Tier 3 may go down to Tier 2 and so on. The north of England has been hit hard by COVID and the subsequent restrictions imposed via the Tier system. However, according to a piece on BBC2's 'Newsnight', Kent in the south of England, could be the next hotspot of the COVID outbreak. Could it be that the south of England will now be the hotspot of the virus as opposed to the north?

Much of the upping or downing of the COVID infection rate has to do with the co-operation of the public. Also, with how fast the government can get its message across, hopefully, coherently and correctly, to the public. Both these strands are the core issues in the downing or upping of the COVID infection rate.

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Certainly, this summer, the government whether it be PPE or the disastrous track and trace system, etc, have to be blamed for the fiasco of COVID policies. Even Boris, fell foul of the virus, where he was nursed back to health by brave NHS workers. Also, illegal beach gatherings, illegal parties/raves, BLM pro and anti protests, football fan gatherings, etc, have helped COVID rise again. Then with students flooding into university towns, this also helped the COVID infection rise. So to sum up on this, both the government and irresponsible members of the public have helped COVID rise again.

Boris may say more about lifting restrictions in Prime Ministers Questions today in parliament. Whether he will actually be there or be appearing live from 10 Downing Street (as he has been isolating again) is another thing. So far, Sir Keir has done a good job of supporting the government where it sees fit and not where it doesn't see fit, (when it comes to COVID policy).

In one way it is understandable many folks in England, want to see restrictions lifted briefly over Christmas. However, many also feel along with Dr Fox and SAGE that lifting restrictions is a big mistake for obvious reasons. COVID has challenged the UK and indeed the world, in a way, not seen for centuries. How we all meet that challenge both as individuals and as governments will determine in many ways the human race's future. Certainly, COVID has appeared because of how we humans (that are, let's face it, too numerous) have treated the earth and the other beings that inhabit our planet. We use this planet, it's flora and fauna, as if they are ours to do with, what we like. Well, they are not and COVID is the virus, that has come round and bitten the human race on the arse.

The news of different vaccines, of course, is to be welcomed, whether it be from Moderna, or from the British Oxford one. Let us hope, that the vaccines, whatever their source, do protect people from COVID, but there may be side effects too. However, it's not just about, PPE, social distancing, etc, it is also about how we humans go about our lives on this planet. Will we step back and realise our impact on this planet is responsible in some ways for COVID and learn to really live more environmentally on our world? I would hope so, humans have the ability to destroy or to build, we are in intelligent creatures, yet stupid. Will we heed the message of COVID, climate change, pollution or are we on a path to destruction and taking the planet with us? Time will tell, but this is a message that our money-mad, consumerist society had better learn fast as time is ticking.

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