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Should I Let My Child Play Fortnite?


Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She has done her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Fine arts.

Stats of Fortnite

Fortnite has over 40 million active players every month, and many of them are children because the game is intended for people aged 12 and over.

Nine-year-old British girl had to undergo therapy - why? Fortnite game. "When we let her play Fortnite, we had no idea that this game was so addictive and psychological," the girl's mom told Sunday People.

Since her daughter started playing, she was constantly tired, she fell asleep twice during lessons, and her academic performance was getting worse. When her parents tried to talk to her about it, she reacted with unexpected aggression. Finally, concerned about the girl's credit card being stolen from them, they discovered that their daughter gets up at night to play Xbox. There were times when she didn't sleep until five in the morning. She even took care of her needs on the spot, so as not to break away from the screen.


Fortnite phenomenon

The game, produced by the American company Epic Games, is very popular. In the first year since its launch in July 2017, up to 125 million people played it. Currently, however, it is estimated that Fortnite has over 40 million active players every month.
The game is so widespread that Epic Games has announced it will be hosting the Fortnite World Cup starting this fall with a staggering $ 100 million prize pool!

Prize Pool Of Fortnite

Celebrities also play Fortnite

Fortnite is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but you can also play it on Windows PCs, Macbooks, and even iPhones. Behind the great popularity of the game are celebrities who publicly declare that they like to play it for relaxation.

They include Canadian rapper Drake and sports stars, such as the famous basketball player Terrence Ross from the NBA, Tottenham and England footballer Harry Kane, Swede Zlatan Ibrahimović and the star of Atlético Madrid and the French national team Antoine Griezmann, who performs a game-inspired dance after each goal.

And this, according to Steve Pope, the psychologist who dealt with the English addict, is most disturbing. “ Premier League players dance in Fortnite style after the action ended with a goal. For children, it is the best advertisement. This opens the door to addiction and gambling, ”says Pope.

How much can a child play Fortnite?

There are many reasons for this. "Fortnite seems to fill a gap in the current PC gaming line-up," says clinical psychologist Emily Gifford. "This game is a compromise, and it's easier for many parents to agree to it," continues Gifford, quoted by LiveScience. The secret is that while Fortnite is an action game, there is no bloodshed in it.

Another feature that attracts adolescents and young adults is that the game sessions are relatively short (approx. 20-25 minutes). This makes the player who has nearly won the session willing to start the next one. It shows the same mechanism as the slot machine, notes child psychologist Randy Kulman.

Therefore, parents must introduce restrictions. Dr Leonard Sax, a family doctor and psychologist, quoted by LiveScience, says that school-age children should not play computer games for more than six hours a week to avoid negative impacts on academic performance and relationships.

According to Sax, those parents who think that through team games like Fortnite, their children will learn to cooperate, are wrong. Real collaboration only happens in the real world, Sax reminds me. It requires listening, eye contact, understanding what others want to convey and finally creative teamwork. And in Fortnite, the only goal of the cooperation is to defeat opponents, and "killing people is hardly a social skill”

Why is Fortnite so addictive?

The team nature of this game, considering that it is intended for children and adolescents from the age of 12, makes it even more dangerous. "When a child is at the beginning of the game, it is harder for parents, ask them to stop because they will disappoint their friends," Professor Mark Griffiths, an addiction specialist at Nottingham Trent University, told The Sun. Other psychologists also emphasize the negative impact of peer pressure.

Graphics are also important. " Computer games like Fortnite are designed to be addictive, " explains Elizabeth O'Shea, family adviser, to The Sun. - They act on the children like dopamine, called the reward hormone, a substance that works when we win at gambling, smoke a cigarette or take cocaine.

O'Shea cautions that if a child is allowed to play freely, Fortnite may change their personality. This claim is well-founded. A child's mind is extremely "flexible", new research from California State University shows. "Some parts of the brain develop up to 17, others up to 25." - explains "The Sun" the author of the study, prof. Ofir Turel.

Traps Of Fortnite Item Shop



Fortnite, initially free, can also hit the pocket. For small amounts of money, players can upgrade their avatar, buy new weapons or get a Battle Pass. The little Englishwoman thus spent over £ 50 a month.

It's no wonder then that it's a great business for a game developer. In April 2018 alone, Epic Games earned $ 296 million on it, as reported by SuperData.

One more serious threat cannot be forgotten. Fortnite can be used by pedophiles hunting children. In April, she alerted the National Crime Agency about this. And that this is quite a real danger, the story of a 12-year-old boy who chatted with a pedophile, described by "Liverpool Echo", proves. Fortunately, his mother overheard the conversation and told her son to leave the game immediately and called the police.

Some British schools have warned parents about the dangers of Fortnite. A group of women has launched an online petition demanding that the game be banned because they are "brainwashing" their fiancées. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization decided to include addiction to computer games in the International Classification of Diseases. Following this decision, the British National Health Service announced that it would look after children addicted to games.

The Agressive Fortnite Kid

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Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 17, 2021:

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Parents need to control their kids in a polite manner

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GwennyOh on February 17, 2021:

It is with articles such as yours, Misbah, that parents will start to realize that there is more at stake when children play games online than meets the eye. Not only could games become addictive, but people could gain access to credit cards, as you also mentioned. Good work!

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 17, 2021:

Fortnite is harmful

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 17, 2021:

Thank you, Gyanendra mocktan

It is very important to create a sense of awareness in society to save the young generation.


Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 17, 2021:

Thanks a lot, Ravi Rajan,

Fortnite is the most trending game

and is ruining the youth badly

I really need the feel to write on this topic to create a sense of awareness.

Maybe by reading this article someone can get help .


Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on February 17, 2021:

Misbah, No, I am not familiar with this game but from what I have said from your article, it sounds like a dangerous game, and once addicted creates psychological issues in children . Thanks for sharing something new here.

gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on February 16, 2021:

Misbah, Thank you for the timely article here.

I had the opportunity to copy a book four years ago.

In that book, I remember a passage, "You watch out, day will come when every room at home will turn into a cinema hall, how will be the man's emotion. Well, these days, every pocket is a conema hall.

I visit my neighbours. I observe and I see that they talk and talk and they throw opinions about others.

No one has time to LISTEN!!!

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 16, 2021:

Thanks for appreciation, Rosina

Yes, the purpose of article is to create awareness as I came across to know that many people still don't know much about Fortnite and other Battle Royale Games like PUBG... These games are ruining the youth.

Stay blessed

Rosina S Khan on February 16, 2021:

Thank you, Misbah, for bringing an awareness through your article that Fortnite or similar games can be devastating for children and adults alike. I truly appreciate your point in this article.

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 16, 2021:

Thank you so much, Pamela

You have always pampered me with your kind words Yes, it is important to create awareness about such things that are ruining the youth.

The world needs to grow and for growing, the world needs healthy youngsters


Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 16, 2021:

I was not familiar with this game, but it sounds awful. If I still had young children at home I would not allow them to own it. I think there are probably several games that are not healthy for children of any age.

This is an good article about the dangers of this game, Misbah.