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Dominant Images of Youth in Pakistan

Almost everything that is great has been done by youth.

— Benjamin Disraeli

Youth socialization in a community can be defined as “meaningful participation and sustained involvement of a young person, in an activity with a focus outside of him or herself”. Henslin contends that “an important part of socialization is the learning of culturally defined gender roles”.

Importance of youth in a society:

Youth plays an important and effective part in development of a society. No age group can play as active and helping role in society as young people can because old people, though have experience but they have health problems and many other issues resisting most of them from contributing their part in society. Children or teenagers are not given enough authority and have no experience and finance to play their role in social work. So youth is the most suitable age group for community works and social development.

Positive role of youth in society:

The engagement of youth in social affairs has been proven beneficial for society in many ways. If youth participates in social works for the welfare of society, then consequentially a positive and powerful relationship develops between society and young generation which changes a mere place consisting of geographically connected individuals into a socially bonded group of people.

Moreover, when youth gets involved in communal activities, they develop the skills needed to be an effective leader because they will realize that they have power to influence and take decisions.

Additionally, youth can provide innovative and up-to-date ideas for development and progress of society. Also, youth empowering has shown to decrease traditional problems.

Young people engaged in social and communal works show less affection towards drugs, are less likely to get dropped out of schools and to get involved in criminal activities.

Negative images of young people:

Negative views of young people have often included the activities related to crimes and drug addiction.

Young people often get involved in criminal acts when they are not supported by society or their parents in any way. Even poor financial status or bad company can also lead them towards this destruction. Crimes can be related to property which may include stealing, burglary, theft, street mugging etc. Another form of crime is against individuals like burglary, domestic violence and actions taken under influence of alcohol consumption. One more negative effect of being unsocial and is dangerous for society is drug addiction and specially use of certain drugs which are illegal and there usage is considered crime because of their damage to health and other reasons. Drug addiction is a curse which affects both individual and society in an adverse manner.

Dominant images of young people involve in social/community works during recent media coverage:

Here are examples of two young persons; Nadir Ali khan and Farhan Wilayat in Pakistan who are involved in social works at national and international level. They have been given consideration and fame because of their works and contribution to society. They have received awards because of their outstanding efforts for the right of needy people.

Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir Ali Khan is a young Pakistani humanitarian and human rights activist from Mansehra, region in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province of Pakistan.

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He has been working with different NGO’s voluntarily since he was in grade 8. Nadir’s goal is to create awareness among youth so that everyone can contribute for the country as a responsible citizen. Presently, living in Islamabad, he is working as a volunteer for different non-government organizations. He is an example of youth involved in social work by the aid of technology because he created an NGO named “E-HANDS” to use technology as a tool for social welfare and because youth pays more attention to technology now-a days. So he is running an online platform for better involvement of youth in humanitarian activities and for development works.

He is using technology and social media for welfare projects, raising voice for human rights, distributing funds and clothes, organizing marriage for girls and arranging blood and wheelchairs for parents and disabled persons. He is brand ambassador of different networks and member of several youth wings. He has involved almost 3000 youth in many different projects of several areas of Pakistan. This youngster has achieved a lot in his early years and serving humanity with his commendable voluntarism.


He has been awarded with several awards like Youth Achiever Award 2015-2016, Hunarmand Pakistan award, Abdul Sattar Edhi award, National Leadership award and Talent Tribute award.

“The community service and volunteerism is my passion and I loved to do that daily.”

— Nadir Ali Khan

Farhan Wilayat

Farhan Wilayat

Farhan Wilayat

Farhan Wilayat is a Pakistani humanitarian, peace worker and interfaith harmonizer. He has been involved in different activities for sake of human rights and peacemaking activities.


Wilayat started a project named Sindh Water Relief Project, aimed to install water-wells and hand pumps in the interior regions of Sindh which are backward as well. Because province of Sindh has severe problems of shortage of water and specially clean water. People living there were bound to drink filthy water. This step has significance because many water-borne diseases have been removed by providing clean water.

Project Management Institute (USA) rated this project as “Top 3 Community Services Project” in year 2017 and 2018.

He has distributed sewing machines in Sindh for widows so that they can earn livelihood and live with dignity.

Wilayat has distributed wheel chairs among poor, disabled and needy people which he believes is a step to keep them moving despite their disability and because they can make earnings for their family and play their part in their country’s progress.

He has arranged different fund-raising movements for the cause of peace and harmony.

He established fund raising movements in Pakistan in 2016, to help the senior television artists financially because of their low financial status or if they are unable to earn because of any reason.

Apart from these, Farhan Wilayat has also worked for interfaith peace. He formed a group of youngsters to raise voice for the right of minorities in Pakistan. It is said that “peace among religions is a precondition for world peace”. He arranges peace tour of different religious spots across Pakistan for a better understanding among them.


He has received a number of awards for his works. National Minorities Award and Peace Ambassador Award are his most significant achievements.

“Let’s learn peace, humanity, tolerance and

harmony which the world is in need of at an utmost degree.”

— Farhan Wilayat

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