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Do You Know What Planet Rules Each Day of the Week?

I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.


The Planets Can Have a Profound Effect on People.

But, did you know they can affect your everyday lives? They affect us at work as well as at home. By keeping track of the planets, and the days they rule, we can predict things in the future; no not like a gypsy, more like a generalization. For instance: you can predict your mood for a given day and use key information about the planets to make the mood better.

How They Do It

The planets have a great influence on behavior, feelings and personalities. The planet rulings are sometimes used to forecast horoscopes and determine how a young child will grow. Or they may be used for predicting events in the world, or to measure ocean tides and weather forecasting. Some forecasting is done based on how close a planet is to the sun or the earth. Other forecasting is done based on what side is turned towards the earth. Still others are based on which planet is affecting other planets in the same vicinity. Planets can affect the day of the week that you were born; and could affect how you will behave in the future (and how you behaved in the past). It may also affect how others will behave around you.


Sunday is ruled by the Sun; which is a burning star at the center of our solar system and is the source of our daylight and the warmth of the planet. Being ruled by the sun can mean many things to a day. It could make the day considered to be the center of the week (no way, that's Wednesday's spot, right). It could make the day brighter and cheerier with all that bright light shinning down. Or, it could just mean that the day is warm, bright, and free. That would be my vote. The sun gives you a shot of vitamin D adding to health benefits.

Sunday is the first day of the week. Considered by some to be a religious day where no work is supposed to be done although some work must be done to eat and dress, etc. It is the day of many football and baseball games; races to be watched; skiing or snowboarding competitions; or just sitting and reading the paper. Sunday is when most of the family picnics are held and family gatherings are popular. Fishing or sailing is often done. It is when families go to the beach in the summer and sledding in the winter. Sunday is often the day of the week when families might actually sit down at the table for dinner together.


Monday is ruled by the Moon; which is the only natural satalite of earth and the fifth largest satalite in the solar system. It affects the tides and some say a full moon affects human behavior. Being ruled by the moon can mean several things to a day. It could mean stresses; or it could mean cold, like the color. I heard, when I was a child, that the moon was made of cheese, I wonder if that makes Monday's cheesy, guess not. It could mean a dark day when the moon is completely black (considered a new moon). It could mean a bright day when the moon is full. (Wait, isn't that when all the crazy stuff happens).

Because Monday is the day that begins the activities of the week and gets the blood flowing faster (well maybe not until the day is finally over). It is usually when the boss hits you with a 100 page report that he wants completed by Friday. It is the day that you are struggling to get back into the routine after a refreshing day of relaxation. Monday's are generally tough days for everyone.


Tuesday is ruled by Mars; which is often referred to as the fire planet. Mars is associated with The Roman God of War, Mars. I wonder if it is associated with Mars because many are at war with themselves and others when they try to explain away the Monday disasters, hmmmm, could be; or maybe it is associated with the war God because everyone is now in direct war to beat the competition, friend or foe.

Tuesday is the second day of the work/school week. On Tuesday, things have settled back down to a routine (at least for most people) and everyone has become resigned to the fact that they have to work. This day is usually the best day for meetings because everyone is more alert and ready to work. It is also the best day for beginning new programs because everyone is more aware of their surroundings and are not griping about having to go back to work. Tuesday brings out the best ideas and the best in people, or does it? Tuesdays are the second day of a 5 day work week, and they never (or at least rarely) get their own holidays (Mondays get named a holiday if a special day like a President's birthday falls on or near it.) Tuesday gets blamed for the turmoil from Monday because it hasn't quite settled yet; and it gets the shaft when it comes to recognition. Tuesdays are usually the day that homemakers are finally able to go do all the errands they were putting off because the kids were home, so they usually are tired and worn out at the end of the day. Tuesday meals are usually leftovers that have seen better or take out.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury; which is the innermost and smallest planet of our solar system and is associated with Mercury, the Roman winged messenger and God of trade and thieves. I wonder if Wednesday was associated with Mercury because he flits (daydreaming) and he helps, it was probably named because of the chemical mercury which is known as quicksilver, as in winged messenger, as in speedy and....never mind.

Wednesday is the third day of the work/school week and is the middle of the week (called hump-day by many). It is when people begin to think that they can get through another work week without losing their sanity. It is usually a good/bad day because it is right in the middle. Employees are struggling to meet schedules and occasionally daydreaming about the upcoming weekend. Employers are also struggling to meet schedules put into place by their Board of Directers. They don’t usually dream about weekends because they may have to work to meet the deadlines missed by their employees because they were daydreaming (it could happen). Wednesday is usually the quick meal day like spaghetti and meatballs or boiled ham. It is usually the day the kids come home griping because the teacher just told them that they have a test on Friday.


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter; which is a gas giant and the largest planet within the solar system. Jupiter is associated with Jove, the Roman God of sky and thunder (and is the equivalent to the Greek God Zeus). I wonder if that is why so many companies pay on Thursday, hmmmmm. Or maybe it means that Thursday is the biggest jump (largest planet) to the ending of the week. Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.

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Thursday is the fourth day of the work/school week. Thursday is a dangerous day because people are beginning to wind down again. It is usually the day many companies pay so it is also a source of distraction to people already distracted by the ending of the week. Thursday is a ‘hurry up’ day because everyone wants to leave early on Friday to begin the weekend and so they try to get things done quickly - which usually means they have to be done over again on Friday morning. It also means the boss is on your back for the next 24 hours because he doesn’t want to have to work this weekend completing your tasks. Thursday is usually the day the kids come home and have to go back for extra-curricular activities (no wonder they are so stressed about the test on Friday), so dinner is rushed or delivery once everyone is home.


Friday is ruled by Venus; which is the second planet from the sun and is associated with the Roman Goddess, Venus, Goddess of love and beauty. Perhaps that makes a day ruled by Venus beautiful, affectionate and graceful?!?! No, I guess not. Perhaps a day ruled by Venus is loved for it's end of the week position, or it's georgeous potential. But you don't want to visit a planet that is that close to the sun without a lot of protection.

Friday is the last day of the work/school week and is considered the make-up day of work. Projects that were begun on Monday are usually completed and turned in on Friday. Friday is the day employees are trying to catch up on everything so they don’t have to come in already behind in their work on Monday. They also don’t want to have to worry about work during their weekend fun. Fridays are generally thought of as fun days because they signal the end of the work week; but because they are so hectic they are many things, but they are definitely not fun. They are also the day that many employees are told that they will have to redo something because they were distracted on Thursday. Kids come home from school relieved that they passed (or angry that they failed). Homemakers have finally finished their running and such so dinner is usually a hearty sit-down that usually has to be warmed up for the bread-winner. Friday is the day the kids all want to go to the neighbors house or spend the evening at a buddy's house (and you don't see them until midnight, which means the homemaker is usually the only one sitting down for the dinner.)


Saturday is ruled by Saturn; which is the sixth planet from the sun and is the second largest planet of the solar system. Saturn is associated with the Roman God Saturn who reigned over agriculture and the harvest. Does that mean that Saturdays are the harvest days? Well, some people do harvest on Saturdays, but I think that is because it is the day they have the time to harvest. I guess Saturdays are just the last day of the week, the first day of the weekend, and the veg day (oh, so that's where the agriculture comes in.....)

Saturday is the first day of the weekend; or I should say Saturday used to be the first day of the weekend. Now it is the last work day of the week for many companies because they are open Saturday and Sunday. It is the first break day after a week of school (except for colleges which still hold classes on Saturday). Saturday is a play day for many and is the day to take the kids to the park. It is the day to BBQ that steak you have been hiding in the back of the freezer. It is the day to pack up and head out to your camping sight for the weekend. Saturday is the day to begin enjoying your weekend of adventure and exploring. Ok, so maybe it is the day most people sit on the couch and veg while changing the channel every five minutes. However you want to look at it, Saturday is usually the beginning of the rest and fun of the weekend. Saturdays are the school game days and are usually a bit hecktic for the homemaker. Kids want to sleep late and veg all day. Meals are usually leftovers from Friday's meal.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


Cheryl Simonds (author) from Connecticut on February 25, 2012:

You may be right, that may be where their original names did come from, I will have to research that one.

Stigma31 from Kingston, ON on February 25, 2012:

All hail Saturn!!! I thought it was the Norse Gods the days of the week were name from? Voting up....still interesting ;-)

Cheryl Simonds (author) from Connecticut on February 25, 2012:

As always carolinemd21, it is a pleasure to see you, I wanted this hub to be informative and a bit on the light side, I hope I accomplished that. Thanks for the good words about my work.

Caroline Marie on February 25, 2012:

Interesting hub Cheryl. Very informative. Good job. :)

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