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Do we have the attributes of the atoms we're made of


Do we have the attributes of the atoms we're made of?

Everything is made of atoms, so why wouldn't we have their attributes? After all, whatever something is made of, it has the attributes of that substance. Make a table from wood. It's still wood, and still reacts to interaction like wood does. We inherit traits from our parents dna. So why would we not share traits with atoms? And we do.

There is a lot we don't know about atoms, but some things we do know, and they show us a very real relationship with us and everything else.

The big thing is: All atoms try to maintain or get back to their lowest possible energy levels. But it's not always easy due to interaction. All interactions create higher energy levels. Like humans, depending on their nature, they push each other away, destroy each other, or merge.

When they merge new substances/relationships are created. When they can they stabilize to a new lowest possible energy level. It's a need atoms have. And so do we. When we merge we create new relationships: friends, families, cultures, economies, and so much more.

We can have high energy fun, like playing football or dancing, etc. But we can't do it forever. Eventually we need to stop and rest, or we pass out or die of a heart attack etc. But due to our needs, we have to interact.

So, another thing about merger in atoms and us is safety in numbers. The more atoms that merge the lower energy level rises if just one or two atoms interact in a violent way. And so the more stable the system can be. Like a rock, or a society.

If we go by the big bang, when the singularity expanded it was a high energy event. As things cooled a couple atoms were created; mostly hydrogen. As things slowed and cooled more, they merged. When critical mass was come to, they became giant stars. High energy interaction. Due to temperature and pressure the atoms were blended, creating new atoms. The heavier ones in the center.

Eventually they went super nova, spreading the new atoms all over. As things cooled again they merged again. This time creating smaller stars due to reaching critical mass earlier, due to heavier atoms. A solar wind then sent out the rest of the cloud where it started merging again as it cooled. This time not reaching critical mass, creating planets, etc.

At that point planets were hot again. As they cooled new substances were created by the merging of these new atoms. H2O cooled, turning into water. And thus these new interactions between new substances eventually created all we see.

We are a merger of atoms which created single cells like bacteria. Some kinds of cells merged creating larger biological structures, and eventually us. But it didn't end there. In the ocean there are animals literally made by small individual bonded individual animals, each taking on a specific part of the whole, like cells do. Safety in numbers.

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So what do we call the fact that atoms need to get back to lower energy levels? Entropy. A lot of people think entropy is decay. It is for us when a closed system reaches equilibrium and can't do work for us anymore, but to the system it's perfect stability. And decay of objects isn't entropy, it's interaction. A piece of metal doesn't decay unless it's exposed to air and water etc.

A human that just sleeps all day or doesn't move much decays as in loss of muscle. So that's a result of lowest possible energy levels. Don't use it, you lose it. But we need to move as we need to fulfill needs, so unless movement causes too much pain and someone is there to help you fulfill your needs you're not likely to be completely inactive. But the pain isn't due to entropy, it's due to nutrient deficiency, or disease, etc. Internal interaction.

Biology like us needs to move, which along with specific nutrition causes elements in our body to create/maintain muscle,

Then there's evolution. Also a result of the same pattern. New conditions can cause a need to adapt/mutate. Those that do adapt survive. Those that don't, or mutate badly, die off. This is natural selection, even in atomic structures.

How did humans evolve? Same pattern. And by the same methods. 10000 years ago you had a 50/50 chance of being murdered by another human. Now it's estimated at 2 percent. How? Why?

We started in small related tribes. When we met other tribes we were scared. They took our recourses. We didn't trust each other. And we acted according to our tribes self interest. Genes are selfish. So we killed, raped, and even ate each other. But we all want stability, security, freedom and prosperity. We realized we couldn't have any of it if we were always looking over our shoulder worried others were coming to kill us, or always at war.

So slowly we developed social contracts. We joined other more friendly compatible tribes. We started trading instead of stealing. Better for both sides. And then when we discovered we could farm, we stopped wandering around and built small villages, towns, then cities, city states, countries, nations, allied countries, and now multi cultural societies.

We merged, in other words, for our own self interest. Safety in numbers. More ways to fulfill our needs. Just like cells and atoms.

So that's the pattern that rules all. Chaos creates new order due the fact that it can't be maintained for ever. And interaction can cause chaos that needs to be resolved. But we wouldn't need chaos were all problems resolved. And that's the goal. A long painful process at times.

Not so long ago slavery was acceptable, So was genocide, oppression of women, hate of other cultures/so called races, though there is but one. (human race). And so much more that is no longer acceptable. Why? They cause conflict which had to be resolved for the benefit of all.

So merger is the answer. The more we solve issues that cause conflict, the better off we all are. Lucky we can't reach critical mass, lol... But over population is another issue we will have to resolve eventually. And there are still so many more. But due to this pattern, there's a lot of hope.

Hence it is obvious we have traits atoms give us, as is only logical. Thanks for reading.

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