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Do You Want to Regain Control of Yourself? Discover Dark Side Inside You

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Dark side inside us, in fact, ruins our lives. Yes, we all have a dark side that we are afraid to confront. Do you have emotions that you hate? Do you do things that you are embarrassed to discuss? Is there a part of you that you would like to get rid of? Are there things you need that you would rather not recognize? We feel these states due to our dark side inside us.

Your dark side is not one of the best intentions, of compromise, of things you assume you have to do. It's oppressed and it grows inside you because it's looking for a way out! Exploring your dark side, in fact, will allow you to regain control over yourself, to understand and know yourself.

You may claim that you do not have time to think over the dark side inside you. Actually, it does not take a longer time to discover. Just what you need is to think, think, and think over it. It will not take more than few hours. Time duration may vary from person to person.

Are you not now locked down due to the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus? It is indeed a great time to use our locked down period to discover the dark side in us to regain control over us.

Let’s Discover What Feeds Our Dark Side

The dark side of our mind feeds on misery and self-destruction, on everything we deny about ourselves, and on those desires that we are unable to materialize. In addition, one’s unmet needs to produce negative emotions that feed him or her. If you fail to bring these needs out, these negative emotions will grow within you, and this will bring out the worst in you. As a result, you will think that this is the true version of yourself or even the only one. What to do then?

Not taking care of this dark side of your psyche is the best way to control it. In any case, there are numerous things that you realize you ought not to do in light of the fact that they are awful for you, yet you do them in any case.

You know that you should not smoke, that you should not overindulge in fats that you should not quarrel with your spouse or children that you should not opt for unnecessary arguments, however you do it at any rate. Your dark side is not made up of good intentions either. Either you take action and stop feeding it, or it will take control of you!

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Let’s Discover What Our Dark Side Needs

To stop feeding your dark side, it needs you to know what it likes best. It feeds on negative psychological attachments, those feelings that make you cling strongly to a previous state that creates anxiety in you. These negative attachments prevent you from feeling safe, balanced and strong. They are expressed through rejection, humiliation, betrayal, feelings of worthlessness and failure.

All these negativity feeds the darkest part of your psyche, which grows with your negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours, with the influence that toxic people have had on you and still have on you in your life.

Every time something negative happens in your life or every time you remember something you do not like, your dark side is brought back into focus, and it clings to that negativity as if there were no other possibility. As a result, more misery, self-destruction and negativity arises to feed it.

Let’s Discover The Ways To Deal With The Dark Side

The solution to deal with the dark side of the mind is to train it consciously. Yes, be concerned and logical. Try to judge your thought logically.

There are things that cannot be disposed of, yet that we can confront, by getting comfortable with them. The best test is to dive deep into the mind and expose everything that is covered up there. The clouded side conceals considerably more than unfulfilled wants, baffled desires or broken dreams. However, every individual is the one in particular who can make a plunge and investigate their dark side. At whatever point pessimism emerges in your life, and you feel that something dim is attempting to take control over you, that is the point at which you must discover without being embarrassed.

You should acknowledge that there is a dark side of your psyche that is available and that it cannot go up in smoke just in light of the fact that you curb it. The constraint will make it significantly more grounded, and it will detonate with more prominent power when it has the chance to do so. Be valiant, be straightforward with yourself, and attempt to liberate this cynicism from you.

The Bottom Line

Yes, when you can explore the dark side inside you, you will obviously regain control of yourself. It is high time you explored the dark side inside you to regain control of yourself. Meditation and life coaching can help you. Through art, you can also get the worst out of your mind, by channelling this negativity. By knowing what is hidden in your dark side, you can regain control of your life and learn how to better manage negativity so that it does not rule over you.


IK on April 24, 2020:

This was a really pleasant post to read! I like how the idea of our inner dark thoughts ticking like a time-bomb has been worded in this paragraph:

"The constraint will make it significantly more grounded, and it will detonate with more prominent power when it has the chance to do so."

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