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Do You Know Why We Call This Month March?

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March is the month we’re all about to begin the spring season. But, have you ever wondered why this month bears the name March? After all, it didn’t always have that name, did it? No, it wasn’t until later that this month began being called March. Find out how this happened in our article on why do we call this month March!

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Interesting Facts About March

Did you know that March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war? Back in ancient Rome, battles were held on March 15th to celebrate Mars' birth. The date we call today is based on another celebration: The Ides of March, which marks the beginning of Spring. Interestingly enough, Caesar was assassinated on The Ides of March! Remembering all these events and history gives us a better appreciation for how things are called and just how far we've come as a civilization. It makes me wonder what will be thought of as culture in our future if something like Facebook or Twitter should come out years from now. What would someone think if they hear about companies calling themselves Fax Machine or Email Services! I think my personal favorite would be Facebook. Just seems so weird to say. Have fun learning more facts about our day and month! As always please share your thoughts below in the comments! If you found this information please help spread awareness by sharing using social media such as Facebook, google+, Pinterest, etc.

Events in the History of March

History buffs may also be interested to know that Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, 44 B.C. It’s also when a Roman army led by Germanicus vanquished a rival army of German tribesmen in A.D. 16, and where an abortive plot to blow up Parliament took place in 1605 (known as The Gunpowder Plot). Other famous events include: On March 2, 1814, The Treaty of Ghent was signed during which time America and Great Britain agreed to cease hostilities against each other; on March 12, 1977—the first Apple computer went on sale for $666; and it’s also when Paul McCartney was convicted of marijuana possession in Japan on Sept. 1, 1980. Today marks 169 years since Alexander Graham Bell patented his telephone (March 7, 1876) and 105 years since Glenn H. Curtiss made a 25-mile flight in Hammondsport, N.Y., with his aircraft called The June Bug on March 3, 1911. As any marketing person knows, trends and trivia like these can be invaluable if you want to write an interesting or entertaining piece of content—so spend some time browsing through your historical data files! When looking for a source to use here are some examples: Thompson-Reuters – Historical News & Stories Yahoo!

How to Celebrate March in your Country

(Skip if you don't have a specific country) In some countries, it's tradition to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in March. In Ireland, for example, people wear green to work and school on March 17th and there are parades throughout cities. People also drink Guinness at pubs around town (and everywhere else). Other places that have parades or similar celebrations include Canada, Australia, and Italy. Check out your local event listings or call your local government office to see what's happening in your community during March! In Finland, we celebrate Women's day on the 14th of March called Mijas. It is not a public holiday but women get flowers from men and free sauna tickets among other gifts. Traditionally they give their husbands beer and food as presents, but now it has changed into chocolate or flowers, etc., almost anything goes on nowadays. Besides gifts, many companies organize daycare services so working mothers can come along with their children to work by attending daycare facilities there.

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The History of Celebrating March

Because of a historical mispronunciation and misspelling of the Latin word Martius (meaning month of Mars), our modern English word March is usually pronounced with an r and should be spelled with two. But in Latin, mars means death. The Roman historian Livy wrote that during his time, roughly 60 B.C., people started pronouncing Martius with an m rather than an r, ostensibly because they thought it sounded more pleasant, according to Mental Floss. Martius was then considered a proper name for one specific month, making way for us to have March as its new official name in honor of all those war-happy gods we so fondly celebrate today. Perhaps Julius Caesar did bring peace to Rome after all!

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Women March in this Month

It's no coincidence that we call March Women's History Month because women have a history in just about every area of life. So what if it weren't for women, would we even celebrate Women's History Month? What are some other things named after women that you might not realize? The countries where women rights are neglected or we can simply say that where women are not as empowered as the women in the developed countries. Now it has become a trend that women have started their movements and they start protests in the shape of march. There are many countries where women march in this month. In Pakistan, women celebrate the unity while marching in the different cities of the country. Many men who are the supporters of the feminism go and join this march.

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