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Friends of the Sea that Saves and Protects Divers

Whale Shark


Friendly Baby Whale Shark

Baby Whale Sharks or pups are about 24 inches long. Adult can grow to 40 feet and weighing about 16 tons.

The stripe and dot pattern on a whale shark are like our fingerprints they are unique. They are beautiful and superb creatures. Some say they are one of the most marvelous creatures on earth.

In this video divers are enjoying playing with this friendly baby whale shark. What a wonderful experience this was for both the baby whale shark and the divers.

Adult females are known to give birth to as many as 300 babies. Scientists research has proven most females carry about 300 babies when she is pregnant.

A REALLY Friendly Baby Whale Shark

Humpback Whale Tries To Save Diver From Tiger Shark | Weird, True & Freaky

Humpback Whale Saves Nan Hauser Life

Two years ago in 2018, Nan Hauser a 65 year old biologist does her usual diving when something strange happened. She was experienced with diving with whales for 30 years. However, a humpback whale, she knew well began to act oddly.

The whale's action proved it did not want Nan Hauser to dive and move away from it. She knew how close to get to the whale because not meaning to hurt her; one flip of it flipper would break her bones or damage her vital body organs.

It kept trying to push her towards the surface with its head. Nan decided to move away from the humpback; and that is when she saw another sea animal.

Next to the whale was a 13 foot long tiger shark. She quickly understood the humpback whale was protecting from the shark.

She remained calm so the whale would not get upset; and slowly got back to her boat. And, unbelievable the whale came to the surface seemly to see she was safe.

What an experience with a sea animal. I believe all animals have emotions the same as humans, and sometimes they need our help too.

Seals Save Divers' Lives By Forming An Angry Mob Against A White Shark | Air Jaws: Strikes Back

Seals Show Audacity in Protecting Divers from a White Shark

It was a lovely sunshine day for divers to enjoy diving in the cool waters of the sea. A great white shark was very aware of the divers; however, the divers not mindful of the approaching shark.

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A gang of seals were responsive to the danger surrounding the divers. The seals tried to warn the divers to no avail--they were too busy diving.

The seals finally formed a group and charged at the shark to turn him away. And, to the drone pictures that recorded the whole episode the seals saved the divers. The divers were not aware of the danger at the time.

Friendliest Sea Creatures

My List if the Friendliest Sea Creatures Around the World

  1. Sea Lions- Most species are friendly to humans and their homes or habitat range from North America- the western part. And, southeast Alaska to central Mexico to the Gulf of California. They are very calm sea creatures so humans are not in danger from them.
  2. Humpback Whales-Are one of the most beautiful and friendly whales on earth. Many divers enjoy swimming with them because they are such gentle giants. There are many places for whale watching and swimming, just search in Google.
  3. Sea Turtles or aka Marine Turtles-Live in most salt waters around the world. They are friendly to humans, but humans have not always been friendly to them. There are seven species still existing on our planet. They have long journeys between feeding and breeding areas. Some travel 3,700 miles each way.
  4. Porpoises-They are very friendly and are known to protect divers and swimmers from sharks. Many stories from around the world are told and shared on the Internet. Some experienced this and tell about a pod of porpoises saving humans by pushing them to shore.
  5. .Manatees-These are truly gentle sea cows that love to swim in warm water on the gulf coast. I have seen many swimming on the barge canal with their babies. It was such a wonderful experience to see mother and baby enjoying swimming the safe waters of Florida.
  6. Whale Sharks-Known as the biggest fish in the sea. Divers have verified it can be as big as a large school bus. Divers swim alongside of them without any fear. Slow moving and friendly are deemed by divers.
  7. Dolphins-Live in most Oceans in the world. They are very intelligent and can be trained. They are regarded as the earth most intelligent animal. They are known to help and save humans.

God Bless the People of the World.

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Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on October 21, 2020:

Nell Rose,

Just seeing your face cheers me up. We have talked for years now and I value your writings and comments.

Take Care,

Stay Safe.

Bobbi Purvis

Nell Rose from England on October 21, 2020:

Absolutely awesome! I had seen the whale helping the swimmer before, but they are all so amazing! This really cheered me up watching them, thanks!

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