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Discovery of Brazil, the Story Behind the Day April 22, 1500

Discovery of Brazil, the story behind the day April 22, 1500


In addition to Earth Day on April 22 is celebrated the supposed discovery of Brazil. On that date in 1500, the Portuguese explorers arrived in Brazil. Under the command of Pedro Alvares Cabral, they took possession of the new land.

And if you talk in strange "supposed discovery of Brazil", the explanation is long, but you can be summarized as follows: it is estimated that already lived in Brazil at that time five million Indians.

Briefly, browsers would have seen the mound in the eighth day of the Christian Easter. Because of this, and imagine that it was just a lot, Brazil received the name of Monte Pascoal


As they approached, however, the Portuguese realized that it was a more extensive strip of land. Thus, it was given the place the name of Island of Vera Cruz.

However, after the Portuguese were already very close to the mainland, which they saw huge approached. Thus they gave the new "discovery" Earth name Santa Cruz

Arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil

Basically, the 13 caravels of Cabral reached the Brazilian future land along the coast of Bahia. When arrived here, the first contact with the natives was made by the Jewish translator Gaspar Gama. This first contribution would have happened on the river Frade.


However, after this first contact, the Portuguese would have sought a safer area to disembark. Thus, they landed on the lands that now belong to the municipality of Bahia Santa Cruz Cabrália.

On land, it was not long until the browsers realizassem Mass. As already mentioned, it was the time of Easter and the Passover celebration was directed by Frei Henrique de Coimbra. In fact, the celebration officiated the discovery of Brazil and taking earth material by the Portuguese Crown.

Behind the discovery of Brazil

But the facts regarding the discovery of Brazil start to get weird at this point. The official reports of that period say that Cabral's fleet departed from Portugal towards the Indies in search of spices.

However, without a clear reason, browsers left the initial route and started across the Atlantic, also called "long ocean." However, the most interesting of all is that in addition to Cabral, were on this trip navigators. For example, Bartolomeu Dias, the first Portuguese explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope and reach the Indian Ocean


Incidentally, the letters of Pero Vaz de Caminha, who described the new earth and the whole trip, showed no surprise or excitement. He does not talk about the reasons for the deviation from the route, or show surprise at sight of the territory. Even after a month of traveling and about 3600 km traveled in an "unexpected".

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The arrival of Cabral was it accidental?

Still on the incongruity of the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese, there are reports that that Cabral was not the first European to arrive here. Basically, in 1498, two years Cabral; the captain Duarte Pacheco Pereira would come to Brazil for the northern coast

The Portuguese had explored part of Brazilian lands today regarding the states of Pará and Maranhão. However, this discovery would have been kept secret.


Nevertheless, Don Manual, the king of Portugal at the time; Duarte Pacheco was aware of the mission and knew the arrival of Columbus to the Caribbean. Not to mention that the Vasco da Gama travel treated on land indications on the path of India across the Atlantic.

Another dubious factor is that at that time, the routes used for navigation were kept in complete secrecy. Overall, it guarantee the supremacy and commercial interests of the nation that commanded. Because of this, the idea of ​​the discovery of Brazil be accidental still lose more strength.

More controversial facts

In addition, the group's holding in Brazilian territory for a week after assail shows that Cabral had not only the mission to go to India. Indeed, it was only 2 of greater than 1500 that Cabral left Brazil, but not before sending part of his squad to Portugal, to give the good news to the king.


Not to mention the Portuguese 'efforts to win the sympathy of the natives is also an interesting factor. As recorded in the documents, two men of questionable behavior were left here by the discoverers. The intention was to learn more about the language and culture of the Indians

Portuguese occupation

Talking about Brazilian natives, the relationship built in the first contact was empathy. Initially, the Portuguese used the indigenous labor for the extraction of Brazil wood. In general, this reddish wood was very coveted in Europe for dyeing textiles, for example.

Incidentally, the amount of Brazil wood that existed here inspired the name change of the new land. Land of Vera Cruz, our future country was renamed just Brazil.


But back to the Indians, after a while the relationship between them and the Portuguese were sour. Due to the theft of Brazil wood by corsairs, who traded timber illegally in Europe, the Crown sent man to colonize the land.

Around this time, Portugal also took risks that foreign definitely occupy the land.

Indian slavery

From this, the Portuguese no longer wanted only to catechize the Indians. In fact, they wanted to enslave them in order to exercise total domination of Terrar.

As we already know, that did not work very well and had to bring African slaves. But that's a topic for another matter.

With regard to the territory exploration activities, the settlers abandoned the Brazil wood exploitation. The focus then became the sugarcane and valuable minerals of the new land.

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