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DisInformation: How Does It work, What Purpose Does It Serve?

Having researched disinformation tactics for the last five years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

The main tool of The Powers That Be to enslave the masses in a paradigm of fear and ignorance.

The main tool of The Powers That Be to enslave the masses in a paradigm of fear and ignorance.

The DisInformation Train

When a person awakens to the truth on this planet one of the first lessons they learn is that not all is what it seems. That our education has been censored, that it is incomplete or based on a false premise. They soon realize that this is not an accident or through ignorance but by design. When one recognizes that Information Is Power and those that do not have it usually end up paying for it in one form or another, they will realize that vital information is being with held from the public. In this article DisInformation: How Does It Work, What Purpose Does It Serve? we will explore the how and the why of the term.

The term disinformation is as old as written history but was popularized in America in the early 1980s by the Reagan Administration when the President admitted to reporters that the U. S. Government often engages in disinformation as way of confusing or misleading it's enemies.

Disinformation does not come with a disclaimer to allow the public to be aware of the deception.

It soon became a catch phrase in the media as 'talking heads' across America discussed it's implications. While disinformation does indeed serve a purpose to mislead your political and National enemies it is also a double edged sword as it can confuse an unsuspecting public as well.

This is the basic foundation of disinformation, it is a tool by design intended to confuse and mislead anyone that comes across it. Wikipedia has this to say about disinformation . . .

Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false.

Being misinformed is not the same as being disinformed, misinformation is simple an accumulation of data that is based on a false premise or misunderstanding of the facts and is not intentional.

Disinformation is a tool used by all governments throughout the world to keep the public enslaved through ignorance. While this may seem to you like a grand conspiracy of the highest order by the time you finish this article DisInformation: How Does It Work, What Purpose Does It Serve? I hope to have planted a seed in your minds that will at the very least provide you with food for thought if not outright convince you the true implications behind disinformation.

Disinformation is used in all walks of life to deceive an unsuspecting public to the true nature of humanity and their inherent abilities as sentient beings. The purpose behind disinformation is to keep mankind from recognizing that they are co-creators of their own reality and how powerful they truly are. Because if the public was to become aware of their true nature, governments, nations and economic slavery would become obsolete in it's entirety.

In this article DisInformation: How Does It Work, What Purpose Does It Serve? I will list the various forms of disinformation and provide a link to an article that discusses each topic in detail. This article only serves as an outline for the wide variety of subjects listed below. I will cover each topic in more detail in their own articles.

However this is an ongoing project so not all of the listed subjects will have their own articles published yet and will be subject to change over the course of time. Each one that does will have the word Disinformation in the title followed by the subject.

Click on any subject below and the link will take you to your article of interest or will take you to an article with the subject noted in it.

Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions create instant climate change, from altering river courses to polluting the atmosphere and altering temperatures by blocking sunlight.

Volcanic eruptions create instant climate change, from altering river courses to polluting the atmosphere and altering temperatures by blocking sunlight.

Climate Change Facts

Here are just few climate change facts that are not shared with the public by our Mainstream Media (MSM). The MSM will often use disinformation tactics to confuse, mislead an outright lie to a National audience knowing full well these stories will not be verified independently.

  • Often the MSM will report flooding is due to rainfall when in fact it is due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes that alter river bottoms and rising ocean levels that prevent rivers from flowing into the Oceans or Seas and back up.
  • Just one erupting volcano can produce more atmospheric pollution in one day than 100 years of industrial pollution.
  • The rise in Ocean temperature is the cause for the rise in our atmospheric temperature not vice versa.
  • Because 90% of Arctic ice sits below the surface of the Arctic Sea rising ocean temperatures are the cause of melting polar ice not from atmospheric conditions.
  • Rising Ocean levels are due more to tectonic plate movement, sinking coastlines and rising ocean bottoms than from melting Polar Ice caps.

    Because the Earth's Wobble has increased it has caused the Jet Stream and Gulf Stream to alter their course, thus producing extreme weather in regions of the world used to milder climates.

  • Because our Sun is now rising and setting in different locations and is over regions of the World that before didn't experience long term exposure it is altering eco-systems, causing droughts and increasing thunderstorms and rainfall.

Because the symptoms of Climate Change are due to influences and reasons not being shared with the public because of National Security issues this information can be censored and concerned scientists and experts silenced. The justification for this is that these experts often have taken a National Security oath that prevents them sharing this vital information with the public.

How Does It Work?

Disinformation works by quoting sources, institutions and principles that the public intrinsically trusts and then proposing a concept, idea or story that on the surface rings true. Those in power, that create disinformation, know that the average human prefers if others do their thinking for them, recognizing that most people will often look no further than the original story and any details left out will be filled in with logical thinking and conditioned knowledge.

Those that engage in spreading disinformation realize and understand these basic truths of human psychology, that show how eye witness testimony can be lead, that any information unknown will be filled in by the human mind through imagination and outside influences.

Take for instance the headline to a story that claims "7 out of 10 Leading Scientists Claim Climate Change to be Government Propaganda". Because the public has been conditioned to accept 'Science' as the study of facts, right away you have set the tone of the story to be based on facts. Since everyone already agrees Governments engage in propaganda you have established another fact in the readers mind. By reporting that only 7 of 10 Scientists make this claim you present the story in realistic terms since we all don't agree with each other.

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Without anyone reading the story you have already convinced most readers of the veracity of your claim by using three simple basic tools to enlist their trust. Anytime, any form of the word Science is used in a headline, you will have already convinced half of your readers of its truth, before they even read the rest of the story. This has been done by conditioning through television and mass media.

In this day and age, the majority of the public prefer to watch a video, explaining a subject because they have been conditioned through years of TV, Cable and Movies to accept the information that a human on these videos presents to them. It allows them to shut down the cognitive, imagination and deep thinking part of their brain and simple absorb the information.

Reading a book requires the reader to create mental images, contemplate ideas and concepts and define words that they may be unfamiliar with, which requires thinking beyond what is required when watching a video. This by no means suggest that the public isn't smart enough to accomplish this, what it explains is that most people prefer not to have to think outside the work place and would rather allow someone else to research, read and extrapolate ideas from books, journals and research and then make the video to support their view of the information.

However what this accomplishes is censorship, disinformation and propaganda because the people making the videos, documentaries or movies have an agenda or point to make and they will leave out any information that doesn't support their point of view. Because the public is only getting one point of view, they never realize, that information has been deleted, censored or altered.

So if you continue to use facts that everyone can agree on, such as two plus two equals four or leading scientists claim extreme weather can be hazardous to your health then as the author outlines their theory, the basic premise of the story becomes more and more acceptable. You can then lead the reader away from the truth by reporting statistics without ever having to provide sources.

Remember we have been conditioned through the News, movies and television to appreciate dirty laundry or the suffering of others. Reports of how many people died, how many buildings were destroyed and photographs of destruction and mayhem will distract you from the main point of the article. One of the common tactics of any story is distraction through disinformation. Have you ever seen a story about flooding that shows a video of photo of a flooded river, have you ever wondered what river it is that you were seeing, after all it could be any river in the world, for all you know. The more statistics of destruction and deaths you report, the basic facts and truth of the story need not be revealed.

For instance, you can make the claim 'Government Sources' confirm that 157 people have died from flooding this year. You don't have to tell them where they died, how they died or any other details because no one would lie about folks dying, that is serious information. By sticking to the death and destruction angle of the story the author does not have to reveal the reasons why Climate Change is happening or even the why or how the leading scientists arrived at their conclusions.

Because humans prefer to allow the News to tell them what to think or trust them to tell them the truth when reporting any story, they don't look past the original story and blindly accept the Disinformation: How Does It Work, What Purpose Does It Serve.

How It Works

Zero Point Energy

Free energy inventions and technology has existed since the early 1900s when Nicholas Tesla and T. Thompson Brown explored this knowledge but censorship and disinformation has prevented the public from recognizing this information.

Free energy inventions and technology has existed since the early 1900s when Nicholas Tesla and T. Thompson Brown explored this knowledge but censorship and disinformation has prevented the public from recognizing this information.

What Purpose Does It Serve?

Disinformation serves the purpose of misleading, confusing and hiding the truth from those that are searching for it. In times of War this can be to motivate your enemy to commit their resources to defending a false front, when the actual attack or invasion may take place in another location entirely.

In peaceful times this tactic can be used to mislead your competitors, obfuscate the truth or keep information that has been leaked from being understood in its entirety and prevent the public from recognizing alternative information exists, limiting their options.

For instance if the public were to learn that free energy devices could be installed in every home in America at little or no cost, that cars could be made that got 200 miles to the gallon or that food, water and even the air that they breathe have poisons in it that cause cancer, there could very well be riots in the streets, protest marches and public outcry that could be damaging to the infrastructure of our Nation.

So 'Leading Scientist' are paid by our Government to refute these claims by publishing reports that free energy systems don't work, inventions that allow cars to get incredible gas milage are fairy tales and get censored and Government officials are bribed by the multi-billion dollar health industry and Big Pharmaceutical Companies to publicly announce that food, water and air levels are safe.

Since the majority of the public is more concerned about whom is going to be disqualified on Dancing With The Stars than to research this information on their own, then when News Media outlets that are owned by the very same companies that advertise on their networks, tell them their version of the truth, they accept it an move on.

Disinformation serves the purpose of confusing and misleading the public on information that is already known in one form or another and should not be confused with censorship which is to completely eliminate information from the public venue.

Disinformation serves the purpose of preventing the public from improving their lives through options that are available but are not profitable. It allows Governments to control public opinion, manipulate voting, enforce regulations that are not in the publics best interest and create laws that force the masses to capitulate to a certain agenda.


This number is prominent in human history showing up over and over again in our ancient text.

This number is prominent in human history showing up over and over again in our ancient text.


Is it a coincidence or by design that I just happen to list twenty-two subjects of disinformation to write about in detail, hard to say. I can honestly say that it was not my intention to do so consciously but perhaps sub-consciously I was aware of the number's significance and naturally recognized the 22 main subjects.

Here is a list of how the number 22 plays a prominent role in human history and education.

God used 22 elements to create the world.

DNA uses twenty-two sets of instructions in the process of creation (reproduction).

The word Creation is used 22 times in the Bible.

The word Universe is used 22 times in the Old Testament.

There are 22 bones in the skull of a human.

The initiation of Pythagoras by the Egyptian priests lasted 22 years.

Pythagorians consider the number 22 a sacred number, based on musical theory and the heptatonic scale using three octaves.

The Flower of Life uses 22 circles to create this complex shape.

There are 22 cards of the Tarot.

Many ancient alphabets, including but not limited to the Hebrew, Roman and Chaldean consist of 22 letters.

It took 22 years (610 to 632) for the oral revelations to reveal the basis of the Koran.

The chronology of the Patriarchs, from Adam to Jacob, includes 22 names.

There are 22 Biblical books in the Old Testament.

There are 22 chapters of the Vendidad, book of Avesta, written by Zarathustra.

. . . and the list goes on and on, coincidence, perhaps?

The Tools of Disinformation

  • Archeology- Used to confuse the public as to the true nature of our planet and our ancient ancestors.
  • Astronomy- Used to keep the public ignorant as to our role in the solar system, the quarantine of planet Earth and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities and UFOs.
  • Biology- Preventing mankind from understanding and recognizing the true nature and power of the human body enables the Illuminati to manipulate and control the masses. This could very well be the most important aspect of the disinformation campaign.
  • Cancer- Is a natural disease that has been modified to become one of the leading causes of death on this planet and a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States.
  • Drugs- The purpose behind most drugs (legal and illegal) and the side affects and long term health implications.
  • Education- Used to keep the public 'believing' a set of false principles as a way of keeping the disinformation train running smoothly.
  • Family- Breaking up the family structure here in America was done by design in the early 60s as a way to lower societies overall standards, create more crime through less disciplined minds of our future generations of young adults.
  • Food- Designed to lower the over all health of humanity, while destroying and controlling the resources of the planet.
  • Geology- This 'science' creates the ideas and concepts of how our planet was formed to present to the public false information designed to mislead and confuse.
  • Genetics- To keep the public from recognizing our origins, while at the same time manipulating the human body's true purpose and design.
  • Health- To create an industry in which the public becomes dependent on this institution, while not recognize the harm that is being done to them, through it.
  • History- To keep mankind thoroughly confused as to it's origins and evolution of the planet, while instituting an ignorant mindset.
  • Language- To keep the public using communication as way of enslavement, while not recognizing how this is being done.
  • Politics- Used to 'elect' (select) individuals to further the agenda of the disinformation train.
  • Pyramids- What is the true nature of a pyramid and it s power, how old is the Gaza Necropolis and why has the truth behind them been hidden from the public.
  • Religion- To create a spiritual loop that actually prevents anyone from attaining enlightenment, while backing a severe punishment if not followed strictly.
  • Science- To introduce an institution designed to be regarded as factual while based on only theory and conjecture, an alternative to religion.
  • Sexuality- The misrepresentation of sex in our society is designed to prevent most humans from recognizing its true potential as a spiritual tool, while creating a false paradigm which leads to confusion through disinformation.
  • Social Media- Set up to follow the trends and general mindset of the public as a means of manipulating them, a way to introduce disinformation.
  • Spiritual- Used to misdirect the public on the true nature of our existence in third dimensional reality
  • Wars- To be used for population and resource control in general but also to control financial institutions, create the need for sophisticated weapons research and to divide and conquer.
  • Water - To be used as way to introduce diseases, block the Pineal Gland and control the population as a drinking source but also to be used as a weather weapon through floods, droughts and rising sea levels.


Dan Brown popularized the Illuminati in his novel Angels and Demons.

Dan Brown popularized the Illuminati in his novel Angels and Demons.

One of the symbols of the Illuminati is the phoenix.

One of the symbols of the Illuminati is the phoenix.


What is important to recognize, is that although Governments worldwide engage in disinformation on a regular basis, it is the trademark tool of the nefarious Illuminati. This group controls Banks and financial institutions, local and national governments and lawmaking and most importantly the media.

By controlling the media, the Illuminati also controls, through censorship and disinformation what the public is allowed to learn about world affairs, archeological and astronomical discoveries, natural or manmade disasters, the history of our planet, new inventions and theories and any other information that could reveal to the public our true origins.

The history of the Illuminati is old, some say almost 6,000 years but most historians agree that the modern Illuminati group is most likely around 200 years old and their grand claims are just propaganda and boasting, of course this could very well be disinformation designed to obfuscate the truth. Researchers, insiders and authors, such as Jim Marrs put their origins around the time of the Knights Templars and Rosicrucians.

The main purpose of this group of rich elitists is to control and maintain ancient knowledge, which they keep a secret from the rest of the population and to control the Earth's natural resources which they use to finance their agenda of a New World Order. By instigating and financing both sides of Wars they use conflict to assume control of resources through corporate ownership.

They are fully aware that our ancient ancestors didn't originate on this planet but have contrived through education, the media and widely accepted theories advanced by controlled scientific agendas to convince the economically enslaved ignorant masses that we did.

They also try to keep their bloodlines pure and are the true masters behind dividing and instigating racial tension on this planet. Make no mistake they have been instigating and financing wars for the better part of 5,000 years and like chess masters are always five or six moves ahead of any nation that tries to wriggle out from under their thumb.

This group routinely practices Luciferain rituals and maintains a pyramidal hierarchy, that allows those closer to the top to control, torture and manipulate its members below them. Their command structure, through torture and mind control, commits its members to complete loyalty and subservience.

Pedophilia is the main tool of their control structure and ensures through extortion, torture and bribery that its members remain loyal to the cause. Only higher members in the command structure can torture, manipulate and rape those below them in rank, ensuring a strong desire to rise through the hierarchy.

Because the true reality of the Illuminati's system is so perverse and contrary to normal human behavior, most people disregard it existence as nothing more than fairy tales of the boogeyman, conspiracy dogma and sensationalism. This kind of disinformation is promoted to ensure the secrecy of the group and promote confusion among the public.

Sometimes you will hear them referred to as the Black Hats, Secret Government, The Cabal or The Powers That Be (PTB) but they're one and the same. They consist of thirteen Royal Families and their members include such names as the Morgan's (J.P.), Rotheschild's, The Rockefeller's and the Royal Family of Great Britain, to name a few.

The Illuminati have 6 chairs on their ascended masters council, (which are also the six branches of the group).

Sciences, Government, Leadership, Scholarship, Spiritual, and Military.

Many, many books have been written about the Illuminati and their more public personification the Freemasons but their over all goal is referred to as the Great Plan. Basically what this boils down to is a New World Order of Government that controls the World's resources. The implementation of this Great Plan has been going on since the 1760s and really kicked off in the modern era with the American and French Revolution's.

My research has lead me to conclude that the Illuminati or some form of this group has existed for well over 6,000 years and is a direct result of an Alien influence bent on controlling our planet through human manipulation.

This manipulation is done through disinformation, censorship and propaganda. By sowing the seeds of disinformation, the ruling elite can keep the common man chasing their collective tails in the pursuit of knowledge, which while on the surface may seem reasonable and make sense, upon deeper investigation reveals deception and censorship.

This is done through the owned Mainstream Media by not reporting everyday events, local events Nationally and completely ignoring new discoveries, knowledge and inventions. The MSM will report News but twist the information to suit the Illuminati's agenda, leaving out important details and misreporting times, dates and places.


A recently photo taken by the author shows how disinformation can work, this clear photo of our Sun setting, shows an unusual color, clarity and size and while the color was explained by the recent wildfires in Canada, the size and clarity wasn't.

A recently photo taken by the author shows how disinformation can work, this clear photo of our Sun setting, shows an unusual color, clarity and size and while the color was explained by the recent wildfires in Canada, the size and clarity wasn't.

Sun Rise

A photo of the sun rising twelve hours later shows no signs of a reddish tint, nor are the edges distinct and clear.

A photo of the sun rising twelve hours later shows no signs of a reddish tint, nor are the edges distinct and clear.

Sun Photo

The reason for the photo of our Sun is to emphasize how disinformation works in our society. Yes, wildfires in Canada certainly provide a reasonable explanation for the color of the Sun in the above photo. However it does not explain the size, clarity or the fact that this phenomenon only occurred on one day June 30, 2015, even though the same wildfires have been burning for two weeks now.

This one limited explanation does explain the odd and unusual visual phenomenon and because it is a scientific explanation provided by experts then the general public accepts the veracity of the explanation without further investigation.

My point is that perhaps there is another explanation that hasn't been revealed, that if the public was made aware of might be cause for concern, I think there is but until I have researched and verified my theory I will not make my suspicions known, suffice to say more will be revealed.

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Disinformation in general serves one purpose and that is to hide and disguise the truth. By revealing just enough of the truth to make a story seem reasonable, you can then guide the story in a different direction, leading the reader or listener away from the truth. It is a form of hiding something in plain sight, so that the observer will not recognize it for what it truly is.

Most of the concepts, ideas and subject matter outlined in this article, are things we deal with on a daily basis but never truly dig into on a deeper level. After you explore each topic you begin to realize the pattern of deception behind each subject. If you have an open mind that allows you to see a bigger picture behind the chaotic events, coupled with a broad sense of history not just of this planet but the entire Universe, then you can see the what, when and why behind this deception of disinformation.

My own personal knowledge and research has lead me to conclude, that the true reasons behind this cloak of disinformation and deception is to hide the fact that the current human race did not originate on this planet.

Now while many may consider this a bold statement, the facts seem to indicate this is exactly the case. When one considers this information it casts a new light on why so many different subjects are shrouded in disinformation and secrecy. It would explain why the variety of scientific disciplines of inquiry and research often seem to mislead the public and spread disinformation.

It would also explain why so much control as been exerted into some fields of research and why so many fields related to the history of this planet try very hard to be the only source of what is correct and true. The Powers That Be are very adamant about preventing the common man from learning the true nature of their existence.

When one recognizes this assertion it becomes clear why so many archeological sites, subjects of inquiry that deal with UFOs and Extraterrestrials and astronomy are relegated to only one source of information. Consider the rigid control structure of scientific inquiry and you begin to realize that all things of extraterrestrial nature is censored and filtered into one source of knowledge.

To prevent humanity from recognizing this fact, a wide variety of disciplines have been systematically shrouded in a confusing array of disinformation and deception. The entire purpose behind this is to prevent the common man from recognizing their true heritage as Galactic Citizens.

The biggest single reason behind this worldwide campaign of disinformation is to keep public opinion divided. Because if The Illuminati can keep the masses divided to the veracity of many different subjects from religion to history and our origins to astronomy and extraterrestrial life they have in affect won the war of knowledge. Preventing the masses of humanity from becoming unified on any given subject allows them to control the flow of disinformation.

This article DisInformation: How Does It Work, What Purpose Does It Serve? Is designed specifically to open up doors of inquiry, create avenues of research and plant the seeds of the truth. By recognizing that disinformation is a tool being used in our daily lives to confuse and limit our ability to discern the truth for ourselves we can then take steps to throw back the veil of deception and grow spiritually and intellectually.

© 2015 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on October 01, 2015:

Yeah disinformation is the key to keeping the masses confused, distracted and misinformed and has worked for thousands of years.

However because of the www, the masses have a way to find out the truth if we can only get them to be willing to learn the truth.

Thanks for your help in spreading the message, much appreciated.

Brian from Northern Ireland sometimes feels like Earth on October 01, 2015:

Hi blu,e once again another great work with in deapth thought and skill. Here is a quote that I remember From JFK. “There is nothing in the record of the past two years when both Houses of Congress have been controlled by the Republican Party which can lead any person to believe that those promises will be fulfilled in the future. They follow the Hitler line - no matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth.”

― John F. Kennedy. Can't wait for more in this series. As usual will spread the Truth widely.. Thanks, Brian.

Suzie from Carson City on July 05, 2015:

blue.....PLEASE, when you have completed this series, I encourage you to consider publishing all into a book......there are several people right here on HP who can guide you through the process painlessly and without excessive cost. Perhaps you alreadyknow how to do this and what to do. I wouldn't doubt it, but I just had to add this!

This is the sort of work that truly needs TO BE OUT THERE!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 04, 2015:

I started this almost two months ago and kept at it until I could stand it no longer like a painting that has worn out its welcome on your easel, sign it and let it go.

Next up the Disinformation of Biology which is really going to be a mind blower. I'm about three quarter of the way done with that one, as you can see I'm writing in alphabetical order . . . anyway might try to publish it tomorrow if I get into the flow of things.

Thanks for the support and kind words!

Suzie from Carson City on July 04, 2015:

Despite this hub's length, I read every word of it twice. I am inclined to say this is by far your greatest work (at least of those i have read)

Because of my tendency to doubt and question throughout the majority of my life, I have always been reluctant to simply believe everything.

However, unfortunately I've been naive and somewhat gullible too often. This flaw has strengthened my resolve to seriously increase my independent thinking.

You have presented this so meticulously, blue and your impeccable writing makes this so comfortable to absorb.

This is absolutely genius work. A must read. Page One google. I am sharing with all outlets. UP++++

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 04, 2015:

My neighbor is a Freemason, so I get to talk to an informed man about a wide variety of subjects and don't get that confused are you crazy look, its great.

You know I'm not singling out the entire Freemason organization, as the Illuminati. He often jokes I was coerced mind-controlled into buying the house next to him so the Freemason's could keep an eye on me, being the rebel subversive type that I am growing my own food and writing articles exposing the truth.

Thanks for reading it and giving us a great quote.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on July 04, 2015:

Great article and great collection of information (not disinformation!). I particularly liked that you mentioned rainfall and rising sea levels and sexuality. Sea levels rising faster than previously thought, volcanic eruptions creating more rain, geoengineering creating even more rain and then charities ask us for money for water for people in Africa? Pah! There's plenty of excess water! It's all disinfo, disinfo, disinfo! People really need to wake up and realize that our environmental circumstances are being manipulated in order to lead us into the desired evolutionary outcome (i.e. to influence/program our DNA).

"Our disinformation program will be complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey, former CIA Director, 1981.

* By the way, I myself am a Freemason and have researched the Knights Templar extensively.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 04, 2015:

Thank you Nadine, I use a similar program t discern the truth but have also noticed a well orchestrated agenda program on the internet, books and news, videos and movies to spread a growing trend of disinformation and wanted to make sure other people noticed it as well.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on July 04, 2015:

Daniel this article was like a beam of light. I read your whole article from my cell phone this morning, but I cannot write a reply on there, so I'm now at my workstation and read it again and looked at the one video "How it works"

I personally spent very little time watching or reading topics like you mentioned, because I always each day asked my higher self to expose only truth to me, so that my novel: Parallel Realities will calibrate as high as possible. Your article was therefore a nice summing up on all the topics we are daily exposed to. I only have to observe nature and the animal kingdom to recognize real truth about the reality around us. We see and hear what we want to experience. Our mind send signals to our brain and the rest we experience as if its all for real. It's so simple. The internet is indeed full of misinformation and disinformation. Sometimes little bits of truth is often hidden among the written text or the videos, and that I filter out. We all have been given FREE WILL and for me that means to always be discerning at all times and to listen to my intuition. We do live during interesting times, because many more people are waking up, especially young adults. Thank you for this very well written and explained article. I will share it around. Voted Up!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 03, 2015:

I would have to say that our planet is definitely over populated with humans however that is still no excuse for 30,000 women and children starving to death everyday, especially considering that cows in America eat better and more often than two-thirds of the World's population.

Disinformation isn't reserved for nefarious groups like the Illuminati or Military Industrial Complex but can and is used by many religious organizations, churches, corporations, institutions of higher learning, terrorist cells, the intelligence community and politicians.

The goal is to keep the public divided and to mislead or disguise the truth, heck even my own mother uses a form of disinformation by telling little white lies that supposedly hurt no one but disrespects everyone.

So by no means is the Vatican the only guilty party to participate in disinformation campaigns.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Rod Marsden from Wollongong, NSW, Australia on July 03, 2015:

Right now the Pope is running his own disinformation campaign. The world overpopulated with people? No way says the Pope because that suits him very nicely.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 03, 2015:

More and more I'm beginning to think the best way to revolutionize our way of life or create a new paradigm is just to do it without any fanfare, riots in the streets or any kind of violence.

Just move away from the mainstream, buy some land build an underground Earth Home, powered by solar units or wind, use only spring or rain water, grow your own food and don't buy into the hype.

Be an anti-anarchist, a silent revolutionary, a stealth idealist.

kjforce from Florida on July 03, 2015:

somethgblue...Very well written article...Subliminal messages and Marketing have been besieging society for years. What better way to control the masses, and we have allowed it, so why should we be surprised that the we are in dire straits. Most people couldn't handle the actual truth, and there would be panic in the streets. Even though things appear to be in disarray in todays world, there are still those who just go along with the program mentality of " our government will take care of us, they always have "...

If we don't step up to the plate soon, it will only get worse...thanks for bringing this matter to awareness, it will be interesting to see the reponse...

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