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Difference between Real Time Live Projects And Dummy Projects for Engineering & MBA Students

What is a Dummy Project ?

A dummy project is the one which is freely available in the market and some one else has already worked on that. You just need to change the names of student and colleges on the report and get trained on already existing report. It's damn easy and simultaneously useless :) (Sorry, but its going to ruin your time and money). Some of the qualities of dummy project are:

1. You select from a list of existing projects.

2. You and your supervisor already know what is there inside.

3. There is nothing to plan, nothing to solve, no skills and mind required to complete the project. As everything is already there.

4. Less time and energy required or sometimes not at all required.

5. Till the end you do not have any idea of what you are going to do with your project.

6. You are left out with frustration and nothing newly learned.

7. As soon as people see your report and your answers, they already know that it is dummy,

8. You are not confident about how to face the interviews.

What is a Real Time Live Project ?

Real time live project is the one where you involve yourselves completely. You have designed every bit of the project yourselves and of course with the support of the experienced supervisors in organizations. Some of the things to look for in order to decide if a project is real or dummy are:

1. You are allowed to select your own project.

2. Neither you nor your supervisor knows what to do next.

3. You plan and work out along with your supervisor.

4. Issues arise and you use your skills and mind to solve them.

5. You prepare all the documentation by yourself.

6. Lot of time and energy is spent on this project.

7. You have every bit of information about the project.

8. You are left with lot of satisfaction and more importantly new skills learned by the end of the Project.

9. Everyone who sees your report shall acknowledge you for your efforts.

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10. You can confidently deal in the interviews when questions related to your project are asked.

Where do you find the Real Time Live Projects for MBA & Engineering

Real Time Live Projects are usually available in organizations, where you go and work along with the team which is already working on a real time project. But getting these projects is really difficult as now organization allows you to join the core team. Improv MS has come forward to support the students with their academic projects in Hyderabad and allow the students to do real time work along with their Engineering & Management Departments. However the organization is very critical in selecting the candidates for the project as it is a serious concern to work in real time. All the candidates go through an interview before being allowed to do any project. There are many other organizations which provide real time projects like BHEL, ECIL, DRDO etc.. and usually the project are closed in the month of September to January.

Team work is Mandatory


How do you select a Live Project ?

Selecting a Live Project is very critical. As it puts you to the toughest times of your life which are more interesting and challenging. Here are some tips to select a Live project:

1. See the area in which you have lot of interest.

2. See that you have a team to work with.

3. See if the project is practically completed in the time you have.

4. See if the project helps you develop in your career.

What you vote for ?

What kind of Live Projects are Helpful ?

Before selecting a Live Project, you should be clear that it helps in your future career. Hence you should plan properly on what to select and what not to select. The idle Live Project will have following characteristics:

1. It has your genuine ideas and efforts without copy pasting from other sources.

2. It has solution to an existing problem

Disadvantages of Dummy Project

1. You waste your Time and Money

2. You are confused

3. You are dependent on others

4. You feel low

5. You do not have confidence

Advantages of Live Project

1. You get profound research and analytical skills

2. You can take up challenges

3. You get organizing and documentation skills

4. You get team work

5. You get confidence

6. You become strong and determined

The simple reason being, you need all the above things to complete a Live Project

This is how winners are made

You need to work

Get that, to become something in your life. You need to work. You just can't depend on others and let your life go by. There are many hardships, many issues, many hurdles, but you need to move on.. if you stop you loose. if you jump, you win. Here is a video, which gives you a push to begin with.

Purpose of this article

The purpose of this article is to create awareness among the final year graduates in the field of Engineering and MBA or any other domains. Usually they are misled by the institutions who have created business out of this projects. We invite you people to make a thorough study before taking up any project. Students usually look for following projects:

1. MBA project in HR

2. MBA project in Marketing

3. MBA Project in Finance

4. Engineering Projects for Electronics & Communication

5. Engineering Projects for Electrical & Electronics

6. Engineering Projects for Mechanical Engineering

7. Engineering Projects for CSE (Computer Science Engineering)

8. Engineering Projects for Civil Engineering

9. Engineering Projects for Information Technology

We invite you to search thoroughly in organizations, experienced professionals in the above domains and decide for your self before taking up any live project

Instructions on selecting a Live Project

  1. Find in which domain you want to do your job. Be specific about your domain and then select your Live Project.
  2. Meet working professionals or organizations and discuss with them about your project. Do not prefer institutions providing only projects.
  3. Find organizations where you get complete support and research facility.
  4. Remember its always all of your work. No body is going to support you.
  5. Study other reports to see the pattern of project documentation.
  6. Be realistic. Don't copy paste information into your report
  7. Present neatly and be clear of what is there in your report. And you will be the topper

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