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Tale of Student Couples in High Schools

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

student couples in school

student couples in school

For those who had the privilege of learning in a mixed secondary school, I bet you are familiar of student couples or you were probably among them. Most learners at this level are at a stage where hormones are raging and are thus eager to practice what mana and baba does at home.

To approach a lady, writing a letter was common; just to express your desire of being an item not only for school but also even after completing studies. However, for many, this is a dream that get shattered once form four exams are over. Everybody goes to his/her way and the search for new opportunities doesn’t leave room for marriage. Two years afterwards, the couples forgot each other not only psychologically but also physically. That means if you bumped each other somewhere in town, you may not know each other in the first place.

High school love was basically an experiment of family life, killing boredom and finding someone to express your feelings to. It appears even teachers tolerate and understand this phenomena as it couldn’t have thrived with their fully knowledge.

Late in the evenings before supper, you would be finding couples cajoling each other in enclosed rooms and classrooms within the school. Some could be kissing and caressing while others are promising each other heaven on earth. Say expression of love to the highest degree.

The girl performed wifely duties including washing and folding laundry and plates for “her man” and giving her company whenever possible. If she happened to come from a rich family, she could also share the shopping with her best friend/husband to be. This was the same case with the “man” who is supposed to protect the “wife” from team mafisi and other problems. The man also ensured to provide for the wife by making sure his girl has what she needs. Sadly, it happens that all these sacrifices and expectations go down the drain when the reality comes to be.

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