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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 09

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 6: Modern History of the Blue Planet

About 1,000 years ago, the devils waged massive wars across the globe Blue Planet. First, there was religious wars between the Bird-man Religion and the Black-Robe Cult that swept through the entire West Kunlun Empire and the continent of Ahuriga. Later, the tribes of the northern part of the East Kunlun continent waged the wars that swept throughout the entire Eastern and Central Kunlun continents. Not only did the cannibals eat people on a large scale during the wars. The devils also sent many people to be eaten by devils, animal spirits and evil monsters living in the Penglai Fairyland and the South Pole. Sometimes there were as many as 50,000 or 60,000 people at a time. The Bird-man Religion also lied that the war was not won because the adults were not pious enough and that only the force of children could win the war. As a result, tens of thousands of these children who attended the war and went on the expedition disappeared. In actuality, they were tricked into being eaten by the devils, animal spirits and evil monsters in the Penglai Fairyland and the South Pole.

Bird-man Religion itself is a cult started and controlled by the devils. However, it claims that other religions are all devils and that anyone who does not believe in the Bird-man Religion is a demon. That is a classic cry of the thief. The Bird-man Religion is so evil: they believe that infidels are all demons and have no human qualifications, and therefore all the infidels can be killed and destroyed at will. The Black-Robe Cult is similar, believing that their god alone is the only true god. In fact, the Black-Robe Cult is eviler than the Bird-man Religion. And they are both using religion to control and limit human development, trying to keep human beings in a perpetual state of ignorance so the humans can be controlled by the devils forever.

Modern History of West Kunlun Empire

The ancestors of the Yateland people in the 5-dimensional space could not bear to see their grandchildren being deceived so badly by the devils, so they sowed a plague that kills people extremely fast to the West Kunlun continent. Large numbers of people of the Western Kunlun Continent died because of the plague. The Bird-man Religion and the Black-Robe Cult were helpless to cure or deal with the plague. The Yateland people of the West Kunlun Empire came to their senses and never believed in religions again. From then on, the Yateland people freed themselves from the shackles of religions and used their human ingenuity to develop rapidly in science, technology, literature and arts. Soon the Yateland people were ahead of the humans of the overall Blue Planet in every way.

500 years ago, under the dark impetus of their ancestors, the Yateland people began to take revenge on the people created by the devils and evil monsters. The Yateland people began to conquer the globe, killing and enslaving the people created by the devils and evil monsters in large numbers, occupying their lands, and expelling them in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet.

Modern History of East Kunlun Empire

About 100 years ago, the ancestors of the Yateland people saw that the people of the East Kunlun Empire were controlled by the devils so firm that they can not save themselves. So after discussing with the ancestors of the East Kunlun people, they secretly pushed the Yateland people to beat up the East Kunlun Empire so hard that the people of the East Kunlun Empire they were finally woken up. That caused the people of the East Kunlun Empire to realize that there were better and more desirable social systems outside of their model and system. Realizing that the only way to have a better society and life is to abandon the shackles of the Dwarf Religion and bring out the nature and freedom of humanity.

So about 100 years ago, the young people of the East Kunlun Empire launched a massive movement against the Dwarf Religion. That was an epoch-making cultural revolution that greatly liberated the minds of the East Kunlun people and overthrew the social system established by the Dwarf Religion. There had not been such a great and profound cultural revolution in the East Kunlun Empire since the Yellow-Leem people had entered the continent of the East Kunlun. From then on, the people of East Kunlun Empire began to take off on the road to greatness.

How could the devils tolerate humans being free from control and developing freely! So about 100 years ago, the devils stirred up conflict in the Western Kunlun Empire and started an all-out war within the Western Kunlun Empire. Twenty years later, a devil turned into the national leader of an important country in the Western Kunlun Empire and started a world war. The war swept across the globe and hundreds of millions of people died in the war. The devil, called 'Hetanle', was also forever remembered by the whole world.

After the war, Hetanle disappeared and went to the 4th dimensional space of the South Pole. After Hetanle was expelled, the whole world was liberated and developed freely. A new advanced country full of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law established, which is called the Beauty Empire. The Beauty Empire was established on the continent of Fusang, and became that leader of the global development. After the war, the East Kunlun Empire also overthrew the old system, and established a new nation.

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III. National Founder of East Kunlun Empire

At this time, the national founding leader of the East Kunlun Empire got the power to control the entire East Kunlun Empire. That is exactly the situation that the devils would like to see. When the great leader was old and decrepit, A devil possessed the leader and thus controlled the entire East Kunlun Empire. After the devil possessed the leader, the first thing he did was to declare that he would not eat the Jiang-you Sauce. It was because the devils were afraid that eating the Jiang-you Sauce would damage his supernatural powers. Then the possessed great leader started the Great Cultural Revolution in the East Kunlun Empire.

The Great Cultural Revolution was a holocaust of humanity, taking the evil of human nature to the extreme, and sinful. To please the leader and his subordinate officers, people had to denounced each other to protect themselves. In the whole country, husbands and wives denounced each other, parents and children criticized and denounced each other. People were made inhuman, harming each other to protect themselves, and everyone had no sense of security. It was a revolution to transform human nature. Since then, the cultural heritage of the East Kunlun Empire has been lost, and human nature has become extremely distorted, destroying the outlook and values of entire generations of people. In particular, most of the people who experienced the Geat Cultural Revolution were left with psychological trauma and extremely distorted psychology.

At the same time, the West Kunlun Empire and the Beauty Empire, as well as other countries in the world, were developing rapidly, and mankind was ushering in a whole new era of science and technology. All kinds of science and technology and new inventions spurted out. Human society gained great progress and development. At this time, the people of the East Kunlun Empire were still fighting each other in a nest. 'To fight with other people, it is a great joy' seemed to be engraved into the bones and genes of the people of East Kunlun Empire. The whole world was developing rapidly and seeking a happy life. While the people of East Kunlun Empire were hurting each other for its own pleasure. They had no sense to seek a happy life. They thought that bullying others and stepping on others are enough to satisfy one's highest happy mindset, and why do you need for the happiness of material life?

The reason why the devil possessed the leader instead of killing the leader was because the great national leader, like the 'Henwood Emperor' was reincarnated from a higher dimensional space. They all had extremely high energy so that the devils could not kill them and had to wait until they were old and decrepit and then to possession them. The extreme acts of Henwood Emperor's killing his wife and sons in his later years are also a manifestation of demonic possession in his body. Because the Primordial Emperor had killed too many people in the wars, he had accumulated too much resentment, which greatly lower the energy of the Primordial Emperor. So the devils can easily kill Primal Emperor and replace him easily.

That's why the old and decrepit people are not suitable to be national leaders of any country. They can easily be controlled and replaced by the devils.

The devils use the thousand-faced magic to turn into a human being to live in the society. The merits brought by good things the person did will be credited to the devils, while the sins brought by bad things the person did will be credited to the person who was killed by the devil. Because it is the image of the original person that the people at large hate, and the name of the person that the people at large hate is the name of the original person. The great founding leader of the Eastern Kunlun Empire did not enter heaven after his death, did not return to the higher dimensional space in which he originally lived. Rather, he fell back into the 3rd dimension and became an ordinary person in the 3rd dimension of the Blue Planet. He was constantly being affected by the resentment that people subconsciously held against him. Without saying anything, people were subconsciously resenting him for the great loss he had caused to everyone in the East Kunlun Empire by starting the Cultural Revolution.

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Chapter 7: Violet Subtle Sage

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