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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 08

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

VI. Creation of West Religion

With the idea of the Dwarf Religion, Kong-si Qilin had asked for advice from the Mysterious Great Master. The Mysterious Great Master scolded Kong-si Qilin in his face and said that Kong-si Qilin had a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions. The Mysterious Great Master said that the idea of the Dwarf Religion was something that clouded people's mind and caused people to lose their nature, and it would disturb people so much that they couldn't tell the things between right and wrong. It just like countless mosquitoes bites all night, the disturbance would make people feel restless and tormented, and I am afraid that even small animals will suffer and can not escape.

The Mysterious Great Master knew that the East Kunlun Empire would soon be controlled by the thoughts proposed by the Kong-si Qilin and the devils. So after that, the Mysterious Great Master left the East Kunlun Empire and headed west to the Central Kunlun Continent. He was going to find a descendant of the Candle-planet People, so that he would carry forward the religion of the Candle-planet People. And it would gradually develop and influence the East Kunlun Empire, making the people of the East Kunlun Empire gain more ways to learn spiritual cultivation.

The person that the Mysterious Great Master looked for is a prince of the Bahara Kingdom, Prince Sega. Both the Mysterious Great Master and Prince Sega were reincarnated from dark matter spaces into the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet. Long before Prince Sega was reincarnated, the Mysterious Great Master had discussed with Prince Sega the time and place of his reincarnation. When Prince Sega had grown up, the Mysterious Great Master would come to teach and enlighten him the PVED and spiritual cultivation, so that he could understand all the mysteries of the universe and obtain the superpowers he had before his reincarnation.

There are several reasons why Prince Sega was reincarnated at this point in time. First, due to the devils' destruction, the religions all over the Blue Planet were misguided and someone needed to advocate what was right. Second, because of the devils' destruction, the overall energy of the Blue Planet is declining and there is a need for a God or Buddha with high energy to come out and balance the energy of the Blue Planet. Third, because the minds of the Blue-planet people were getting farther and farther away from their pristine nature, it was necessary to teach people the methods to adjust their minds, that is, spiritual cultivation. That is exactly what the Candle-planet people's religion is good at. That is why Prince Sega chose to be born in the kingdom of the Cand-pra people.

After his birth, Prince Sega was influenced by the Bahara Religion. He practiced the teachings of the Bahara Religion to abuse himself for a long time. After seven years of austerities, Prince Sega was abused to nearly death and did not gain any enlightenment or growth. So he gave up the ascetic practice of abusing himself. He began to travel around in search of learning real spiritual cultivation. That's when he met the Mysterious Great Master. The Mysterious Great Master instructed him on the real spiritual cultivation and the PVED methods and gave him an infusion of high energy subtle matter. That led to his great enlightenment, making him understand all the mysteries of the universe and obtaining the superpowers he had before his reincarnation.

Restore Candle-planet Religion

After that, Prince Sega discovered the original religious theories of the Candle-planet people, and he was able to communicate with the Gods and Buddhas in the various higher dimensional spaces of the Candle-planet. He aspired to restore the original religion of the Candle-planet people and correct the erroneous Bahara religion. So he founded the West Religion in the Bahara kingdom. The West Religion focuses on spiritual cultivation, emphasizes doing more good deeds to enhance one's blessings and merits, and emphasizes changing one's future and destiny by changing one's character.

Therefore, the West Religion places great emphasis on adjusting one's mindset and teaching people to face all kinds of joys and difficulties encountered in life with the right mindset. It also advocates peace and equality for all people. It believes that after learning the PVED and spiritual cultivation, everyone has the possibility to achieve dimensional advancement and enter heaven. Under his teachings, many of his disciples have attained dimensional elevation to the level of 6th dimensions and thus are permanently liberated from suffering.

Prince Sega also wrote down the truths and mysteries he had learned about the universe. His writings were so many that could fill more than several rooms and buildings. However, since there was no systematic scientific development at that time, Prince Sega could not express it in scientific language. He had to describe what he understood about the truth and the mysteries of the universe by creating new terms of his own and by using metaphors. That left many people reading his writings confused and unsure of what he was talking about. However, his teachings and theory of spiritual cultivation received great recognition and admiration by the masses. He also introduced many gods and Buddhas in the higher dimensional spaces of Candle-planet to the world, making human beings in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet aware of the existence of the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss.

Theory of West Religion

The essence of the West Religion is the search for the true meaning of life and the liberation of life's suffering so as to attain happiness. For this reason, the West Religion has developed many theories, the most famous of which is the theory of 'three lives of karma and six paths of reincarnation'. It believes that all human actions, words, and thoughts form the karma of future consequences. And life is dominated by these karmic forces.

The second theory is that Good will be rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. Only by grasping the present, correcting previous mistakes, and broadcasting good karma can one free oneself from hardship and achieve happiness in the future, thus changing one's destiny completely. The scend theory, in the face of the suffering one suffers, one must know that there is an influence of the general environment, and more than that, it is a consequence of one's previous bad karma. That is why West Religion teachings encourage people to accept reality with a peaceful mind, abandon resentment and try to help others as much as possible. Any action that can alleviate the suffering of others will be done as a good result that will feed back to oneself, thus making oneself liberated in some way. Therefore, the West Religion advocates that people need show compassion to others and dealing things in life from the perspective of what is good for both parties.

These concepts improve people's outlook on life and values, greatly improve the moral and ethical level of society, and reduce social conflicts. If someone not only does all this, but also wants to reduce the suffering of all people from the perspective of changing the general environment, that is a higher level of practice. Many social thinkers and reformers have helped the whole society to gain progress, which has led to a higher level of happiness for many people. That is a practice to beneficial all beings. And they have accumulated far more merit and virtue than the practice of practicing only for personal liberation.

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In expounding the truth of the universe, the West Religion holds that all material worlds originate from 'emptiness'. It is believed that 'emptiness' and tangible matter can be transformed into each other. Here 'emptiness' actually refers to the dark matter which is not visible to the naked eye. The West Religion believe that it is on the basis of the excellent cultivation of Spirit and Behavior that one can begin the to do the real PVED and to get dimensional enhancement. The merits and blessings accumulated through the CSBD cultivation are the foundation and sustenance for the practice of Vital Energy, PVED. If one can reach the energy level of 6th dimensions, one can achieve permanent liberation. But returning to the dark matter spaces is the ultimate goal of cultivation and practice.

The inability of people to understand the meaning of 'emptiness' has led many people to misunderstand the worldview and cosmology of the West Religion. These people believe that since everything in the world originates from 'emptiness', the world is illusory and unreal. Since the ultimate goal of the cultivation is to return to 'emptiness', there is no point in living since one is going to return to silence anyway. That gives rise to negative thoughts, leading many people to be pessimistic and world-weary, with their lives muddled and inactive.

In fact, this understanding is wrong. One need face life positively, change one's character and mindset in life, and help others to accumulate blessings and merits constantly in one's life, so that one's energy continues to rise. In this way one can get the dimensional advancement and return to the 'emptiness', that is, to the world of dark matter and become one with the universe.

That is why the cultivation of CSBD and PVED cannot be separated from life. One should not be detached from reality, nor should one hide away in the mountains to cultivate in seclusion. Even practicing exclusively in a temple is not as good as working in society and honing oneself in life. The more difficulties one experiences, the more one can sharpen one's mind and the more opportunities one has to carry out the requirements of the cultivation. That is why the great hermit is hidden in the city. True cultivation should be practicing in life, living out the practice. Those who are qualified to hide in the mountains and practice in seclusion are those who have honed their mind very well and have done great deeds in the world and have accumulated great merits for themselves. These merits and virtues have given them enough sustenance to enable them to succeed in their PVED practice and can support them in achieving dimensional advancement.

Prince Sega believes that people's mindset and blessings are too far from the requirements of the PVED practice, so he emphasizes CSBD cultivation and downplays the PVED practice. It does not mean that the West Religion has no components of the PVED practice. The West Religion has its own specialized techniques to enable people to attain supernatural powers and gain dimensional advancement. But only those who have achieved their enlightenment are qualified to learn these profound techniques based on the life science of the human body. So many people are not qualified to learn it. Many believers of the West Religion do not understand these profound techniques. Therefore, after many generations of transmission, many people think that the West Religion is against superpowers and against the practices based on the life science of the human body. That is entirely due to not knowing the West Religion well enough.

Receiving Gods or Receiving Buddhas

Someone says: gods or Buddhas who can lend energy to people, thus allowing the people in the 3rd dimensions to go to heavenly kingdoms in the higher dimensions. Such cases are rare, but they do occur. But because of insufficient mindfulness and the lack of good mindset, almost all people in the 3rd dimension are a vessel with loopholes. And the energy lent by gods or Buddhas will soon be leaked out by the people in the 3rd dimension. Such a person, even if he goes to heaven, will not stay in the heavenly kingdom for long and will soon fall back into the 3-dimensional space. That is because losing one's temper is a sign of a drastic leakage of energy. As long as a person can lose his temper, he is a vessel with a hole in it. Tension, anxiety, depression and hatred are all signs of expended energy. It is extremely rare to find a person who does not lose his temper. So those who want to live in heaven kingdoms permanently can only do so by honing their minds more and accumulating enough energy. The reason these deities and Buddhas make the vow to receive people is because they want those who aspire to do the cultivate to experience the beauty of heaven, thus truly initiating the desire to higher dimensional spaces and devote themselves to the cultivation and training of the CSBD and PVED . What kind of heaven a person can go to is ultimately determined by the level of energy and goodness of heart that person has accumulated during his or her lifetime.

Truth of Four Great Emptiness

There is a misleading theory of Four Great Emptiness in the West Religion. The Four Great Emptiness refers to all the four basic elements made up of the world, which are earth, water, fire and air. The theory of Four Great Emptiness was explained as everything in the world is emptiness. Actually, it is an imported theory from the Bahara Religion. The correct explanation of the theory of Four Great Emptiness is that everything in the world is real and true. The dark matter that generates all things in the universe is a material entity. People thought the dark matter as Emptiness, because the dark matter is so small and subtle that it is invisible to human eyes.

The statement that 'All things in the universe come from the existing, and the existing comes from nothing' is more scientific and easier to be understood. All things in the universe come from the existing, which means that everything is born of something. Here, the existing and something refer to the extremely tiny elementary particles that made up of the whole world. Although these elementary particles cannot be visible to the naked eye, it can be observed by the instruments of modern physics. 'The existing comes from nothing' means that these extremely tiny elementary particles are generated from the dark matter. Here, nothing refers to the dark matter and dark energy.

Therefore, the statement that 'All things in the universe come from the existing, and the existing comes from nothing' tells a detailed truth: everything in the universe originated in the dark matter and dark energy. However, between the dark matter and the visible things in the world, there is a transitional matter: various elementary particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be observed by physical instruments. These elementary particles are the realm of 'the existing'. The 'nothing' in the above statement is the 'emptiness' called by the West Religion and the Bahara Religion, which is the dark matter called by the modern physics.

So, the world and the universe are real and not illusory. What is more real is the magnitude and amount of energy. The world obeys the law of conservation of energy. Anything that changes require energy to drive it. Even if one thinks that the vagaries of the world are unreal, one cannot deny that the energy behind the changes that drive them is real. Energy is both a core element of the PVED practice and a factor that determines whether a person is happy in life and has a good destiny. That is why folk use the term 'blessed, not blessed' to describe the energy level of a person. Therefore, not only is matter real, but energy is also real. This world is real and unreal.

The superior core thoughts of the practice in the West Religion also revolve around the word 'emptiness'. It believes that all things in the world originate in the invisible dark matter. And dark matter can be transformed into visible matter of all entities. The true practice to become an immortal Buddha is inseparable from high energy subtle matter transformed from the dark matter and dark energy. And all kinds of cultivation theories that can really make people become immortals and become Buddhas take this as a starting point and then to illustrate how people can better receive high-energy subtle matter, how to make the better use of high energy subtle matter to achieve dimensional ascension. The ultimate goal of the cultivation is to return to the dark matter spaces and become one with the universe. Therefore, the cultivation theory that can really make people become immortals and become Buddhas is far beyond the theory of the Four Noble Truths, Ku, Ji, Mie, Dao.

Prophecy of the 2,500 years

Prince Sega once prophesied the development of the West Religion within 2,500 years of his death. He divided these 2,500 years into five stages. In every five hundred years, the development of the West Religion would change and decay differently.

(1) Within the first five hundred years, there was a greater emphasis on the virtues and spiritual transcendence. During that time there will be people who get dimensional advancement by studying the West Religion.

(2) Within the second five hundred years, that is from 2000 years ago, religions were born all over the world. People began to spread various false religious theories due to the influence of the religions created by the devils. Some false theories of the Bahara Religion will be imported to the West Religion.

(3) Within the third five hundred years, after being introduced to the East Kunlun Empire, it will be in conjunction with the PVED culture of the East Kunlun Empire. The West Religion would create sects that emphasizes enlightenment and the PVED practice. The PVED practice is also the core secret essence of the West Religion, that is described as the teachings without language and books and can directly enlighten one's mind. However, during the period, a devil called Lotus King, would come out and start a new sect in the name of Buddha. The new sect emphasizes evil spells and evil techniques such as men and women dual practice.

(4) Within the fourth five hundred years, fewer and fewer people really grasped the teachings of the Western Religion. The Western Religion built many monuments to honor those who had achieved success in their practice, and in doing so, attracted more people to study the West Religion.

(5) By the fifth five hundred years, the Age of Apocalypse comes, which began at 500 years ago. During that time, social conflicts were more intense. People's various desires, selfish thoughts, and wants could not be satisfied. There was constant strife among people and wars were on the rise. People no longer believed in religion. The power and influence of the West Religion declines.

The devils feared that Prince Sega would succeed in his practice. So, when Prince Sega was about to succeed, the devils came out and try to disturb Prince Sega. The devils also disturbed the spreading of the West Religion many times. About 2,500 years ago, Prince Sega passed away. Before he went back to heaven, the prince of the devils came out to talk with Prince Sega. The prince of the devils said as follows,

When the spread and power of your West Religion become weak, I will let my devil sons and grandsons sneak into your West Religion, wear the clothes of your religion, and destroy the theories you spread. They will distort your classics and destroy the commandments you have laid down, much more than that I can do to your West Religion now. Haha.....haha .... After hearing that, Prince Sega thought it over for a long time, and then he cried and left hot tears. The Prince of the devils laughed maniacally in triumph and went away. The Prince of the devils was known to everyone as 'the Demon, Bosun'.

After the Prince of the devils left, Prince Sega discussed countermeasures with the gods in the dark matter spaces. There was a Violet Subtle Sage in the dark matter spaces who said that he was willing to descend to the Blue Planet in 2,500 years to save humans. When Prince Sega's mana disappears in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet, the Violet Subtle Sage will use his mana to provide energy for the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet and to prolong the existence of humans for 10,000 years. At that time, he will enable the true practitioners to take off their robes and practice in the normal social life, so that the true practitioners can get success within one's current lifetime.

Prophecy about the Violet Subtle Sage

Therefore, Prince Sega left the following prophecy to his disciples:

2,500 years after his death, human beings will face the threat of the end of the world. At that time the devils will be in power and many devil sons and grandsons will sneak into human society, stirring up conflicts and waging wars, wanting to destroy humans.

At that time, a Violet Subtle Sage will descend to the world to teach people the supreme cultivation principles of CSBD and PVED, and he will lead humans through the tribulation. However, whether or not humans can survive the tribulation is uncertain. It depends on how well human beings behave and how cooperative they are.

Therefore, at that time, it was both dangerous and with great opportunity. If people can get through the tribulation and crush the devils' conspiracy, humans will usher in an overall dimensional upgrade of the Blue Planet and realize an ideal society where the world is one. Everyone will be liberated from suffering and live a happy life. Everyone will recognize the method of dimensional ascension through cultivation.

However, it can only be achieved by the awakening of all human beings. Those of you who are willing to follow the Violet Subtle Sage can descend to the world at that time. That is the unparalleled opportunity for the true Buddha to descend. After that, Prince Sega passed away and returned to the dark matter world.

VII. Periphery of East Kunlun Empire

About 3,000 years ago, in order to change the genes of the East Kunlun people, the devils had arranged various cannibal tribes and people with devil genes around the East Kunlun Empire. The devils hoped that these cannibal tribes and people with devil genes would gradually grow and grow, and then they can hybridize with the East Kunlun people and contaminate the good genes of the East Kunlun people. After these cannibal tribes grew, they launched round after round of attacks on the East Kunlun Empire, killing the East Kunlun people to near extinction several times.

They killed the males and had sex with the females to have children. During the wars, these cannibals even ate people for fun, eating the prisoners of war. After several rounds of wars within two thousand years, the genes of the East Kunlun people were not as pure as they were. Not only was this true of the East Kunlun Empire, but all of the Global Blue Planet had experienced a similar situation. People had long since become not purely good by nature, but good and evil at the same time.

Originally, there were still some individuals in the East Kunlun Empire who were able to succeed in their practice and achieve dimensional advancement with secret practice. However, from 1,000 years ago, no one was able to achieve dimensional ascension anymore. Until the Violet Subtle Sage came out and advocated group learning, group practice, and then use the effect of group resonance to vibrate open genes in the body for repair. So only powerful feats that can change genes in the human body can help a person achieve dimensional advancement and realize the success in one-life.

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