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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 07

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

III. Kong-si and Dwarf Religion

Chapter 5: Secrets of the East Kunlun Empire

III. Kong-si and Dwarf Religion

Another 200 years passed after the arrival of the White-planet people in the Chou Kingdom, which is about 2,600 years ago, the Chou Kingdom was in decline. The nobles of the Chou Kingdom had claimed hegemony and formed many independent kingdoms. These kingdoms reformed and innovated, and their social systems changed dramatically. The Qilin Deer can no longer control the masses through the Chou Kingdom. At that time, the people of the Chou Kingdom were influenced by the PVED culture of the East Kunlun Empire and no longer believed in animal gods. The Qilin Deer himself had to come out and teach the masses. He killed a young and talented male social thinker named Kong-si. Then he turned into the appearance of Kong-si by evil magics and found a new Religion. We call the Qilin Deer who turned into the Kong-si 'Kong-si Qilin' in the context.

The Kong-si Qilin spread his ideas that he had taught to the kings of the Chou Kingdom years ago with the purpose of defending the hierarchy he had proposed. But at that time, there was a surge of thought in all countries. No one paid any attention to his outdated ideas of governance. He had to find another way to control the masses. Then the Kong-si Qilin create a dwarf religion. Although the dwarf religion was not a religion that promoted theology, it served the same purpose as a religion by skipping the state and controlling every family. The purpose is: to create a transhuman order where human thoughts and actions are controlled by the devils.

Filial Piety is the Root of Family Slavery

(1) The essence of the idea of the Dwarf Religion is that: family slavery.

A very insidious form of slavery to achieve the goal of turning people into robots without souls and personalities.

The family slavery can be used to govern nations and restrain the masses of every level. No one can escape the net of the family slavery. Besides the patriarchal marriage system, the family slavery system mentioned here refers to father-son slavery or mother-daughter slavery, which is summed up in one-word as Filial Piety.

In spiritual cultivation, the relationship between parents and children is a very important part. Originally, the requirement for it in spiritual cultivation was that both parents and children should have a good relationship. In addition to their obligation to support their parents, children should also be considerate and return love to their parents and not contradict their parents. Upsetting their parents can be very damaging to their own spiritual cultivation. Nor should parents demand and scold their children unreasonably, as it will backfire badly on them. However, the dwarf religion interprets it as a unilateral obligation of the children.

The dwarf religion believe that people must be filial to their parents. The word 'Filial Piety' then complicates what is otherwise simple. It makes 'Filial Piety' an impenetrable and vague concept. The word 'Filial Piety' was eventually interpreted as Filial Obedience.

Filial Obedience ended up being interpreted to mean that children must absolutely obey their parents. Worse, Filial Obedience is interpreted to mean that children must do everything they can to please their parents. Whenever parents lose their temper at their children, it is the children's fault. It is because the children have not made their parents pleasant. Any child who is not filial obedience their parents cannot be considered a human being. In that spirit, Filial Piety became a goal that children can never achieve. Thus, Filial Piety became a baton for parents to enslave their children and a protective umbrella for the parents to mentally abuse their children. Therefore, Filial Piety became the root of family slavery.

The Situation of Family Slavery

Under the control of the mindset, many parents are encouraged to abuse their children and enjoy the thrill of trampling on others at will from their children. Many of the children are so mentally broken by the abuse that no one understands, and they are afraid to communicate with others. For anyone who communicates with others about the wrongdoings of their parents is consider as an ungrateful child and will be considered to be of such low character as to be an unqualified human being. These abused children can only console themselves by saying that parents are all sages and parents would never make any mistake. And then the abused children can only resign themselves to the abuse of their parents. The mental abuse existing all the time is much worse than the slaves in a real slave society. Sometimes the mental pain is more unbearable than the physical pain.

The dwarf religion turns the family with love into the family with enslavement and harm with the absolutely noble reason of Filial Piety. Under the influence of family slavery, human nature of those people gone bad. The parents treat the children underage of 10 years old as entertainment tools and love the children in heart. However, when the children become teenagers and older, the parents treat the children as slaves mentally and physically under the name of Filial Piety.

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There are more stories of mothers-in-law abusing their daughters-in-law. The mother-in-law deliberately made things difficult and controlled her daughter-in-law, causing many young daughters-in-law, unable to bear the abuse, to commit suicide. Even for those who did not commit suicide, the daughter-in-law would breathe a sigh of relief when her mother-in-law died. After years of abuse, they could finally be a free person after their mother-in-law died. That situation abounded in the East Kunlun Empire for thousand years after the Dwarf Religion was founded. In order to vent their previous resentment, these daughters-in-law would then abuse her own daughter-in-law after becoming a mother-in-law. The resentment with nowhere to vent was then passed down from generation to generation. Many people had perversion of the human nature due to the family oppression.

The same thing happens to the children who are abused by their parents. After being abused by their parents, they dare not speak out, and they became psychological perversion. When they have children later, they vent their resentment against their parents on their own children. And that is passed down from generation to generation. That is the appearance of benevolence and morality, but behind it is mutual torture and humanity dumping. Both women and children are programmed to the hidden slavery of the family. That is why some scholars have concluded that since the establishment of the dwarf religion, for the two thousand years, there was the ideology of internecine struggles, the practice of bullying the weak and young, and the oppression of women.

Under the influence of family slavery, the essence of a woman's marriage was to sell herself into slavery. The man paid the bride price to buy the woman for marriage. So after getting married, women can be abused and scolded by their husbands and mothers-in-law at will without any protection, even the law does not protect the personal rights of women. Because it was nobody's business for slave owners to beat and scold their own slaves. So, many men subconsciously treat their wives as their property and subordinates. It was a common belief in society that 'A married out daughter is like spilled water', meaning that a slave sold out was no longer a member of the family. The married daughter had to work as a slave for the buyer and serve her husband and his family for the rest of her life. That has led many parents to favor sons over daughters. And some parents raise girls like slaves from an early age because they are going to be sold out anyway.

(2) The Erasure of Human Creativity

The essence of the idea of Dwarf Religion lies in another: the erasure of human creativity and turning people into robots without soul and personality.

Using the absolutely noble reason of filial piety, the Dwarf Religion requires people to observe and imitate the way their parents and ancestors behaved and not to change the system set by their ancestors. For example: While the parents are alive, the children are not entitled to act independently on their own, and everything is to be done according to the permission of the parents. after their parents' death, children are required to follow the will and teachings of their parents. It is true filial piety that children should follow their parents' instructions like robots and imitate their parents' manner of behavior. The purpose of this rule is to turn all people into robots who only carry out orders and do not think. Just carry out the system and orders of the ancestors, and there is no need or no permission for future generations to think and innovate. The hidden purpose behind the rule is to prevent the descendants of changing the systems or rules set up by the ancestors. Actually, it is afraid that the rules and systems set up by the Qilin Deer is to be changed by the descendants.

In order to achieve the purpose, Kong-si Qilin explicitly preached the idea of stifling innovation. It is preached that one should believe in and love the things and thoughts of the ancient world, and that one should only narrate and elucidate the doctrines of the ancient people, and not create new ones at will. Since children are supposed to act like robots at the behest of their parents and have no right to act independently on their own, children are all considered as objects without personality and individuality. Therefore, in the East Kunlun Empire under the control of the Dwarf Religion, people were thought as having no humanity. People thought that if they followed the ancestral system and rules, they should be able to live a happy life. There was no need for people to innovation and individuality.

Under the influence of such thinking, the development of the East Kunlun Empire stagnated for 2,000 years. 2,000 years later, the development of the East Kunlun Empire lagged behind of the world because of its insularity. It was attacked and beaten by foreigners. The cannons of war and humiliating experiences made the people of the East Kunlun Empire open their doors and look at the world. And then they found that the world was so wonderful as they never know before. Only then did they learn that a good society and happy life required constant innovation and reform. However, because of the long-standing influence of the dwarf religion, the East Kunlun Empire at that time could not cultivate innovative talents at all and can only imitate others.

(3) Slavery Over the Masses

The essence of ideology of Dwarf Religion lies in also:
the slavery over the masses, the maintenance of hierarchy, and the opposition to democracy, freedom and the rule of law.

The Dwarf Religion extends the connotation of Filial Piety to the point of nowhere, so that the meaning of Filial Piety is no longer confined within the family but is used for social administration and state governing. The Dwarf Religion believed that Filial Piety applied to all strata of society. All classes of society were required to use Filial Piety to submit to the rule and administration of a higher class as a way of maintaining the hierarchy. Therefore, the Dwarf Religion considers Filial Piety to be a natural virtue, the supreme and highest virtue.

In fact,­ it is believed that people are domesticated in the family into obedient machines and abused people who dare not raise their voice to resist even when they are abused, which naturally facilitates the administration and governing of the nation. Under the influence of the idea, everyone became a slave. However, the slave and the slaveholder are the same person. Kneeling down like a slave to serve and obey his superior, and then he can abuse those who are a level below him. The Dwarf Religion glorifies the process by saying that when you learned how to manage your family, you will be able to manage your work, and then you will have a successful career and be famous. In actuality, it encourages people to learn how to be a slaveholder in their families and then they can manage their slaves at work. The beautiful saying for that is: to manage the family as a slaveholder, to rule the country as a slaveholder, and then you would be able to master the world.

Under the influence of this ideology, thousands of years later, everyone in the East Kunlun Empire was a member of the kneeling clan. But again, they all wanted to step on others, enjoy the feeling of being on top, and make up for the abuse and humiliation they had suffered. The whole society is a warped and sick society. The people advocate and publicize benevolence and morality but take pleasure in trampling on the dignity of others indeed. The masses of society were domesticated into ignorant, mindless, human rights-free, apathetic slaves who could be trampled on by the upper level at will and strive to trample on each other, with absolutely no space for democracy or freedom. Therefore, in the East Kunlun Empire, to achieve democracy, people must first break the ideological foundation of Filial Piety. It will be possible to achieve democracy, freedom, and equality for the entire society, only when it is no longer emphasis on unilateral filial piety within the family. By this way, it will no longer continues to cultivate slaves.

IV. Development of Dwarf Religion

The Dwarf Religion was not taken seriously by the public when it was first proposed, as there was a wide range of ideas emerging at that time. In order to promote the Dwarf Religion, the Kong-si Qilin took many measures, the most important of which was to find a way to turn the Dwarf Religion into a state religion. Using the power of the nation to promote the Religion. That is what the devils is most accustomed to do when he founded a new religion. In order to do this, the Kong-si Qilin sent out many different Qilin Deer in his clan to promote the Dwarf Religion. Those different Qilin Deer come to the East Kunlun Empire at different times. And they turned themselves into different scholars by evil magics, in order to promote the Dwarf Religion at different times.

500 years after the Kong-si Qilin first proposed the doctrines of the Dwarf Religion, the East Kunlun Empire was unified, and a king emerged. The king, named 'the Henwood Emperor', was able to control the entire East Kunlun Empire. Thus, the Kong-si Qilin came out himself and turned into a man called 'Dong-si' to lobby the the Henwood Emperor. Finally, he succeeded in making the Dwarf Religion into the state religion. The success was also due to the work of a previous 'Qilin Moose'.

Qilin Deer are a race of animals, of which there are many individual Qilin Deer that can turn into the appearances of human beings by evil magics. The Kong-si Qilin is the leader of the clan. These animals are mild and gentle on the surface, but inwardly, they are treacherous, hypocritical and have deep understanding of human nature. There is another animalistic type of Qilin Deer, known as 'Qilin Moose'. Qilin Moose are fierce and tough, but are stupider than Qilin Deer, simple-minded, and violent.

Primordial Emperor and Qilin Moose

300 years after Kong-si Qilin proposed the Dwarf Religion, the East Kunlun Empire was temporarily unified, and a king emerged. The king had the power to control the entire East Kunlun Empire and was called 'Primordial Emperor'. At that time, a Qilin Moose came to the East Kunlun Empire from the Penglai Fairyland. The Qilin Moose killed the king and turned into the Primordial Emperor by evil magics. Then the Qilin Moose governed the East Kunlun Empire in the name of the king and doing many nasty deeds.

There were three main major things that the Qilin Moose did.
The first was to carry out a cultural revolution against the East Kunlun Empire. He burned all records and books about spiritual cultivation in the East Kunlun Empire and destroyed all private collections of books, trying to interrupt the spiritual cultivation and PVED culture of the East Kunlun Empire.

Second, he destroyed the environment of a superexcellent place in the East Kunlun Empire. It was said that whoever mastered the place could control the whole world, which especially help with the spread of ideas and culture.

Third, in the name of pursuing and seeking immortality, three thousand boys and girls were sent on an overseas tour. It was said that these 3,000 boys and girls were sent to serve the immortals. In fact, two thousands of them were sent to the Penglai Fairyland where the devils lived. And the 2,000 boys and girls were eaten by the devils and animal spirits after they arrived in the continent of Mooland. The Penglai Fairyland is a 4-dimensional space in the sky above the continent of Mooland. The other 1,000 boys and girls were sent to the islands east to the East Kunlun Empire on their way out to overseas. A new kingdom was established on the island by the leader of the 1,000 boys and girls. The leader is called 'Sheep Fu', who is an accomplice of the Qilin Moose.

Apart from that, The Qilin Moose did another two far-reaching things.

Firstly, in order to lead the people to change their faith to astral worship, he commanded the construction of a shrine dedicated to the North Pole Star.

Secondly, he established the crime of adultery in law to consolidate the patriarchal institution of marriage. The crime of adultery was made capital punishment, and all men and women who committed adultery would be put to death. It also encouraged murder, not only by allowing husbands to kill adulterers and adulteresses on the spot, but also allowing everyone who know the specific case of adultery to kill the adulterer and adulteress. That was done to change people's perception of marriage and to make patriarchal marriage sacrosanct.

V. Indigenous Religion --- Kunlun Religion

The devils loved to take the chance of the kings who could control the entire East Kunlun Empire so that the devils could use these kings to exert influence and control over the East Kunlun Empire. The Henwood Emperor made the devils see an opportunity. Not only did the Qilin Deer lobby the Henwood Emperor and turn the Dwarf Religion into a state religion. But the devils also wanted to use the Henwood Emperor to create a new religion. The devils try to replace the influence of the Kunlun Palace on the masses by creating a new religion. So the Kunlun Religion was created.

The Kunlun Religion is a religion that distorted the PVED culture and spiritual cultivation theory native to the East Kunlun Empire. At that time, people circulated and aspired to the Western Queen Mother and the Eastern King God. To mislead people about the object of their aspiration, one of the devils try to close to the Henwood Emperor.

The devil killed a knowledgeable official, East Shor, and turned into the appearance of the official to approach the Henwood Emperor. The false official showed many magical and strange things to the Henwood Emperor and guided the Henwood Emperor to meet the false West Queen Mother, who had been transformed by the Blue-Bird Man.

The false West Queen Mother brought the Henwood Emperor a gift of fairy peaches picked from the 5-dimensional space and taught him the secret of spiritual cultivation. The devils knew that with the secrets of spiritual cultivation but no giving of high energy subtle matter, one could not really do the PVED practice. Therefore, the devils graciously taught the Henwood Emperor the secrets and methods of spiritual cultivation.

Since the Henwood Emperor had met the false Western Queen Mother, the Emperor was pleased and he believed more in the art of seeking immortality. When he heard that East Shor was a disciple of the East King God and had stolen the fairy peaches from the West Queen Mother, he commanded East Shor to write a book about the stories that East Shor had seen and heard about the world of the immortals. So East Shor took the opportunity to write many false stories about the immortals. He described the East King God as a Blue-Bird Man. He false claimed that the East King God (i.e. Emperor Dong Hua) was a human, with had a bird's head and a tiger's tail, and was about 2.4 meters tall, and often rode a bear and traveled around. He also false claimed that the ancestors of human beings are human-headed, snake-bodied people, who had developed the patriarchal marriage system and hierarchy for humans. He also referred to the Kunlun Palace as the Palace of Eternal City.

In short, he misrepresented the three Sovereigns and five Emperors that people revered before the 7th human civilization.

Sman History Book

Mr. Dong-si had a student named 'Sman Qian'. For generations, his family had been the official historians of the Chou Kingdom, in charge of recording the history of the Chou Kingdom. Although after many cultural revolutions, the previous history of the Chou Kingdom was tampered, but Sman Qian's family kept the real and original historical records because of being a historian for generations. The upright Sman Qian was determined to write a true historical record desides the official history. He spent his life's work completing a complete historical record from 5,500 years ago to the time of the Henwood Emperor. The work became known as the Sman History Book. Unfortunately, such a work did not match the official record, and Sman Qian was afraid to make it public, so he gave the book to his descendants for safekeeping.

Later the Sman History Book was known by the devils. the devils sent a highly educated Qilin Deer to turn into Sman Qian's grandson and distort the contents of the Sman History Book. Not only did the Qilin Deer rewrite the history of the Sha dynasty to match the official records. It also completely removed the history written by Sman Qian between 5500 years ago and the Sha dynasty and repalced by the history previously falsified rewrote by kong-si Qilin. The Kong-si Qilin had falsified history by writing that the animal spirit kings, King Yao Shun Yu, who had appeared in the Shao-hao Kingdom, were the benevolent and virtuous sages of all generations after the Yellow Emperor.

In accordance with the need of the 'Dwarf Religion' to preach filial piety, the Kong-si Qilin wrote King Shun, a bird spirit, as someone who was extremely filial to his parents. Even when his parents had extremely abused him and try to kill him several times, Mr. Shun did not feel sad, but became more filial to his parents. Because his masochistic behavior moved everyone and Mr. Shun became an example to all the people, Mr. Shun became a king later. The Kong-si Qilin made up such a story in order to lead the masses to be masochistic and obedient. That facilitates patriarchal rule and the brutalization of mankind. Therefore, Kong-si Qilin and the 'Dwarf Religion' kept touting that only obedience as such is the great virtue and the most filial. In order to exaggerate the role of morality, Kong-si Qilin also fictionalized the story of voluntary abdication. saying that the kings Yao and Shun voluntarily abdicate and peacefully hand over power to another person. That is certainly unrealistic in the dictator system.

In addition to the above, at least 30 other contents of the Sman History Book have been falsified, falsifying history and reversing black and white. Heroes are written as scoundrels and reckless men as heroes. It has seriously misled the knowledge of history for the future generations. In order to completely falsify the Sman Book of History, the Qilin Deer also falsified the important historical sources on which Sman Qian wrote his book, the Mountain and Sea Pictures, and the Mountain and Sea Illustrations, so much so that future generations will never see these authentic historical records again.

Creation of Kunlun Religion

2,000 years ago, with the above preceding set-up, a devil with strong superpowers and evil spells came to the East Kunlun Empire from the Penglai Fairyland. People called him: Chang Tianshi. To show the difference, his appearance retained the devils' features: he had red hair and green eyes. Then he created the Kunlun Religion under the name of a grandson of a famous nobleman. At that time all the people in the East Kunlun Empire revered a PVED teacher, Mysterious Great Master.

The devils created the Kunlun Religion under the guise of the Mysterious Great Master. He claimed that he was favored by the Mysterious Great Master. He also falsely claimed that the Mysterious Great Master had taught him the secrets of the PVED cultivation and many techniques such as spells, talismans, scriptures, and asked him to go to the Barworm Kingdom to eradicate evil ghosts and demons. He did come to the Barworm Kingdom to fight the descendants of the Witch tribe and destroyed the atmosphere of learning PVED in the Barworm Kingdom and destroyed the influence of the Kunlun Palace on the masses. Since then, the Witch tribe went into hiding, the Kunlun Religion cleared the way and grew more and more prosperous, becoming the only native religion in the East Kunlun Empire.

Theory of Kunlun Religion

The devil set the Mysterious Great Master as the ancestor of the Kunlun Religion. In reality, the Mysterious Great Master did not allow him to do so at all. In order to distort the original PVED culture of the East Kunlun Empire, the Kunlun Religion distorted it from many aspects. For example:

(1) Changed the goal of the PVED learning from the original pursuit of dimensional ascension to learn spells such as exorcising evil spirits, drawing charms and reciting incantations;

(2) Changed the goal of the PVED learning extending lifespan through receiving high-energy matter to alchemy of taking minerals for immortality.

(3) In order to impede people's learning of spiritual cultivation, the Kunlun Religion also set up idols of gods and guided people to pray to the gods to get blessings. By this way, it can reduce the chances that people accumulate merits and blessings by themselves.

(4) The Kunlun Religion also set up a series of doctrines and teachings, making it ritualized and organized, making it a formal and organized religious group.

Yu-Huang Emperor and Hao-Tian God

In order to lead people away from believing in 'Hao-Tian God', the Kunlun Religion also established the worship of the North Pole Star, which is worshipped as the lord of the humans and immortals. The North Pole Star was located at the center of the sky, all the stars revolved around it. That makes the North Pole Star look as if it is the lord of the sky. Therefore, the Kunlun Religion described the North Pole Star as the center of the universe, and described 'Yu-Huang Emperor', who resided in the 6-dimensional space of the Pole North Star, as the Lord of heaven and earth, and worshipped Yu-Huang Emperor as the supreme Heavenly Emperor, thus replacing the belief in the Creator of the universe, 'Hao-Tian God '.

The Kunlun Religion also claims that the North Pole Star and the gods led by Yu-Huang Emperor are in charge of belessings and futures of the people on the Blue Planet. Therefore, in order to pray for good fortune and longevity and to eliminate calamities, Kunlun Religion required its followers to beg to the gods on the North Pole Star. For this reason, the important rituals of the Kunlun Religion are performed in the form of 'stepping on the seven stars'.

In fact, the establishment of the 'Yu-Huang Emperor Faith' was a mutually beneficial agreement between the Blue-bird Men of the 5th dimension and Yu-Huang Emperor of the 6th dimension. By guiding human beings to worship the Yu-Huang Emperor, the devils and the Blue-bird Men gave an opportunity of greatly enhancing blessings and superpowers to the Yu-Huang Emperor. Since the Yu-Huang Emperor is in the 6-dimensional space, his supernatural powers were far stronger than those of the devils and the Blue-bird Men in the 5th dimension, so the Yu-Huang Emperor could give the devils and the Blue-bird Men some significant help at critical times. That would be beneficial to both sides, except for fooling the human beings in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet.

Inner Dan Sect

In order to rectify the situation of the Kunlun Religion, the Mysterious Great Master sent people to descend on the East Kunlun Empire and started a new religion sect, the Inner Dan Sect, within the Kunlun Religion. The Inner Dan Sect worships the Mysterious Great Master as the supreme deity and preaches the preservation of the qi of the Dan-tian, and does the practice of vital energy, thus achieving the purpose of strengthening the body and dispelling diseases and reaching longevity.

The Inner Dan Sect objects the teachings of the Kunlun Religion, which focused on talismanic incantations, sex-steal arts and refining mineral elixirs. The Inner Dan Sect emphasizes the life science and vital energy of the human body and denigrate sex-steal arts. The Inner Dan Sect emphasizes the cultivation of the essence, qi, and spirit in the human body for longevity. It formed a sect that integrates medicine, immortality, witchcraft, and martial arts for fitness and health. The Inner Dan Sect also focuses on spiritual cultivation and advocates the pursuit of natural behavior in accordance with the laws of the universe. Gradually, the Inner Dan Sect became a school of thought that was widely spread in society, mainly among the nobility and intellectuals.

How could the devils allow the right things to pass on! So after a few generations of circulation, the devils lurked into the Inner Dan Sect to cause trouble, gradually the devils introduced sex-steal arts, alchemy and talismanic incantations to the Inner Dan Sect. The Inner Dan Sect could only select a very few people to teach them the PVED methods in secret. In this way, only a few students were accepted nearly a thousand years. These students were greatly successful after their studies of the PVED methods. They achieved dimensional advancement and went into Heavenly Kingdoms in and above the 6-dimensional spaces. One of these students founded a new religion sect, the True Cultivation Sect, a thousand years after the creation of the Inner Dan Sect and became a mainstay in correcting the Kunlun Religion.

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