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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 06

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 5: Secrets of East Kunlun Empire

The devils wanted to control all human beings, so naturally he would not give up his control over the East Kunlun Empire. The Blue-planet people of the East Kunlun Empire continued the PVED culture of the Kunlun Palace. Even though the Great Flood destroyed the previous civilizations, people no longer do the PVED and spiritual cultivation on a large scale like before. But the people of the East Kunlun Empire still retained the PVED tradition.

After the Great Flood, the Kunlun Palace had also been selecting a few people with better spiritual qualities and teaching them PVED methods so that they could guide the spiritual cultivation of the East Kunlun Empire. At that time, the East Kunlun Empire still had many people who were able to get immortalized and ascension into Heaven after learning PVED. In particular, there were still many people of Barworm Kingdom who could reach the energy level of 6th or 7th dimensions after learning PVED. The lifespan of the people of Barworm Kingdom is generally around 900 years. That's why the devils have never dared to close to the East Kunlun Empire and only dare to secretly do things around it.

By 8,000 years ago, as humans began to eat meat and grains, the spiritual cultivation of the Blue-planet people was greatly affected. The lifespan of the people of the East Kunlun Empire gradually decreased to about 200 years. The people were no longer able to perceive the universe as efficiently as they did before. And the number of people who could get immortalized and go to heavenly kingdoms was greatly reduced. The devils began to wonder how they could secretly change the beliefs of the East Kunlun people. The East Kunlun people had always believed in the Hao-tian God, that is the creator of the universe. By 7,000 years ago, with the spread of agricultural cultivation, people relied more and more on astronomical knowledge and astrological observations. So the devils began to lead the people around the East Kunlun Empire to turn their attention to astrological worship.

5,500 years ago, it was harder for the Blue-planet people to do PVED Since the war between Bear Emperor and King Chiyou greatly exhausted the high energy of the Blue-planet. The lifespan of the Blue-planet people generally decreased to about 120 years. The East Kunlun people no longer experienced the spiritual feelings as before. Gradually, many people turned their attention to life. The Kunlun Palace could only select a few people with better spiritual qualities and secretly teach them PVED methods, no longer inquiring into the lives of the majority.

Seeing that the Kunlun Palace was gradually losing its influence on the masses, the devils began to try to infiltrate the East Kunlun people. So the devils sent many bird spirits to live in the East Kunlun Empire in the appearances of human beings. Those bird spirits teaching the local people life skills to improve people's lives. They gradually became tribal leaders of some local tribes. However, the people at that time still had correct concepts and proper understanding of the PVED and spiritual cultivation. These bird spirits didn't dare to say anything randomly. Moreover, these bird spirits did not want to stay in the 3-dimensional space for a long time. So, they didn't bring too much influence except that people established bird worship under their guidance. The devils had to try to control the East Kunlun Empire in other ways.

I. The Migration of Yellow-Leem People

3,300 years ago, the regime of Ajiza Empire was in turmoil and the Yellow-Leem people wanted to seek a better future. Seeing that, the devils finally thought of a good way to control the East Kunlun Empire. They wanted Yellow-Leem people to take control of the East Kunlun Empire.

The devils deemed that the Yellow-Leem people and the East Kunlun people were both original primitive Blue-planet people, similar in appearance and genes. So the Yellow-Leem people would not be considered as foreigners when they entered the East Kunlun Empire. Moreover, the Yellow-Leem people have long been controlled by the Devils' Gang. They especially listened to the teachings of the Qilin Deer, an animal spirit. The devils were confident that they could control the East Kunlun Empire through the Yellow-Leem people.

So about 3,300 years ago, all the Yellow-Leem people of Ajiza Empire migrated to the western part of the East Kunlun Empire. Like the way that Jooya people had left Ajiza Empire, the Yellow-Leem people also migrated long distances through the pyramids. However, the pyramids on the continent of Eastern Kunlun were more hidden and disguised as mountain peaks.

At that time, Barworm Kingdom and Yin-Shan Kingdom among the East Kunlun Empire was the most powerful states. Yin-Shan Kingdom was the descendant of the Black Bird tribe of Shao-hao Kingdom, who came to the north part of the Eastern Kunlun continent with the guidance of King Ku about 8,000 years ago. That is why Yin-Shan Kingdom has always claimed that they are the descendants of birds. Yin-Shan Kingdom was greatly influenced by the East Kunlun Empire.

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After 5,000 years of inculcation, the whole Yin-Shan Kingdom revered spiritual cultivation and all national matters were decided only after sensing good fortune through supernatural powers. They have retained the system of a matriarchal society and the status of women in the kingdom is high. The kingdom has many female generals and female officials. Yin-Shan Kingdom has also learned bronze smelting techniques from Barworm Kingdom. They can make many bronze tools and bronze weapons. That made the Kingdom very powerful in battle.

Yateland People in the East Kunlun Empire

About 3,700 years ago, Yateland people living in the high mountains began to migrate down the mountains. Some of them moved east to the northeastern part of the Eastern Kunlun continent. Here they encountered the forces of Yin-Shan Kingdom and were captured. Some of Yateland people entered the East Kunlun Empire as prisoners of war. Some of Yateland people settled down by intermarriage with the local inhabitants. Slowly these Yateland people were assimilated by the locals.

After intermarrying for many years, the genes of Yateland people were hidden as recessive genes. They looked more and more like the East Kunlun people. That led to a strange phenomenon occurred on a few inhabitants of the East Kunlun Empire thousands of years later. Even if the parents were both natives of the East Kunlun Empire, they gave birth to children who were Yateland people. Not only did the child look like an Yateland person, but even the color of the eyes and the color of skin were all the same as that of Yateland people. It is because that the recessive Yateland genes within the parents' body showed up.

The Oversea Migration of the Nationals of the Yin-Shan Kingdom

After arriving in the East Kunlun Empire, Yellow-Leem people rested in for two hundred years and gradually developed into a dominant state, known as Yellow-Leem Kingdom. They deserted to Yin-Shan Kingdom and became a vassal state of Yin-Shan Kingdom. Although Yellow-Leem Kingdom was far less powerful than Yin-Shan Kingdom, they were aimed to replace Yin-Shan Kingdom. About 3,100 years ago, Yellow-Leem Kingdom started a war against Yin-Shan Kingdom and successfully occupied the capital of Yin-Shan Kingdom. The Yin-Shan troops of 300,000 people who were stranded outside were grief-stricken, after they heard the news of the fall of the kingdom.

At that time, the citizens of the defeated country would be treated as slaves. Avoiding the future of being slaves, the troops ventured out on a journey to the continent of Fusang. They want to return to their homeland. The ancestors of Yin-Shan Kingdom came from the continent of Fusang across the ocean. They were originally citizens of Shao-hao Kingdom and came to the Eastern Kunlun Continent about 8,000 years ago. Although 5,000 years had passed, they still retained records of their homeland and knew the passage to the continent of Fusang.

The passage was a necklace-like chain of islands in the sea that was off the beaten track. They called these islands the 'Pontoons of Heaven'. With these islands as a stopping point, it would take a long sea voyage to reach the continent of Fusang. The troops of 300,000 people worked together with one heart and went through a lot of hardships. After several years of adventures at sea, they finally reached the continent of Fusang. They established a new kingdom called Yin-di Kingdom on the continent of Fusang. They brought advanced culture and technology to the continent of Fusang. At the same time, some nobles of Yin-Shan Kingdom surrendered to the Yellow-Leem people in exchange for their acceptance and continued to stay in the East Kunlun Empire.

False History of the Sha Dynasty

After occupying the land of Yin-Shan Kingdom, the Yellow-Leem people changed the country’s name to Chou Kingdom. After the establishment of the country, the Yellow-Leem people carried out a cultural revolution and completely falsified the history of the East Kunlun Empire. Rewrite the history of Ajiza Empire as a part of the history of the East Kunlun Empire. Referring to Ajiza Empire as Sha Dynasty, which means a kingdom on a distant land. To go along with the tampering, the Yellow-Leem people renamed the names of places throughout the East Kunlun Empire. The rewrites were done while retaining parts of the original history of the East Kunlun Empire that did not conflict with their rewrites.

That made it difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood. And the rewrites led to the widespread belief among the East Kunlun people for centuries that their history was based on Emperor Yellow as their ancestor, having gone through the dynasties of 'Yu, Sha, Yin, and Chou'. It is interesting that, thousands of years later, the people and scholars of the East Kunlun Empire cannot find historical records from 4,000 years ago, much less historical evidence about the Sha Dynasty. In fact, the history of Sha Dynasty took place in the distant continent of Ahuriga.

The Disappeared Candle-planet People in Barworm Kingdom

After the founding of the country, the Yellow-Leem people informed Barworm Kingdom that Yin-Shan Kingdom had been replaced by a new nation, Chou Kingdom. The citizens of Barworm Kingdom were greatly surprised to learn the news. In particular, the Candle-planet people in Barworm Kingdom were even more horrified to learn the news. These descendants of the Candle-planet People had arrived in Barworm Kingdom in two groups separately about 4,800 and 3,800 years ago.

4,800 years ago, there were more trade exchanges between the Bahara Cities and the East Kunlun Empire. At that time, a group of Candle-planet People arrived and settled down in Barworm Kingdom. About 3,800 years ago, when the Bahara Cities was destroyed by the devils with nuclear weapons, another group of Candle-planet People in the Bahara Cities fled to Barworm Kingdom. They came to Barworm Kingdom with the hope to learn PVED and spiritual cultivation from the Kunlun Palace and to improve their own cultivation.

3,800 years ago, the Candle-planet people who came to Barworm Kingdom brought with them skilled bronze forging techniques and news of the destruction of the Bahara Cities by the devils. They were impressed by the devils and were well aware of the relationship between the Yellow-Leem people and the devils. Therefore, upon receiving the news that the Yellow-Leem people had replaced Yin-Shan kingdom, they decided to leave Barworm Kingdom and flee southward immediately.

They destroyed and buried all the beautiful bronze tools and statues they had built, together with all the objects that had their messages, lest the devils should find them. They didn't want to leave any clues for the devils to find them. Some of the Candle-planet people who did not want to leave fled to the mountains near Barworm Kingdom. They followed the wishes and guidance of their ancestors, and then they intermarried with the local people. Thus, the Candle-planet people disappeared from Barworm Kingdom about 3,100 years ago.

II. Culture and Governance of Chou Kingdom

After the founding of Chou Kingdom, they brought the patriarchal system implemented by the Yellow-Leem people in Ajiza Empire to the Eastern Kunlun Continent, calling it 'Chou-Sha System'. They implemented the patriarchal system and degraded the status of women, causing the East Kunlun Empire to gradually change from a semi-matriarchal society to a patriarchal society. They promoted agricultural cultivation and banned commercial activities, which destroyed the originally thriving commercial activities of Yin-Shan Kingdom and gradually turned the East Kunlun Empire into an agricultural nation.

After the founding of the kingdom, the king of Chou Kingdom asked the Qilin Deer how to govern the country so that the people would not revolt and overthrow his rule. Then the Qilin Deer taught him the secret of controlling a country.

It goes like this: (1) If the king wants to keep his kingdom forever, he must fool the people. Blindfold the people, cover their ears, and make them ignorant. Make them robots with no soul or personality. Let them only know how to farm the land and become machines that produce food and make wealth for the country.

(2) The king need help people to consume their excess energy. Such as let them build walls, dig earth trenches, and build more. Moreover, let the people become muddled and addicted to entertainment, and let the people entertain themselves to death.

(3) When the people have money, they have the energy to make trouble. So the nation has to keep the people on the poverty line forever. Let the nationals worrying about their livelihood all day long but not starving, so the people won't make trouble.

(4) To make the people poor you have to collect more taxes. And the king needs to make the nationals develop a social culture of luxury burial and buy lavish burial goods.

(5) The citizens need to be bound by cumbersome rituals. The purpose of the rituals is not only superficial politeness, but also mainly to form a hierarchy, so that the people would have a distinction between high level noblemen and the low-level rabble. By that way, there are unequal classes to help you control the people layer by layer.

By changing the customs in that way, the kingdom will be eternally secure. The king of Chou followed the advice of the Qilin Deer and ruled the country in that way. Gradually, the king of Chou Kingdom changing the democratic, liberal and egalitarian culture of the East Kunlun Empire. The country of Chou became stronger and stronger, and the nationals of Chou Kingdom become poor and ignorant.

The Guest Tribe in the East Kunlun Empire

About 300 years after the founding of Chou Kingdom, Ajiza Empire was invaded by foreigners and fell. The White-planet people of Ajiza Empire did not want to be fallen slaves, so they fled away in masse. They came to the Eastern Kunlun continent by the Pyramids and ask for help from Chou Kingdom. Chou Kingdom had been in contact with Ajiza Empire since its founding. The king of Chou Kingdom had ever returned to the continent of Ahuriga to visit the king of Ajiza Empire. At that time, a female king ruled over Ajiza Empire and was known as the Western Queen, also known as the Western Queen Mother. The kings of Chou Kingdom had good relations with Ajiza Empire, and their ancestors were originally nobles of Ajiza Empire. Therefore, the king of Chou Kingdom let the White-planet people of Ajiza Empire settle down in his country and made the leader of the White-planet people a nobleman of Chou Kingdom. These White-planet people of Ajiza Empire called themselves 'Guest Tribe'.

After the White-planet people left the continent of Ahuriga, the continent of Ahuriga became the territory of foreigners. The civilization created by the White-planet People, Jooya People, and the Yellow-Leem People was completely disrupted on the continent of Ahuriga. When the White-planet people came to the Eastern Kunlun continent, they accepted the culture of Chou Kingdom and integrated into the local people. The control of the Blue-Bird Monsters over the White-planet people was completely interrupted. The arrival of the White-planet people also brought with them the technology of making iron tools, which greatly increased the productivity of Chou Kingdom.

The Invention of Jiang-you Sauce

Meanwhile, the Devils came up with a new way to control the East Kunlun people. The devils had invented a delicious condiment item, Jiang-you Sauce. Blending it into meals would make meals incredibly delicious and tasty. A devil turned himself into a cook of the White-planet people by the thousand-faced magic. And then he offered the technique of making the Jiang-you Sauce as a precious gift to the King of Chou Kingdom.

The Jiang-you Sauce is like the devils' style of acting. On the surface it looks 99% beneficial and is helping human beings improve their quality of life. However, the secret 1% of evil and malevolence is enough to drive people into the abyss of misery. And the evil intents are well hidden. Often it takes thousands of years for people to realize that something is wrong with it. More often that people were kept in the dark and suffer from it while singing its praises. For example: much praise for that 'birds brought seeds' and start agricultural civilization, much praise for creating the patriarchal marriage system by the humanistic patriarchs.

What is the secret hidden in the Jiang-you Sauce? Jiang-you Sauce is indeed tasty and nutritious, and is extremely versatile, suitable for almost all meals. But Jiang-you Sauce is a chemical product with a complex composition that contains extremely small amounts of ingredients that can modify the DNA in the human body.

It modifies the DNA in such a way that it blocks the body's supernatural abilities and weakens the body's reception of high energy subtle matter, which in turn blocks the sensation and experience of spiritual cultivation.

That is the primary purpose of the Devil's invention of the Jiang-you Sauce, to hinder the spiritual cultivation of the Blue-planet people.

The Jiang-you Sauce also has some important effects in that it weakens one's physique and makes one physically weak. However, this needs to be taken for a long time to be effective. A short-term dose of a year or two may not show the effect. That's why the inventor of Jiang-you Sauce recommends that people consume it daily and with every meal.

Five or six hundred years later, Jiang-you Sauce gained popularity among the East Kunlun people. Jiang-you Sauce became an essential condiment for people's meals. It was consumed every day and every meal by the people of the East Kunlun Empire. After a thousand years in this way, the physique of the people was noticeably weaker than before, yet no reason could be found. It was thought that the people of the East Kunlun Empire were born with such a physique. After another thousand years, the people of the East Kunlun Empire became known to the world as 'the Sick Man of the East'.

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