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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 05

IV. Bird-Man Religion

Bird-Man Religion is used to control Yateland People living on the West Kunlun continent. Tahman Religion and Eagle-Man Religion were created by the devils to control the descendants of the Candle-planet people. So there was no emphasis on promotion in the religion teachings. That made the two religions to be ethnic religions and limited its spread.

A thousand years after the establishment of Tahman religion, Yateland people grew in population and spread throughout the continent of West Kunlun. In order to control Yateland People, the devils decided to create a new religion that would spread widely to expand its influence. About 2,000 years ago, the devils created Bird-Man Religion.

Bird-Man Religion focused on engaging congregation. Bird-Man Religion was based on Tahman Religion and added some elements about religion cultivation. But these teachings were all seemingly correct and actually misleading. For example, it emphasizes the following doctrines.

Doctrine 1: Human beings all have original Sin.

Doctrine 1: Human beings all have original Sin.
Eating the forbidden fruit is the origin sin of all human beings.

In fact, Bird-Man Religion does not explain what the real original sin is. The real original sin of mankind is eating. Humans had fallen from heavenly high dimensional spaces to the 3rd dimension because of eating. And human beings emerged into a painful life, such as death, illness, aging, because of eating. Many people interpret the forbidden fruit of the Bird-man religion as sexual acts. In fact, sexual acts are also a consequence of eating. So, eating is the real original sin, not only eating the forbidden fruit.

After eating, the process of digestion and absorption in the body affects the body's absorption of invisible high-energy matter from outside and affects man's ability to perceive the universe, which hinders man's communication with God. God can hear man's prayers; man cannot receive the messages that come from God. It is only when man can live well without eating anything that he can fully receive high-energy subtle matter converted from dark matter, thus improving his ability to perceive the universe and improve his ability to communicate with God.

Gods or Supernatural Immortals who can get people into heavenly kingdoms must be able to do that: make ordinary people energetically living without eating anything for years.

That is because not eating anything for a long time is the only way to receive a large amount of invisible high-energy matter from the outside universe, thus rapidly increasing one's energy and enabling one to gain the supernatural power to travel through different dimensional spaces, thus entering a higher dimensional heaven.

The invisible high-energy matter is like various fundamental particles such as quarks, neutrinos, and the God particle as said by modern science. However, it is even finer and more subtle than these fundamental particles, so much so that it is difficult to observe its existence with the equipment of modern technology. Therefore, it is referred to here as 'high-energy subtle matter'. The word 'subtle' here is used to describe its invisible and extremely fine and subtle state.

The invisible high-energy subtle matter is the 'Grace' form God, and it were originally converted from dark matter and dark energy. Only high energy Qigong masters and Supernatural Immortals from higher dimensional spaces can bring the grace to the people in the 3rd dimensions.

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Doctrine 2: Believe in God, for salvation.

Doctrine 2: Believe in God, for salvation.
It claims that humans have original sin and cannot save themselves
but can only be saved by the grace of God.

The correct theory is that for human beings to be saved by God, he must first save himself. It is not that simply Believe in God, then one can be saved. Bird-Man Religion does not explain what God's grace is and by what means that God can save humans. The statement of 'Man has original sin and cannot save himself' is both true and false. The inability to save oneself is due to two facts.

(1) If a human being wants to enter heaven, then he needs to enter a higher dimensional space. A living person can enter 4th to 8th dimensions.

6th dimension and up are true heavens. The higher the dimensional space, the happier the paradise. People in these paradises do not eat anything. Even if the people in the 6-dimensional space ate fruits occasionally, they only ate it once or twice a year, and they only ate the fairy peaches grew in the higher dimensional spaces. Unlike that people in the 3-dimensional space eat three meals a day. That is the case of the living ones who can enter heavenly kingdoms. If one cannot live without eating food for a long time, then one cannot get rid of original sin and cannot enter heaven.

Some people may say: After a person dies and becomes a soul, he or she can enter heavenly kingdoms without eating. It depends on the energy level of that soul. After a person dies, the soul of the person enters a space that matches his energy level. In fact, people with high energy levels can know which dimensional space their soul will go to and what kind of heavenly kingdoms they will go to before they die.

There are many heavenly kingdoms. 9th to 11th dimensions are for light beings. 12th dimension and up are for dark matter beings. These are all paradises. The higher the dimensional space, the higher the energy. If one cannot reach the energy level of 6th to 8th dimensions, how can one possibly enter heavenly kingdoms for light beings?

(2) One's energy level has been dropped to the energy level of the 3-dimensional space. Only by raising one's energy to the energy level of the higher dimensional space is one eligible to go into heaven, which is higher dimensional spaces.

The process of raising one's energy requires both one's own efforts and the guidance and grace of Qigong masters or Supernatural immortals from higher dimensional spaces. Here, one's own efforts is what the Candle-planet people call the cultivation of Spirit and Behavior. One can only improve one's ability to receive high-energy subtle matter by doing good deeds and contributing to others and outside, and by having a good mindset.

(3) The invisible high-energy subtle matter, 'Grace', are belong to higher dimensional spaces and were originally converted from dark matter and dark energy.

There is only a rare amount of high-energy subtle matter in the 3-dimensional spaces. Only high energy Qigong masters and Supernatural Immortals from higher dimensional spaces can bring a great amount of high-energy subtle matter to the 3rd dimensions. People in the 3rd dimensions are not qualified to receive high-energy subtle matter due to their low capacity. That is the reason why human beings cannot save themselves.

People need to enhance their capacity to receive high-energy subtle matter. The method of enhancing one's capacity to receive invisible high-energy subtle matter is called the Cultivation of Spirit and Behavior, or CSBD. The method of using high-energy subtle matter to enhance one's energy and supernatural powers is called the Practice of Vital Energy, or PVED. Here, D in the words CSBD and PVED means virtue, or De in Chinese. Because both CSBD and PVED are based on virtue, good deeds and good mindsets.

The invisible high-energy subtle matter is originally converted from dark matter and dark energy, and it follows the laws of quantum physics. High-energy subtle matter is called Qi in China. So, we give the invisible high-energy subtle matter an extra name Quanta-qi.

Bird-Man Religion avoids talking about the core concept of 'Energy' in order to hoodwink the uninitiated. Energy is the root of everything. Simply Believe in God is not the way to be saved. People need to save themselves well first so that they are qualified to receive the Grace. Then he can be saved by getting the superpowers of entering higher dimensional spaces and going to heaven. CSBD, the Cultivation of Spirit and Behavior is the process of self-help. PVED, the Practice of Vital Energy need to be guide by high energy Qigong masters with special techniques.

Doctrine 3: Bird-man Religion Emphasizes Confession.

Doctrine 3: Bird-Man Religion Emphasizes Confession.
By confessing his sins to God, God will forgive him for everything.

Confession is the first step to repentance. It is correct that repentance is certainly an important technique in spiritual cultivation. But the function of confession and repentance is to realize one's mistake and then resolve to correct it and never make such mistakes again. Rather than keeping oneself in a constant state of guilt. A good state of mind is an important element of spiritual cultivation. A relaxed, happy, peaceful mind and a youthful spirit are basic requirements that should be present in the practice of CSBD and PVED. Feelings of guilt and long periods of penitence are against the requirements of spiritual cultivation. On the other hand, a person does not need to confess to God, and God still forgives him for everything. But that does not help the person at all.

Take a simple example: a child does not know how to ride a bicycle and want to do so. The mother does not allow it. The child disobeys and goes to ride the bike secretly by himself. Then the child falls from the bicycle. The child confesses his mistake to his mother. The mother surely forgives the child. But so what! When you do something wrong, you have to bear the consequences yourself. If you fall down, you will be in pain. The forgiveness from the mother cannot substitute for the child's pain. So one is responsible for one's own actions. No amount of confesses can mitigate one's consequences.

God, like the mother, loves every child and will forgive every person, but will not remit sins for anyone. God will follow a certain rule to remit one's sins. The rule is: if the person has done a lot of good deeds and has certain merits, then that person's merits can be taken to offset his sins. That is the basic principle that Qigong masters and Supernatural Immortals from higher dimensional spaces can help people to resolve their dangers and make them turn good fortune.

'Whose sins the clergies forgive, they are forgiven.' Such words are pure deception, a push to encourage people to commit crimes. It gives people the idea: no matter how many crimes they commit, if only they have a priest, they will be given absolution. Or that: if one confesses to God, then one does not have any sin. As a result, this doctrine of Bird-man religion has led many people to be deceived. Some people kill others and burn buildings, then run to the church to confess his sins. After the confessing, they go out of the church and kill others or commit other evil deeds. Their sins have brought them close to falling into hell and they still think they have no sins.

The correct way to repent is not a confession expressed to anyone, but a true inner realization of where oneself has gone wrong. This kind of confession or repentance is a subconscious thought. The subconscious idea opens itself up to receive invisible high-energy matter form outside, which brings to the person physical comfort and a feeling of glowing all over. That makes the person feel relaxed, happy, a sense of relief. And there is a feeling of being surrounded by happiness.

But the received high-energy matter is a certain amount. When high-energy matter is consumed up, the person will fall back into the previous state. So, confession and repentance do not alleviate one's consequences of evil deeds, but postpone the time when the consequences become manifest, which is equivalent to a grace period or a reprieve. The consequences and retribution are suspended and postponed.

One can truly mitigate one's sins and consequences if one does more good deeds and accumulates more merits during the grace period of the reprieve. In other words, repentance need to be followed by actions to atone for one's sins. In short, one does not need to confess or repent to God, one only needs to confess and repent in one's inner heart. However, it is rare that one can actually do subconscious repentance. So, repentance is a technique. It is only possible to work if the technique is up to the mark.

These are the core principles that Bird-Man Religion will not tell people. The claim that a priest can absolve people of their sins is a lie. Bird-Man Religion has been misleading people with the concept of 'confession and repentance'.

Doctrine 4: The Bird-man Religion emphasizes faith.

Claim: People are saved by grace, through faith.

It is not from themselves, but it is a gift from God.

It is true that one needs Grace and Faith to enter heaven. But the meaning of 'grace' and 'faith' is not clearly explained by the Bird-man religion. The meaning of grace has been mentioned above. People in the 3rd dimensions are originally not qualified to obtain high energy subtle matter, thus people do not have the ability to go into heaven. The high energy subtle matter given by Qigong masters or Supernatural immortals was the Grace that enabled one to gain dimensional elevation and superpowers to enter heaven.

The phrase 'through faith' is very confusing. What is the content of faith? Faith in God? Faith in Allah? It is mentioned above: there is no way to enter heaven by simply believing in God. True faith means that believing in the miraculous effects of the high energy subtle matter. That includes believing in the supernatural abilities that one can gain with the high energy subtle matter and believing in the possibility of entering heavenly kingdoms with superpowers.

However, many people cannot believe in the miraculous effects of high energy subtle matter. Even if many of these miraculous effects have already happened to him, he may not believe the effects the next time he encounters. Even a person who reincarnated from 6th dimensions to 3rd dimensions, who has used his superpowers many times in his previous life, may not completely and utterly believe in the magical effects of the high energy subtle matter in this lifetime as a person in the 3rd dimension. here, 'completely and utterly believe' means subconsciously believe, not superficially or verbally believe.

An old saying: It will happen when you believe it, and it will not happen when you do not believe it. The saying has been extended to many aspects of life. In fact, it means that high energy subtle matter is influenced and regulated by one's mind. High energy subtle matter carries intelligence. Believing its miraculous effects means you are glade to receive it. It will stay and work its magic on you. By disbelieving it, you reject it. Then it will go away, and you have no chance to experience its miraculous effects. So the above saying should be that believe its miraculous effects and then it will do magical work, don't believe it and then it will not do magical work.

A person may be convinced of several magical effects of the high energy subtle matter but may feel incredulous about other magical effects it has. So, in the area of subconscious believe, it is not possible to believe it just because you want to. The believing of the magics requires training. These are core principles that the Bird-man religion would not tell people about. In short, one is not saved through faith; one is saved due to the enhancing of one's own energy. Faith is only an important part of the process of salvation, not the root cause of salvation.

The Bird-man religion claims that it is not from themselves, but it is a gift from God. That statement is very ambiguous and can be easily misunderstood. The statement can be interpreted to that God gives man high energy matter, which is God's doing, not man's doing. It can also be interpreted to that no matter what man does he cannot obtain God's salvation. In fact, that is how it is explained in the teachings of the Bird-man religion: "Human effort or good deeds cannot earn salvation." The statement is full of malicious intent to block man's dimension elevation.

In fact, human beings can move heavenly Gods with their great efforts and good deeds, thus they obtain God's help. Human beings need more of their own good deeds and efforts to improve their ability to receive God's help and to improve their ability to receive high energy subtle matter.

The Bird-man religion has been misleading the public with many misleading words and doctrines that remove core principles. By doing this, the Bird-man religion wants to prevent people from energy elevation and from discovering the true way to go to heaven. Therefore, the Bird-man religion is in essence a misleading cult.

The X-aliens discovered that the Bird-man religion had spread for two thousand years and had a large number of followers. Among these followers, there is not a single person who had received dimensional advancement, and not a single person who had entered any heavenly kingdom. Except for the few people who originally came from higher dimensions and were reincarnated into the Bird-man religion family and passively became the Bird-man members, there were no one who achieved any dimensional elevation. And no one get to any heavenly kingdom among the followers of the Bird-man religion. The Church of the Bird-man religion is filled with evil spirits yet is described by the Bird-man religion as the Holy Spirit.

Doctrine 5: The founder was killed by the world.

Doctrine 5: The founder was killed by the world.
His sacrifice is interpreted as paying God's debt on behalf of mankind (or believers) and thus saving mankind.

That is completely false. Each person is responsible for his or her own actions. Humans do not owe a debt to God; humans owe a debt to themselves. Mankind is ultimately responsible for his own actions. If the founder's sacrifice saved humans, why does humans still have so much suffering? If the founder's sacrifice paid for humans' sins, why does Human beings still eat and still have original sin?

The X-aliens discovered that the founder of the Bird-man Cult was not dead at all, nor had he ever been resurrected. He used a superpower known as the Turtle Breath Technique to pretend death. The X-aliens also found out that: 2,000 years later, the founder of the Bird-man Cult was captured by the United Blue Planet Police. At that time, the Blue-planet people were technologically advanced. The United Police discovered through genetic testing that the founder of the Bird-man Cult was a devil.

After being caught by the United Police, he admitted in his own words the following facts.

(1) The claim that 'his sacrifice paid the debt for humans (or believers)' was a lie.

(2) He also admitted it: 'the virgin birth of him' was also a lie. In fact, He killed a Blue Planet man, and turned himself into the appearance of the killed man using the thousand-faced magic, and then started preaching.

(3) The claim that 'He is the son of God' is also a lie. The doctrines of the Bird-man cult are misleading. The contents of the Creation and Eschatology are also false.

(4) He explains that the Moose who founded the Tahman religion is also a member of their devils' gang.

Relying on the information he provided, the United Police arrested Moose as well. Moose himself confessed that he did not lead the Tahman people out of the Ajiza Empire. It was the Tahaman people themselves who left the Empire.

V. The Black-Robe Cult

The Black-Robe Cult is a religion used to control the Cand-sand people. After the destruction of the city of Tahman, a part of the Candle-planet people fled to the desert to live a nomadic life. Due to the sparse population and the desert environment, they remained in a primitive tribal state for almost 2,500 years. 700 years after the founding of the Bird-man Cult, the Candle-planet people living in the desert began to grow in population. Due to the peculiarities of their geography, neither the Tahman religion nor the Bird-man religion was suitable for the Candle-planet people in the desert. So the devils wanted to create a new religion specifically to control the Candle-planet people in the desert, who is called Cand-sand people.

The devils decided that the previous religions that had been created were too mild and too light on the human race, so they wanted to create an eviler religion that would use war as a means. Thus, the Black-Robe Cult was created. The religion established some new doctrines that wrapped tribal looting in the name of jihad to wage war. Again, these new doctrines do not stand up to scrutiny.

Doctrine 1: God will place him into the kingdom of heaven

Doctrine 1: As long as a believer give his life for the doctrine, God will place him directly into the kingdom of heaven.

Not only will all his sins be cancelled, but his family will be rewarded with the opportunity to go to the kingdom of heaven. Violence, murder, plunder, oppression, war, domination, and all other means may be used against the unbeliever until he is converted to the faith.

It is nakedly encouraging all forms of terrorism, violence, war, slavery in the name of God. After such brainwashing, its followers are so brave and fierce that they are not afraid to die. The doctrine has become a source of terrorism. However, the truth is that God will not remit and forgive the sins of anyone except for God's messengers. God follows a certain rule to remit one's sins. The rule is that if a person has done a lot of good deeds and has certain merits, then the merits of the person can be taken to offset his sins.

Therefore, those who are terrorists and those who commit violence and war will all be punished. Because all these acts lead to hatred from the victims. These hateful, resentful thoughts and brain waves can weaken and reduce the energy and blessings of the perpetrator. The accumulation of such hateful thoughts from others will make the perpetrator having less and less energy, and then lead to the demise of the perpetrator. It is even more impossible to supposedly reward their family with a chance to go to heaven. The level of energy of each person is determined by the number of good deeds and merits he or she has done. To be full of one's stomach, one need to eat food on one's own. The wife cannot become full because the husband eats. Whether a person can go to heaven depends on how much energy the person accumulated in his lifetime. And in the heavens above the 6-dimensional space, people do not eat and have no sex. Human beings felled out of heavens because of eating and sex.

Someone says: the God they believed in can lend energy to the believers, thus allowing the believers to go to heavenly kingdoms. Such cases are rare, but they do occur. But because of insufficient mindfulness and the lack of good mindset, almost all people in the 3rd dimension are a vessel with loopholes.

And the energy lent by God or Buddhas will soon be leaked out by the people in the 3rd dimension. Such a person, even if he goes to heaven, will not stay in any heavenly kingdom for long and will soon fall back into the 3-dimensional space.

That is because losing one's temper is a sign of a drastic leakage of energy. As long as a person can lose his temper, he is a vessel with a hole in it. Tension, anxiety, depression and hatred are all signs of expended energy. It is extremely rare to find a person who does not lose his temper. So those who want to live in heavenly kingdoms permanently can only do so by honing their minds more and accumulating enough energy. What kind of heaven a person can go into is ultimately determined by goodness of heart and the level of energy that person has accumulated during his or her lifetime.

Doctrine 2: A believer is not allowed to leave the religion

Doctrine 2: A believer is not allowed to leave the religion, otherwise it is a betrayal.

The Black-Robe Cult has no freedom of religion. Its state that anyone who is born into a Black-Robe family is born a Black-Robe follower and has no freedom to choose another religion. And once a person is a Black-Robe follower, he or she is not allowed to leave the religion. Any member of the Black-Robe religion who renounces his faith at will is considered to be an apostate. An apostate can be killed by any other member. A normal religion should have a liberal 'entry and exit mechanism'. One should have the freedom to believe in or disbelieve in a religion. Only those religions that are not confident enough would force others to believe in it and be afraid of congregants quitting.

Encouraging congregants to commit murder against apostates, or setting up lynchings to kill apostates, are all the hallmarks of a cult. Religion is meant to lead people to happiness. If a religion has teachings that teach people how to deal with infidels in a violent way, then basically you can tell that the religion is a cult. If more than a third of the religion's teachings are teaching how to deal with infidels in a violent way, then it is sure that the religion is a cult. Even if one believes that evil should be cast out with something better, it should not be cast out in a violent way. People should not change the other person using a violent way. That is because the violent way will lead to a decrease in the energy and blessings of the perpetrator.

Doctrine 3: A female member must have 10 children.

Doctrine 3: The Black-Robe Cult stipulates that a female member must have 10 children.

The Black-Robe Cult severely oppresses women. It allows husbands to have 5 wives and numerous female prisoners of war. The status of men and women is extremely unequal. Women are not allowed to work and are tied to the home. Women do not even have the freedom to choose what they wear. Women are forced to have 10 children in their lifetime and are treated like fertility machines. The devils' purpose for doing this is hiding a second ulterior motive besides strengthening religious power by encouraging childbirth. The hiding a second ulterior motive is to crowd out the normal Blue Planet population by hoping that there will be more and more goat-candle people on the Blue Planet. And the more goat-candle people there are, the more chances there are to hybridize with the Blue-planet people and destroy the good genes of the Blue-planet people.

So the words and actions of some extremist groups declaring that people fighting for the Black-Robe Cult are excellent goat-candle people, and the fact that in their opinion infidels should all be killed, can be understood. Half-Orcs wanting to crowd out normal human existence would naturally feel that war and slaughter is the best way to do. So the Black-Robe Cult is effectively a military group under the name of religion, with the aim of expanding and expanding again.

Is the God that the Black-Robe Cult speaks of the real God, or is it the ancestor of the Half-Orcs --- the Evil Goat-headed Monster? It's hard to say. The descendants of the evil goat-headed monsters would naturally choose the evil and violent way to solve their problems. It's just that the poor descendants of the Candle-planet People have unknowingly interbred with many goat-candle people and OX-candle people. These goat-candle people inherited the devils' genes, apparently meek but actually sinister personality, with anti-social criminal and violent tendencies. Therefore, it is impossible to reason things out with the goat-candle people.

VI. Common Denominator of Religions

The Black-Robe Cult, the Bird-man religion and Tahman religion founded by the devils all have one thing in common: they preach doomsday judgment and emphasize belief in angels.

The angels they speak of are winged bird men, and they also claim that these bird men are light beings. In fact, the Blue-bird Men are the devils' old man. So the devils keep touting birds and glorifying the image of birds as angels. In fact, the so-called winged bird men are nothing but a kind of monster that is a hybrid of the devils and bird spirits. They are also living beings with flesh and bones. They have human body but a pair of wings. They look like the devils in appearance. They were like chickens, with wings but could not fly far. Because their bodies were too big for their wings to drive their heavy bodies, they could fly up to the trees at most, and no higher. These winged bird people have a very low IQ and do not dare to live in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet because they are afraid of being killed and exterminated by the Blue-planet people. So they keep hiding in the 4-dimensional space where the devils live and do not dare to come out. The devils glorify them as angels in order to make human beings to add believes and good intentions to them, so that the energy and blessings of these bird men will be increased.

The religions founded by the devils all preach a doomsday judgment. In reality, everyone will be judged after death. The merits and sins of his life are judged and the amount of energy he has accumulated during his lifetime is measured. Then his soul is sent to a dimensional space according to the level of his energy and merits. Just as there are many different dimensional heavens, there are many different dimensional hells in the world. The higher the dimensional heaven, the happier it is. The lower the dimensional hell, the more painful it is. Those souls whose energy is low enough to reach the level of hell are sent to hell. Those souls whose energy is high to the level of heaven, are sent to heaven. So, people are not judged only at the end of the world. Everyone faces such a judgment when he dies, judging whether he deserves to go to heaven or hell. Most people do not have too much sin or merit, and their energy levels are still within the energy range of the 3-dimensional space. Such a person is then managed by the soul management agency for his or her soul after death. The idea that there will only be a judgment at the end of the world is incorrect.

The religions founded by the devils all preach that one should be obedient and patient with God, but in reality, they require the faithful to be obedient and patient with the doctrines of the religions. God is the Creator of the universe. Everything works according to God's laws. Just like earthly laws, people will obey the law, but it does not mean that people should endure the law. Obedience means not to break the law. Endurance, on the other hand, means hiding discontent. Endurance and obedience are two different states. The devils are furtively misleading concepts here.

Those claims are also incorrect, that only if he prays to God devoutly and strives to fulfill his religious duties and responsibilities, God will change the destiny of a person for him. That is also furtively misleading the concept. Changing the doctrine that one should try to raise one's energy according to God's rules to 'trying to perform religious duties and responsibilities'. Can religious duties and responsibilities replace God's rules? May or may not. In fact, there have many rules and secret intentions that are not God's rules in the religious duties.

If one's energy is not enhanced and one's character is not changed, it is difficult to for him to change his destiny just by praying to God religiously. One should not only think of going to heaven at the end of the world. It is possible for a person to go to heaven at any time as long as his energy has reach to the energy level of the heaven. That is what the devil-founded religion will not tell humans. The devils would not tell human beings the true methods enabling human beings to go to heaven, which is the Practice of Vital Energy, PVED.

These religions also have one thing in common, they were all founded by the devils. But the different religions were founded by different factions of the devils. The devils come from 13 different planets in the constellation of Leorion, there are different factions and different species of the devils. Each planet has its own leader. The different animal spirits also have different leaders. They all obey the overall godfather, the Blue-bird Monsters. The religions mentioned above were founded by the devils from different planets in the constellation of Leorion. So, these religions have different teachings and different interpretations. They would also have fights with each other. They all want to develop more congregations and gain more worship and beliefs from more people. Because the worships and beliefs from human beings will bring the devils and the religion founders increased in blessings, energy, and superpowers. That is why these three religions have been fighting with each other as if they were worldly enemies for thousands of years.

After the creation of the Black-Robe Cult, the devils announced to the world that the founder of the Black-Robe Cult was the last prophet sent by God and that God would not send any more prophets to the world. The truth is that the devils' gang is not going to create any new religion. They believe these three religions are enough to control the Blue-planet people.

VII. Doomsday Doctrine and the End of the World

The religions founded by the devils all preach the doomsday theory that at the end of the world, three characteristics will appear: (1) The dead will be brought back to life. (2) Saviors will come and save mankind. (3) People will build more and more high buildings. In a way, there is some truth in these three points. However, the devil-founded religions mislead people about how to recognize and explain the above facts.

The correct understanding should be that

(1) The dead will be brought back to life. That statement means that because of God's mercy, before the end of the world is imminent, God will let almost all human beings who ever birthed into the 3rd dimension of the Blue-planet reincarnate into the 3rd dimension of the Blue-planet again as human beings. That includes all the dead people in the past 13,000 years, and some animals with high energy. Let them seize the last chance to enhance their energy before the end of the world. Because only human beings can have the opportunity to do good deeds and help others. And only people will have the wisdom to adjust their mindset and character. These are things that animals can hardly do. So, when the end of the world is near, the population of the Blue-planet will explode exponentially. That is the meaning of 'the dead will be brought back to life'. That is, the dead will be reborn as human beings again, not the dead will stand up from the graves.

(2) Before the end of the world, God will send his messenger and prophet of the highest level to come to the Blue-planet together to save humans.

God's messenger and prophet come from dark matter spaces. They come to save humans by the way that they will reincarnate into the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet as ordinary people. Since they are messenger and prophet of the highest level, they will manifest the highest supernatural powers unprecedented since the emergence of human beings. All the gods and immortals in heavens and the world would obey their commands. They would manifest the miraculous powers of the hand of God, such as the God's prophet can bring the dead back to life at will and at a large number. The commands given by the God's messenger will become the rules that the humans of the Blue-planet must follow.

The X-aliens discovered that: It is the time when the end of the world will come when the human population of the Blue-planet reaches 8 billion.

That is, March 2023 of the Blue-planet calendar will be the time when the real end of the world comes.

In order to delay the end of the world, God's messenger gave the order that starting from June 2022 of the Blue-planet calendar, all the people on the Blue-planet are not allowed to have more than three children.

when there is one more excess child is born in a family that already has three children, one of the grandparents or mom or dad of that family will die within 6 months after the birth of the excess child. The Blue-planet people can use the above rule to tell if the God's messenger and prophet have arrived.

(3) Before the end of the world, people will build more and more high buildings. That is the result of progress in social and technological development. More and more high buildings are a characteristic of the pre-apocalyptic period, not the cause of the end of the world. It is because of the advancement of technology that, by virtue of science, people are getting closer and closer to understanding the truth of the universe. Because of this, people are able to express the origin of the universe and the principles of spiritual cultivation in more scientific terms, thus enabling all human beings to awaken and making it easier for human beings to understand the scientific principles of becoming immortal and go to Heaven, and no longer being blinded by religions. So the end of the world is both dangerous and full of life and hope.

The coming of the God's messenger and prophet will not only keep the end of the world from coming, but also lead humans to turn the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet into a paradise, so that all the Blue-planet human beings will reach the energy level and happiness in the 5th dimension.

However, the Blue-planet people still faces the Judgment of Doom. Those people who can survive the Judgment of Doom and still live on the Blue-planet in good health will have that chance. How many human beings will be left? It was once prophesied that half of the population would remain and be happy. What scenario was this prophecy referring to? It is not yet known.

The X-aliens have discovered that God does not encourage procreation but wants to achieve a balance between population and the resources of the Blue-planet. So that human beings can live happily ever after. By the standard, the resources of the Blue-planet can carry a maximum population of 4 billion people. A global population of 2 billion people is expected to be optimal for the Blue-planet.

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Chapter 5: Secrets of East Kunlun Empire

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