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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 04

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 4: Birth of Religions on the Blue-planet

Ever since the devils destroyed the Yinpar Empire and the city of Tahman 3,800 years ago, the devils have been using religious methods to control humans all over the Blue Planet, filling different regions with different mythological stories. The same message of controlling humans is revealed behind all these myths. For example,

(1) proclaims that humans were bred from brother and sister marriages. It is implied that the marriage of brother and sister was permitted by God. By doing so, they want to lead humans to marry siblings and destroy the human genes.

(2) Preaching patriarchal ideas and oppressing women. Claims that women should be subservient to men and that women are subordinate to men.

(3) Preach monogamy or polygamy as a marriage system and proclaim the sanctity of marriage.

(4) Proclaims that humans are sinful. It is because of moral corruption that mankind is subject to all kinds of destructive punishment.

(5) Preaches that human beings originated from animal gods. Human beings were made of clay by animals or gods. The result is that thousands of years later, different civilizations around the globe share similar myths and legends.

(6) Preaching that human beings should be submissive and unconditionally obedient to God. In actuality, human beings are required to obey religious dogma as well as the false gods behind it, the devils.

The devils are a gang, not just one devil. The devils wanted to use religion as a way to create a 'transhuman order' where human thoughts and actions are controlled by the devils.

Due to the devils' impetus, religions across the Blue Planet were created 3,500 years ago and moved towards a mature system. Although there had been primitive beliefs and primitive religions all over the Blue Planet before that, none of them were aimed at controlling the minds of people. There was neither an organization of orders, nor elaborate doctrines or systematic religious rituals.

The way most of these emerging religions founded, promoted by the devils, was that the founders of the religions claimed to have been divinely inspired and suddenly understood the doctrine and the truth of the world, and thus spread the truth, taught the people, and founded the religions. In actuality, the devils killed these Blue-planet people and turn into these people by the thousand- faced magic and substituted these Blue-planet people. And then the devils promoted and founded religions under the name of these Blue-planet people. The devils made up various different doctrines and different creation myths, taking into account the local customs and traditions.

These doctrines and creation myths answer the questions that people have always been confused about: How did the world originate? How did man come to be? How can people achieve a happier life? People don't know the answers to these questions. So the devils make them up without fear of disbelief. That is because the founders would show some supernatural powers to the public from time to time, calling it divine power, God's strength, and God's giving. People have been tricked into believing that their teachings are divine revelation.

To facilitate the spread of the religions, the devils colluded with the ruling class, such as kings and nobles, to promote the religions through the power of the states and make it the state religion. What actually happens is that the devils killed the kings or ministers of these countries and turned the devils themselves into those kings or ministers by means of the thousand-faced magic. Then the devils made their religions to be the state religions.

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So, during the spread of those religions, it always happened that when the king or ministers of a particular country strongly opposed or persecuted a religion and the founders or promoters of those religions are desperate, the king or ministers of that country suddenly changes their mind and not only stopped persecuting the religion but also promoted it vigorously with the power of the state. That is a sign that the king was killed by the devils and the devils himself becoming a king. In this way, the devils created several of the most popular religions on the Blue Planet, which have been controlling the masses of the Blue Planet for thousands of years. And for different races, the devils created different religions.

I. The Bahara Religion

The Bahara Religion is to control the descendants of the Cand-part People. The Cand-part people founded Yinpar Empire and have continued to carry on religion traditions of the Candle-planet people. After the destruction of Yinpar Empire by the devils, the number of the Candle-planet People plummeted, and their religious heritage was greatly damaged.

The devils took the opportunity to tamper with the scriptures of the Cand-part people, adding many false cultivation theories to the scriptures to mislead the Cand-part people. The devils added many false mythological stories to the scriptures, using them to inculcate the concept of hierarchy and class system, destroying the original concept of equality and peace among the Candle-planet People.

The devils also used mythological stories to guide the Cand-part people to abuse their own bodies. The mythology was used to say that it was by abusing their own bodies that the gods became gods. That led to the formation of the Bahara religion about 3,500 years ago.

It resulted that the Cand-part people was led completely astray a few hundred years later. Instead of pursuing happiness in life, the Cand-part people took pleasure in abusing themselves and take it as holy deeds. What's more, people took pleasure in dying early. Instead of pursuing happiness in this life, they seek an early death with a view to happiness in the next life. That is a huge mistake caused by misunderstanding the principles of religion cultivation.

The correct theory lies in the fact that the level of happiness of a person is related to the energy level of that person. The higher the energy, the more likely a person is to be happy in life and successful in business. The energy level of a person depends on the amount of that person's blessings and merits, that is, how much he contributes to the outside world. The more one contributes, the more energy one collects, and the higher one got blessings. If a person does not contribute, but goes on abusing himself, how can he raise his blessings and energy? Naturally, it is impossible to become a god by means of abusing himself and practicing asceticism.

The idea of seeking an early death with a view to get happiness in the next life is also wrong. It is true that people have reincarnation after ones' death. But both the process of death and reincarnation consume one's energy. Each reincarnation drains one's energy, so the next life is bound to be worse than this life. Only when one has done a lot of good deeds and accumulated a lot of energy in this lifetime, it is possible that the next lifetime will be better than this lifetime. The theory of reincarnation has been modified by the devils and removed the most core principles. The modified theory of reincarnation has been misleading the public.

II. Tahman Religion

Tahman Religion is used to Control of the Cand-sci People. The Cand-sci People were originally focused on science and technology. They were not good at the Practice of Vital Energy. With the war between Bear Emperor and King Chiyou and the destroy of Tahman City, the Candle-sci People scattered everywhere, and they become no concept of religion cultivation. Some of the Candle-sci People who escaped from the city of Tahman later intermarried with Yateland people to form the Yate-Cand people.

These Yate-Cand people lived a nomadic life, and one group of them went to the Ajiza Empire. They were treated like free people in the Ajiza Empire. They learned farming from the Yellow-Leem people and changed from nomads to farmers. In the Ajiza Empire, they received the monotheistic religion spread by the sheep-headed gods and began to believe that there was only one Creator of the world -- God. About 3,300 years ago, a serious coup took place in Ajiza Empire, resulting in a change of power and social unrest. Many nobles left Ajiza Empire. The entire Yellow-Leem tribe migrated to the continent of Eastern Kunlun. At that time, the Yate-Cand people left Ajiza Empire and returned to live near their homeland, Tahman.

These Yate-Cand people were the descendants of the city of Tahman. They are the race that the devils most wanted to destroy. So 3,200 years ago, one of the devils came to them and claimed to be the only true God, in whom the Yate-Cand people had always believed. As it turned out, the patriarch of the Yate-Cand people simply ignored him and did not believe he was God. So the devil killed the patriarch and turned into the patriarch by the thousand-faced magic. And then the devil substituted the patriarch, and no one notice it. As the patriarch, the devil claimed to the Yate-Cand people that their ancestors had seen God a thousand years ago. It was God who guided them to come and live near the city of Tahman. Then the devil made up a false history of the Yate-Cand people to fool the public, so that the Yate-Cand people believe that God was their protector.

Another 200 years later that is about 3,000 years ago, a man called Moose came to the Yate-Cand people. Moose also made up a false history to sow discord between the Yate-Cand people and Ajiza Empire. He deceived people that the Yate-Cand people were enslaved by Ajiza people, and the Yate-Cand people had a miserable life in Ajiza Empire. Then God sent a messenger to save them and take them away from Ajiza Empire.

In order to keep the set of lies from being exposed, Moose deceived people with a false story that the messenger had taken the Yate-Cand people out of Ajiza Empire, and they wandered on a desert island for 50 years before returning to their homeland. During those 50 years, all the Yate-Cand people escaped from Ajiza Empire died out. Only their descendants return to their homeland near the Tahman city. By that way, there was no witness of the history he said. Then there was no way to verify he was telling a lie.

The X-aliens looked over the two histories and found that they were riddled with mendacious stories. Anyone with a little common sense in religion cultivation could see the breakage. Almost every story in Moose's fabricated history was the opposite of the principles of religion cultivation. Anyone who truly understands the principles of religion cultivation will know that God is fraternal, that He loves every living thing and will not harm or destroy one clan because He wants to protect another. God will not destroy a city just because human beings are morally corrupt. God is an invisible being, so he will not make any solemn promise to any tangible living being, nor will he make any secular laws. With these false stories, Moose founded Tahman religion 3,000 years ago and took control of the Yate-Cand people.

Religions on the Blue-planet were essentially created based on spiritual cultivation. Despite the errors and deviations in the theories of many religions, their teachings are more or less tinged with spiritual cultivation. Tahman Religion, on the other hand, has almost no spiritual cultivation content, just an aggregation of human rules of conduct and secular laws, and a blind worship of God. Moose was actually a deer spirit and in league with the devils. Moose turned into a man by his superpower, and no one realized that. Since the practice of Tahman Religion, the Yate-Cand people have been called 'Tahman People'.

III. Eagle-Man religion

Eagle-Man Religion is used to control the descendants of the Cand-part People living in the city of Zodas. About 3,500 years ago, a portion of the Cand-part people went south to Bahara peninsula. These people practiced Bahara religion. They established a new kingdom of Bahara on the Bahara peninsula. The rest of the Cand-part People stayed on the eastern plateau of Central Kunlun, and they founded a new Kingdom of Zodas.

Zodas Kingdom gradually absorbed and embraced the Cand-sci people living along the Ufatig River. They fused the culture of the Cand-sci People and developed a polytheistic religion different from Bahara religion. It worships the Sun God. A thousand years later, Tahaman people were sent to the Ufatig River as prisoners of a war. They brought the monotheistic ideas to Zodas Kingdom. The devils then wanted to create a new religion to control the people of Zodas Kingdom.

About 2,600 years ago, a nobleman named Zharatu appeared in Zodas kingdom. He was passionate about cultivation and seclusion. One devil killed him and turned into his appearance with the thousand-faced magic. Then the devil created a new religion and spread monotheism under the name of Zharatu. The people of Zodas kingdom inherited the religion of the Candle planet. And they had certain insights and ideas about religion cultivation. the devils had to add some teachings closer to cultivation theory to the monotheistic religion he created.

These teachings preached that one should do good and not abuse oneself in asceticism; on the other hand, they preached that brother and sister should marry; and they also preached that the body of a person should be eaten by eagles after death. In reality, it was that the eagle clan of the devils' gang wanted to eat people in order to improve their evil spells and magics.

In this way, the corpses of many descendants of the Candle-planet people were eaten by the eagles. The religion is called Eagle-Man Religion by the Blue-planet people. Among the descendants of the Candle-planet People who believe in the Eagle-Man Religion, there are both Cand-part people and Cand-sci people. And they were all interbred with Yateland people, so we call them collectively 'YCand People'.

IV. Bird-Man religion

The Bird-Man Religion is used to control Yateland People living on the continent of Western Kunlun. Tahman Religion and Eagle-Man Religion were founded by the devils to control the descendants of the Candle-planet people. So there was no emphasis on promotion and spread in the religion teachings. That made the two religions to be ethnic religions and limited its spread. A thousand years after the establishment of Tahman religion, Yateland People grew in population and spread throughout the continent of Western Kunlun. In order to control Yateland People, the devils decided to creat a new religion that would spread widely to expand its influence. So about 2,000 years ago, the devils founded a new religion called Bird-Man Religion. The Bird-man religion focused on expanding the congregation. The Bird-man religion was based on Tahman religion and added some elements about cultivation to it. But these teachings were all seemingly correct and actually misleading. For example, the Bird-man religion emphasizes the followings.

Doctrine 1: Human beings all have original Sin.
The stealing of the forbidden fruits is the root of all human sin.

Gods or Supernatural Immortals who can get people into heaven must be able to do that: make ordinary people survive well without eating anything for years. That is because not eating for a long time is the only way to receive a large amount of invisible high energy matter from the outside universe, thus rapidly increasing one's energy and enabling one to gain the superpower to travel through different dimensional spaces, thus entering a higher dimensional heaven.

Doctrine 2: Believe in God, for salvation. It claims that man has original sin and cannot save himself but can only be saved by the grace of God.

If man wants to enter heavenly kingdoms, then he needs to enter higher dimensional space. A living person can enter 4th to 8th dimensions. 6th dimension and up are true heavens. The higher the dimensional space, the happier the paradise. People in these paradises do not eat anything.

There are many heavenly kingdoms. 9th to 11th dimensions are for light beings. 12th dimension and up are for dark matter beings. These are all paradises. The higher the dimensional space, the higher the energy. If one cannot reach the energy level of 6th to 8th dimensions, how can one possibly enter the heavenly kingdoms for light beings?

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