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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 03

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 3: Birth of Nations and Civilizations

I. Birth of the Nations

About 5,500 years ago, after the devils and animal goblins withdrew, the White-planet people and Yellow-Leem people established separate nations of their own. Yellow-Leem people called their king Yellow Emperor. The White-planet people called their king White Emperor. These two nations each continued for many generations. About five hundred years later, the king of the White-planet people waged war against Yellow-Leem people. Eventually the White Emperor won the war and Yellow-Leem people bowed down and became a vassal kingdom.

About 5,000 years ago, the White Emperor established a unified nation in the continent of north Ahuriga, which is called Ajiza Empire. At that time, Jiza River, on which people depended for their livelihood, was often flooded. The White Emperor mobilized the masses and diverted the river to control the flooded Jiza River, ensuring the safety of the people's lives and production. As a result of his achievements, the White Emperor has been celebrated and worshipped by the people. The great story of 'White Emperor ruling the water' has been passed down within Ajiza Empire.

After settling on the lower reaches of Ufatig River, the Candle-planet people grew and developed. About 5,000 years ago, they founded a nation, Ailan Kingdom, on the eastern bank of Ufatig River along with the local people. At the same time, the Candle-planet people near Yinpar River founded their own country, Yinpar Empire. About 4,800 years ago, Yinpar Empire developed two super city-states, Zodas and Bahara.

About 5,300 years ago, East Kunlun Empire was established on the continent of East Kunlun. It consisted of several Kingdoms. Among them, three states were the most prominent. They were Barworm Kingdom, Heluo Kingdom and Yuliang Kingdom. About 5,300 years ago, Yuliang Kingdom had a state organization capacity of 100,000 laborers, a complete water irrigation system, fine jade implements and silk clothing. That was outstanding than any other countries of the same period.

At that time, there was four major birthplaces of human civilization on the Blue-planet: East Kunlun Empire, Ajiza Empire, Ailan Kingdom and Yinpar Empire. These civilizations were all agrarian civilizations but inherited the cultural characteristics of different planets in the L-solar system, with different languages and scripts. Ajiza Empire inherited the civilization of the White-planet, specializing in incantations and divine rule, and retaining a very high female status. Ailan Kingdom and Yinpar Empire inherited the civilization of the Candle-planet, specializing in farming, making bronze tools, and being keen on commerce and trade. The East Kunlun Empire inherited the PVED culture and spiritual cultivation, and silk civilization of the Blue-planet.

Jooya people inherited the civilization of Jooya moon. After migrating to the Central Fusang continent, they established a tropical jungle civilization. However, due to the geographically close, it failed to give a substantial boost to later human development. Because Jooya people were accustomed to growing crops by slash-and-burn farming, they were known as 'Lie-shan Clan' when they were living on the Ahuriga Continent. Later, after they relocated to the Central Fusang continent, they established their own nation. The people of that time called the kings of Jooya people Yan Emperor or Red Emperor.

In this way, Humans developed freely for almost 2,000 years, and civilizations flourished everywhere. About 4,800 years ago, Yinpar Empire built incredibly large cities. There was no difference between rich and poor throughout the society. There were no palaces in the cities, and all housing was of the same standard. Each home had a courtyard-style single house. The cities were designed with great attention to the public amenities of civic life. The cities were well-connected streets and an excellent drainage system. All residential buildings had pipes for dumping garbage and flushing toilets on the second floor. The water from the toilets drains to the sewers through pipes in the walls. The underground waterways of the cities are crisscrossed throughout the cities. The level of sophistication could not be reached even by developed cities thousands of years later. The houses of the inhabitants were built with burnt bricks. That was far more advanced than any other countries of the same period. At that time, bricks were used in other countries only for the construction of royal palaces and shrines. At that time, Yinpar Empire was an ideal country of equality, peace and openness. During the same period, the Candle-planet people also established a highly developed city near Tahman River, which is the city of Tahman.

To clarify: Yan Emperor before the Great Flood was the kings of Yateland people. Yan Emperor after the Great Flood was the kings of Jooya people. Although they were both called Yan Emperor, they were two kings of different races. In ancient times, there was a habit of using the same title repeatedly, which caused confusion in understanding of history later on. The descendants of the Yan and Yellow Emperors after the Great Flood refer to filial generations of Yellow-Leem people and Jooya people.

II. Birth of the Institution of Marriage

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After the devils and animal goblins withdrew to the 4-dimensional spaces, they were not willing to give up their control over humans. They began to study how to control humans in an invisible way. Later, at the suggestion of the chimpanzee monsters, the devils discovered that bonobo groups were much happier than chimpanzee groups.

Bonobos are matriarchal groups, and chimpanzees are patriarchal groups. These two different groups have completely different behavior patterns.

Chimpanzee groups in patriarchal societies have a strict social hierarchy and hierarchy. Fights and brutal 'political struggles' often take place in chimpanzee groups to compete for leadership. When chimpanzees from different groups meet, they even fight to the death, killing all the males and robbing all the females from one side.

Bonobos, on the other hand, are a matriarchal society, and it is the milder, older female chimpanzees who lead the group. The relationship between group members is very cordial. The different groups also have a very cordial relationship with each other. When two groups of bonobos meet, the females from both groups will run to each other to mate, and in the end, all is happy and harmonious.

The devils learned from these two different chimpanzee groups that patriarchal society is a great tool for controlling human beings. A patriarchal society that promotes monogamy or polygamy can push human beings into the abyss of cruel struggle and keep them away from a happy life.

So, about 5,000 years ago, the devils and animal goblins came back to the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. They transform themselves to the appearances of the kings of each country by black magic spells. Then they killed and substituted for the original kings with no one noticed it. Under the name of the kings, they introduced monogamous marriage systems and patriarchal concepts. In this way, they only needed to stay in the 3-dimensional space for a short time, leaving behind such an institution and concept, and then they could wait for time to work and allow humans to naturally evolve in that direction.

At that time, those who were more influenced by the patriarchal system were Yellow-Leem people, Jooya people and some tribes in the far eastern part of the East Kunlun continent. In order to enforce the patriarchal system, some devils made it mandatory for women to avoid men when women met men on the road. Otherwise, women would be whipped. Under the effect of such a system, the status of women was seriously reduced. Women were gradually reduced to slaves within the family. That was accompanied by the emergence of hierarchy and centralization, increased competition between Kingdoms, and frequent acts of war.

In strongly patriarchal societies, the institution of monogamous or polygamous marriage was essentially domestic slavery. Women are not only reduced to free babysitters and reproductive tools, but also lose their human rights. They can be domestically abused by their husbands at will, without any protection. The devils indoctrinated distorted misconceptions in various countries: women must be put to death for adultery within marriage. Men, on the other hand, are allowed to have a wide range of concubines to reduce the likelihood of male adultery.

The system of marriage was full of bloodshed, domestic violence and inequality from the beginning. For women, marriage was tantamount to being from a princess to a slave and facing an unhappy fate. The evils of the marriage system do not stop there, it has brought about more pernicious effects and its evils are too numerous to mention. For example, divorce wars, domestic violence, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law wars, trafficking of women and children, use of the marriage system for financial gain, prostitution, sexual repression, incest, foot-binding, circumcision, martyrdom, abandonment of female babies, population explosion, centralization and dictatorship, loneliness in old age, and the impact on eugenics.

So, marriage is the vicious curse of the devils on humans. It can be said: the institution of marriage in a patriarchal society is hell. The matriarchal system of marriage is a paradise.

Since the implementation of the marriage system of patriarchal societies, humans have fallen into the abyss of humanity oppressing, and humans have begun to torment themself against each other. The reason why the devils hate women and oppresses them is because women have the advantage of spiritual power and can obtain true divine revelation from the universe and gods more easily.

In ancient times, almost all tribes had female religious leaders who issued oracles to guide the tribe in major decisions. That is what devils fear. The devils feared that widespread female psychic communication would, on the one hand, guide humans to the right course and, on the other hand, make it easy to recognize the devils' tricks and be detrimental to their control of mankind. That's why the devils want to oppress and torment women in every way possible. The devils make women fall into an unbreakable net, tormenting them physically and mentally. That make women are not able to play their role of psychic communication.

At the time, those less affected by the patriarchy were the White-planet people, the Candle-planet people, and the people of Barworm Kingdom. Even with the introduction of monogamy, Ajiza Empire retained a particularly high status for women. Although the king of Ajiza Empire is a man, women are equal to men in all situations. Women had the same rights and personal freedom as men. They could engage in various activities such as agricultural, handicraft and commercial economic activities. Women played an important role in various religious activities.

In common household, the status of women even surpasses that of men. Women were the managers of the family property. All the husband's property was managed by his wife. Ajiza Empire had a matrilineal rule of inheritance that 'passed on to women, not men'. Ajiza Empire had a monogamous marriage system. However, parents would make a will and leave most of their property, or even all their savings, to their daughters to inherit. That allowed women not only to have their own property, but also to handle it autonomously. It strongly guaranteed their economic independence.

In marriage, women have the right to choose their own spouse. Either spouse can ask for a divorce. But divorce for the man is very costly. The law requires the husband to pay two-thirds of his property to his ex-wife to compensate her after divorce. This kind of system and custom ensured a higher status for women. Until 4,000 years ago, the empires of Ajiza, Ailan and Yinpar were all matriarchal societies. But a few centuries later, these countries also fell into patriarchal societies.

III. Devils' hunt for Candle-planet People

About 3,800 years ago, the devils saw that Yinpar Empire and the city of Tahman were the most prosperous and advanced among many nations. The people were living in paradisiacal bliss and were untouched by the patriarchal system. How could the devils tolerate human beings living a happy life? The devils would beat the Candle-planet people every time when the devils meet them. The devils could not tolerate a super civilization developed by the Candle-planet people.

So, the devils tried to destroy the countries and cities built by the Candle-planet people. The devils first launched an attack on Yinpar Empire. However, the Candle-planet people had retained advanced flying saucers and bombers made before the Great Flood. The devils could not win the war. After the defeat, the devils noticed that they still had nuclear weapon. So about 3,800 years ago, the devils used nuclear weapons to destroy Tahman city founded by the Candle-sci people, and the two super cities of Yinpar Empire, Zodas and Bahara. Under the power of nuclear weapons, all the inhabitants of these cities died instantly. Only a few residents outside the cities escaped without dying.

Once again, the Candle-planet people scattered and fled for their lives. Some inhabitants near Tahman city fled south to live in the desert. A portion fled northward and scattered to Mount Herman, not far from Tahman City. Some inhabitants of Yinpar Empire fled to the west, hiding in great mountains. Some of them fled to the east and went to Barworm Kingdom in the East Kunlun Continent. Before they fled, the kings and tribal leaders of all the Candle-planet people collectively decided that in order to escape the devils' pursuit, they could only intermarry with local people to change their appearance. Thus, they can blend in the Blue-planet people, and they could reproduce on the Blue-planet for generations. So, the Candle-planet people who fled to different parts of the world intermarried with different races of the Blue-planet people later.

Yateland People

After the Great Flood, Yateland people had been living in higher mountains. About 5,500 years ago, due to climate change, Yateland people, who originated in three different mountainous regions, migrated west and north and settled down on the West Kunlun continent. Since there were few areas suitable for farming on the West Kunlun continent, no farming civilization ever developed. Combined with cold climate and geographical fragmentation, each region had a relatively small population, so the development had been slow. That allowed Yateland people to be less influenced by the patriarchal system. Later, they gradually developed a unique maritime civilization.

About 3,700 years ago, the Blue-planet experienced an ice age when temperatures dropped. Another group of Yateland people who migrated down high mountains again. Some of them migrated southward to the plateau in the eastern part of the Central Kunlun continent. Here, they met the Candle-par people who had fled to the mountains. Then the Cand-par people intermarried with Yateland people. That led to the formation of a large ethnic group: Yat-Cand-Par people, or YCP people.

The Cand-sci people who fled to Mount Herman intermarried with another group of Yateland people. Both two races used to have advanced science and technology. These two excellent human races intermarried to form the most intelligent group of people on the Blue-planet called Yat-Cand-Sci people, or YCS people. The devils were afraid that the YCS people would develop superior technology and civilization, thus causing the devils to lose control of the humans. Therefore, YCS people became the most hated race of the devils. Later, the devils came up with various ways to genocide the YCS people. Later, the YCS people were also called Tahman People.

IV. Half-orcs among Candle-planet People

When the devils learned of the Candle-planet people's plan to intermarried with other human races, they also took advantage of the opportunity to cause trouble. Since the Candle-planet people believed in bull-headed gods and goat-headed gods, the devils sent goat-headed monsters to interbreed with the Candle-planet people who had fled to the desert. They bred a group of Half-orcs who have human bodies and human appearances. These Half-orcs had V-shaped faces just like goat faces and were called Goat-Candle People. The Goat-Candle People have the features of three-whites' eyes and large bearded on their faces. They inherited the devils' genes and had a sinister personality with anti-social criminal and violent tendencies despite their apparent meekness. Thousands of years later, they became a source of spreading terrorism on the Blue-planet.

The devils also sent bull-headed monsters to interbreed with the Cand-part people of Yinpar Empire. They bred a group of people who worshipped cows and bulls. These people were called Ox-Candle People. The Ox-Candle People believed that cows and bulls were sacrosanct, and even cow dung and cow urine were sacred. Most of the Ox-Candle people were square-faced and had a relatively low IQ. They could not properly understand the true meaning of PVED and religion cultivation. So they kept distorting the of religion theories of the Candle-planet people. Later, they became the main force in destroying the religion theories and cultivation traditions of the Candle-planet people.

The Bull-headed Gods and the Goat-headed Gods from the constellation Leorion were evil. The Bull-headed Gods and the sheep-headed Gods in the 5-dimensional space of the Candle-planet were virtuous. They guided the Candle-planet people to develop animal husbandry and initiated the Candle-planet people to drink cow milk and sheep milk early on the Candle-planet. In the war between Bear Emperor and King Chiyou, King Chiyou who protected the Candle-planet people were also a virtuous bull-headed god. A sheep-headed god had carried out a religious reformation in Ajiza Empire, guiding the White-planet people not to worship the Blue-bird Monsters and the devils as gods and not to believe in animal gods who loved wars.

The sheep-headed god also told the people the truth about God: the true supreme God is the Creator of the universe, an invisible energy with no physical entity. It is the energy of love and wisdom. The sheep-headed god offended the devils by proclaiming the truth. Therefore, the devils proclaimed to the world that sheep-headed gods are the embodiment of evil and that sheep-headed gods are the devils. That caused the image of sheep in the eyes of the world to change from a symbol of righteousness and goodness to a symbol of evil. Actually, goat-headed monsters are the embodiment of evil and the members of the devils’ gang.

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Chapter 4: Birth of Religions on the Blue-planet

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