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Devils and 7th Human Civilization 02

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 2: Devils Begin to Control Humans

After the pyramids were built, the devils drove the Ahuis who helped them build the pyramids to live in the central and southern parts of the Ahuriga Continent in order not to reveal information about the construction of the pyramids. These areas were separated from the area where the pyramids were located by high mountains. That prevented the Ahuis from seeing the arrival of the creatures from the constellation Leorion and from exchanging information with the newly arrived people. At that time, the northern part of the Ahuriga Continent had a pleasant climate and was rich in water and forest, perfect for human habitation.

After the Great Flood, some of the surviving original Blue-planet people lived in the region. They were descendants of Yellow Emperor of the Leemolia Kingdom. And they were called Yellow-Leem people after the Great Flood. Although the White-planet People and Jooya People also lived in the northern part of the Ahuriga Continent after they came to the Blue-planet, they and Yellow-Leem people did not know nor communicate with each other, since the area was quite vast. Two thousand years later, as the population expanded, they became aware of each other's existence.

I. Beginning of Meat-eating Civilization

The devils fed these new humans they created meat. Since these new humans had genes of animals and cannibals in their body, it was natural for them to eat meat. The Blue-planet people at that time, on the other hand, lived a gathering life and did not eat meat at all, nor did they have the habit of eating it. The White-planet people and Jooya people embraced carnivorous food long time ago on the constellation Leorion. They enjoyed hunting in addition to gathering fruits. As the population grew, the people who eat meat become more and more, a culture and environment of taking the meat of animals as food gradually developed on the Blue-planet. The devils and animal goblins also used magic spells to drive animals such as pigs, cows, sheep and dogs to the settlements of the Blue-planet people, guiding the Blue-planet people to eat meat. They also guided the Blue-planet people to keep animals in captivity, since the Blue-planet people were not good at hunting.

Under these influences, the Blue-planet people gradually learned to hunt and keep animals in captivity. Slowly, the Blue-planet people also began to eat meat. Although meat is highly nutritious, it contains many toxins. Eating meat not only affects one's health, but further reduces the body's ability to absorb high-energy subtle matter. On the other hand, animals have souls. By eating meat, you are taking the animals' DNA into your body. The DNA carries animal's information that can communicate with the animal's soul. Thus, the messages of cruelty, viciousness, resentment, and revenge of the eaten animals are carried into human body. The system of human body was severely disturbed by this kind of information, so that the human temperament began to change for the worse and the life span of human beings was drastically reduced. After the beginning of eating meat, the lifespan of the Blue-planet people was generally reduced to about 120 years.

II. Beginning of Agricultural Civilization

Since about 10,000 years ago, the devils had sent bird goblins to sow plant seeds like grains and cereals in inhabited places all over the Blue-planet, trying to guide people to start agricultural cultivation. That's why there are records of 'birds carrying seeds' in some ancient sources. Gradually people began to incorporate grains and cereals as a snack as part of their diet. After 2,000 years in this way, by 8,000 years ago, the climate had warmed and become more suitable for crops. People began to grow crops in a systematic way.

By 7,500 years ago, early human civilizations had emerged across the Blue-planet. In some places, city-states based on tribal alliances had emerged. At this point, the devils, animal goblins and evil monsters jumped at the chance to take control of humans. They transform themselves to the human appearance by superpowers. And then they came to the 3rd dimension from the 4th dimension and lived with humans, claiming that they were the protectors of different human races. They filled humans with all sorts of false myths and specious ideas.

The White-planet people had been controlled by the Blue-bird Men before they came to the Blue-planet. So they considered the Blue-bird Men as their ancestors. Some of the Blue-bird Men came to live among the White-planet people and became tribal chiefs or kings of the White-planet people. Jooya people had been controlled by snake goblins before they came to the Blue-planet. So they considered snake goblins to be their gods. These snake goblins came to live with Jooya people and became tribal leaders or kings of Jooya people.

Yellow-Leem people, who had not previously been controlled by any devil and animal goblin, appeared to be alone and unsupported at that time. They were regarded by the White-planet people and Jooya people as outcasts without the care of gods. Yellow-Leem people followed Jooya people to learn farming since they lived close to the tribes of Jooya people. Later, an animal goblin called 'Qilin Deer' saw this gap and claimed to Yellow-Leem people that they were ancestral gods of the Yellow-Leem people. The Qilin Deer gradually took control of Yellow-Leem people. The devils, animal goblins and evil monsters controlled human beings in the name of helping and protecting them, outwardly doing things to guide them and improve their lives, making them grateful and worship them, while secretly doing things that profoundly harmed humans.

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III. The Emergence of King Yao, Shun, Yu and Emperors

About 8,000 years ago, the global climate of the Blue-planet warmed, glaciers melted extensively, sea levels rose, and regional flooding occurred everywhere. At that time, a dragon goblin among animal goblins came out to control human beings by transforming itself to human appearance with superpowers. The dragon goblin came to the continent of Fusang and helped the people of Shao-hao Kingdom to control the floods. Dragons are capable of marching in water, flying in the air and living on land. The dragon is good at calling the wind and rain, and it can adjust the amount of rainfall in each region. The dragon used its expertise to lead the people of Shao-hao Kingdom to control the floods and gradually became the leader of Shao-hao Kingdom.

The citizens of Shao-hao Kingdom were the descendants of bird goblins and Bird-headed Monsters. A bird goblin in the 4th dimension could not stand to see this. The bird goblin turned into human appearance and came to Shao-hao Kingdom to fight with the dragon goblin for the leadership of Shao-hao Kingdom. After battles for control, the bird goblin eventually won, and the dragon goblin had no choice but to withdraw. The Dragon goblin was forced to agree to provide members of the Dragon Clan who could not transform themselves to human appearance to other devils and animal goblins as flying tools. From then on, the devils and animal goblins flew to the different continents on the Blue-planet by taking dragons, which was more conducive to the devils' control over humans.

People called the dragon goblin King Yao and called the bird goblin King Shun. King Shun had one great characteristic: He had two pupils in each eye. Therefore, people also called him 'Shun with two pupils'. King Yao also had distinctive features: He was a dragon goblin turned into a human. He had long red-hair and had a long head. The previously mentioned humanoids with a long head identified by DNA as an amphibian or reptile are the hybrid offspring of the dragon goblins and the devils.

Bear Monsters also came out to control humans. A Bear Monster took human appearance and came to the easternmost part of the East Kunlun continent, helping the people to control the floods. He gradually became the leader of the local tribe, known as King Yu. The territory of King Yu was soon submerged by the sea, leaving only a few islands hanging alone in the sea. A Pig-headed Monster also took human appearance and came to the northern part of the East Kunlun continent. He brought with him a part of the Black Bird tribe of Shao-hao Kingdom. The Pig-headed Monster was known as King Zhuan-xu. Later, a kind of red bird goblin turned into human appearance and came to the eastern part of the East Kunlun Continent and became the tribal leader of the local people. He was called King Ku.

The devils also sent OX goblins, sheep goblins, monkey monsters, and chimpanzee monsters to each continent of the Blue-planet. These animal goblins and devils became the Kings of all parts of the Blue-planet. It was described as: Gong-gong Clan dominated the Globe.

During the 2,000 years from 7,500 to 5,500 years ago, many bear goblins, turtle goblins, dragon goblins, and bird goblins took on human appearance and came to the continents of Ahuriga and East Kunlun to serve as tribal leaders for different periods of time. They were all known as Emperors. However, they were called by different names, such as Bear Emperor, Turtle Emperor, Dragon Emperor and Eagle Emperor.

These Emperors mainly did three things: firstly, they promoted agriculture and taught people to grow various food crops. Secondly, they promote the concept of hierarchy and slavery. Third, they had sex with many human women to enhance their magic power. At that time, it was a matriarchal society and people did not have the concept of monogamy. That made it possible for the devils and animal goblins to have sex with many women.

According to legend, the emperors flied to heaven during the day after having sex with 3,000 women. These emperors were actually dragon goblins or bird goblins. They were able to fly in the air even without having sex with women. There is also a legend that Bear Emperor fly to heaven on a dragon. Actually, the Bear Emperor flew back to his home by taking the dragon, which are the South Pole and Penglai Fairyland.

IV. Descendants of the Candle-planet People

About 6,000 years ago, with the formation of private ownership and classes, city-states emerged on the Ahuriga Continent. At that time, the descendants of the Candle-planet people also developed city-states and thriving civilizations on the Blue-planet. Their ancestors came to the Blue-planet before the Great Flood. Among them, who first came to the Blue-planet were high-tech people who mastered aviation technology and lived on a plateau not far from the Ahuriga Continent, and the X-Aliens call them Cand-sci people and call the plateau they lived on Cand-sci Plateau.

Before the Great Flood, two or three groups of Candle-planet people came to the Blue-planet. The second group that came to the Blue-planet were the Candle-planet people who were keen on the Practice of Vital Energy and religious culture. They established a nation on the plateau to the west of the East Kunlun continent. The X-Aliens call them Cand-pra People and the basin they inhabited after the Great Flood as Cand-pra Basin. These two groups of Candle-planet people were located at the east and west ends of the Central Kunlun continent. After the Great Flood, as the population increased, the descendants of the Candle-planet People spread throughout the entire Continent of Central Kunlun. The third group that came to the Blue-planet were the people in the 4th dimension of the Candle-planet.

After coming to the Blue-planet, each group of the Candle-planet people had some people whose energy level and superpowers had been greatly improved and soon reached the energy level of the 5th dimension. They entered the 5-dimensional space of Yateland people. The 5-dimensional space was in the sky and above the Cand-sci Plateau. On the Cand-sci Plateau, there was a Heavenly Tower that connected the 3-dimensional space and the 5-dimensional space on the Blue-planet. People called the Heavenly Tower "Ruomu Tree" or "Babel Tower".

About 6,000 years ago, as the population increased and the plateau continued to rise, the plateau where the Cand-sci people lived was no longer as livable as it had been. So they began to migrate and leave the plateau to live on the plains. After leaving the plateau, the Cand-sci people traveled south and live on the plains near Ufatig River.

The Cand-pra people traveled west and live on the plains near Yinpar River. The Candle-planet people created agriculture and cultivated a variety of crops. They dug ditches and created the earliest irrigation systems. They first invented plows and bronze tools. Since they were good at farming, the Candle-planet people were known as Shen-nong or Wonder Farmers after the Great Flood. After 500 years, the Candle-planet people grew and established their own city-states on the plains. Before and after the Great Flood, there were different people called Shen-nong. The one after the Great Flood is a farmer, another one before the Great Flood is a doctor.

V. The War between Bear Emperor and King Chiyou

About 6,000 years ago, the descendants of the Candle-planet people lived on the Central Kunlun continent after they moved to the plains from the plateau. About 5,500 years ago, the Candle-planet people were discovered by the devils and animal goblins. At that time, some devils and animal goblins were living on the Continent of Ahuriga. They recognized that the people on the Central Kunlun continent were the descendants of the Candle-planet People. The devils hated them with a passion and vowed to wipe all of them out.

Bear Emperor living on the Ahuriga Continent immediately launched a war against the Candle-planet People. With an army made up of White-planet, Jooya people and Yellow-Leem people, Bear Emperor attacked the cities of the Candle-planet people. Unexpectedly, the Candle-planet people were good at smelting metals and had all kinds of advanced metal weapons. The army led by Bear Emperor only had low-grade weapons such as sticks, stone axes, bows and arrows. So Bear Emperor could not win the battles.

Later, Bear Emperor led the second attack on the Candle-planet people with an army of animal goblins such as tigers, wolves, bears and leopards and bird goblins such as eagles, hawks, falcons and kites. Unexpectedly, the Cand-sci People brought in tanks, cannons, bombers and other high-tech weapons from the Cand-sci Plateau. The high-tech weapons were made by the Candle-planet People before the Great Flood. With the help of these advanced weapons, the Candle-planet people beat and scattered the army of Bear Emperor. The war last for three years, and Bear Emperor never won.

The war grew more and more intense. Both sides eventually asked for help from celestial beings in higher dimensions. Bear Emperor went to the continent of Mu. He came to Penglai Fairyland through the Heavenly Tower, Jianmu Tree, and asked for help from the devils and Blue-bird Monsters.

The Cand-sci people also sent someone to the Cand-sci Plateau. They came to the 5-dimensional space through Babel Tower. And they sought for help from their ancestors in the 5-dimensional space. The ancestors of the Candle-planet people sent a team led by King Chiyou to the 3-dimensional space to protect their descendants. The Blue-bird Monsters sent a team of bird goblins to help Bear Emperor. The team is made up of varieties bird goblins such as Bluebird goblins, Red-bird goblins, phoenix goblins and owl goblins. The devils sent a force of dragons led by the feather dragon goblin to assist Bear Emperor.

The two sides fought a fierce war. The feather dragon goblin sent his dragon troops to flood the cities of the Candle-planet people by sucking up large amounts of water from the sea. King Chiyou kept stopping the dragons from entering and exiting. And he let Enji and Enri to deal with the attack. Enji and Enri have strong superpowers to call the wind and rain. They used their superpowers to send torrential rains and storms throughout the northern part of the Ahuriga continent for dozens of days. Both sides flooded each other's cities. In the meantime, floods broke out on the continents of Ahuriga and Central Kunlun, and the people were suffering.

Seeing that Bear Emperor was about to be defeated, many Blue-bird Monsters of the 5th dimension poured out into the 3rd dimension. They joined forces and used their powerful superpowers of calling wind and rain. In the end, they permanently changed the distribution, direction and strength of the high-pressure belt of the Blue-planet's atmosphere, making no moist air passing through the sky over the entire continents of northern Ahuriga and Central Kunlun. It finally stopped the great storm created by the Chiyou team.

After the storm stopped, the superpowers of both Blue-bird Monsters and the Chiyou team dropped dramatically due to the excessive energy drain. Their energy levels were all reduced to the level of the 4th dimension. They were no longer able to restore the Blue-planet's atmosphere to its original status. That caused the atmospheric circulation on the Blue-planet to be permanently altered, with dire consequences.

First, after the war, the continents of northern Ahuriga and Central Kunlun quickly went from a landscape of abundant water and dense vegetation to a vast desert. Due to the lack of rainfall, it became the largest desert area on the Blue-planet. Second, the practice of the superpowers during the war consumed most of high-energy matter in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. That caused the anima of the Blue-planet to be depleted and the energy of the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet to drop again.

Thereafter, the devils and animal goblins did not dare to stay for a long time in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet since there was not enough high-energy matter to support them. They withdrew to the 4-dimensional space of the South Pole and Penglai Fairyland after the war. They no longer came to the 3-dimensional space frequently. Although it reduced the devils' control over humans to some extent, the Blue-planet people in 3-dimensional space lacked more energy support if they wanted to practice PVED to upgrade their energy and dimensions.

After the rainstorm stopped, the two sides entered a new round of battles. King Chiyou used his superpowers to create a vast fog that would not lift for seven days and seven nights. That made it impossible for Bear Emperor and his forces to distinguish their direction and move forward. Then the Bluebird goblin came into play. Birds have the ability to observe magnetic fields using their eyes. They can see the magnetic fields of the Blue-planet. Even in the fog, the birds can navigate by the magnetic field of the Blue-planet. Under the guidance of the Blue-bird goblin, the Bear Emperor discerns the direction and leads the army through the fog.

With the help of the owl goblin, Bear Emperor created a sonic weapon to attack the Candle-planet People. That gave Bear Emperor the upper hand in the war. During the war, to prevent the Candle-planet people from seeking help from the 5th dimension, the devils destroyed the heavenly tower, Babel Tower. In the end, the feather dragon goblin killed King Chiyou. The feather dragon goblin himself could not even return to the 4- dimensional space since he had consumed too much energy. He remained in the 3-dimensional space for a long time to recover from his injuries after the war.

After the death of King Chiyou, the Candle-planet people scattered everywhere. After the war, Bear Emperor were in a hurry to get back to the 4-dimensional space to recuperate. So Bear Emperor did not focus on search and killing the scattered Candle-planet people. These scattered Candle-planet people survived. Thereafter, the devils and animal goblins withdrew into the 4th dimension. The humans on the Blue-planet were freed from the rule of the devils and animal goblins and began to develop on their own, establishing their own nations.

The war happened around 5,500 years ago and it is known to posterity as 'the War between Bear Emperor and King Chiyou'. Dragon goblins and bird goblins together helped Bear Emperor to win the war. After the war, however, the continent of north Ahuriga began to become desert and people's living area was greatly reduced. The people were forced to concentrate their lives near the Jiza River. However, Jooya people were used to the rainforest and could not tolerate the aridity of the desert. The whole clan of Jooya people decided to move to the rainforests of the Central Fusang continent through the pyramids. After Jooya people moved away, there were only two tribes left in the continent of north Ahuriga, the White-planet people and Yellow-Leem people.

After the war, the Central Kunlun continent also become desertification. Some of the Candle-planet people fled to the southeast to live in the middle and lower reaches of Ufatig River. A portion of the Candle-planet people fled to the southwest and came to live along Tahman River. Another portion of the Candle-planet people fled eastward, all the way to the East Kunlun continent.

During the floods caused by the war, one of the Candle-planet people, named Naya, who was good at building boats. He led his family in a boat to escape the flood and drifted to a hill in the Mount Herman where they stopped. There were eight members of his family, Naya, his three sons, and their respective wives. They lived and settled in the Mount Herman. Thousands of years later, their descendant developed into brave seafarers, and shrewd merchants.

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Chapter 3: Birth of Nations and Civilizations

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