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Devils and 7th Human Civilization --- 01

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 1: Devils Make Man

About 13,000 years ago, the abrupt departure of the Ceiling Star caused not only a global flood that led to dramatic changes in the landscape of the Blue Planet, but also a sudden drop in temperatures across the planet. A cold period of nearly 1,500 years occurred. During the 1,500-year period, all areas of the northern and southern hemispheres of the Blue Planet with the latitude above 40 degrees were covered by glaciers. All the south areas of the equator were submerged below seawater except for high mountains and plateaus. After the Great Flood, only the people in the high mountains of the lower latitudes survived. As the weather became colder, the surviving people came down from the mountains and lived in basins at the foot of the mountains. The climate in the basin was warm and pleasant, rich in produce, and the best place to live and shelter during the cold period. At that time, the global population did not exceed 3,000 people, gathered in nine basins around the globe. Most of these basins were in subtropical regions where fruits and food were available all year round. People were able to thrive by living a gathering life in the basins.

Due to the sudden departure of the Ceiling Star, the energy of the 3-dimensional space of the Blue Planet plummeted. The change in altitude of the Ceiling Star (Moon) from the Blue Planet and the tilt of the planet 's axis had significant impacts on the physiological environment within the human body. After one or two generations, the lifespan of the Blue Planet population was generally reduced to about 450 years. In contrast, the surviving people born before the Great Flood still had a lifespan of about 900 years. The Great Flood destroyed everything. Those who survived in the high mountains were the less educated. Therefore, after the Great Flood, the Blue-planet people lost all their previous technology, culture, knowledge, and history. Only the Candle-planet people kept some of their culture, books and previous technological equipment, because their country was built on a high mountain. After the Great Flood, only a few Candle-planet people survived either. The descendants of the Candle-planet people became only able to use the equipment that their ancestors left and would not make new equipment. Two or three thousand years later, as the population moved and supplies became scarce, these leftover technologies were gradually forgotten. The later Candle-planet people retained only basic skills in the areas of food, clothing, and housing. That was the top technology on the Blue Planet at the time.

I. Pyramids and the Devils' Creation of Man

Beginning about 11,000 years ago, the climate of the Blue Planet gradually warmed up. The population began to expand, and gradually small tribes emerged. The devils and evil monsters hiding in the 4-dimensional space of the Blue Planet became active at that time. They wanted to take revenge and destroy all the humans on the Blue Planet. Since they had learned a lesson from the Tongtian sect leader, they did not dare to do it themselves. So the devils and evil monsters wanted to control the humans and make them live a miserable life, waiting for the right time to make the humans destroy themselves.

On the other hand, a star in the constellation Leorion is about to change from a red giant to a white dwarf. The huge astronomical change made life on the planets in the constellation Leorion face extinction. So the devils and evil monsters wanted to move all the animals, devils and evil monsters, cannibals and apes in the 3th and 4th dimensions of the constellation Leorion to live on the Blue Planet. That would preserve the creatures of the constellation Leorion and also help to dominate the Blue Planet, which would be beneficial for them to control the human race.

The devils, evil monsters and animal spirits in the 4th dimension can use their superpowers to come to Blue Planet on their own, but the creatures in the 3rd dimension have no superpowers of teleportation and they can only be transported to the Blue Planet with the help of spaceships or other methods. The spaceships of the Jooya people were destroyed in large numbers by the Blue-planet people 50,000 years ago. Later, the remaining spaceships were wiped out in a battle with the Candle-planet people 13,000 years ago. Without spaceships, the devils thought of the pyramids invented by the White-planet people.

The pyramids would allow for a large transportation between the constellation Leorion and the Blue Planet. So the devils set about planning to build the pyramids. Building the pyramids required a large amount of manpower. There were very few human beings on the Blue Planet at the time. And the devils did not want the Blue-planet people to know the secret of the pyramids. So the devils came up with a terrible plan. They were going to create a group of human beings and let them do the hard work to build the pyramids.

II. Chimpanzee Monsters and Black Bear Monsters Make People

Since the devils had been implementing a plan to destroy human genes before. That has caused them to become obsessed with cross breeding to have children. They were no longer content with interbreeding cannibals with the Blue-planet people. They want to interbreed animals with human beings, which can make the Blue-planet people having worse genes. People might think that animals and human beings are reproductively isolated from each other. But that just happens in a low energy environment in the 3rd dimension. Animals in the 5-dimensional space are high energy. They can use their superpowers and high energy to break through the limits of reproductive isolation and achieve hybrids between humans and animals. But only purebred animals can interbreed with human beings with the help of superpowers; animal-to-animal hybrids cannot do so even with the help of superpowers.

What's more, in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion, there were many monsters with human body and animal heads whose body structure was similar to that of human beings, making it easier to interbreed with human beings. So the devils invited the human-body-animal-headed monsters in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion and let them interbreed with human beings of different races, as well as various cannibals and apes. They first let the black bear monsters in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion have hybrid offspring with the various apes in the constellation Leorion. At the same time, they let the chimpanzee goblins in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion interbreed with various humans. Then let the two offspring interbreed with each other again.

That eventually gave birth to dozens of new hybrid human races that satisfied the devils. The new human races were similar to human beings of the Blue-planet people in appearance, size, language and intelligence, and they could also be genetically stable and self-reproducing. Most satisfying to the devils was that these new human races inherited strong physique of animals and were good at sports; and they were simple minds, loyal obedience and low intelligence due to the mixed genes from low-intelligence apes. These could meet the devils' need for labor to build the pyramids. But the downside of these people was that they were cranky, criminally inclined, and reeked of a foul odor and information that would drain the aura. But that is exactly what the devils want, as it detracts from the essence of the settlement and destroys the good vibes of the Blue Planet.

The devils put the new human races to live on the continent of Ahuriga on the Blue Planet and let them reproduce themselves. The continent of Ahuriga is rich in goods and the people can survive by living on a primitive gathering life. These new human races were extremely sexually active and promiscuous with each other. After 400 or 500 years, they reproduced nearly 10,000 people. Because these new human races lived on the continent of Ahuriga, the X-aliens called them the Ahuricans, or 'Ahuis'.

After the devils saw that there was enough manpower, they sent the White-planet people from the 4th dimension of the constellation Leorion to the Blue planet and ask the White-planet people to design and direct the construction of the pyramids. They chose the best environmental and highest energy zone on the Blue planet as the construction site for the pyramids to gather energy. They built many pyramids on multiple continents of the Blue planet. The largest and most numerous pyramids was built in the northern part of the continent Ahuriga. With the labor of nearly 10,000 new humans created by the devils and monsters, all the pyramids on the Blue planet were completed in a few decades using the White-planet construction techniques. To make it easier to transport creatures from the planets of the constellation Leorion to the Blue planet, each pyramid built on the continent of Ahuriga corresponded to a planet of the constellation Leorion.

Pyramids and the Arrival of New Humans

About 10,000 years ago, the devils transported many animals, devils, apes, and cannibals in the 3rd dimensions of the constellation Leorion to the 3rd dimension of the Blue Planet, taking up most of the habitable space on the Blue Planet. The Blue-planet people had no idea what was happening at the time, due to the pathetically small population of the Blue-planet people. The White-planet people and the Jooya people in the 3rd dimension of the constellation Leorion were also transported to the Blue planet. And they also inhabited the continent of Ahuriga. They formed several different human tribes.

The White-planet People and the Jooya People have been under the complete control of the devils since their ancestors followed the devils to the constellation Leorion 60 million years ago. After many generations of reproduction, the White-planet People and the Jooya People in the 3rd dimension of the constellation Leorion have long forgotten their origins and lost their previous civilization and technology. They thought they were the descendants of the devils and monsters of the constellation Leorion. And they regarded the devils and monsters of the constellation Leorion as the gods who created them. Only a very few of the White-planet people and Jooya people in the 4th dimension of the constellation Leorion have managed to retain their previous technology and knowledge. Because the pyramids can only carry people and individual creatures, they cannot carry mechanical devices. So they only carried books recording past technology to the Blue Planet and buried them in a library under the pyramids and hid them.

III. Devils and Blue-Bird Man

Since the devils and animal spirits in the 4th dimension of the Blue Planet were wiped out 13,000 years ago, in order to expand their strength, some of the devils and animal spirits who escaped to the constellation Leorion invited the Bird-headed Monsters in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion to the Blue Planet. The Bird-headed Monsters are humanoids with the Bird-headed and human-body. There are at least five or six different types of Bird-headed Monsters in the constellation Leorion. And they are each mutant of different birds, such as Eagle-Bird Monsters, Red-Bird Monsters, Yellow-Bird Monsters, Black-Bird Monsters, and so on. Among of them, the Blue-bird Monsters carries more of devil's genes and are eviler and more treacherous than other Bird-headed Monsters.

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The Bird-headed Monsters came to the Blue Planet and lived with the devils and animal spirits in the 4-dimensional space of the Blue Planet, the Penglai Fairyland. Among the various Bird-headed Monsters, the Blue-bird Monsters have the strongest superpowers. After the Great Flood, the devils lost their leader and made the Blue-bird Monsters their godfather, so that they could lead the devils in common revenge. The Blue-bird Monsters had blue skin and are about 2.4 meter tall, so they were also called Blue-bird Man.

These Blue-bird Men were the maternal or paternal uncles of the devils. Originally, there were no devils with high intelligence in the constellation of Leorion. But about 100 million years ago, some aliens from the constellation Andromeda wandered into the constellation Leorion. They were overrun by the Blue-bird Men in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion. After interbreeding with the Blue-bird Men, the Andromeda aliens gave birth to the devils with high intelligence, which is the blue-skinned, red-haired, human-headed, human-bodied, 4-meter-tall devils. The outstanding representatives of the devils were like the aforementioned Rahu and Tongtian Sect Leader. Back to the constellation Leorion, the devils touted to the White-planet people and the Jooya people that the Blue-bird Men were the Sun Gods who created the universe. Later, they brought this kind of religion idea to the Blue Planet.

The Devils lives primarily on the Tian-lang star in the constellation Leorion. Tian-lang star is the closest star to the L-solar system among the stars of the constellation Leorion. There are also two special creatures on Tian-lang star: the mermaid and the Dragon Man. A mermaid is a creature with a human-like upper body and a fish-like lower body. The Dragon Man is a creature with a human-like upper body and a dragon lower body. Both mermaids and Dragon Men are amphibious creatures that live in the water most of the time.

It should be noted that Blue-bird Men in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion is different from Blue-bird Men in the 4th dimension. Blue-bird Men in the 5th dimension are humanoids with a bird's head. The Blue-bird Men in the 4th dimension have completely body structure of birds, who can use superpowers to transform their appearance to a human-like appearance. Therefore, the Bluebird Men of the 4th dimension are also called Bluebird spirits, since they are actually bird spirits, a kind of animal spirits.

IV. Bird-headed Monsters Make People

In order to carry out their plan to destroy human genes, the Bird-headed Monsters interbred with the Jooya people of the 3rd dimension, as well as with the people in the 3rd dimension below Penglai fairyland. After several generations of interbreeding, they gave birth to many yellow-skinned new human races, forming two dozen different tribes. These new human races worshipped birds and used birds as their totems. They claimed that birds were their ancestors. Some of the new humans liked to wear feathers on their heads and crowns of feathers. Some of them liked to dress in bird-shaped clothing and imitate bird language. Some tribes even created bird texts and took birds as surnames.

About 11,000 years ago, the devils settled the new humans on the continent of Fusang through a channel in the 4th dimension. At that time, the continent of Fusang was uninhabited. These new humans established a nation called the Shao-hao Kingdom, which had official positions by the name of birds. Across the ocean, there is the largest continent on the Blue Planet called the continent of Kunlun. The Continent of Kunlun is very broad, and it spans a long distance from east to west. So the Continent of Kunlun is divided into three parts: Eastern Kunlun, Western Kunlun, and Central Kunlun.

The continent of Ahuriga is to the south of the West Kunlun Continent and is separated from the West Kunlun Continent by the sea, but is connected to the Middle Kunlun Continent by land. The north-south span of the continent of Fusang is longer than the east-west span of the continent of Kunlun, so the continent of Fusang is also divided into three parts: Northern Fusang, Southern Fusang and Central Fusang. The Shao-hao Kingdom was initially established on the Central Fusang, and gradually spread to the entire Continent of Fusang several thousand years later.

V. Ethnic groups on the continent of Mu

After seeing the newly created humans on the Blue Planet, the dog-headed humanoids wanted to interbreed with human beings to create new human races as well. These dog-headed humanoids interbred with the people in the 3-dimensional space below Penglai fairyland, giving birth to many new human races with black and brown skin. Unfortunately, not only were these new humans ugly, but they also had too low IQ and could not even learn to make the simplest of tools. They were shamed and driven away by the original humans on the Blue Planet, calling them mongrels. The devils had to put them on an island below Penglai Fairyland and keep them isolated from the world. These dog-mongrels lived the most primitive life on the island and became completely extinct after 10,000 years. Despite this, they had intermarried and interbred with the human beings around the island, which are the human beings on the continent of Mu.

When the devils first came to the Blue Planet 50,000 years ago, they brought with them two other kinds of cannibals in addition to the Tannicave Men. One type of cannibal was about 1.5 meters tall and dark-skinned cannibal, very short. They were the descendants of black monkey monsters interbred with dark-skinned devils on the constellation Leorion. The other type of cannibals are dark brown skinned cannibals with curly brown hair. They are hybrid offspring of the brown ape interbred with the dark-skinned devils. A hundred thousand years ago, both of these cannibals had interbred with Andromedins, Jooya people, and White-planet people on constellation Leorion, so they had slightly higher IQs than the other cannibals. After they were brought to the Blue Planet 50,000 years ago, they became the dominant human races on the continent of Mu.

After the Great Flood, the devils sent various cannibals and devils to all over the Blue Planet through the pyramids. Various cannibals and strange humanoid creatures appeared on the Blue Planet, especially in the forests and tropical islands near the equator. For example, there was a humanoid with red hair, a human head and an unusually long head. It was later discovered after DNA identification that these long-headed people were actually an amphibian or reptile but with a human body. They were actually a type of devil on the constellation Leorion. The devils, monsters, cannibals, and animal spirits occupy the 4th dimensions of Penglai Fairyland and the South Pole of the Blue Planet. There are about seven passages from the 4-dimensional space of Penglai Fairyland to the 3-dimensional space all over the Blue Planet. These long-headed people found on the Blue Planet appear near the three exits of these passages.

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Chapter 2: Devils Begin to Control Humans

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