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Determining the Challenges and Opportunities: The Parent or Guardian Engagement and Community Engagement

Parents or guardians, along with the whole community, play an important role in promoting children's studies. There are often challenges and opportunities along the way that influence their engagement in the success of their assigned tasks.

Parent/Guardian Engagement

Parents or guardians play an important role in educating their children in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. They act as learning facilitators or teachers for their own children at home. Apart from collecting and returning the modules, they are expected to attend a weekly orientation on how to teach their children the contents of the modules. It is through this activity that they explain their questions about the teaching of their own children.

Prior to their children's module time, parents are responsible for scheduling their activities for the week, taking into account the specified learning tasks set out in the parents' guide and the teaching and learning guides. Parents need to ensure that they have a clear place in the house where they work with their children to respond to the modules. Apart from that they need to follow their timeline in order to ensure that the task is carried out before the deadline.

In the course of educating their children, parents are asked to explain the content of the lessons. If they face challenges, they should get in contact with the teachers so that they can receive support and assistance immediately. In addition, parents are encouraged to read the contents of the modules in advance so that they can refer to Google when they do not understand the contents of the modules.

Children are given opportunities to work on their own with the different tasks set out in the modules. This is the best way to help children develop their awareness and learning skills. During this time, parents need to make sure that their children are still working on their modules. Likewise, from time to time, they need to ask questions about the content of the lessons and the activities.

Monitoring the development of students is often related to the role of parents as learning facilitators. They need to ensure that their children learn lessons. These can be achieved by testing their responses to the different activities. Note that modules are prepared for self-learning purposes, and this is why key answers are given at the end of the module page. Students improve when they consistently get passing scores in any task.

In this time of the pandemic, parents need to manage their time carefully to fulfill the needs of their children. Lucky are the parents who have children who can study their lessons for the week individually. However, there are only a few students who do not need the parents' support when completing their assigned modules. There are also several concerns concerning parents who are reacting to their children's modules. If they continue to do these things, this is a guarantee that their children can learn little from their lessons for the remainder of the modular distance learning process. Parents must always understand the advantage of encouraging their children to learn the substance of the lesson. It is not just about grades, but it is all about knowing that they can learn from their daily lessons.

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Community Engagement

Community leaders are committed to assisting schools in the execution of the contents of the learning continuity plan. As a matter of fact, during the school presentations to the community, community leaders show their full support for school services, such as acting as pick-up points for the students' modules and learning activity sheets. Many of these items are sealed in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Apart from that, officials from Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) also state their willingness to act as learning facilitators for students who do not have anyone to attend their studies. This is typically achieved in the vicinity of the barangay hall, where the health and safety protocols of COVID-19 are strictly observed. Likewise, they see to it that they appeal only to a small number of participants. This program of SK officials is highly recommended because it solves one of the issues with the introduction of modular distance learning.

Local leaders are also serious in their search for school assistance. They also knocked on those who are rich people in the community to share some of their blessings on the school's printing supplies they wanted. They use their charisma to collect funds for school use. As a matter of fact, a small sum shared, when combined with the others, there is a great likelihood that the barangay will collect enough to buy the school materials needed by the schools.

In addition, LGUs also allocate funds for printing modules, supplies and materials for printing modules, as well as equipment such as printers. There are several LGUs that have the capacity to purchase tablets for students and laptops for teachers in order to carry out an online class. These LGU officials are funding the online class because they agree that it is often best for students to communicate with their teachers and classmates.

The community cannot be ignored in the implementation of the various DepEd programs. They serve as partners or stakeholders in the schools where mutual ties are formed. Local officials are often willing to assist schools under their jurisdiction. Apart from part of their roles and obligations, it is easier to have a good relationship with the various institutions in the society. A successful community leader is one who sees the needs of community members at the same level, able to offer the support they need.

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