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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill & Fukushima Disaster Part of World Wide Conspiracy

Deepwater Horizon

Russia's President Medvedev labeled this  disaster the worst environmental catastrophe the world will ever know.

Russia's President Medvedev labeled this disaster the worst environmental catastrophe the world will ever know.

Environmental Disasters

As the title of this article Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill & Fukushima Disaster Part of World Wide Conspiracy suggests I will explore the possibility that both these disasters were part of a much broader global conspiracy to poison the worlds food supply, control the world's resources and move populations into smaller compact locations. Because of the implications of such a claim proposes I will provide evidence that will show how both of these environmental disasters were indeed created by man to seem like 'accidents' when in fact both were specifically designed to cripple the world's food supply, fueled by evil intentions of greed and power.

Just prior to the Deepwater Horizontal Oil well explosion in the Gulf of Mexico many large stockholders of BP began dumping their stock, which not only allowed them to make a huge profit but shows that they had insider information that this event was pre-planned.

However before we get into the get rich quick aspect of this scheme, let's consider a reason why this conspiracy would be put into place in the first place, shall we?

According to a recent Yahoo.News article and further research on the subject, Genifuel Corporation through an invention by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is able to turn algae and other wet bio-mass such as wastewater solids, dairy waste, feedstock waste and beer making waste into gasified fuel gas. This conversion process is 99% efficient and when processed even further can produce renewable natural gas, fuel for transportation, electricity and even crude oil.

The one draw back is obtaining large of amounts of algae (pond scum) for production purposes, ah but all is not lost as we enter the . . .

The Dead Zone

As you can see from this photo the Gulf of Mexico is literally burning up, as 1.6 million liters of oil are spilled into the water everyday!

As you can see from this photo the Gulf of Mexico is literally burning up, as 1.6 million liters of oil are spilled into the water everyday!

Dead Zone

This photo shows just the Dead Zone surrounding the Mississippi Delta region but it is far larger.

This photo shows just the Dead Zone surrounding the Mississippi Delta region but it is far larger.

The Dead Zone

According to a New York Times article written fifteen years ago in 1998 the 'Dead Zone' located in the Gulf of Mexico stretches for more than 7,000 square miles. This area of the Gulf is almost completely devoid of life, except algae which flourishes in the oxygen depleted water.

Scientist warned that unless steps were taken to control overfishing, coastal development and pollution this Dead Zone would multiply. The leading cause of this environmental catastrophe is from excess nutrients such as nitrogen from chemicals such as fertilizer used in farming from agricultural States such as Iowa and Nebraska. However it is not the only cause as sewage treatment waste water, industrial waste and atmospheric pollutants also contribute to this growing problem.

All of these factors contribute to large amounts of nitrogen run off that finds its way into the Mississippi river and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. To understand the impact this has had on the Gulf of Mexico one needs only consider that 7,000 square miles is roughly the size of the State of New Jersey and that was fifteen years ago. Every time the Mississippi floods and it has many times since 1998, even more pollutants from the farm rich land surrounding the river basin finds its way into the Gulf.

Now add the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster to the mix and viola you have a huge Dead Zone or the biggest algae farm in the world depending on your point of view. In an article I read debunking the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill conspiracy it notes that the Obama Administration has now restricted access to oil spill zones by created laws prohibiting fly overs and researchers in vessels from entering 'safety zones'.

This is an obvious attempt to shape the 'news' and limit access to acquiring it while preventing the public from gathering it on their own, however after three years I can safely say that 'the cat is out of the bag.'

Obviously this plan was put into play in advance, as a contingency, of the two major wars the US has fought in the last fifteen years for control of oil in the Middle East. However it shows that The Powers That Be are always two or three moves ahead of what the public is aware of in terms of controlling the worlds resources.

Because the implications of this nefarious plan involve, not only crude oil from algae but the depletion of food sources (seafood), loss of livelihood for residents in the Gulf Coast States and the eventual depopulation of the region, it is important to understand the reasons for this.

So why would the United States of America wish to depopulate the Gulf Coast region, you ask?

Dead Zone

As this second photo shows taken in 2011 the Dead Zone from farm runoff is fa larger than what is shown around the delta region, covering most of the Southern US Coastline.

As this second photo shows taken in 2011 the Dead Zone from farm runoff is fa larger than what is shown around the delta region, covering most of the Southern US Coastline.

Population Control

The most obvious answer is for control, because if you can create an event which provides citizens with the motivation to move into denser packed areas of population such as cities and large towns, it then it becomes far easier to control these large populations and you do not have the added expense of moving them yourself, they do it for you.

In any chess game it is important try to think at least three to four moves ahead of your opponent. Large urban centers, where there is a camera on every street corner, and let's face it even in the small town I live in I see them everywhere, it becomes child's play to monitor your every move.

Big Brother Is Watching!

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It is easier to feed, cloth and provide energy to a population that is located in one spot, than spread over a wide area of land and of course easier to not feed, cloth and provide energy as well.

Now for the kicker . . . In 2007 the U.S. Government allocated $40 BILLION dollars to the Army Corps of Engineers for a project to depopulate the Gulf Coast region of the United States. This relocation project was first revealed on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory T.V. show in 2010 and admitted to by then Army Corp of Engineers spokesperson S.I. Rees, whom downplayed the importance of the project.

The projects funding is now classified as part of the National Security mandate, Gee go figure!

What is important to realize is that because of the toxic chemical Corexit (known to cause cancer in anything that lives and breathes) was used in the clean up efforts of the oil spill which has already found its way into the atmosphere, local farmers are already reporting toxic rain fall as far away as Memphis, TN. Corexit has already found its way into the food and water supply in the region.

Now consider how a large majority of the clean up workers for the Exxon Valdez (1989) oil spill disaster never reached the age of 50 and you begin to get a picture of how this disaster will effectively control the population and depopulate the region.

However when orchestrating any global conspiracy it is important to always have a contingency plan just in case mother nature doesn't cooperate with your evil intentions and nefarious schemes.

New Madrid Fault Zone

This US Navy Map shows what they expect the US to look like after the New Madrid Fault Zone adjusts, after an earthquake.

This US Navy Map shows what they expect the US to look like after the New Madrid Fault Zone adjusts, after an earthquake.

Bayou Corne, LA Sinkhole

As the sinkhole keeps growing evacuations have begun fearing radioactive pollution and explosions.

As the sinkhole keeps growing evacuations have begun fearing radioactive pollution and explosions.

New Sinkhole in England

Methane Gas

Methane Gas is a colorless, oderless gas and the main component of natural gas, the smell of tert butylthiol is blended with it as a safety measure so that leaks can be noticed. Methane Gas is used in electrical generation by burning it as a fuel.

The gas is formed by anaerobic decay of organic matter below the surface of the Earth, in most environments it is the final step in the decomposition of biomass. However conservative estimates have provided that 51% of all global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by livestock and their production (cow farts).

While methane gas is not toxic by itself it can replace and disperse oxygen in enclosed areas leading to asphyxiation in humans. However according to researcher Andrea Silverthorne “Methane gas oxidizes in the atmosphere first to a transitory toxic substance call methanol and then moves to formaldehyde and water vapor. Both are very dangerous gases, because formaldehyde is toxic, and water vapor traps heat.”

What this means is that Formaldehyde (because it is a heavy gas) forming in the atmosphere, it then drops to the Earth where it is at rest at night but rises back into the air as it warms from the sun during the day. However it is not limited to just the air and also is found in water as well. Formaldehyde in water is one of the most lethal poisons and because all animals drink water and fish live in water, they are generally the first ones to die from levels that would not be lethal to humans.

Formaldehyde has a shelf life of 9 years, meaning that we may see more and more fish and bird kills as high levels of methane are released into the atmosphere. Silverthorne goes on to say “Even in low levels formaldehyde causes immune reactions. As levels go higher it can cause hypothermia, asphyxiation, and ultimately acidosis, which literally eats you from the inside out.”

Other Depopulation Methods

Most people have heard of the Bayou Corne, LA sinkhole which is expelling large amounts of methane gas and has been expanding for the last several years but do they realize its connection to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster?

The oil still emanating from the ocean floor contains 40% methane gas, which does not dissipate on its own and many scientist such as John Kessler of Texas A&M University whom is studying the impact methane gas from the spill is having on the environment in the region, feels it is likely that this methane gas will find its way to shore. Another expert on the subject Merchant Marine Captain Kelly Sweeney has publicly stated that methane explosions will rise in the region due to the methane influx into the area.

This region of the Unites States has already seen a recent rash of what is being 'labeled' industrial explosions so as not to panic the public. In June of 2013 natural gas transmission line exploded in rural Louisiana, sending a huge fiireball into the sky. This was only a week after nitrogen fertilizer plant explosion in Donaldsville, Louisiana killed one worker.

Two days before that a fire and explosion occurred at the Geismar petrochemical plant near the Bayou Corne sinkhole, killing two and injuring 77 workers. Two months before in April another fertilizer plant in Texas exploded killing 15 and injuring over 200, leading to evacuations.

Because there are so many large cavities under the ground in the region more commonly known as 'salt domes' which are used as natural storage containers for natural gas and crude oil, this also exacerbates the problem and adds more uncertainty to an already volatile situation.

Adding even more uncertainty, the whole area sits right on top off the New Madrid Fault Zone, which many experts, including, FEMA and the US Navy consider long over due for a major event. However if one were serious about depopulating the region as US Government seems to be (to the tune of $40 Billion dollars), introducing technology such as HAARP which reportedly is capable of triggering an earthquake, would seem to be the natural course of action.

Any large earthquake in the area would most likely demand mandatory evacuations, not too mention create unstable conditions that could very likely lead to more underground natural gas line explosions and destabilize the region entirely. It could very well shut down the oil industry in the Gulf but at the very least require the 40 million people that live in the region to move elsewhere.

Of course it still begs the question who stands to profit from all of this depopulation and environmental disaster type scenarios? After all if it was just left up to nature and chance would any of this be happening at all, so it would stand to reason that having some insider information would be very useful and perhaps even profitable as well.

Let's now take a look at some of the players in this global conspiracy to control and manipulate the world's food supply while depopulating certain regions of the Earth through natural disasters labeled as 'accidents'.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

As you can see from this photo the size of the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill is immense and keeps growing everyday.

As you can see from this photo the size of the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill is immense and keeps growing everyday.

The Peter Sutherland Connection

Now if you haven't had your fill of coincidences, allow me to offer one more, that neatly wraps up this conspiracy of evil. Globalist Peter Sutherland was the Chairman of the Trilateral Commission from 2001 to 2010, former head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and is a member of the Bilderberg Group, among other notorious groups.

He was the CEO of BP Oil from 1996 to 2009 and after resigning he became a non-executive CEO of Goldman Sachs, however what is even more interesting is that in 2006 he became a 'special representative' of the United Nations International Migration and Development committee (SRSG).

Yet through all of these interesting links to nefarious groups involved in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster, he remains a person of non interest to the Congressional Investigation into this 'accident' and is not listed on any Congressional document relating to their inquiry, things that make you go Hmmm!

Insider Information

According to an article by David Hodges of the Common Sense Show, three years prior to the event (Deepwater Oil Disaster) Goldman Sachs, reorganized Transocean the owner of the oil rig involved in the explosion into a Cayman Island corporation. This created a safety buffer from any future investigations by the US Congress.

Then on the morning of the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, Goldman Sachs instituted a put option on Transocean stock for Transocean insiders. However only weeks before the disaster they had doubled their insurance coverage through Lloyds of London, which allowed them to collect $270 million dollars after the explosion.

For those of you unaware of what a put option is I have included a definition from Wikipedia to help clarify the situation. In finance, a put or put option is a stock market device which gives the owner the right, but not the obligation, to sell an asset, at a specified price, by a predetermined date to a given party. Put options are most commonly used in the stock market to protect against the decline of the price of a stock below a specified price.

However the financial aspects of this disaster become even more suspicious when we look at the players involved that got even more rich from dumping their BP stock options prior to the event.

  • Goldman Sachs sold the majority of their BP stock options in the weeks leading up to this event, according to the above mentioned article 4,680,822.
  • Wachovia Bank National Association a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs sold over 2,500,000 million options.
  • Sanders Capital, LLC also got in on the act dumping 1,371,785.
  • Noted globalist George Soros and PNC Bank sold a little over 1,000,000 million as well.

Also BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his BP holdings in the weeks before this event allowing him to avoid staggering financial losses and pay off the mortgage for his estate in Kent, England.

Oh but it gets better or worse as the case maybe, according to a FSB (Financial Stability Board) report President Obama's only asset holder Vanguard I and Vanguard II, sold off over 1.5 million shares just weeks prior to this environmental catastrophe in the Gulf. The FSB publishes on 18 December an annual update on countries' adherence to regulatory and supervisory standards on international cooperation and information exchange.

This might better explain why the White House appointed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) director Lisa Jackson did not condemn BP for using the least effective and toxic chemical Corexit as an oil dispersant in the cleanup efforts. BP and Goldman Sachs hold the controlling interest in the company Nalco the manufacturer of . . . wait for it . . . Corexit.

Speaking of pond scum any American conspiracy of global proportions isn't complete without the greedy money sucking parasite we all know and love as Halliburton.

Eleven days before this tragedy Haliburton of Dick Cheney fame, bought Boots and Coots the largest oil clean up firm in the world for a cool $250 million dollars. Coincidentally Halliburton just so happen to be drilling at the base of the Deepwater Horizon and had much of the Boots and Coots technology on hand, things that make you go . . . Hmmm!

If Halliburton isn't rich enough consider that their profits increased 83% in the three months after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

If anyone still thinks censorship on the internet isn't a prevalent theme in today's society, all they need do is consider that six weeks after this huge environmental disaster affecting millions of internet users, the BP Corporation bought both Google and Yahoo search terms allowing them to conceal the truth to this event from the public.

Perhaps instead of considering me a conspiracy theorist nutard, folks should just label me a coincidence theorist, cause the coincidences just keep piling up. I mean you have to laugh at the blatant disregard for any kind of moral or ethical considerations on the players in this scheme to not only bilk millions from the American taxpayers but to do it right under their noses.

Insider Information

Fukushima Explosion

The Fukushima Disaster has been blamed on an earthquake, that seismologist consider odd due to the lack of aftershocks  and any prior seismic activity.

The Fukushima Disaster has been blamed on an earthquake, that seismologist consider odd due to the lack of aftershocks and any prior seismic activity.

Radiation Dispersal

In this photo the dispersal flow of radiation from the Fukushima Disaster indicate that it now covers all of the Pacific Ocean.

In this photo the dispersal flow of radiation from the Fukushima Disaster indicate that it now covers all of the Pacific Ocean.

Fukushima Tsunami

The greatest cause of death wasn't from the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant but from the resulting tsunami, triggered by the earthquake in the Mariana Trench, 45 miles away. According to a livescience article over 18,000 people died from the tsunami as it raced over six miles inland and covered over 217 square miles with waves that reached 128 feet above sea level.

Tsunamis are a series of waves and are not tidal waves, these waves can be five minutes to an hour apart and return to the ocean as quickly as they arrive. In the open ocean tsunamis may reach 500 miles an hour but slow down considerably as they reach shallow water and shore lines.

Tsunamis are triggered by earthquakes on the ocean's floor and are usually proceeded by the water on the shore receding very quickly, which should give any one near the shore as much as five minutes to move to higher ground. However it is estimated that only 58% of the people in Japan heeded the tsunami warning and moved to higher ground indicating that over forty percent did not take the threat seriously.

The two pronged result of the Fukushima Disaster created a vast region of Northern Japan 'flooded' with high levels of radiation poisoning while the tsunami destroyed a wide swath of structures, homes, boats and businesses. Unable to affectively control the radiation leaks from the damaged power plant has meant that radiation poisoning has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean for almost three years.

For a nation dependent on fishing as one of their main sources of food and livelihood this could be a death sentence and at the very least give rise to diseases (cancer), famine and affect birth rates.

Fukushima Disaster

It has been widely speculated on the internet that the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown event of 3/11/2011 and subsequent tsunami was actually a manmade event and there is much evidence to support this. Let's review some of the irregular events leading up to the Fukushima Disaster to support this contention.

  • In early March 2011, Secretary of State Kurt Cambell meets with DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa and offers him the rights to Zeolite (owned by Rockefeller), which is a chemical now being used in the cleanup efforts of the Fukushima Power Plant, which is a subsidiary of General Electric which is also partially owned and controlled by Rockefeller.
  • Local Japanese media reports in January of 2011 the deep sea drilling vessel Chikyu Maru is drilling holes near the Mariana Trench, at what later was the exact epicenter of the quakes. 14 of the 15 man team of the Japan Self-Defense Force used to place (nuclear) explosive devices into the holes drilled by the Chikyu Maru are found murdered. They were told the explosives were part of an experiment. The lone survivor published a book one year later entitled The Shocking Truth of Why Japan was Attacked with an Artificial Earthquake on 311, he is now in hiding.
  • The stock price for Higashi Nihon House, a maker of cheap discount housing in Northern Japan sky rockets 40% on March 10th, one day before the event.
  • Evidence now shows that explosions and fire occurred at the Fukushima Power Planet before the earthquake struck and hours before the tsunami occurred.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israeli was recorded threatening Naoto Kan on the day of the event (March 11, 2011) that he would have the employees of the Israeli company Magna B.S.P., that provides security for all the nuclear power plants in Japan, to blow up these facilities if Kan didn't comply with his demands for financial compensation.
  • Weeks before the attack/earthquake/tsunami Japan Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa had publicy stated at the G7 meeting that he was considering selling $100 Billion of his US Treasure bonds to the European Union and other foreign investors, the US was openly against this idea. When he returned to Japan following the meeting he was found murdered.
  • It has long been alleged by the Russian Military brass that the Kursk Nuclear Submarine Disaster in 2000 was no 'accident' but a planned black ops mission to steal the nuclear warheads on board by global elitist. Supposedly these were the nuclear devices used to trigger the earthquake.

The actual Fukushima meltdown was designed to raise the local radioactivity in the area to mask the nuclear devices used in the off shore explosion that triggered the tsunami, that killed more than 18,000 people throughout Northern Japan. It is speculated that the nuclear disaster was designed to force the Japanese government to shutdown all of its nuclear power plants in the country, so that they would become more dependent on Middle East Oil controlled by the US and effectively cripple their economy.

However what is even more important is that by failing to control the Fukushima Disaster area the entire Pacific Ocean is at risk of major fall out radiation, effectively depleting a major food supply for Japan. According to Benjamin Fulford (former Finance Minister of Japan) Japanese gangsters working for the Mossad and CIA have been clandestinely dumping its nuclear waste into the area without anyone becoming aware of the increased radiation.

Many scientist and whistle blowers contend that the nuclear fallout due to this disaster is far greater than what the public is being told. We are now seeing high levels of radiation on the West Coast of the United States.

However the bottom line to this nuclear disaster regardless of how it happened is that almost twenty thousand people died, and even to this day over 300,000 still live in temporary housing and shelters in a more densely packed area without any hope of returning to their homes, talk about population control.

Fukushima Tsunami

The tsunami from the earthquake triggered by explosives in the Mariana Trench killed over 15,000 people in very short period of time.

The tsunami from the earthquake triggered by explosives in the Mariana Trench killed over 15,000 people in very short period of time.


While it may difficult to prove who knew what and when they knew it, both 'accidents' show that many top players in the global power structure had advance warning that these 'accidents' would happen. Unless they have a crystal ball, this shows collusion at the very least and at the most a nefarious scheme to poison the world's food supply, while depopulating certain regions of the world.

What is interesting to note, is that two unrelated small news articles lead me to write this story. One was how Japan is using homeless people as workers for the leaking Fukushima power plant Disaster, as if their lives are worth less than the average citizen. The other was how researchers had now developed an efficient means of converting algae to crude oil in less than an hour.

This is why I try to stress in all my articles to look beyond each and every 'News' story and try and determine the truth for yourselves. In this day and age of internet information there is no excuse for people not to be aware of the world we live in and the often darker secrets behind most 'accidents', natural disasters, wars and world events. If it involves money, someone is making it, usually at the expense of an unsuspecting public.

The amount of research I did on this article provided me with enough material to write a book and suffice to say many other startling points mysteries and events were revealed but in an effort to keep things simple and to the point I edited a lot out.

So while evil billionaires continue to manipulate markets by creating problems and then offering solutions in an effort to remain billionaires and enjoy the control, enslavement and freedom it provides, the rest of the world can only sit back and wonder what makes mankind so evil?

Hopefully this article Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill & Fukushima Disaster Part of World Wide Conspiracy has provided enough food for thought, excuse the pun, to spark the imagination and allow people to become more inquisitive to some of the natural disasters, industrial explosions and unexplained phenomenon the news media labels 'accidents'.

Gulf of Mexico

© 2014 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 18, 2014:

The Dark Hats are trying to create confusion however I'm with you as far as paying less attention to the negative and seeing positives in everything.

To create the new paradigm we must formulate the principles in our mind while not buying into the confusion, it gives it credence which is counter productive. However the truth must be exposed so that we don't recognize the falsehoods being spread.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on July 18, 2014:

Wow, reading your very comprehensive article again. I'm truly shocked that there might be a connection between the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown the tsunami and Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Hearing yesterday about the Malaysian Passenger Boeing Plane -Mh17 that departed from Amsterdam to be shot down over Russia makes me again wonder what is truly going on. Keep exposing what some call conspiracies Daniel. It's part of the awakening process.

William J. Prest from Vancouver, Canada on July 17, 2014:

This is indeed a long one, and very, very interesting. I have saved a copy to read offline without outside interruptions and for reasons indicated elsewhere. I may be able to get back with a better analysis, but for now I say I agree with most of what I've read with the addition, which you may have covered, that this spill affected the entire Atlantic Ocean when the suspended oil got swept up by the Gulf Stream, winding up in the N. Atlantic, Britain and western Europe. Add to this that the Pacific is now an irradiated mess and this is still intensifying. What you say makes total sense!

Debra Allen from West By God on July 16, 2014:

Very interesting information, especially about the drilling in Japan prior to the tsunami. Sharing!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 04, 2014:

Thank you Nadine, it is always nice to have a spiritually awake individual recognize one of my articles. People ask me why I write about conspiracies when there is nothing we can do about them anyway and I always tell them the same answer . . . simply to be aware.

Knowledge is Power, the key of course is turning it into wisdom but those without it usually end up paying for it . . . one way another. So by becoming aware we will not be so easily fooled by deception.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on January 04, 2014:

Very well written article, I will share it on Facebook. You are not alone in exposing all this. Keep at it and it will be noticed.

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