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David Vs Goliath Or the Revolution of Drones

Nikolas tries to find common points in agressive actions as the biological as social, military systems

How It Began

  • The military actions began from the attacks of UAV of different types. There were Turkish apparatuses Bayractar TB2 with precision weapons, missiles, and bombs, also, drones-kamikaze Nahop of Israel's production. Besides, Azerbaijan used the remade under UAV biplanes (agricultural AN-2), a crop duster in the quality of the decoy.
  • Armenian Air Defense was firing them, showing own positions.
  • According to videos spread by Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan 26 sets of Air Defense and 12 radars were destroyed. In October and November drones destroyed also certain elements of the far distance antiaircraft missile complexes C-300 and one of the most modern set Top-M2KM, the complex of the Russian production.
  • Besides, during all military actions drones targeting artillery on tanks and concentration of infantry. There were episodes of combined fire from drones and missile sets during the massive attacks of Armenian infantry

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drones



Low price and exploitation

Loading of small and medium-sized drones is limited


Absence the pilot on board

It requires compromise between the weight of weapons and that of sensors


Possibility to accomplish out multi-tasks operartions

Drones depends on the quality of radio service which is necessary for interterconnection with the operator


Drones are a very important part of information part on the battle field

Explanations About One of Advantages, Low Price and Exploitation

  • The attack drones of small and middle-sized class are the platforms for using high precision firing and advanced instruments for observation and reconnaissance. They can strike the greater part of targets on the battle area and in the back areas, leaving the simple air vehicles in comparison with modern piloted planes and helicopters. Herewith the relatively low price and simplicity permit to build them much more than piloted vehicles.
  • A similar concept becomes more popular for many navies of the world. It stands the powerful high precision weapons on the small and low price ships, such as destroyers, frigates, and corvettes.

About One Disadvantage - Compromise Between the Weight of Weapons and That of Sensors

  • During the war in Karabakh Canada banned supplies in Turkey optic electronic stations Wescam. This is the main set of sensors for UAV Bayractar TB2. It permits to see techniques and people for distance in many kilometres and measures targets till 20 km by dint of the laser range-finder.
  • Turks were ready for this turnout. They announced about the own optical station CATS.It has a similar characteristic to the Canadian one, but its weight is more than 10 kg. It means the minus of two 6.5 kg bombs with the laser steering MAM-C.

Aksungur, a New Turkish Unmanned Aerial Vehicle



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Technical Characteristics of Aksungur

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. With what lazer is the drone equipped?
    • Copper vapor lazer
    • Ruby lazer
    • Fiber lazer
  2. What is the guidance kit of lazer?
    • It includes an inertial navigation unit
    • Global positioning system
    • Navigation unit, positioning system, missile computer
  3. Into what jet was it originally integrated?
    • F-16
    • Hurricane
    • Mirage

Answer Key

  1. Fiber lazer
  2. Navigation unit, positioning system, missile computer
  3. F-16

Biological Weapon Against Drones Or the Potential of Eagles

Future of Drones

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