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Dark Ether

Dark Ether, Energy, and Matter

Dark Ether, Energy, and Matter

The work of the “Dark” is one of Theory. Evidence of the existence of dark matter or energy is common, but when you are dealing in the world of Theory, nothing is guaranteed. Dark matter and energy even have “known” amounts in the Universe. Wikipedia has the percentage of dark matter at 27%, and dark energy at 68% whereas the ordinary matter only comprises 5%. Most of the calculations are based off of the relationship of gravitational effects when the matter that can been seen doesn’t add up to what is observed. Therefore a dark material or energy must exist that cannot been seen in order for the observable gravitation equation to balance out.

Dark matter is thought to maybe be comprised of a subatomic particle that has yet to be discovered. Look at dark matter as more of a transition from observable matter to dark energy or ether. If you look at a black hole you get almost everything you want from dark matter. Black holes are simply observable matter that collapsed to become too massive to allow light to escape. Black holes can be made in a number of ways, but in the end all have the same unfortunate aversion to natural light. If we imagine that all matter that enters a black hole is contained only in that black hole, we can assume that all subatomic particles are crushed to the point of no separation. If any matter enters a black hole, and all matter is contained without the ability to discharge energy, then the black hole can only grow. If a black hole has a maximum size, then it’s only logical that there must be some kind of energy conservation that allows matter in the form of energy to be released.

Dark energy as defined by Wikipedia is a magic force of energy that has the opposite effect of gravity. Dark energy in this construct is a repulsing force, pushing things or matter into acceleration. Luckily for us the theory on dark energy is incomplete. Although it is thought that somehow we have an energy that has no mass or particles floating around the universe at an astounding 68% of the observable universe, we have no record of seeing it. If it isn’t part of the observable universe, it must be contained in the non-observable portion. Scientist call this energy dark because it can’t be seen. I personally feel it is just the first part of 4th dimensional physics. If this energy exist in the 4th dimension, it could theoretically still influence objects in the 3rd dimension.

The creation of dark energy and the different forms of dark energy are still theoretical. If a black hole is the creating dark matter from 3rd dimensional matter, it would seem likely dark energy would be created as a release. When you look at nuclear force in an atom, you understand atoms couldn’t exist without it. When you create so much gravity that protons cannot separate regardless of whether nuclear force is present, you might assume this energy would be redundant. Nuclear force may be the energy that is released from a black hole. Currently we have subatomic particles that achieve this force, therefore scientist should be able to measure this. Unless the decay of nuclear force from black holes results in only dark energy.

Dark energy is just a broad term for all energy that cannot be observed directly in the 3rd dimension and has multiple roles. There could be many sub versions of dark energy, just like subatomic particles, we can have multiple dark energy influences. In “The Soul is Dark Energy” I argued for the 4th dimension aspect of dark energy that is the soul. Dark energy can also theoretically be life force. Dark energy may also have a positive gravity or a negative gravity effect. The coolest part of dark energy to me is the idea that it has a form between energy and matter. Lets call this phase “Dark Ether”.

Dark ether is a term I would like to use as the “gas” form of dark matter. We can also use this dark ether to explain why the universe expands quicker the closer to the edges. If you go back to the “Big Infinite” I never touched on why matter would become energy as the universe expands. In Newtonian physics gravity should hold all the matter together though interactions like orbiting. The model currently says dark energy keeps galaxies and nebula’s from constantly crashing into one another creating more black holes. If we decide that all the energy from the initial explosion of the big bang is contained in a dark ether. This dark ether could exert a gravitation attraction to all the matter left behind, thus constantly pulling matter towards the edges of the universe and accelerating it. If matter loses its balance and falls into a black hole, or ventures to far away from 3rd dimensional gravity, the ether would pull it away. An ether could accelerate any matter to the speed of energy, converting it into more ether. Much like a single black hole, the ether would consume everything.

Theoretical concepts like dark ether, energy, and matter are a great way to conceptualize the universe. They will eventually bridge the gap between particle physics and Newtonian physics. Knowing that something influences the 3rd dimension, without being able to see it, will give way to 4th dimensional physics. Understanding that science and religion can exist in the without be contrary to one another. I am excited about the future and how 4th dimensional physics will change understanding about what is possible. For today, I think the addition of dark ether to the conversation is enough.

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Michael Reichelt

March 17, 2022

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