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Cry Baby Lane: The Movie Nickelodeon Banned

I've been interested in researching the supernatural and paranormal for many years.

Late in 2000, Nickelodeon aired a horror movie, as part of its Halloween line-up. Turns out, it was no ordinary horror movie, and evidently not suitable for children. There was an uproar, among parents, who swiftly complained to the kids channel and got the movie banned forever. Nickelodeon never showed the movie again and it never went to video. Such a horror it was.

What was this movie about?


First of all, the movie is based on an old ghost story, or urban legend, coming out of Ohio. The story goes something like this.

A pair of twins were born in Ohio. They were conjoined twins. One was evil, the other was good. One gets sick, so the other gets sick. They both die.

The father hid them in shame while they were alive and was even more secretive after their death. He cut them in half with a saw and buried the good one, properly, at the cemetery. The other one, the bad one, was tossed somewhere at the end of a road called Cry Baby Lane.

It is said you can hear the cries of the evil twin down there at Cry Baby Lane, calling for vengeance for what had happened to him.

That is the gist of the legend. The movie follows a couple guys who decide to put on a séance to impress some girls. They do it at the cemetery and their fake séance turns real when they actually hear the voice of the dead twin. The evil twin proceeds to take over the souls in the town and all heck breaks loose.

So that's the story in a nutshell.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, from Sabrina Teenage Witch, hosted Cry Baby Lane when it aired the one and only time on Nickelodeon.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, from Sabrina Teenage Witch, hosted Cry Baby Lane when it aired the one and only time on Nickelodeon.

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Other Rumors

The movie was directed by Peter Lauer, who is actually famous for directing music videos. There has been a long-standing Internet rumor about the movie, and about Lauer, that seems to explain why the movie is such a cursed horror.

According to a supposed former intern at Nickelodeon, there were strange happenings at the studio during production of the movie. The stand-out event was when Lauer was showing pictures on an overhead projector and the images turned "real" complete with children bleeding from their eyeballs.

The intern claims Lauer had some kind of bizarre control, almost a psychic one, over the whole production team. He also claims that Lauer had some terrifyingly horrific ideas for the movie involving such things as cannibalism and human mutilation. Of course, these things are not good subject matter for children. Also, these are claims spread on the Internet by a supposed ex-intern at Nickelodeon. No one knows if they're true.

We do know the film itself disappeared for years. Fortunately, members of Reddit got their hands on an old VHS copy and uploaded it to the Internet some years ago. You can watch the movie below.

Cry Baby Lane: Full Movie

So, cursed or not, and whether rumors about the production are true or not, you can judge for yourself whether this movie should have been banned, whether the outcry from parents was justified or not. One thing is certain, the bad press has just given the movie more impetus, more rumors and more people seeking it out to watch it.

And that's the beauty of the Internet.

Frank Langella was one of the stars of Cry Baby Lane.

Frank Langella was one of the stars of Cry Baby Lane.

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