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Crop Circles, Plasma and Zero Point Energy, What They Don't Want You to Know!

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary

Crop Circles as Blueprints

This Crop Circle is reported to show a diagram for a blueprint to an zero point energy source of unlimited power. Visualize the rings of circles as interlocking gears rotating in harmony, both counter & clockwise.

This Crop Circle is reported to show a diagram for a blueprint to an zero point energy source of unlimited power. Visualize the rings of circles as interlocking gears rotating in harmony, both counter & clockwise.

Crop Circles

You cannot live on the planet Earth, consider yourself a Seeker of the Truth and not have heard or read about Crop Circles at some point in your life. They are a mysterious phenomenon that appear all across our planet, where ever crops are grown. These artistic geometric shapes and designs are as varied as the ideas and theories we have for those who make them and leave them behind. In this article Crop Circles, Plasma And Zero Point Energy, What They Don't Want You To Know!, I will share with my readers some of the more unknown information on this fascinating subject that has been carefully censored from public knowledge and expose to the reader to why this has been done.

A fellow Seeker of the Truth, Patty Greer inspired me to write this article, after corresponding with her and buying and listening to her video Crop Circle Diaries. I would consider her an expert in this field of study, she has won many awards for her video documentaries exploring the subject of Crop Circles but perhaps the greatest backhanded compliment to her extensive research on this topic is that much of her work has been stolen.

The most important idea to consider about Crop Circles is that they are not merely fantastic works of art, left by some unknown party but carefully designed codes or diagrams of information presented to enlighten the public. These designs are pictograms for the subconscious, like logos in advertising, to impress upon the viewer concepts and ideas that will stimulate the mind at a later time. That when interpreted correctly, offer humanity blueprints and diagrams that will show humanity;

  • How to tap into unlimited natural power supplies.
  • How to produce clean energy sources.
  • How to produce abundant and unending food and other resources.
  • How to clean up pollution and produce clean air and fresh clean water.
  • How to replace our dependency on oil.
  • How to build faster than light starship engines.
  • How to control our weather.
  • How to provide unlimited power to the entire planet, naturally.
  • How to do away with nuclear energy and weapons.

These fantastic works of art are also maps and star charts of our solar system, planetary alignments, planetary phenomenon and orbits and even maps of ancients cities on Earth from our distant past. Crop Circles provide us with the answers to mysteries of our past by providing mankind with diagrams and maps of ancient Atlantis.

The city/state of Atlantis has been ridiculed as myth and legend by our mainstream scientists for so long that most of the public doesn't even consider it real, despite a large amount of physical evidence to the contrary. This is why The Powers That Be have carefully ridiculed, downplayed and censored most of the real science discovered about Crop Circles to the public, while only allowing the more sensational, entertainment based propaganda and/or photos to be seen and heard.

The Cabal or Powers That Be, those that really run this planet from behind the scenes, are about making money and enslaving mankind through the Money Magik System. They cannot do this if our society is suddenly transformed overnight with the introduction of Plasma based energy sources, based on blueprints freely given to the public through Crop Circles.

So they use the media, of which they control 90% through their corporate owned subsidiaries, to manipulate public opinion with a carefully designed program of disinformation, ridicule and propaganda. They have been using these kinds of tactics for centuries to sway public opinion and rewrite Earth's history. They do this through our public education system, newspapers, books, movies, radio, TV shows and even paid scientists and of course . . . now the internet.

Now that I have described the basic premise of what Crop Circles really are, let's delve into why they are being left on our planet, who is actually putting them here and of course why now and for what purpose. These are all important questions because the answers, just as the information above isn't commonly known, may very well surprise you . . . !

Plasma Based Super Plants

Here is Crop Circle that clearly depicts a plant in the middle. Could the message be that the energy used to create Crop Circles, also be used to create unlimited food supplies?

Here is Crop Circle that clearly depicts a plant in the middle. Could the message be that the energy used to create Crop Circles, also be used to create unlimited food supplies?

Crop Circle Creation and Management

There is a large body of scientific evidence, largely based on William Levengood's decades of research on Crop Circles, that these fantastic designs use the electro-magnetic energy of the Earth as power source for their creation. Other researchers such as David P. Myers and David S. Percy in their ground breaking book Two Thirds suggest that Crop Circles are in fact information written in code stored within the crystal matrix of the Earth itself which are only revealed when humanity has reached a level of understanding capable of recognizing the true nature of the message and appreciating their scientific implications and apllications.

The infamous website Zeta Talk seems to support Levengood's main hypothesis that a vortex type energy is used for Crop Circle creation. The basic theme is that a plasma based electro-magnetic energy source from the Earth itself is used to initiate rapid growth spurts close to the ground. This energy sources rotates much like a vortex, growing one side of the plant very quickly, while shrinking the other side of the plant, slightly. This causes the plant to bend without breaking, as if it is stretching towards a light source, naturally.

This vortex energy, similar to The Hutchinson Affect in tornadoes and hurricanes, changes the molecular structure of the plant. This type of energy source is used to create Crop Circles to serve many purposes but the main one is so that when humanity begins to investigate these messages scientifically they will recognize that a plasma based energy source that could alter the molecular structure of plants without killing them and create virulent seeds in the process, could also be used for a wide variety of other applications, the least of which would be solving the world's food shortage problem.

Of course, The Powers That Be would prefer if the public wasn't aware that technology exists today to create super-foods capable of growing crops 5 times faster, that create 5 times as much fruit and produce. They don't want the price of bread to go down, they want it to go up.

The Zeta's claim that a group of Aliens from a water based planet use this form of communication to help humanity in its time of transformation. Unable to leave their spaceships due to the fact that their ships are filled with the water from their home planet, much like other cetaceans on our own planet they use telepathic communication. Their form of telepathic communication is a series of detailed images and designs, that is broadcast directly into each others minds. Unable to directly communicate with humanity they leave detailed images and messages for Earth's inhabitants. They also serve as a "go between" or translator with other Alien species that wish to leave messages and to create messages from the Earth itself (Gaia) herself to her own inhabitants.

Crop Circle messages are being left now on our planet because we have the technology to view and photograph them from the air, the scientific sophistication to understand and decode them and the internet, which allows them to be widely dispersed among the population. Because the general public has reached a level of basic scientific and astronomical knowledge and understanding to appreciate the sometimes complex designs, crop circles are one way to offer Full Disclosure to the most amount of people on the planet, with the least amount of censorship.

The Council of Worlds ( it has many names but this is the one I prefer), the governing body that controls this section of our galaxy, is using Crop Circles as a form of coded information that the general public can view to implement its own form of Full Disclosure. This governing body knows full well The Cabal (PTB), will routinely disparage, ridicule and censor much of the scientific inquiry into Crop Circles but since a "picture is worth a thousand words", what better way to get the publics attention than to create a mystery the entire world's population can be involved in solving?

Crop Circes often show us the molecular structure of the Universe through the introduction of diagrams and schematics of Platonic Solids, the building blocks of the Universe.

Crop Circes often show us the molecular structure of the Universe through the introduction of diagrams and schematics of Platonic Solids, the building blocks of the Universe.

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Crop Circle Formation and the Nebula Theory

In 1915 Marshall B. Gardner proposed the Nebula Theory of how planets form in his book Journey to the Earth's Interior. The idea stemmed from his research into a Hollow Earth concept and how a planet could form with two openings at either poles. While his book was banned in the United States and his theory ridiculed at the time, it is now widely accepted by astronomers as the way in which planets are formed.

The concept, that two opposing vortices form inside a Nebula around a collapsing star gathering the matter of the Universe with them such as space dust, small meteors, asteroids and stellar gas to form the outer crust of a planet, is much the same as what William Levengood found happened when researching how Crop Circles formed.

The concept that Plasma Vortices, using the natural electro-magnetic Leylines of the Earth as a power source, form over Crop Circles is the theory that Levengood formulated during his extensive research on the subject. His theory has been scientifically supported through further experiments on plant and earth samples taken from geniune Crop Circles by other scientists and researchers, throughout the world.

His research showed him and others that this Plasma Energy Vortex system that creates Crop Circles genetically altered the molecular structure of the plants and infused in the earth they grew in with other unusual molecular properties, that he felt could only be introduced from Charged Density Pulses found in Plasma Vortices. The principle acts very similar to how vortices form naturally in Hurricanes and Tornadoes, known as the Hutchinson Effect. This Effect was discovered and reproduced in a labratory by John Hutchinson in 1979, while trying to reproduce some of Nikola Tesla's experiements.

These "effects" essentially alter the molecular structure of everything inside the Plasma Vortex, through the act of reorganizing matter by changing the photonic frequency at a sub-atomic level.

  1. Levitation of heavy objects.
  2. Fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood, while lacking any displacement.
  3. The anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material.
  4. The spontaneous fracturing of metals.
  5. Changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals.
  6. Disappearance of metal samples.

Of course NASA and our Government claim these experiements cannot be duplicated and the "Effect" is a hoax but let's consider that ALL of Nilola Tesla's research and documentation was confiscated by this same Government, never to be shared with the public again during his life and upon his death. Let's try to recognize the military implications of the above mentioned "Effects" before making up our minds about the Hutchinson Effect.

I would like to remind everyone reading this article that of the six above mentioned "effects", the last four are eeriely similar to what happend to the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. I would also remind you that on that day, Hurricane Erin sat 70 miles off the coast of Long Island New York and that not ONE Television News Station in the United States reported it to the public, this is a fact.

This is important information as it shows that the formation of Crop Circles using a Plasma Energy Vortex system could very well have military weapons implications and uses and could well be the reason that this amazing discovery by William Levengood has been ridiculed and censored for so long. National Security mandates that any information that poses a security risk, by law cannot be shared with the public. However making Crop Circles known as part of any National Security mandate might call unwanted attention to the subject, so the tactic of ridicule, scorn and disinformation is used to limit the publics attention.

All Seeing Eye

The message of this Crop Circle seems pretty straight forward, incorporating the idea of 2/3 while emphasizing Pyramid Power and the All Seeing Eye or the Illuminati.

The message of this Crop Circle seems pretty straight forward, incorporating the idea of 2/3 while emphasizing Pyramid Power and the All Seeing Eye or the Illuminati.

Common Disinformation Tactics Used by the Cabal

The most common disinformation tactic used by The Cabal to distract the public from any information they wish them not to become interested in, is ridicule. We have seen this done with the subject of UFOs, we have seen this done with the subject of Nibiru Planet X, we have seen this done with the concept of Hollow Earth and Crop Circles are no different. They use this tactic because it works (don't fix it, if it ain't broken) and because they control 90% of the Fake Stream Media, they can do so with ease.

When any genuine scientific inquiries are made into any subject The Cabal considers information the public doesn't need to know, their most common tactic to dilute the information is to tarnish the reputation of the scientist or to discredit their work by casting doubt on their background and qualifications. They can also censor any published papers, block any attempts to publish books or papers and of course hire their own "scientist" to dispute their claims. Then of course, if any of this information does make it onto the internet they have their own army of paid scientists and trolls to disparage, ridicule and deride those that post the information.

The main criticism against William Levengood's body of work on Crop Circles isn't so much about his theory of how and what energy source is used to create them but about whether he, as a scientist, is qualified to create such a theory, based solely on whether or not he had earned a PhD. This criticism stems from the idea that he was awarded an honorary PhD by the National Academy of Sciences and this title had been attached to some of his articles.

However I would like to make clear that many scientist have published papers and patented ideas and inventions without PhDs, the two that come to mind, that are the most famous, are Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, arguably the two greatest minds of the 20th Century.

In 1900, Einstein was awarded the Zürich Polytechnic teaching diploma. On 30 April 1905, Einstein completed his thesis, with Alfred Kleiner, Professor of Experimental Physics, serving as pro-forma advisor.

Yet, after a decade or research and writing without a PhD, he published his famous paper entitled Special Relativity in 1905. Should we simply discard his decade of research and work because he had yet to earn this scholarly degree, hardly?

Nikolas Tesla, whom Einstein himself credited as a true genius, NEVER earned a PhD and yet his inventions, patents, discoveries and papers are still being used today.

Using this argument, that neither Einstein nor Tesla had PhDs we should just discard their contributions to science and throw the baby out with the bath water. While Einstein did later earn his PhD, when he research and wrote and published his first paper on the theory of Relativity in 1905, he had not earned it.

Nilola Tesla, never earned a PhD and yet is credited to inventing numerous electrical applications, inventions and patents still used today. Einstein himself considered Tesla a true genius.

If anyone thinks scientist and astronomers cannot make a decent living disparaging the work of their peers, while parroting the conditioned rhetoric of The Cabal, all they need do is dig deep into the career of Neil de Grasse Tyson and learn whom is paying his mortgage and salary.

The third most common tactic used by The Cabal to create doubt is too create their own version of events, sightings, photographs and evidence as means of deliberately creating the idea that it is a hoax, a con, a hustle or means of those perpetuating the hoax to gain attention and or money. In world such as ours, where greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, this is an easy sell. This tactic turns more people away from true interest and inquiry, than the two other tactics mention above put together because people are emotionally afraid of being wrong, being lied too and/or being portrayed the victim of a hoax.

Crop Circles can be formed using a mechanical flattening plank system demonstrated by two amateurs that claimed they were the makers of ALL THE CROP CIRCLES in England. However what Levengood's research showed was these Crop Circles didn't have what authentic Crop Circles did have, which is an Electric-magnetic vortex signature. Personally I find the "plank flattening system" a laughable explanation for Crop Circles not worthy of further investigation.

David Percy & David Myers

Crop Circle Messages

The real question many ardent researchers have about Crop Circles is not if they are genuine but who is leaving them and why now. My research has shown me that they are being put here by a group of benevolent beings intent on using them to enlighten the public to a wide variety of messages that can be shared with the most amount of people with the least amount of censorship.

Consider this information for a moment before we continue . . . in the book Two Thirds, written by David P. Myers and David S. Percy (1993), the book begins by describing what at first seems like a fictional story of an ancient civilization moving through the Galaxy to find a new home. By the third chapter it begins to describe how this culture has learned to use a spinning disks and gravity to create a propulsion system that allows them to travel very quickly through space. By the end of the book it describes how ancient humans with the help of higher dimensional beings encode messages within the Earth that can be later activated and used to enlighten its future inhabitants.

I mention this because almost every single Crop Circle by definition is a disk. What is a disk but a circle by definition. What is a planet but a circle. What is a solar system but a circle. Everything that exists is based on this principle, from the tiniest atom or cell to the entire Universe.

Are you wondering how an ancient race of humans could encode messages into the Earth that could be activated for later use that would be relevant to future civilizations? Would not the Great Pyramid of Giza be a prime example of just such a message, clear and bold for all to see, a mystery to be solved and puzzle to be unraveled, a code to be decoded?

Could the spinning disk be the answer to all our energy needs?

Consider the implications of the Flower of Life, a simple graphic design engraved and painted on many ancient buildings and temples throughout the world and yet within this simple design it holds the shapes of ALL the platonic solids by merely connecting certain points using a straight line and it is surround by a circle or a disk.

Both the messages of Crop Circles and those that create them seems fairly obvious to me, they offer information to the citizens of Earth in the form of pictograms, diagrams and maps based on themes, ideas and concepts used by citizens of our Universe. They are being shared with all of humanity, in an effort to raise our collective spiritual and intellectual capacity to evolve to the next level of human evolution in a harmonious and peaceful manner.

Those humans on this planet that still require the conditioned response of proof or evidence that this is true simply have not reached the intuitive level of spiritual and intellectual sophistication required to accept information that can be easily verified by our heart. The next level of human evolution will require that we broaden our senses to include trusting our intuition, expanding our inner awareness and developing the ability to recognize the truth without the need for the conditioned response ingrained in us from centuries of programmed education.

Human evolution will demand that we move from our current 3D reality into a fuller more diverse 4D or even 5D reality where our current thinking processes will become obsolete. This expansion of our senses, augmentation of our reality bubble, will invariable have some intellectual speed bumps and growing pains but can be done by simply finding the answers that we seek from within by learning to "think" with our hearts.

Make no mistake this takes practice but can be done, through the simple exercise of paying attention to the idea of synchronicity. If you have not read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, I would encourage everyone to pick up a copy and read it, it is a very good introduction to thinking with your heart.

Flower of Life Crop Circle

This Flower of Life Crop Circle shows us that those that created it have a clear understanding of the basic building blocks of the Universe.

This Flower of Life Crop Circle shows us that those that created it have a clear understanding of the basic building blocks of the Universe.

Crop Circles and the Circle of Life

I will not make this a dissertation on the principle of the circle but suffice to say our entire concept of life is based on this simple shape. Two overlapping circles create the concept of Pi and is where the shape of the fish comes from that you see everywhere in our society and has been attributed to the Christian faith.

The Native Americans used the Medicine Wheel as a sacred symbol of their creation mythology and what is a wheel but a circle.

The hadron collider at CERN uses a huge circle to try and recreate experiments to find the God Particle.

Our planet orbits our Sun in a great circle, our solar system orbits its central Sun of Alcyone in a great circle.

Our entire lives from inception to death has been described as the Circle of Life. A seed grows, into a plant, which bears fruit, the plant dies, the fruit falls to the ground, the fruit decomposes into the Earth and the seed replenishes itself and grows again, completing the circle.

It is not an accident that messages from our Star Brothers and Sisters would come in the form of circles. They are telling us that evolution is cyclic, they are presenting information in the clearest and simplest form possible. But not only is the information within the Crop Circle the message but the manner in which it is being created as well. William Levengood's research that has been promoted by Patty Greer in her films and videos, shows us that the energy being used to create these messages uses a plasma type vortex energy that could free us from our dependency on an Oil Based Economy that is polluting the world we live on beyond repair, while essentially draining the life blood from the planet.

Consider the idea that oil is a lubricant and when we extract it from the planet we live on it makes it brittle. What happens when you have no oil in the engine of your car? Has anyone ever considered the idea that The Creator of All would create a world, a Universe, where it would be necessary to kill the planet that you are living on to supply your energy needs?

So now we have come full circle, if you will excuse the pun, when we explore the idea of plasma based energy and what the energy used to create Crop Circles maybe trying to tell us. Is plasma energy the answer to all of our energy needs on this planet, a company in Great Britain, where Crop Circles are plentiful and consistently appear, seems to think so.

Advanced Plasma Power (APP) uses a process they call Gasplasma to turn household and industrial waste products into clean burning synthetic gas and durable construction material they call Plasmarok.

In a press release, APP said that bio methane has the potential to slash carbon emissions from transport by 96 percent. However the public is still grossly unaware of what exactly is plasma . . .

"It's often referred to as the fourth state of matter," Stein said. "So if you heat a solid you get a liquid, if you heat a liquid you get a gas, if you heat a gas you get a plasma." Stein went on to describe plasma as an, "ionized, electrically conductive gas."

Looking forward, Stein is optimistic about both the energy and fuel generation sides of the business.

"We are setting out to compete with fossil derived fuels rather than build a business around long term subsidies, and we can see that it's very much within reach."

Here we have a company doing exactly what William Levengood said was possible based on his research of how Crop Circles are created, using plasma based energy to not only clean up the planet but use the by product of this process for clean burning energy for transportation.

Shouldn't this be headline news rather than Best Moments From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's First Royal Engagement: Pics! . . . hello, anybody home?

Planetary Diagrams

Does this Crop Circle not evoke an image of some sort of planetary diagram? Could this be a map showing how planets in our solar system react to one another as they orbit?

Does this Crop Circle not evoke an image of some sort of planetary diagram? Could this be a map showing how planets in our solar system react to one another as they orbit?

My Own Crop Circle Theory

My own theory of the creation of Crop Circles is that these formations of data and information were created hundred's of thousands of years ago, perhaps even millions of years ago by a benevolent group of humans (our ancestors) with the help of higher dimensional beings and encoded into the crystal matrix of the Earth. This encoded information could then be activated later using a Plasma Energy System and the Earth's own electro-magnetic field as an energy source by these same beings as a way of communicating pertinent information, diagrams, star maps and blueprints to the current civilization.

Of course the first questions anyone will ask, is how would a benevolent race of beings from Earth's ancient past, know or anticipate what kind of information any future civilization would need and how would they know where to place them on the Earth so they could be seen. The answer is very simple, from past experience these beings would know what information any civilization on the cusp of moving to the next level of evolution would need, most likely based on their own evolution. They would also know that these formations would be more easily seen in areas of the Earth where agriculture was produced. However if my theory is correct and the information is encoded in the Earth, they could also be seen is such areas as uninterrupted landscapes such as deserts (think Nazca Lines).

These beings would know that any civilization moving to the next level would require star travel or faster than light craft, which would require diagrams for propulsion systems and clean energy to produce. They would need star maps and diagrams of their own solar system and nearby galaxies. They would need to produce food supplies that could be recreated in their ships for long voyages and the diagrams and energy systems to produce this kind of food. They would need all the basic mathematical formulas and scientific data concerning these concepts and ideas. When we take this kind of information and re-examine Crop Circles in this new light and interpret the data correctly, we will see that is exaclty the kind of information being shared.

Many people will ask why would our ancestors share this information in this format, why not simply share it in a more one on one personal manner?

Who is to say that haven't already tried?

There are more than a few stories of benevolent Aliens coming to our planet and trying to share information with our civilization in the not to distant past, think Roswell Incident. Only to be rebuked, ignored or even met with aggression.

  • Why couldn't Crop Circles, much like the concept of Channeling, simply be a Plan B scenario?
  • A way to communicate with ALL of Humanity, without censorship?
  • What if the communication gap was to vast or unattainable, would not Crop Circles provide the same information through pictures and diagrams?
  • If communication was unattainable in any other form, wouldn't crop circles provide the same information for everyone without being dependent on being shared by one group of humans?

Consider for a moment that ALL the information in Crop Circles has already been shared with the Governments of the planet but has remained a secret. Would not these benevolent ancestors, what we might consider Aliens, then want to make sure their message was seen by the entire planet, not just a select few . . . ? This concept is one of the main reasons I wrote this article Crop Circles, Plasma And Zero Point Energy, What They Don't Want You To Know! Because it is time we know this information and shared it with each other, as we create a new way of thinking about our world and role as a sentient species.

I was asked recently why not share this information on the Big TV in Times Square. My answer was how easy would it be to pull the plug on that transmission and terminate the broadcast?

Taking this information into consideration, I see Crop Circles as being a form of communication that allows everyone on the planet the freewill to interpret the information anyway they see fit. This form of communication prevents any Government from censoring the data or keeping it a secret. Crop Circles are produced in every country on the planet and because of the internet have been shared widely with the public.

Oliver's Castle of Orbs creating Crop Circles

Patty Greer's Crop Circle Truth

One of the leading experts on Crop Circles, and the inspiration for writing this article Crop Circles, Plasma And Zero Point Energy, What They Don't Want You To Know!, Patty Greer, was instrumental in recognizing that the Plasma Energy Orbs that create Crop Circles, in fact communicate with each other during the process.

While reviewing the Crop Circle footage of two Plasma Orbs creating Crop Circles, at what is now known as the Oliver Castle footage, she was inspired to see the footage slowed down to 30% time. It revealed a digital band of encoded information passing between the two orbs. This was groundbreaking information as it now showed visible intelligent communication passing between to Plasma Orbs as they created a Crop Circle.

Some scientist have now discovered that the dimension that is known as Dark Matter, or what makes up the majority of space in the Universe is in actuality a digital super highway of two dimensional information written in binary code. While this information is not shared with the pubic, this theory can be found in many places, such as the book Sasquatch Messages To Humanity Book Two, chapter five, page 64. So, two Plasma Energy Orbs from another dimension sharing communication in binary code with each other during the process of creating a Crop Circle, isn't without merit and this information is already known but simply not shared with the general public.

Patty's paranormal telepathic experiences with Crop Circles and the beings who help create them, is what lead her to make a series of award winning films on the subject, that have been sold all over the world. In her film Crop Circle Diaries, she shares one of her stories about undergoing a Hypnotic Regression Therapy Session (HRTS) where she is taken to a Crystal Castle in an underwater world. This information coincides with the idea the Zeta Reticuli share (on the website Zeta Talk) about how the makers of Crop Circles are from a Water World and can only communicate telepathically.

Because she belongs to a website called Crop Circle Connector, she gets up to the minute information about new Crop Circles being reported all over the world. The next day, after her HRTS, she was sent an email showing her a new crop Circle in Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire, England of a new Crop Circle with a picture. According to her, this Crop formation (not a circle) is an exact replica of the image of the Crystal Castle she saw while in her HRTS. For those of us that recognize the importance of synchronicity in our lives, we all realize this wasn't just some odd coincidence but a message that her life's work is important to her Crop Circle benefactors.

Just as the connection Patty and I have made is not a coincidence but in fact the synchronicity of shared interest, we also recognize the idea that we are here for a purpose. Mine is to share my research of the paranormal and passion for writing with the world, as we all seek a deeper truth to a world hidden from us. Almost all of Patty's experiences and research into Crop Circles have included elements of the paranormal, even in the way she made contact with William Levengood's research.

Crystal Castle of Wiltshire, England

This is Crop Formation is the image Patty Greer saw in her Hypnotic Regression Therapy Session of an underwater Crystal Castle.

This is Crop Formation is the image Patty Greer saw in her Hypnotic Regression Therapy Session of an underwater Crystal Castle.

Crop Circle Diaries

Much of the research for this article was based on the information garnered from this film and was the inspiration to write this article.

Much of the research for this article was based on the information garnered from this film and was the inspiration to write this article.


Many people ask, what is the message of Crop Circles, the answer is that Crop Circles are the message. Not just as representations of star maps, ancient human cities, or diagrams of our solar system but how they are made, who is making them and why. The science behind how they are made, through electro-magnetic plasma vortices, has the potential to unlock an energy source that can literally shape the way humanity evolves as a sentient species for the next millennium and beyond.

Crop Circles have been proven to be diagrams, blueprints and schematics for new revolutionary energy sources, spinning disk technology that can be used for faster than light starship engines, free energy devices such as Quantum Energy Generators. The Italian inventor Umberto Gaudo has already created a working magnetic motor based on a Crop Circle diagram, which can be seen below.

Companies are already using the fourth state of matter, plasma energy, to create clean alternative energy sources, that can replace humanities dependency on fossil fuels. Plasma energy devices have proven to be far more effective for enhancing food production, cleaning up industrial waste, purifying our water and heating our homes, which would replace the industries polluting our environment, such as coal, oil and gas.

This article, Crop Circles, Plasma And Zero Point Energy, What They Don't Want You To Know!, was written to introduce to my readers the real reason why the subject of Crop Circles has been ridiculed for so long. The true message they represent to humanity, if allowed to be reported in the Main Stream Media, would essentially change our civilization over night . . . in essence it always comes back to money and the rich elite trying to maintain the status quo. Also, anytime our Government tells the public that an invention is a hoax or book is banned or information is censored, I find those books, articles or inventions and begin my own investigation. I do not allow science, our Government or so-called evidence to control my thinking and prefer o make up my own mind.

While this article is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amazing and incredible discoveries made in recent years concerning the subject of Crop Circles, pioneers in the field such as William Levengood, Patty Greer and Penny Kelly, have paved the way to a broader understanding of this mysterious phenomenon. We owe a great deal of gratitude to these Seekers of the Truth willing to put their reputation, livelihood and integrity on the line so that we may all recognize and explore this amazing information.

A large amount of the research for this article came from the film Crop Circle Diaries and three books, I recently read on completely different subjects that all in some related to Crop Circles, two of which I have mentioned in this article and the third on the topic of Fallen Angels, called Wisdom of the Watchers by Timothy Wyllie. This is how synchronicity works, it is not a coincidence that Patty and I met online and she inspired me to write this article. Synchronicity is just God's way of remaining anonymous and working through our lives to find a deeper meaning and acknowledge the truth that consciousness is all.

I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to leave a comment, seeya on the other side . . . don't be late!

Italian Magnetic Motor

Italian inventor Umberto Baudo began using Crop Circles as blue prints to create new magnetic motors, using variations of the spinning disk concept.

Italian inventor Umberto Baudo began using Crop Circles as blue prints to create new magnetic motors, using variations of the spinning disk concept.


Diane Valentin on April 06, 2018:

I do believe you are correct stating that these are produced by a benovelent race; perhaps for knowledge to our race giving us codes that we can use for our growth now or in the future. Great article. Thanks!

Pamela Jason, on April 04, 2018:

Ola Blue I read it again b/c I can... Cheers this is mind-blowingly cool stuff here... Love's it and you TY

Sincerely nice work and Patty wrote you a nice saying and note as well...

John from Illinios, U.S. on December 29, 2017:

Excellent article. I just today found your website after checking into Patty Greer's website. I will definitely check out all the links and names provided in this article; my interest is peaked!

D. Taylor on December 13, 2017:

Thank you for this and all your efforts. Not much holds my interest and I am so excited. The Crop Circles, the heart, and some beings trying to help us. The Crop Circles are amazing and all of you are too. I could read your work all night.

Pamela A Jason on December 10, 2017:

Thank you Daniel and Patty for hanging in there thru out the targeting and staying the course all the way ... Many don't know still about Crop Circles and the Two Guys and a plank did a lot of damage and I got into it with a beloved friend in a group b/c he refused to be informed that Crop Circles were made by Alien's even though we were in a Sasquatch Group of all places which is hilarious b/c he could believe in Sasquatches but not in Aliens... Lol

Anyway deep down there is no other explanations after the discoveries of the nodes and the Light Orbs in conjunction with the making of them and the amount of time it took sometimes in an Hour or Less and we learned that a Group of Hybrid Kids called the Ranthian's where making many of these and they are neutral politically and support Humanity though they are not seen b/c their Mothership is cloaked and parked about Sillbury Hill D.U.M.B. most of the time monitoring the Cabal underground ...

Blue this rocks and you left no stone unturned I see as there is so much here to absorb for those who love details like yours truly... Blessings this rocks and it is an Inspiration for Truth Seeker's everywhere as well.. Namaste' well Written Love's! Sincerely Pamela

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 10, 2017:

Thank you Patty for taking the time to read the article, you are a true inspiration for ALL truth seekers on this planet, keep up the good work!

Patty Greer on December 10, 2017:

What a GREAT article written by such an intuitive man as Daniel. This article went far beyond most of the famous Crop Circle researcher's books for sure (intellectually)!! It's so fresh to see unfunded cabal data on this subject!! This article is one of the first I can put my seal of approval on. When you see any old Crop Circle data, films or books that dishonor the work of William Levengood, you will KNOW that you are reading Rockefeller funded dis-information trash - Guaranteed!

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises!" XOXO the Circlemakers & Patty Greer*

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