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Criminal Science & War: The Manhattan Project, Electromagnetism & Cold Fusion

I understand, it seems unbearable to face and accept terrible truths about scientific experiments and war crimes.

Secrets of the Pentagon: Glorified by Hollywood

Responsibility, Courage and Intervention by all...

Wow, I so wish I had the luxury, liberty or freedom to just love and live. But how? When the criminally insane and franken scientists and war mongerers aimed at world domination, greed, enslavement and planetary destruction never seem to cease or resist?

Every single day of my adult life, I am consious of a song reminicent of the 80s, by Tears for Fears. "Turned their backs on Mother Nature, everyone wants to rule the world."

The fricking stark truth we all finally realize as we are forced to witness the utter environmental instability, viral economic hyper inflations and greed, the over mass consumption and production, unnecessary and unethical invention and experiments, natural and human resource exploitation and slavery, real life hunger games and poverty even in first world countries, excessive strain on the health care systems, war and terrorist induced immigration and the absolutely unacceptable terrorism resulting from the most insane criminal scientific war experiments anyone could possibly imagine. So many are to blame, where do we start?

Hell! This planet is not supposed to be turned into some hellish warring and terrorist slavery and suffering reality show! Not even the most delusional in Hollywood can contrive the horrors we must see on daily television or news, or the terrorist fears and tears broadcast to the world through drama, sitcoms and hollywood movies. The fact we must all face, is that it is all mostly the demented invention of sadistic, fatalistic, irresponsible, psychotics who so grandiosely do think they can rule the world through terrorism but I know, NONE of them deserve to.

Elemental Origins, Program, Traits & Markers.


Damn those devils!

If I watch one more insane Jewish Talmud Comedy from the Friends cast or Seinfeld cast from New York about how Santa Claus is really the evil mystic magician pagan alchemist Rasputin of Transylvania, I'll freak out on the U.K. Ukraine border just like the pissed off Russians!

Natural Organic+ vs. Artificial Inorganic-

One essential and crucial note about this table...on the left, the first occurring inorganic element is Hellium. If you agree with the precept of 'root causes' as base factors for later more complicated and incomprehensible factors, then realize, it is not necessary to memorize or study later occurances.

It is beneficial, to focus upon the root base originally occurring fusions-, to the latter, in their continuum web matrix. Now, recognizing where the greatest 'weaknesses' are in any given inorganic, non nuclear and electromagnetic cold fusion- bonded system.

It is only crazy to the loser player, isn't it?

Yes, I am diabolical. My fetish, is to de-fuse, interrupt, break, scatter and collapse fusions. I hate trapping, energy sucking vampires. Parasites!

Hint: Change habits. Unpredictability. New choices disrrupt old patterns.

TIp: Math is a construct. The future construct depends on compliance.

Tip: Example: Constructs are OCD. I like to throw microbes+ at them! lol

Hint: O+/-, I do have problems with authority. Constructs 4 your mind and freedom.

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Tip: Instinct. Awareness. I only eat when hungry, sleep when tired, never make the same choices everyday, never decide or act or react to the clocks. Variations.

Their Game: "Just do I.T."

Give Planet Hollywood a heart attack. Are there any of the first original inventions and antiques of black and white movie cameras anywhere? Wink, wink.


Game theory is the study of 4D math models of strategic interaction among only binary code computional rationality. It has been used in applications within the fields of strategic war, battle sequencing and prediction modeling, colonization strategies, resource aquisitions, financial market hijacking, stock market manipulation, banking cartel strategies, artificial intelligence programming, scientific calculators and calculations.

Faulty base math models that are the root of all competition games and gaming from ping pong to checkers, chess, card games and applies to all other games which includes all sports variations and capital business models. The very first root game installed as part of the very first computers which is the basis of all duality and dualing competition which leads to war, is the game of pong. I believe that later was released by Atari. Apparently, one of the first school computers it was installed upon with the print tab programming system, was the Commodore 67.

If I had access to those old fusion antiques like museums and collectors, I would do very evil naughty things to them. I also have fantasies about elementally terrorizing with fusion also, criminal things like antique navy telegraphs, radios and a variety of old computers.

At the onset of WW2, it was IBM who, funded by families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Carnegies of the banking cartel, who financed technology on both sides of the war. You know, I really deteste certain 'architecture' fusions like The Corporation of London in England, the old Canadian Mint, the Federal Reserve Building and the Chrylser Building and Public Library in New York.

In the 21st century, game theory applies to a wide range of behavioral relations as applied within artificial intelligence and cloud based computer and network programming modelling. Most of the A.I. first programming trials were math students uploading game programming models from all game types/strategy constructs. Some of the first besides pong, where checkers, x and o, and solitary card games including, Battlefield. Two games no one could ever beat me at, was Mastermind and Pictionary.

Other training for which I successively achieved beyond the rest, was in a variety of dance styles to an extensive variety of music styles, professional, classical, renaissance, popular and club. But some training was also regimental coordination involving verbal and musical cues and commands, unpredictable.

Like computer programming called basic games of duality, the program language of classical music (radio) in sets of 4D, you can observe on written music notes, four beats or counts, is the formula of all orchestral symphonic music and orchestras operate like a collective only connected by awareness of the same written music program- whether it be on paper or memorized.

Like...cues. For instance, if you hear a certain song or piece on the radio, it often cues reactions, cravings, urges, emotions, memories or 'triggers'. Just like a musician takes a cue from the conductor or the previous set, any player or musician, is suseptable to their programmer or their lack of memory. For instance, everyone listens to their own preferred radio station program. Each is coordinated differently. Thus each listener, gets different cues. Perhaps in the U.K. everyone is listening to the BBC. Not everyone, but many do listen to the CBC in Canada. Ya feel me? And when I was in media, I used to call the CRTC broadcasting commission, the CBC.

What radio frequencies are broadcasted through radio towers and repeaters in different nations? In the U.S.? Alpha, Beta? If I had my way, I would alter the frequency to a compatible theta to delta wave.

What the hell is with all the traffic and jams? Day and night, like a signal. Where are they all coming from, where the hell are they all going all the time? Holy hell, it's getting like New York.

Science Tip of the Millenium...

Oh, you know, I have some fusion and de-fusion secret nuclear tactics. I will share one. If I do evil nasty things to certain crazy, diseased, bastard or criminal elements, inventions or objects, it is best to arrange under the direct glare or exposure to artifical light sources. This includes; the reason, for dismantling, mutating or infecting that which is always illuminated. Or simply, shut off lights to old old displays, like metal statues. The secret why certain architecture is always lit. The stronger the light watt/voltage, especially, the lumens, the stronger, faster and more effective...and longer duration ensures greatest effects.

LED, Laser, A-Wave 5G 4D Fusion Signal

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