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Improve Online Learning With Student Surveys and Feedback

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Make an Effort to Obtain Student Feedback

With the advancement of technology, everything in the world seems to be growing at a faster rate, including the mode of learning. Besides being convenient to access, the online learning system is also budget-friendly. It has consistently been reported to make students pay much more attention to the instructors and learn to a greater extent, developing better results.

A student feedback system is developed for students receiving online instruction to share their learning experience with instructors. One way of implementing such a system is to use a student feedback app that collects student responses within a short period of time. This, in turn, helps in simultaneous course adjustments, making it more and more suitable for each and every student accordingly. The app consistently helps to recognize and pinpoint more effective ways of learning.

How to Use a Student Satisfaction Survey

A student satisfaction survey assists the teachers and administrators with essential information about which parts of a course or program are working and which aren’t. It also draws in more ideas in regard to other alternatives and forms of teaching evaluation. Depending on the objectives, a well-designed student satisfaction survey can help to plan the upcoming year’s curriculum, recognize more about the learning culture of different schools, and rethink the class structure.

A student feedback app is such a platform; it not only provides reliable responses to its clients but also helps you to develop and expand your concerning businesses. Beginning with the student satisfaction survey.

Start Off With a Relatively Easy Quiz

A few general questions that are usually included in the quiz are:

  1. Is your classwork convenient for you?
  2. Can you reach out to your guide/teacher with concerns easily?
  3. What's the feature that you enjoy/dislikes the most?
  4. Is there any other way by which your teacher/guide can help you through the app?

A few questions like these can bring in a lot of significant and powerful details. Students can utilize this platform to notify instructors of an issue that they might have been encountering. Other students might come up with problems regarding a fellow classmate, mode of learning, etc. So it is better to keep open-ended questions like these so that the students feel comfortable to open up more about various issues.

Generate Ideal Situations for Standard Feedback

A student feedback system should be designed in such a way that the students can be assured of the confidentiality of their individual responses. This will make them feel comfortable and, in return, display a genuine report. Anonymity can result in getting more honest reviews, but on the other hand, the absence of the student names can also make it a little laborious to keep a constant follow-up. Hence, this aspect can depend on the surveyor’s own discretion.

Take Necessary Actions Based on the Feedback

Gathering information can prove to be futile if zero action is taken on it. Right after the details are gathered, the necessary steps are to be taken. Then, after a few weeks, similar questions are to be asked to the students again in order to check on the improvement and up-gradation of the respective student feedback app.

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If a particular complaint gets mentioned a number of times, it can be pointed out as a major drawback. However, other petty grievances should not be totally brushed off. Each and every tiny criticism can result in a big disadvantage if not taken care of in the beginning.

Advantages of Collecting Student Feedback

1. Expanding Student Engagement

By finding out about the activities and features that the students appreciate the most, the lessons can be designed accordingly. If a certain way of instruction is better received by the students, then it is more likely to give rise to a greater learning experience for all.

2. Maintaining Discipline

Proper classroom management is of utmost importance in order to carry out a smooth educational environment. Furthermore, learning about each and every student’s experience also helps to boost the relationship one has with them. As a result, it gives rise to a student-friendly environment.

3. Identifying Points of Difference

In a class, there might be a set of students scoring excellent grades and on the other hand, a group of mediocre students with average marks. The exceptionally well students might prefer to work hard and put in hours of effort at home. Whereas the average students might demand more tasks and challenges within the class timings. By asking the students about what would fit their needs well, one can adjust the instructions to meet their requirements in a better way.

4. Assessing of the Method of Teaching

The student satisfaction survey also helps an instructor to develop his/her teaching procedures and techniques. A particular mode of teaching can be helpful for a set of students but can be troublesome for the rest. The best way to evaluate it is to ask the students themselves. Once they point out the specific areas of concern, alternatives can be discussed and executed accordingly.

To help students learn and develop, it is extremely important to accept their responses earnestly and use the information with care.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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