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Crazy Laws in Delaware and Fun Facts

Go ahead, tell me I’m ugly to my face. I double-dare you!

Go ahead, tell me I’m ugly to my face. I double-dare you!

Crazy Laws in Delaware

Did you think that crazy law in the state of Connecticut penalizing fire trucks for speeding to fires faster than 25 mph was unbelievably stupid?

Wait until you read about these 9 crazy laws in Delaware including discrimination against ugly men.

Ugly men may not, by law, go into town before darkness.

This is blatant discrimination against ugly men. Why doesn’t the law apply to ugly women, too? Then again, who in their right mind would dare to tell a woman she was ugly?

You may not sell dead people for money without a license.

What a revelation! I didn’t know you could sell dead people for money WITH a license.

So who is selling dead people?

Even more to the point, who is buying dead people?

Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment.

It may also be grounds for an insanity hearing.

When you gotta go, you gotta go

When you gotta go, you gotta go

In South Bethany, all persons must carry a bag with them at all times when they walk their dog in case said dog ‘poops’ or risk a $100 fine.

Oh, oh, I forgot my baggie. Please do your best to hold it in, Fido, we’re almost home.

In Lewes, it is illegal to wear pants that are ‘firm-fitting’ around the waist.

So that’s where all those guys with droopy drawers come from.

Check him out. Is he really sleeping  Or just pretending?

Check him out. Is he really sleeping Or just pretending?

In Rehoboth Beach, no person shall pretend to sleep on a bench on the boardwalk.

Pretenders beware! The benches on the boardwalk are for people who are really sleeping.

Changing into or out of a bathing suit in a public restroom is prohibited … and

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No person shall change clothes in his or her vehicle.

What do these two laws mean? Simple. If you can’t change in the restroom and you can’t change in your car, then you must change outside in the parking lot like everybody else.

Six-year-old girls may not run around without being fully clothed.

That law takes all the fun out of life for six-year-old boys.

Thomas West, Lord De La Warr

Thomas West, Lord De La Warr

Fun Facts and Illustrious Information about Delaware

How did Delaware get its name? In 1610, explorer Samuel Argall named the Delaware River and Bay for the governor of Virginia, Thomas West, Lord De La Warr. The state takes its name from the river and the bay.

Today about 500 descendants of the original Nanticoke Indians reside in Delaware. They celebrate their heritage each September with the Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow.

Delaware is home to the FIRST log cabins in America, dating back to the 1600s. One is still on display in Dover at the Delaware Agricultural Museum.

The log cabin originated with Finnish settlers who brought with them plans for the log cabin, one of the enduring symbols of the American pioneer.

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The 87-foot Fenwick Island Lighthouse was painted in 1880 for a total cost of – I kid you not – $5.00.

Eleven years after the landing of the English pilgrims in1620, the FIRST white settlement was made on Delaware soil.

The nation's FIRST scheduled steam railroad began in New Castle in 1831.

Delaware contains 1,982 square miles and is 96 miles long but varies from only 9 to 35 miles in width.

Kalmar Nyckel

Kalmar Nyckel

America's newest tall ship is ten stories high and 139 feet long. It is a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel, the Dutch-built armed merchant ship famed for carrying Swedish settlers to North America in 1638 to establish the colony of New Sweden – the FIRST permanent colony in Delaware.

Delmar is popularized as ‘the little town too big for one state.’ The community has the distinction of being located partly in Delaware and partly in Maryland.

The name of Delmar was derived for this railroad center from the states whose line it straddles – DELaware and MARyland. Both the Maryland/Delaware boundary and the Mason-Dixon Line divide Delmar.

Genuine Pumpkin being Chunked

Genuine Pumpkin being Chunked

Delaware is home to the ‘Punkin Chunkin’ world championship, a sport in which people use a variety of mechanical devices to hurl pumpkins as far as they can.

With over 100 teams competing, the record is 5,545 feet; that is more than a mile.

Delaware is the only state without any national parks, seashores, historic sites, battlefields, memorials, or monuments.

Many major banks keep their headquarters in Delaware because it has a reputation of being as lenient as the Cayman Islands.

Henry Heimlich, inventor of the life-saving Heimlich maneuver, was born in Wilmington.

Delaware History Museum

Delaware History Museum

Wilmington's Delaware History Center is housed in a renovated, art deco former Woolworth five-and-ten-cent store.

The most historic site in Frederica is Barratt's Chapel east of town. The chapel is where the Methodist Church of America was organized in 1784.

Oliver Evans of Newport invented the automatic flour-milling machinery that revolutionized the industry in 1785.

Evans also invented a steam-powered wagon in 1805 called the Oruktor Amphibolos, the world's first automobile/amphibious vehicle, but it was considered too primitive to be a success.

Betsy Ross flag

Betsy Ross flag

Although the early version of the American flag is now termed ‘the Betsy Ross Flag,’ the claim by her descendants in the 1870s and some historians of that time, that she designed and sewed the first American flag, is almost certainly historically false and not accepted by modern American scholars and vexillologists (those who study the history, symbolism and usage of flags).

They do agree, however, that she contributed to the design by changing the 6-pointed stars to the easier-to-sew 5-pointed stars.

Rehoboth Beach is the state's largest coastal resort town. It also has three of the funniest crazy laws in the state (see above).

Twelve concrete observation towers along the coast were constructed during World War II to protect the state's coastal towns from German U-boat attacks.

Giant 650-pound Frying Pan

Giant 650-pound Frying Pan

The world’s largest frying pan was built in 1950 for the Delmarva Chicken Festival.

Nearly three tons of chicken are cooked each year in this gigantic frying pan which is 10 feet in diameter, weighs 650 pounds, holds 180 gallons of oil, and 800 chicken quarters.

Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton produces 175,000 barrels of beer every year. That’s almost 700 million bottles of beer, enough for everyone in Delaware to have two beers every day for a year.

Fisher's popcorn is a famous caramel corn. Orders are regularly received from as far away as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Winterthur Museum

Winterthur Museum

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, six miles northwest of Wilmington, is the former home of Henry Francis du Pont, a renowned antiques collector and horticulturist, and features one of the world's finest naturalistic gardens and important collections of Americana.

DuPont was originally founded in 1802 near Wilmington as a gunpowder mill.

Du Pont Laboratories first produced nylon at its plant in Seaford. This earned the town the distinction of being the Nylon Capital of the World.

Delaware Breakwater

Delaware Breakwater

The Delaware Breakwater at Cape Henlopen State Park constructed in 1828 was the FIRST structure of its kind in the western hemisphere. It was built to establish a shipping haven on a coastline that lacked safe harbors.

Would you like to go tax-free shopping? In Delaware there is no sales tax.

New Castle County includes the largest population and smallest area of Delaware's three counties.

Delaware has the highest percentage of Ph.D.s in the country.

Horseshoe Crabs mating

Horseshoe Crabs mating

Horseshoe crabs can be seen in large numbers along the Delaware shore in May. The crabs endure extremes of temperature and salinity.

They can also survive for up to a year without eating, and have remained basically the same since the days of the dinosaur.

Bob Marley worked in the Chrysler plant in Newark, Delaware before he became famous.

Newark in Delaware is pronounced ‘New Ark.’ Newark in New Jersey is pronounced ‘New Erk.’

Odessa possesses one of the finest collections of late 18th- and early 19th-century architecture in the middle Atlantic region. The center of town is on the National Register of Historic Places and the entire town has been zoned as historic.

Delaware State Symbols

State flower – peach blossom

State tree – American holly (can reach 60 feet in height and diameter of 20 inches)

State colors – colonial blue and buff

State mineral – silimanite (also called fibrolite)

State beverage – milk

State fish – weakfish (also called sea trout, gray trout, yellow mouth, yellow fin trout, tide-runner and squeteague – the American Indian name)

State insect – ladybug

State motto – liberty and independence

State dessert – peach custard pie

State fruit – strawberry

State song – ‘Our Delaware’ (words by George Hynson, music by Will Brown)

First State – became first of 13 original states on December 7, 1787 to ratify U.S. Constitution;

• Blue Hen State – nickname originated from the fighting Blue Hen Cocks that entertained soldiers during the Revolutionary War;

• Diamond State – nickname arose from legend that Thomas Jefferson described Delaware as a jewel among states due to its strategic location on the Eastern Seaboard;

• Peach State – the first state to produce peaches commercially.

Note: Something to think about: The Wilmington, Delaware television station that bills itself as ‘The Family Minded Station’ is Channel 69. Just sayin’.

© Copyright BJ Rakow, Ph.D. 2015. All rights reserved. Author, "Much of What You Know about Job Search Just Ain't So."

Comments for Crazy Laws in Delaware and Fun Facts

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on July 27, 2015:

How are you, sweet Nellieanna? I have missed seeing you on HP. Delighted that you find these crazy laws as hilarious as I do. And that you also enjoy my comments and illustrious fun facts makes me ecstatic.

Seems strange, doesn't it, that the state has so many Ph.Ds. despite its weird, crazy laws. Thanks for your votes, m'dear, do visit my other 'crazy law' sites and let me know what you think. Hope all is well with you.

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on July 27, 2015:

Dear Dr. BJ ~ You've done it once more! These are hilariously absurd laws! I love this one, their misspell and especially your comment:

"• In Lewes, it is illegal to wear pants that are ‘firm-fitting’ around the waist." Well, maybe firm-fitting gets the point across, too. hehe.

Your comment:

"So that’s where all those guys with droopy drawers come from."ROFL!

Simultaneously, you've mentioned that " • Delaware has the highest percentage of Ph.D.s in the country. " Go figure! haha!

So well done, my friend! Gets my votes!

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on July 24, 2015:

I can feel your smirk, shanmarie, and it makes me feel good ... all over. I'm delighted to make you laugh ... any time, m'dear.

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 24, 2015:

*smirk* Even your replies make me laugh.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on July 16, 2015:

Thank you, Lilleyth, for the visit and the multiple 'Ups.' How nice to get corroboration from an actual DE resident, regional publisher and paralegal for the Delaware House. What a fascinating background, m'dear.

Don't forget to share your tribute to John Brady, Esq. with him. :)

Suzanne Sheffield from Mid-Atlantic on July 15, 2015:

This is a fantastic hub. Voted up, up, up! I know a lot about the state of Delaware as I live in Dover and published a regional magazine that covered the Delmarva Peninsula for 18 years. Additionally, I as a former paralegal for the Delaware House of Representatives for ten years, I can personally attest that I have, in fact, typed some of the more interesting bills introduced and voted into law in that state. The attorneys that drafted the bills at the time I worked there are witty guys too, especially John Brady, Esquire.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on July 07, 2015:

It would creep me out, too, shanmarie, if I personally knew someone trading in corpses. There are a number of companies in my state that utilize human bone to be used in dental implants and grafts. Research indicates that much of their supply comes from Balkan countries.

Re your query, in my experience, funny-looking men do not seem to get as much negative attention as funny-looking women. Especially if they drive a Maserati, own a powerful speedboat, and live in a mansion.

Shannon Henry from Texas on June 29, 2015:

I have an idea of who might be buying or selling corpses, but it still creeps me out to think about.

What if the woman is so hideous no one notices the man isn't exactly a looker himself?

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Advice from you, Paula, I will always treasure. Especially since your words echo my life-long passion for spreading the word about humor and laughter.

Mark Twain's impressive quote guides my life: 'Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.'

I really do not feel guilty about laughing - even my business card lists my occupation as 'Mirthologist.'

Humor and laughter have been essential ingredients in every speech, every coaching session, and almost every interaction I have had with others throughout my life. Thanks for sharing my view.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Hi, Faith. Good Question. Who decides what ugly really is? It's in the eye of the beholder, right?

It's not a pleasant subject but there is a booming trade in body parts. I learned that many of the original 'parts' are harvested in the Ukraine and then shipped to a facility in Florida for further 'refinement.'

You many not yet have the 'poop' law in your state but it may be just around the corner. Be careful where you step. ;)

Thanks for enjoying this, m'dear, the laughs are on me. And many more thanks for the sharing, pinning, tweeting, etc. Blessings backatcha.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Hi, Genna. With your permission you are now my newest BFF. Those two laws prohibiting the changing of clothes are two of my all-time favorites in the loony law department.

Thanks for loving this - the next installment has just been published: 'Crazy Laws in the District of Columbia and Fun Facts.'

LOL!! I can’t wait for the next installment. Am loving this.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Hi, Alicia. So happy you love the Delaware info and the funny laws. The 'poop' law although funny to write about is a wise alternative for dog owners who are using lawns for latrines - for their dogs, that is.

It is a law in the area where I live, too, and we have actual 'poop' stations with available disposable baggies.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Hi, Happyboomernurse. Delighted that you appreciated the info about your state's laws, my comments and the historical information. Delaware is fortunate to have you reside there. Thanks for noticing my radio station 69 comment. I thought it was funny, too.

And thanks for voting across the board. Much appreciated.

Suzie from Carson City on May 11, 2015:

If I may be so bold as to give the "Doc" some advice. (I have some pretty impressive qualifications my damned self..LOL)

NEVER ever feel "guilty" for any time, for any reason, in any place or situation! Really.

Due to our ability to L-A-U-G-H at life, ourselves, this crazy world & the creatures in it.....we shall remain happy, healthy and totally sane long after they've locked up all the lonely lunatics who refused to smile! You have my lifetime guarantee.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

Hi, Dolores. Rehoboth seems to be a 'swinging' spot for a visit. As for sleeping on a bench there, fuhgettaboudit. It would be much safer - and way more comfortable - to just get a room in a motel.

It would also give you a safe haven for clothing changes. Thanks for the Up vote and the sharing.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 11, 2015:

I know Delaware is not the largest state, Paula, but I kept finding interesting items to include as fun facts that I wanted to share with you all.

Happy you were able to compose yourself after my 'dead people' law comments. I laughed as I wrote them and then felt guilty. Thanks for finding this series of crazy laws valuable. Now be careful exploiting these legal warnings. I would hate to learn you were imprisoned for breaking them. Not to worry. I will get you out of jail if it takes 20 years!

Thanks for the visit, the fun comments and the Up with pluses, m'dear.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 10, 2015:

Hahaha ... who decides what ugly really is in Delaware? Surely, not those writing the laws, they best look in the mirror right quick ...

Oh, no, they caught on to the black market for selling body parts, possibly? But, they have to be Johnny on the spot then.

I have heard of the doggie poop baggie in other states, but not mine, for we just let them have at it ...

Another funny and informative write, drbj.

Thank you for the laughs as always

Up and all the way across, tweeting, pinning, G+ and sharing, of course


Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on May 10, 2015:

• “No person shall change clothes in his or her vehicle.

What do these two laws mean? Simple. If you can’t change in the restroom and you can’t change in your car, then you must change outside in the parking lot like everybody else."

LOL!! I can’t wait for the next installment. Am loving this.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on May 09, 2015:

I love all the information that you've shared about Delaware as well as the funny laws, drbj! The law about carrying a poop bag on a dog walk actually makes sense to me. Dog owners are expected to do that where I live. The pet stores sell biodegradable bags, which is the kind that I buy.

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on May 09, 2015:

Being a Delawarean for the past 14 years, I appreciated this hub about some of my state's odd laws and your clever comments. Also enjoyed reading the interesting historical facts and the pictures.

Thought your funniest comment was your final note about Wilmington radio station, #69.

Voted up across the board.

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on May 09, 2015:

Hi drbj - I was just saying to my husband that it's been ages since we've visited Rehobeth. I was so looking forward to pretending to sleep on a bench on the boardwalk. Thanks for the warning. I'd hate to get a rap sheet for this terrible crime! (voted up and shared)

Suzie from Carson City on May 09, 2015:

OK, all righty then.....These just keep getting better & funnier as fast as you can publish them Doc! This one took me longer to read.....even though Delaware is a teeney State!

I had to keep stopping to compose myself and wipe away the tears from laughter....especially after your dead people law comments! LMAO!

Just look at how valuable these hubs are. You are educating us on laws of our States, that we probably would never have known.

I am so grateful. Doc, because of you, I now know that I can go to Delaware with a hideously ugly man, walk the streets with him before dark & no one will even NOTICE him.........because due to the fact that I am NOT specifically SIX YEARS OLD, I can be naked in public!!

Of course, I'm assuming people would be looking at me and not my ugly escort. Rather "assuming" of me, I know.....LOL..UP+++

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 09, 2015:

What a thrill to hear from you, pd, hope all is well in your corner of the world. 'Great One,' eh? You are now forever engraved in my heart (laughing).

You made a very good point regarding a test to determine the sanity of lawmakers. If it was a requirement, the halls of Congress as well as local lawmakers would be empty! on May 09, 2015:

drbj - great read(never expect anything but from you Great One). You got me thinking with this - is there a law to test the sanity of lawmakers? Also, ugliness is in the insane stare of the beholder! LOL

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 08, 2015:

Hi, Gus, thanks for stopping by and appreciating this 'good one.' When I get to the T's (for Texas), I'll let you decide. Hope all is well with you.

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 08, 2015:

Hi, bp. Who decides? Probably an official committee has been formed who earn additional compensation and perks. We're talking about government, after all. Signed, derby (laughing)

drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on May 08, 2015:

Aw, c'mon, Bill - you definitely do not qualify for an 'ugly man' designation. More like a rugged, self-confident writer whose instructive proclamations are followed faithfully by hordes of eager fans. Trust me.

Gustave Kilthau from USA on May 08, 2015:

Good Doctor BJ (drbj on HubPages)

I think that Delaware is Texas' "state-in-law" (or vice versa).

Good one here, kid !

Gus :-)))

breakfastpop on May 08, 2015:

Who decides if a man is too ugly for daylight?

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 08, 2015:

How can I visit a state where I'm not allowed to be in public in daylight? I'm sorry, Delaware, but you just lost this ugly man's tourist dollar. LOL

Keep them coming. I'm having a blast with this series.

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