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Covid is Not the Enemy People Are

Why Are We the Enemy of Covid


Why Are We to Blame

I know there is so much controversy regarding the Covid 19 virus, however the transmission of the virus is coming from people who refuse to wear a mask, wash their hands or refuse to get vaccinated. This is pure facts not my opinion. Over the last year and a half we have watched hundreds of thousands of people die that should have never had to. We must take the blame now for the spread of Covid. Those who don't believe it are just uneducated.

We were given the information, given the opportunity to help mankind and we have failed miserably. I expect that there will be negative comments on this hub so I am removing the comment section. None of this is my opinion it is facts based on science and medicine.

Droplet Transmission

Lets be clear how droplets can infect you. When a person coughs the droplets are forced into the air. They can live in the air for 6 hours without falling. Yes thats right six hours. If you walk through the droplets that you can't see, it will go into your eyes, nose or mouth and now you have Covid.

Droplet transmission occurs when bacteria or viruses travel on relatively large respiratory droplets that people sneeze, cough, drip, or exhale. They travel only short distances before settling, usually less than 3 feet. These droplets are loaded with infectious particles.
They can be spread directly if people are close enough to each other. More often, though, fomites are involved. The droplets land on hands, toys, tables, mats, or other surfaces, where they sometimes remain infectious for hours. Hands that come in contact with these surfaces (doorknobs, telephones, pens, etc.) become contagious. When the infectious hand touches the nose or eyes, the infection is able to enter the new person.

Many common infections can spread by droplet transmission in at least some cases, including: Common cold, Diphtheria, Fifth disease, Influenza, Meningitis, Mycoplasma, Mumps, Pertussis (whooping cough), Plague, Rubella, Strep (strep throat, scarlet fever, pneumonia) and the Covid Virus. (

Most Virus have symptoms unlike the Corona Virus who can be carried in asymptomatic people. This is how it is spreading so quickly.

We Already Know What To Do

Every single person in the United States and other countries are well aware of how to stop the transmission of Covid. Wear a mask, wash your hands, don't touch your face and get vaccinated.

I cannot comprehend why people still refuse to do these things. I was one of the first people vaccinated and the only thing that happened is I had a slight headache with both vaccines.

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I get not wanting to get the vaccine because it really is a clinical trial based on a lot of people but the other things are so simple to keep from getting or spreading the virus and this is what I don't understand.

Do you need to lose members of your family for it to sink in? Do you need to lose your children or leave your children parentless?

Even vaccinated I still wear a mask. This virus is mutating to different strains at a high rate of speed. The delta variant is affecting and killing children. Is death not enough to scare people to wear a simple mask?

What are you spreading?


Virus are Preventable

Every year thousands of people get colds, the flu and other virus'. The single most important thing we can do is wash our hands. Over the last year and a half with mask mandates these virus have basically not been existent or very few are getting colds and the flu. Children going back to school this year are getting sick with the flu and colds because everyone let their guard down.

"My kids don't need to wear mask or wash their hands". You are putting your child in harms way by being foolish. Virus transmission of colds and he flu are going to be a battle this fall along with the covid virus.

People we have to do our part. It's not fair to those around us who are doing everything right and you are putting them in harms way. My family had Covid and I was scared for them. They came through it but now have side affects from this virus. Excessive sweating, feelings of malaise, vertigo and kidney failure. This what they are experiencing and they did everything right.

So even if you are doing everything right you can still get Covid? It is possible. Somewhere along the way maybe you didn't wash your hands, or accidently went into a store for something quick without a mask.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Cheryl A Whitsett


Cynthia from Philippines on September 21, 2021:

sometimes mis information trigger the problem

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