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Covid-19 Shot O'Clock


Waiting for Mom in the Car

They are busy. People are going in. People are coming out. I'm just sitting in my car, chilling.

Today is my mother in law's first shot. She went in, got her shot, and they watched her for a reaction. There was none. Hers was the Pfizer shot.

My Shot

I got mine last Monday. I was told that Thrifty White was available for walk-ins.

I got the Moderna shot. I had a choice between that and Pfizer. Once the paperwork was done, they took me into a room with two chairs and I sat at one of them. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, she said it was done already.

"It is? I didn't even feel it."

The Opinion

All the scare stories about the vaccine being so painful, an extra limb, or a third eye... Apparently it's all hype.

The Second Shot is Scheduled

My appointment is June 14 for my second shot. Hers is the 15th.

The Next Day


Mine didn't hurt. Well, not until the next day. Like someone gave me a knuckle punch.

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It's Thursday, the second Thursday since I got my first shot. The red spot is warm, it's doubled in size, and itches.

I stopped back in at the pharmacy and asked their opinion. They suggested a night time allergy tablet, plus a hydrocortisone cream. I did make ink marks on my arm this morning to keep track of how big it gets.

I feel fine. I also have a pimply object on the front of my neck that I am assuming is a lymph node.


Well, That is That

I have now received my second covid 19 vaccination.

I'm sitting, waiting for a reaction. My shot giver was gentle. Didn't really feel this shot, either. Tick, tick, tick... Five more minutes and I'm free to leave.

I have the day off, tomorrow. I'm supposed to bring mom in for her second shot, tomorrow as well. Hers was a three week wait, mine was four. I had Moderna. She had Pfizer.

Two minutes left to wait.

Other than being slightly nervous, I'm okay right now.

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