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Countries Of The World Which Speak The French Language

The French Speaking Countries Of The World

The French Speaking Countries Of The World

The Countries That Speak French

Comprising more than 53 countries and 118 million are people who have the French language as their primary language. On the other hand, more than 260 million people acknowledge French as a secondary or intermediate language.

French Speaking North American Countries

Among the North American countries which speak the French language include Canada. The country has two major languages predominantly spoken: English and French. French is communicated in most parts of Québec and Acadia. Equivalently, Haiti is also a bilingual country with 2 official languages namely French and Haitian Creole. The country gained its independence from France in 1825 by paying the colonizers 150 million francs.

French Speaking European Countries

European countries like Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland regard the French language as official language.

Belgium has French as its official language. It is mainly spoken in half of the southern part of the country. The pronunciation and words may be characteristically different but the Belgian French has never been as different to the neutral French of France.

France is the country where the French language is prevalently spoken and where a great number of Francophones (those who originally speak French and still use French) live in existence. Luxembourg, on the other hand, has three major languages consisting of Luxembourgish, German and French. Geographically, the country is located between Germany and France.

Another small European country that considers French as an official language is Monaco. The country is surrounded by France when geography is taken into consideration. Because the country has an independent constitutional monarchy, it takes full responsibility of the country’s security. Switzerland is a European country which has preserved its reputation as being neutral. There are four official languages spoken in the country which include Romansh, Italian, German and French.

French Speaking African Countries

Several African Nations accepted and adapted French as an official language because of the colonization of the Belgian and French command. Benin, an African country, was colonized by France until 1960 when they gained their independence from the French colonizers. French is the official language in the country at present. Similarly, Burkin Faso, another France’s possession, was liberated from the French colonization in 1960. The country is rich with many regional dialects but French is considered the main language spoken. Burundi, an ethnically harassed African country several years ago, is situated along Rwanda. This geographic location exposed the formation of a Belgian colony Ruanda-Urundi. The country proclaimed its independence from the Belgian colonization in 1962 and demanded the division of Rwanda and Burundi. The country acknowledges 3 official languages namely Swahili, Kirundi and French

French and English colonizers have invaded this African nation named Cameroon. After the First World War, the German gained control over the country. In 1960, the country was given freedom from its colonizers. Thereafter, the country was established as the United Republic of Cameroon. Two major languages are spoken in the country, English and French. The Central African Republic was also under the French colonization which was liberated in 1958. French and African language of Sango are the two major languages spoken predominantly in the country. Chad, another African nation, is considered to be the motherland of no less than 200 ethnic and linguistic groups. There are two primary languages spoken namely French and Arabic.

Comoros is a four island African country where one of its islands is still recognized as a French territory. It is named Moyette. Arabic and French are the official laguages of the country. The Democratic Republic of Congo was under the Belgian command. French and local language of Lingala are commonly spoken in the country, making them as the country’s official languages. Djibouti is another French colony until 1977 when their independence was promulgated. French and Arabic are the official languages of the country.

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A part of the French Equatorial Africa, Gabon is a French speaking African nation. Another French colony is Guinea which gained an early liberation from the French command in 1958. French Guinea, as it was known before, considers French as its official language. Côte d’Ivoire was freed by the French colonizers in 1960. At present, French is the customary language spoken in the country

An independent country of the French command, Madagascar possesses three official languages of English, Malagasy and French. Mali acquired its freedom from the colonization of France. French is the primary language of the country. Like most of the African nations, Niger gained its freedom from the French command in 1960. The country is bilingual with Hausa and French as its official languages. Other African countries like The Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles and Togo were once under the French colonization. These are French speaking countries.

Countries Which Speak French



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