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Could Der Fuhrer Have Won the Last Great War?

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The word Der Fuhrer is a German word meaning leader but over the decades it has come to be associated with the name of Adolf Hitler, who was Chancellor of Germany from 1933-45. When the history of the 20th century is written there are a few men like Roosevelt, Stalin , Churchill, Gandhi, Castro whose names come up immediately but none can deny for good or bad that the name of Adolf Hitler also is bracketed along with them. The leaders of World War II who shaped the history of the 20th century would not be considered "Great" if there was no Hitler. He was a evil genius, with the holocaust his biggest evil deed but 200 years down the line are we sure that appreciation will not change? I have used the word Appreciation in the military context and means a technique developed to explore all aspects of a fact or situation.

The Allies together with Russia won the Second Great War. The war took a particular course and resulted in the annihilation of Hitler's Reich. The mind of the general public is conditioned by this truth but an appreciation will show that there could have been other courses of action. In case the Fuhrer had played the game of roulette again with different parameters the result could have been different. He could have been the victor. This is now an academic discussion as the war is lost and the Reich destroyed. It will require a time- machine to go back in time to reconstruct the events to give the Fuhrer another chance.


Courses of action

Astrologically one can say that the Zodiac shows that the sun was exalted on Germany and Hitler as he began the invasion of Poland in September 1939. When he launched the invasion of Poland, the German star was in the ascendency. With exalted Sun and Mars in the appropriate House, he concluded the Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact. This was a spark of genius as he laid to rest the bogey of a two-front war so feared by Germany and articulated by Baron Von Schlieffen. Stalin is supposed to be a shrewd leader but he swallowed Hitler's bait, hook line, and sinker: he never realized that Der Fuhrer had other plans lined up in his mind.

Having secured his eastern flank he put the Schlieffen Plan to good effect by invading France. 40 days and it was all over. France was subjugated and that sounded the death knell of the French Empire after 200 years. At that point, Der Fuhrer's position was akin to Genghiz Khan; totally unassailable.

At that point in the fall of 1940, he strode Europe like a colossus. He had achieved what in military terminology means a favorable situation, He had neutralized the threat from Russia and Roosevelt was perforce neutral. Bacon the famous English essayist has stated that, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This was the time to consolidate his position as his only opponent was Great Britain and he should have put forth all his resources to subdue Great Britain and that in effect would mean the end of the British Empire but at that time his mind was warped and strategy and reality were replaced by fantasy and race theories. He decided not to go ahead with operation Sea Lion the invasion of England.

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He turned his attention to Russia. Any prudent man would have known that fighting in the winter of Russia with the mud and the grime all around is no easy task. Napoleon realized this and his grand army of 600,000 was reduced to 95,000 as he retreated.

He again committed an unforgivable blunder when the Imperial fleet attacked the USA at Hawaii on December 41; within two days without a thought declared war on the USA. Now, he had cooked his own goose. Assuming Hitler had not done what he did and not declared war on the USA nor invaded Russia there's no way the British Empire could have survived and once that had happened Hitler would have become the greatest leader in world history after Alexander the Great .


Some thoughts

Let us look at the scenario ask as to what would have been the likely consequence in case Hitler had captured the British Isles. His major task at that time would have been to neutralize Gibraltar and Malta and capture the Suez canal.

It is a moot point that with the English empire wiped out along with the French, whether the Americans would have the stomach to fight Hitler who would then be like Samson of the Bible. A clash with Russia would certainly have taken place but Hitler would be much stronger and in a better position to fight Stalin and the Bolsheviks.

There is every chance that El Caudillo would have toed his line and with the mother country ( UK) occupied the road to India along with the Indian leader Subhas Chandra Bose would be a reality. More important there was no danger of any air bombardment

The End of the War?

At that point, the dictator might well have ended the war. The Arabs wanted to side with him and Hitler would be like the man with the golden baton. The Invasion of Russia and a clash would have taken place but with Der Fuhrer, the master of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea up to the Suez Canal, a battle with Russia could mean victory. No supply line across the Arctic and Britain to help.

Hitler failed to make out an appreciation and courses of action. If he had followed the course as laid down above he would have won. But a great leader is one who knows his strength and there Hitler can be faulted. He threw his gains away and his impulsiveness let him down. He allowed the mind to rule over reality and thus lost the war, but he lost by a whisker because of one major blunder, letting England breathe. This isn't the hallmark of greatness.

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