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Copper Bracelet Health Benefits - Amazing Cure All!

copper jewelry health benefits

copper jewelry health benefits

Photo source: Beautiful hand made jewelry! To see for yourself please go to:

Beyhan Akman Wire wrapped jewelry hand made.

Aches and Pains

Recently I have started to feel the aches and pains of possible Arthritis in my left hand. It may have been caused by the fact that I picked up a kettle thinking it was empty but it wasn't. In fact it was so heavy it twisted my hand and its never been the same since.

So it seems the older we get the longer it takes to heal or not heal as in my case. We all suffer from wear and tear in our muscles and there are many types of medicines to help keep us supple in our hands and wrists.

But sometimes we don't like to take too many meds. So having an alternative is the way to go.

I had heard of copper bracelets and also copper with magnets but to be honest I hadn't really thought about why or how they worked.

Of course we have all heard that copper is wonderful for Arthritis and Rheumatism, but just how successful it is never seems to be discussed. I don't believe I have ever seen copper mentioned in any health program on TV or radio. So who came up with the idea of copper? And why?

Copper bracelets for arthritis

Copper bracelets for arthritis

Photo source

Copper And Arthritis.

Now here's the thing. After researching this it seems there are a number of different opinions about how or why copper actually works.

According to Web MD a health site, there is absolutely no real evidence that copper actually works on the body in any way to alleviate the symptoms or pain of Arthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis.

A study was done with over 70 people taking part. Over a five month period, four different devices were worn to see which ones really helped.

It seems that after doing blood tests, the long and short story of it is that they all work on the placebo affect. But do they? It seems that even modern Doctors don't know everything.

Why? Because I know it works. I have a copper bracelet and my hand feels so much better now. I don't believe it's a placebo. I am much to skeptical for that. So how does it work?

Why Not Try A Copper Bracelet For Yourself?

Amber McCleary

Amber McCleary copper Pyjamas cured mrsa hospital bug

Amber McCleary copper Pyjamas cured mrsa hospital bug

Photo source

Amber McCleary and The Copper Pyjamas.

Amber is a student from Portsmouth England, she is studying forensic psychology. She was trying to figure out how to make a dogs bed that didn't smell, well, doggylicious!

So she added copper to the cloth.

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Copper has antimicrobial properties which in plain English means it can kill the smelly bacteria that causes the dog smell.

But then like all great scientists, alchemists and everybody in history who decided to invent a particular chemical or product, Amber got side tracked when she found out her friend was suffering from MRSA the flesh eating bug while she was in hospital.

So she decided to send a sample of her invention, part copper and foam, to MGS Laboratories in Berkshire England, where they underwent stringent testing.

They placed the copper and foam in a petri dish and incubator, one dish without the copper developed MRSA, the other one didn't. The test was a success! The copper killed the MRSA bacteria.

Amber then went on to make pyjamas and other bedding for people in hospital who were suffering from MRSA. And that included her friend Gemma Wilby.

Gemma had recently given birth by Caesarean and had a beautiful baby boy. But the wound became infected. She was given a daily cocktail of drugs, emergency surgery and maggot treatment. But nothing worked.

Then Amber brought her copper PJs, socks, bedding and a gown. Soon Gemma made a full recovery!

Since then Amber has gone on to patent her discovery, and now has a website and backing for her products. Oh, and she also has patented and made the dog bed too!

Copper Pyjamas and clothing Gemma and Alfie saved by copper clothing

Copper Pyjamas and clothing Gemma and Alfie saved by copper clothing

Ancient Egyptians used copper for health

Ancient Egyptians used copper for health

Well If Its Good Enough For Hippocrates.....!

Hippocrates used copper for healing

Hippocrates used copper for healing

Did You Know? The Edwin Smith Papyrus

Ancient civilizations actually knew the value of copper for healing. The antimicrobial properties of copper were well known even before the rest of the world knew about germs or bacteria. These civilizations were curing people of all sorts of nasty bugs.

What's more, they knew if water was carried in copper containers then it was much better for your health!

How do we know?

Well, an ancient Medical Text called the Smith Papyrus, (2,400 BC), mentions the usage of copper as a sterilizing and healing substance when placed in water. They also placed the copper on wounds because they realized that copper healed the wound much faster than the usual methods.

The Papyrus is named after Edwin Smith the man who bought it in 1862.

In fact the most well known healer in ancient history, Hippocrates, was said to use copper as a cure for leg ulcers. They ground down the copper into a powder and poured it into the wounds.

In the 19th century when the cholera epidemics were raging through France, it was found that the men who were working in the copper mines were immune to the illness!

It seems that copper is one of the best natural healers of all!

Edwin Smith Papyrus

Edwin Smith Papyrus

My Copper Bracelet.

New copper bracelet nell rose

New copper bracelet nell rose

Does copper work? Definitely!

So, now we know the clever healing of copper, what's that got to do with copper bracelets and arthritis?

Well, evidently back in 1939, a German physician, Werner Hangarter, living and working in Finland, noticed that the Finnish copper miners were not affected by arthritis like other people. He realized that it was because they were working with copper.

Soon a German medical team studied the properties of copper, and started to treat people for rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica, as well as neck and back problems.

There is so much more to copper than we think.

The healing properties of copper go on and on. Who would have guessed? Not me.

The healing properties of copper are not shown on TV or in magazines.

We buy what is advertised and take notice of the media. Simple as that. But we never ask, or check. Once again I ask, why? This is a pretty big thing in medicine, surely it should be explained to consumers?

Because of the lack of knowledge, some people believe these alternative medical treatments work, and others believe its the placebo affect. As we saw from the Doctors thoughts at the top of the article.

Well let me tell you, its definitely not the placebo affect. Along with medical proof that is many thousands of years old, I know for a fact that a copper bracelet works.

As I mentioned I twisted my left hand about six months ago. Its never healed so I had to wear a support throughout the day. But it still hurt. Whether it was poor healing or arthritis setting in I don't know.

Nothing they could do doctors said, just take pain killers.

Two weeks ago I bought a copper bracelet. And guess what? No more pain! Its gone. I know for a fact that this is not the placebo affect. I can actually pick things up very easily now.

The copper is working and thank goodness for that!

I believe its something we should all try out if nothing else is working. You never know you may just be surprised.

© 2014 Nell Rose


Mazlan A from Malaysia on December 26, 2018:

Sorry Nell..must be my fat fingers!

Thanks, will check it out on Amazon.

Nell Rose (author) from England on December 26, 2018:

Hi Mazian, its Nell, lol! yes it does have to be 100 percent copper. amazon do a great range of 'real' copper bracelets.

Mazlan A from Malaysia on December 25, 2018:

Hi Neal, this sounds interesting and maybe I should get one for my joint pain. Question is, how do you know if the copper bracelet that is sold online or at a retail store is made from genuine copper? Do you also have to buy 100% copper?

Nell Rose (author) from England on June 29, 2017:

Thanks Beth, yes its interesting isn't it? Seems people in the past did know what they were doing, who knew? lol!

Beth Eaglescliffe on June 26, 2017:

This has opened my eyes to yet another example of the effectiveness of copper. MRSA look out! Interesting article, Nell.

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 18, 2017:

Thanks Thelma, yes I have two now! lol! love them!

Thelma Alberts from Germany on May 17, 2017:

Very interesting Nell. I always thought a copper bracelet is beautiful. It sounds that it has indeed a healing power. I would love to have one now. Thanks for sharing this very informative hub.

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 17, 2017:

Thanks Suzanne, I got my first one because I started to get 'something' in my left hand. probably rheumatism or arthritis, but since wearing it its gone! maybe coincidence but hopefully not! lol!

Suzanne Ridgeway from Dublin, Ireland on May 17, 2017:

Hi Nell, what a gorgeous gift you got. I have loved Copper jewelry for years but totally forgot about its potential healing powers now I have been diagnosed with early arthritis in my thumbs.I have quite a few Copper cuffs, earrings and necklaces and do wear from time to time maybe I should wear more often! Thanks for re-posting this!

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 23, 2016:

Thanks so much Audrey, good luck with it, I am sure it will be really helpful.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on September 22, 2016:

Nell...I ordered the copper bracelet today from you your Amazon capsule. Thanks.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 22, 2016:

Hi Audrey, I wear one, in the first place it was for a bad wrist, its okay now, not sure if its because of the bracelet, but yes copper is a good healer! thanks for reading and always great to see you, nell

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on September 22, 2016:

I think its time I give copper a try. I have serious arthritis in a finger. It not only hurts but now I'm unable to use my hand for a number of daily actions like using a fork to eat with.

If wearing a copper bracelet would help me I would be ecstatic!

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 05, 2015:

Thanks compu good luck with the bracelet, hope it helps, nell

Tony Sky from London UK on May 03, 2015:

Hi Neil,

I'm glad to hear your having positive results with a copper bracelet....

I will be buying a copper bracelet and if the copper really helps than fantastic, but if it helps as just a placebo affect, then that's fantastic too!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 30, 2015:

Hi Dolores, thanks so much for reading, yes I wasn't sure about it, but after researching how they use copper even back in history I thought well I would give it a go, it seems that it definitely does help, thanks again, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 29, 2015:

Thanks Audrey, yes I bought myself a bracelet and it does seem to have worked, I had pain in my left wrist but now its gone, not sure whether its because it just healed or not, but it does seem to be much better since I bought it, thanks again, nell

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on April 29, 2015:

Hi Nell, I remember seeing older people wearing copper bracelets years ago. When the naysayers claim that the benefits of copper are a placebo, does it really matter if it works? The brain is a powerful thing, and apparently, so is copper. Glad it worked for you. I am going to recommend copper bracelets for a friend who suffers from aurthritis.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on April 28, 2015:

I've wondered about the healing effects of copper and after reading your hub I'm a believer! Last year I ordered a 'Tommy Copper' knee brace and it seemed to help but still I wasn't sure. I am now and will look for a bracelet (here, of course.)

Nell Rose (author) from England on March 27, 2015:

HI Kristen, thanks so much for reading, yes its certainly helped me, nell

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 26, 2015:

What a fascinating hub Nell on the copper bracelet. It's real interesting to know it could help with arthritis. Voted up for useful and interesting!

Nell Rose (author) from England on January 31, 2015:

Thanks again Laurie, I love those blue feathers don't you? Now I can see why I like them! lol!

Rayne123 on January 31, 2015:

I have heard a lot about this, some say its a matter of believing it works and so it will. I have never tried it myself, but would like to.

Love the bracelet in the picture, love it.

Crystal is supposed to be another healing property not to mention calming.

Speaking of calming, I noticed the blue feathers in your background, so pretty, and for some reason I looked up spiritual meaning of feathers and this is what I came up with, one meaning anyway.

Copied and paste

Blue Feathers bring a calming and peaceful energy, and are connected to communication, awareness, and are often a reminder to listen.

BLUE - Blue feathers symbolize mental abilities, peace, protection. And psychic awareness.

Great informative hub, thank you


Nell Rose (author) from England on December 07, 2014:

Hi Besarien, thanks so much for reading all my hubs, I really appreciate it, that is a good idea to take vitamin D especially in the winter, as we sorely lack it then, I am glad its helped you, nell

Besarien from South Florida on December 03, 2014:

I used to have a set of copper jewelry I wore in college simply because I thought the metal was beautiful and looked nice next to my skin tone. I got tire of people asking if I was arthritic so I ended up giving it to an older friend who wanted to try it for some relief. Now that I have a bit of arthritis from a broken wrist I think I might get another bracelet to wear. One thing that does seem to help for me is taking an extra vitamin D supplement- over the recommended dose I mean. Another great hub, Nell!

Nell Rose (author) from England on November 18, 2014:

Hi poetry, you could be right there! I don't think we use metals enough, maybe they will start to look into it more, thanks so much for reading, nell

poetryman6969 on November 17, 2014:

I have heard that certain metals have antibiotic properties. Wouldn't be interesting if most of our ailments including ulcers and obesity were due to infections.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 29, 2014:

Hi Mel, yes that's so true! I hope the bracelet works for you, it certainly has helped me. I do still get occasional cramps in my hand but nothing like it was before, thanks for reading, nell

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on October 28, 2014:

There is no money in it for "big pill" which is why they will never really study its effectiveness. I have arthritis as well so it couldn't hurt me to try. If anything people will just think I'm being fashionable. Great hub!

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 23, 2014:

Hi Deb, that is a good thought! yes you could be right there, and of course it may not work on all sorts of problems, thanks for your input, nell

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on October 23, 2014:

I have no doubt about it that this is working for you, or you wouldn't say it. I do wonder, if perhaps, the people that claim it doesn't work, have an immunity or a natural tolerance due to other chemicals in their bodies, like medications. Food for thought.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 21, 2014:

Hi Dreaming, that's great! good luck with it, it worked for me, no more pain, bliss! lol! thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 21, 2014:

Hi Paula, yes its great isn't it? what a clever lady! thanks so much for reading, nell

Karen Kay from Jackson, MS on October 21, 2014:

So glad you've done this! I just purchased a copper bracelet today in hopes it would help w/ carpal tunnels.

Paula Atwell from Cleveland, OH on October 21, 2014:

Interesting. I really loved the story about the invention and putting it in clothing.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 17, 2014:

lol! yes that's so true! have a wonderful weekend, nell

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on October 17, 2014:

I think the copper will be lighter than the pains to carry around ha ha ha. Thanks Nell ..... ;) , it was my pleasure coming by.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 17, 2014:

Hi Mary, yes its definitely worked for me, I am sure of it. my wrist was so painful for weeks, mainly my hand too. then I started wearing the copper bracelet and now its really great! thanks as always, nell

Hiya Jo, lol! oh dear, I can just imagine you wearing all that heavy copper! I hope you start to feel better soon with all your aches and pains, thanks as always, nell

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on October 17, 2014:

Hi Nell well i suffer with a lot of bad back pains, foot, hand, neck and so on. So in my case i will need a copper suit, two gloves and a pair of copper shoe LOL but am dead serious.

I am glad to hear that it is working for your pain and hope it continues to, thanks for the recommendation :)

Mary Craig from New York on October 17, 2014:

Like Bill, I've always been skeptical but hearing from someone who has used copper and it works gives me new found interest. Like anything else, nothing works 100% for 100% of the people, but when it works for some it is certainly worth a try!

Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 16, 2014:

Hi Linda, lol! yes I hate taking pills, and whether its purely the placebo affect or really working because of the copper, my hand and wrist are totally better now! Even though it took months and I gave up, I totally believe in the copper now, thanks as always, nell

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on October 16, 2014:

Very, very interesting...I've heard of using copper bracelets, but never tried it, possibly because I don't need to, but if I did I would try these before taking pain pills, I'm too much of an addictive person to start using those! :)

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 16, 2014:

Hi Daniella, yes its the constant typing that does it, I worked in an office for years now write, and phew does it take it out on our wrists! thanks so much for reading, nell

Daniella Lopez on October 15, 2014:

Excellent hub, Nell! I haven't tried using copper jewelry yet, but I have been wanting to! Years of being a freelancer has done a number to my hands and wrists, so I'm sure they could benefit from a bracelet or two. And they're lovely looking to boot! Thanks for sharing!

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 15, 2014:

Hi carter, yes its definitely worked for me, I can't obviously say its the copper unless I took blood samples! LOL! but my wrist hurt, wore the copper doesn't hurt any more, simple as that! thanks so much for reading, nell

Mary from Cronulla NSW on October 15, 2014:

Always thought copper would be good to try.. and recently have had a bit of of an ache in my wrist..probably from too much time at the keyboard..after reading your informative hub Nell I should give it a go as it sounds like it worked for you..Cheers

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 09, 2014:

Hi Jo, thanks so much for reading, yes my pain in my hand has completely gone now! I don't even think about it anymore! its a coincidence if it was just luck that it cleared up as i wore the bracelet, but as you can see from the clever girl above who discovered the copper pjs it definitely works! so your husband was right, lol! thanks for reading, nell

Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on October 09, 2014:

Nell, this is fascinating! My husband swears by his copper bracelet, I tend to poo poo his claims of miraculous healing, but there must be a reason why so many people believe that copper eases the pain of arthritis. This is certainly worth researching, there is potential benefits to be gained in the treatment of MRSA and other drug resistant pathogens since we are fast running out of effective antibiotics. As always, interesting and though provoking.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 06, 2014:

Thanks teaches, glad you liked it, I hope your mother in law gets some help with her arthritis, and the copper bracelet works, thanks, nell

Dianna Mendez on October 04, 2014:

I am going to have to share this with my mother-in-law who suffers from arthritis. You have posted interesting facts and thanks for sharing from your experience.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 04, 2014:

Hi Faith, that's lovely to think you received a bracelet from two missionaries! I am getting used to my bracelet now, I was afraid I would start to get a green arm, but so far so good! lol!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on October 04, 2014:

Hi Nell,

Very interesting and so glad it has helped you! I was given a lovely copper bracelet from two missionaries who went on a mission trip to Zambia, Africa. It is so beautiful and I used to wear it often to think of them, but now that I know it has other health benefits, I will dig it out and wear it more often.

Up and more and tweeting and pinning

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 03, 2014:

Thanks Alicia, glad you liked it, it was fascinating researching it, I never realised that copper was used back in history, thanks!

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 02, 2014:

This is very interesting, Nell. I enjoyed reading about the medical benefits of copper very much. I'm glad your hand is feeling better.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Hi bravewarrior, yes that girl is amazing isn't she? just like so many other inventors in the past or should I say chemists she aimed for one thing, and in the making discovered something really life changing! thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Thanks Sanjay, that's fascinating and proves that it has been around for many years, thanks for reading and adding to my knowledge too! nell

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on October 02, 2014:

Mel, this is fabulous news! I've heard of the healing properties of copper but never put it into practice. If my body starts ailing me, I'll certainly consider it. Actually, now that I think about it, wearing copper could very well be a viable preventative measure.

The copper clothing and dog bed is genius! Wow, that young lady is now set for life.

As to why the doctors don't tell us about the healing properties of copper, it's simple: it would put them out of business! Today's medical profession is run by big pharma, that's why there's a drug for everything under the sun. However, most cause more problems rather than heal.

Great post, Mel! You may want to consider putting the word 'review' in your title. It'll go viral on Google if you do. Product reviews do very well for attracting viewers and earnings as the result.

Sanjay Sharma from Mandi (HP) India on October 02, 2014:

According to Indian traaditional medicines, keeping the water in Copper container overnight and drinking it in the morning helps in digestion, strengthens gut movement and cures several digestive problems.

Nice and informative hub. Thanks for sharing.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Thanks Susan, it does look great too, apart from the health benefits, I really should get a ring too, sounds lovely!

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

That is so true Rhonda, that's why there are so many illnesses out there that could have been eradicated by now, but for the greed of the med companies, thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Thanks billy, my brother has one and he swears by it, not literally! lol! have a great day too, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

hi suzette, yes of course it may not work for everybody, and to be honest even if it was the placebo affect I don't mind, just as long as it works! lol!

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Thanks so much DDE have a nice day, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Hi Flourish, yes it does seem to be working. Of course I still get a twinge in the wrist sometimes but not half as bad, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 02, 2014:

Hi Jackie, thanks for reading, its fascinating how they have used it for centuries isn't it? thanks nell

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on October 02, 2014:

I've worn a copper ring for most of my adult life. I originally started wearing the copper ring because I just like it. I also have several copper bracelets that I wear. Great and informative hub!

Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on October 02, 2014:

While I do believe in the power of the Placebo effect, chances of it influencing you were greatly diminished because you knew of it before hand. Personally, I think copper does work. Folks in ancient times knew and used what worked or they died. There wasn't the major greed involved with health insurance, big drug companies and laws so strictly regulating what could or could not be prescribed as there are now. It stands to reason the health care industry as a whole would frown upon such methods. Once you pay a small amount, you're done. Their way keeps you paying and dependent upon them for your entire life. Great read, Nell!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 02, 2014:

It's always nice to hear from someone who has tried things like this. I've often wondered about copper and its medical effects. Thanks for the info, Nell, and have a great Thursday.

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on October 02, 2014:

Yes, this is so interesting and informative. I am glad the copper bracelet is working for you. I, too, have arthritis in my hands. I have tried the copper bracelet but it has not worked for me. There is no difference in how my hands feel. I think it depends on our individual body chemistry if the copper works or not. I certainly would recommend that readers try the copper bracelet and see if it works.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 02, 2014:

I do have a copper bracelet but never used it. I had no reason to. An interesting topic and you summed up greatly.

FlourishAnyway from USA on October 01, 2014:

It seems to be working well for you, Nell. I have heard of the benefits of copper but never tried it myself. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on October 01, 2014:

So interesting! Sounds like a lot of good proof. I have heard of it and think I even have a copper bracelet somewhere. I will have to get it out and try it. Course I need two, lol. Both Wrists do hurt me but the right one seems to be worse.

Well certainly worth a try. Thanks for digging up all this great information! Up and sharing.

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