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The affect of colours in interior design - what emotions do a paint colour evoke?

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Every colour has a unique effect on human consciousness. Everyone reacts differently to specific colours, but there are general principles that can be followed that will stimulate a desired sense of being or state of mind through the integration of colour. This article is an overview of colour therapy and how you can easily apply it to your every day life.


Green is the most common colour found in nature. This colour supports balance and harmony, and is overall an extremely soothing colour. Green represents love and communication, and promotes acceptance. This is a great colour to paint your walls if you need help relaxing, such as in a spa or healing centre.


The colour blue helps promote calmness and inner peace. Honesty, kindness, truth and emotional depth and devotion are all strong characteristics of this colour. An overall soothing colour, blue would be a great wall colour for a child's room or place of mental healing.


Violet is the colour of intellect and stimulated intuition and imagination. It is also a colour dedicated to meditation and universal flow. Choose this colour in rooms that promote creative thinking, such as an office or art space.


Red is a very dynamic and active colour, and is used to increase physical energy and stamina. It is also a colour that stimulates spontaneity, vitality and passion. It is also commonly thought to promote hunger. Choose the colour red for spaces such as restaurants or dining rooms, where energy is high.

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Orange is a very creative colour, and stimulates creativity, productivity and emotional expression It also promotes pleasure and optimism, and is generally known as one of the happier colours. Choose the colour orange in spaces such as children's classrooms or creative spaces, to encourage optimistic creativity and expression.


Yellow is an empowering colour that stimulated fun, humour and lightness. It is also a very creative colour that represents logic and personal power. As a bright colour, it often instils a sense of cheeriness, and should be used in spaces that involve social gathering such as living rooms or play areas.

Following the simple guidelines outlined above, you are now on your way to creating spaces that help promote a desired sense of being.

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