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Cognitive Constructs

Aydasara Ortega Torres is a Faculty Member of Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics.

Cognitive Constructs

In the town of Edr, humans, non-human animals and plants occasionally dance with vibrations that can shiver urban skin.

To get there, we cross a long, red underground tunnel, where imageless thoughts
guide us.

The human dancers are alternative psychologists.

Their movements, cognitive constructs.



In Urm, the dancing continues.

Here, sometimes the humans speak of an ancestral past, that at that moment, flows into the present.

They call themselves time travelers.

Mentalists, if they will.

Their movements, alters.

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In the first, the schemata is multiplied.

In the other, deconstructed.

Cognitive tunneling from where futuristic wisdom escapes.

Less toward content.

Somewhat toward differential.

More toward action.



  • Images: AOT & RRM - Stable Diffusion
  • Links: American Psychological Association


© 2022 Aydasara Ortega Torres

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