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Cleopatra And Her Mystical Life


Born in 69 BC, Cleopatra was an important queen of Ancient Egypt. Throughout the history, she was depicted as a strategist, genius and fortune-hunter queen by many people.

One thing that is widely known about Cleopatra is her tragic life story. When she was 18, her dad was killed unexpectedly. That was the start of her adventures; without waiting after her father’s death, she was married off her 10 years old brother. Now let’s stop right here and give some info’s; according to an Ancient Egyptian tradition, if the Pharaoh didn’t choose anyone behalf of him before his death, the heirs would marry each other to share the crown and rule the emperorship together.

Although she got to share the throne and rule the whole Egypt, that didn’t bring her happiness. There were people who didn’t like her and saw her as a danger for their profits in the court. So, they poisoned her brother against Cleopatra and made her got sent to exile in the desert. She wasn’t allowed to get out of her house in desert that she was staying with her maids. Although she was living in comfort, Cleopatra knew that nobody wanted her alive for too long. She had to form an alliance with someone stronger than her brother in order to survive, someone like the most powerful man in the world; Julius Caesar.


Her Lovers-1; Julius Caesar

Dictator of the Ancient Rome, leader of thousands of victories; Julius Caesar was in Egypt for some important reasons. When Cleo heard that Caesar was in Egyptian lands, she immediately made plans to take him on her side. She had to meet him in person to impress and convince him to protect her. But if she’d get caught, she would be bait for alligators of the Nile. Just when she lost all of her hopes, she came up with a bright idea. She was going to hide under the furniture’s that was transporting into Caesar’s place. A very popular narrative says that with the help of her servants, Cleo was wrapped into a rug roll and carried in front of Caesar’s throne. When they unwrapped the roll, Cleopatra appeared in front of him and she finally succeeded.

Cleopatra was a gorgeous woman, any men would love to be her lover, but Caesar was not the kind of man to fall for looks. She needed more than her beauty to impress him. However, Cleopatra wasn’t just a beautiful face, she used to have high-quality education since she was just a little girl. She was capable of speaking 9 languages including Ancient Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic language and debate about philosophy with the toughest Greek philosophers. Cleo was also into science; she would often be called as professor. Needless to say, Caesar was amazed by her intelligence and confidence and got married to her. They even had a son together.

After the marriage, Cleopatra decided to live the rest of her life in her husband’s lands, she moved into Ancient Rome. But she didn’t get the love she was expecting from the Romans. There were people who named her as “The prostitute coming from the Nile.” Although she had many haters, there were her fans as much as her anti’s. Whenever she threw parties or hosted dinners, all of the Roman officials and high-society members would come to the queen’s party.

Jean Louis Mazieres - Caesar and Cleopatra, painting by Pietro Berrettini

Jean Louis Mazieres - Caesar and Cleopatra, painting by Pietro Berrettini

2-Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius)

Just when everything was going on well, a very unexpected new changed Cleopatra’s life for forever. Senators who believed that Caesar was becoming more and more despot everyday wanted to remove him from the dictatorship and stabbed him to death in senate. This dragged Rome to a civil war; and it was a huge threat for both Cleopatra and Egypt. In that time, Romans were providing the import of their needs like food grains from there. And a possible war for Rome was also meaning a conflict for Egypt too. So, Cleopatra took a ship and returned back to her own lands.

The civil war in Rome divided country into two; the one’s on Octavius’s (Caesar’s nephew) side and the one’s on Mark Antony's (Caesar’s former right hand) side. Marcus was a highly loved commander who was very humorous and smart. He was known for being such a lady’s man, he even cheated on his wife for several times. But he was also very strategic, to gain more ally’s he went on a trip to Eastern side and visited Egypt.

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Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra

Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra

Knowing how powerful he is; Cleopatra decided to take on Marcus’s side and tried to impress him just like how she tried to impress Caesar. She threw glamorous parties that lasted from night time to the dawn. It’s even said that she melted the biggest pearl ever known into her wine and drank it to attract Marcus’s attention. Of course Marcus was fascinated by Cleopatra, but not only for her beauty, he saw her as descend from Gods and Goddesses. She was really powerful and he wanted that too. What was surprising that Cleopatra was not completely dry for him; she was amazed by him. They were both in love with each other and became one of the greatest couples of all time.

The lovers conflicted against the Rome empire in a war that was going to last both on land and sea. We’ve already mentioned how clever and strategic Cleopatra was before. Well, she showed her skills during the war too. One day, when the Marcus’s ships were besieged by Octavius’s soldiers, everyone thought that it was the end. Right in that time, Cleo’s intelligence came to the rescue and made a plan that was going to save them from a huge harm. Her plan was to tie their ships to each other and attack the Octavius’s ships with the effect of the flow to break the siege. It was a really dangerous plan, but in the end it worked and they went back to Egypt with the least damage.

Despite the fact that Mark and his team was successful, it didn’t discourage Octavius and he became a curse for them. Octavius was hating Cleopatra; so, he sent a letter to Marcus.

“No Roman should be dragged into war for an Egyptian whore. I gave you my sister as a wife, and you cheated on her with Cleopatra. What did she tell you, ‘Sleep with me or we’ll fight’? You became a servant of a prostitute.”

Cleopatra Showing Octavius The Bust Of Julius Caesar

Cleopatra Showing Octavius The Bust Of Julius Caesar

Her Tragic Death

While Cleo and Marcus were living their life in love, there was a problem with the war going on. The soldiers saw escaping from the siege as cowardice. So, some of them started to hate Cleopatra for coming up with such a plan. The couple were aware of the fact that they weren’t going to live for too long. But they couldn’t sign for peace, it would create more chaos. They were in a big confusion. And they found solution in suicide.

First, Marcus stabbed himself with his own sword; just like how Roman generals would end their lives. Then Cleopatra obeyed her traditions and made a cobra poison her. Although there are some stories where Cleopatra killed herself with a poisonous needle, she wanted people to know reason of her death as the poison of cobra. As their last wishes, both of them wanted to be buried near each other and Octavius let them be together in their graves. Today, the exact location of Cleopatra’s grave is still a mystery. After her death, Cleopatra’s golden statues were showed around in Rome’s streets. Today, she is still known as one of the most powerful females in history.


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