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10. Civilizations Destroyed by the Devils

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 10: Civilizations Destroyed by the Devils

During the 6th human civilization, about 50,000 years ago, the superpowers of the Blue-planet people declined, and they were far less powerful than before. The Devils felt it was time to go to the Blue-planet. They wanted to dominate the 4th dimension of the Blue-planet first, and then figure out how to deal with all the Blue-planet people. Because the devils couldn't even beat the people in the 4th dimension of the Candle-planet, much less the people in the 4th dimension of the Blue-planet. They don't want to bother trying to start a war. Then how did they take over the Blue-planet? They thought of nuclear weapons. They knew the power of nuclear weapons since the destruction of the Jooya-moon. They controlled the Jooya people. And they could get nuclear weapons from the Jooya people at any time.

One night, the devils commanded and let the Jooya people sneaked into the 3rd dimension of the Blue Planet and detonated a large number of nuclear weapons on the Mu-continent. They controlled the blast of the nuclear weapons to just the right strength to allow the shock and vibration waves to kill the people in the 4-dimensional space of the Blue Planet without spreading the nuclear radioactive material into the 4-dimensional space. Not only did the nuclear weapon explosions kill the people in the 4th dimension of the Blue-planet, but they also caused the extinction of life on the Mu-continent. 85% of the large fauna on the Mu-continent died out. The advanced civilization on the Mu-continent, which had existed since 10 million years ago, was destroyed. The presence of trace amounts of nuclear radiation could be measured in the soil of the Mu-continent until 30-40 thousand years later. by this way, the devils occupied the Mu-continent in the 3-dimensional space and the Penglai Fairyland in the 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, the ancestral habitat of mankind.

In order to avoid the responsibility, the devils sent the oversized giant of the 3rd dimensions of the constellation Leorion to the Penglai Fairyland to clean up the battlefield. The oversized giants were over 30 meters tall and also incredibly stupid. They had always been at the command of the devils on the constellation Leorion. The devil came to Penglai Fairyland after the giants had disposed of all the corpses on the Mu-continent and Penglai Fairyland. That made the Blue-planet people thinking that it was the Giants who had destroyed the Penglai Fairyland. So, the Blue-planet people in the 3rd dimension ganged up and killed all of these giants. In the name of learning PVED from the Kunlun Palace, the Devils took up residence in the 4th dimension of the Penglai Fairyland and occupied the Mu-continent.

The Devils on the Blue-planet

After that, the devils began to transport the animal spirits, evil monsters, and other devils of the constellation Leorion to the Blue-planet. They let the Jooya people to do the transportation by their spaceships. At one time, numerous large, round flying saucers appeared over the Blue-planet, glowing like the sun and attracting the attention of the Blue-planet people. One by one, many monsters began to appear on the Blue-planet. There were nearly 70 kinds of monsters appeared that had never appeared on the Blue-planet before. Among them, about ten monsters were very fierce and went around eating people. The Blue-planet people noticed the problem and sent the Yateland people to shoot down the flying saucers with missiles and killed over a dozen of the vicious man-eating beasts. That made the other monsters not dare to come out and harm people at will. They hide in the sea and in the 4th dimension of the Penglai Fairyland. Since then, the oceans of the Blue-planet have been filled with mermaids, octopuses, fish with wings, fish with long legs, and other strange creatures.

The devils brought their new generation of little devils born with Andromeda people to Penglai fairyland as well. The little devils inherited the genes of the devils. They had the same characteristics as the devils: bad temper, low intelligence, severe violent tendencies, high sex-desire, cunning and evil heart, mastering some superpowers. The Devils sent the little devils to live near the country of Yateland Kingdom in the 3rd dimension of the Blue-planet. Gradually, the little red-haired devils began to mix-blood with the Yateland people. After many generations of mix-blood, the skin of the little devils changed from blue-white to white, just like the Yatland people. Red-hairs also began to appear among the Yatland people. The same thing happened to the people of the Leemolia Kingdom. The devils sent the little devils, born with the Jooya people, to live on the continent of Ahuriga. The people of the Leemolia Kingdom gradually mixed-blood with the little devils and gave birth to offspring with the genes of the devils. The genes of the devils were gradually brought into the bodies of the Blue-planet people.

Violent crimes and some psychopathic murderers began to appear on the Blue-planet. After many generations of mix-blood , the most characteristic genes of the devils became recessive genes hidden in the bodies of the Blue-planet people. That led to the fact that some Blue-planet people might later give birth to offspring with the devil genes even if they did not have it. Because of the increase in crime, the social atmosphere of the Blue-planet began to turn bad, and the hearts of the people were no longer pure and good. Realizing the problem, the Blue-planet people began to forbid intermarriage with foreign tribes, allowing only people from different tribes within the same country to marry. That resulted in the restriction of the devil genes, which was limited in a small percentage of the population and not spreaded as widely as the genes of the Niandet Men. Since then, the Blue-planet people have had a sense of lineage and have begun to seek purity of blood.

Tannicave men and Bear Man Monster

200,000 years ago, shortly after the Devils sent the Niandet Men to the Blue-planet, another type of cannibals was selected and sent to the plateau below the Kunlun Palace in the 3rd dimension of the Blue-planet. The Devils specifically chose a kind of cannibals, Tanicave Man, who could adapt to the highland environment. The Tanicave Man is the offspring of the Hidebern Man and the Bear Man in the constellation Leorion.

There was a type of bear-man in the 5th dimension of the constellation Leorion, who have the same body structure as human being, but with a bear-like head, and can walk upright. The bear-man is physically as tall as 4 meters, has a human mind, and can speak like a human. The bear-man has a character that its mouth is shorter than a normal bear. The bear-man can mix-blood with cannibals to have children without reproductive isolation. There are many other such monsters on the Leorion, such as the bird-headed man with a human body, the dog-headed man with a human body, and the lion-headed man with a human body. All these monsters could mix-blood with cannibals to have children, without reproductive isolation.

Tanicave men are tall, dark-skinned, with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. They have garden-square shaped faces just like the faces of the bears. As what the Niandet Men did, The Tanicave men began to spread after living on the plateau of the Blue-planet for nearly 100,000 years. About 100,000 years ago, they came along the edge of the plateau to the northwest side of the plateau and encountered the Niandet men. The Tanicave men and the Niandet men also hunted each other and mixed-bloodto have children. Because the Tanicave men lived on the uninhabited plateau, they did not mix-blood with the Blue-planet people. About 70,000 years ago, human civilization was interrupted when a super volcano erupted near the equator of the Blue-planet, and the Tanicave men were exterminated. The mix-blood plan of the Tanicave men failed.

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However, about 50,000 years ago, after the devils take over the Mu-continent and the Penglai Fariyland, they transport the Tannicave men from the constellation Leorion to the Blue-planet again. This time the devils settle down the transported Tannicave men on the Mu-continent and on the highest plateau where the original Tannicave men had lived. At that time, there were the Blue-planet people living on the highest plateau. So, the Tannicave men were gradually mixed-blood with the Blue-planet people. Tens of thousands of years later, there are two places exist the most mixed-blood descendants of Tannicave men and the Blue-planet people. The two places are the highest plateau and the Mu-continent. About 30,000 years ago, the Blue-planet entered an ice age. And the harsh ice age exterminated the Tannicave men on the highest plateau, and only a few mixed-blood descendants of the Tannicave men and the Blue-planet people survived.

The Devils and Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun

While secretly destroying the genes of human beings, the devils acted extraordinarily well on the surface, trying to get on good terms with the Blue-planet people in the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Over time, the Blue-planet people discovered that these devils from the constellation Leorion were all superficially nice and smallpoxy, but good at deception and secluded in their deeds; outwardly respectful, but inwardly evil and lawless. Therefore, the Blue-planet people called all the devils, animal spirits, and evil monsters under the leadership of the Lord Tongtian as a tribe collectively called the Gong-gong Clan. The meaning of the Gong-gong Clan is a clan that is outwardly respectful, but in reality, is outlawed and cunning. Given that the strength of the many gods and immortals within the Ceiling Star far exceeded the strength of the entire clan of the devils, the devils had held back on the surface for a long time when they first came to the Blue-planet. To be able to stay on the Penglai Fairyland, the devils accepted the leadership of Kunlun Palace, and the Lord Tongtian became a vassal of the Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun.

The Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun was the head of the 6-dimensional space under the Kunlun Palace and was responsible for managing the major affairs of the 3rd to 5th dimensions of the Blue-planet. He was the leader of the kings and emperors of the 3rd to 5th dimensions of the Blue-planet. The Heavenly Emperor Xi-Hong is the chief of the 7-dimensional space under the Kunlun Palace. And he was responsible for managing the affairs of the 6th and 7th dimensions of the Blue-planet. Both Xi-Hong and Xi-Jun were the divine immortals within the Ceiling Star, and they are deities of the first-generation L-solar system. Like the two Emperors Yan and Huang, people used to call them combinedly and refer to them as Yan-Huang Emperors. People like to call the two Emperors Xi-Hong and Xi-Jun combinedly and refer to them as the Ancestor Hong-Jun. The energy levels of these two divine Emperors are far beyond the level of the dimension space they are in. They both had reached the level of the 8th dimension.

The Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun has two female colleagues: Xi-Sun and Xi-Moon. These two divine immortals are in charge of the orbit of the Ceiling Star and ensure that the Ceiling Star and the Sun and the Blue-planet all keep running in sync, correcting the changes between the three at all times. Therefore, Xi-Sun and Xi-Moon are the chiefs of the 6th dimension within the Ceiling Star. The Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun is the chief in charge of human affairs on the Blue-planet. So, the actual relationship of the Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun and Xi-Sun and Xi-Moon are colleagues in different Bureaus.

The Devils from the 4-Dimensional Space and the Origin of Humans

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