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Cheapest Laptops for Kids

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Cheapest Laptops for Children- Pink netbook


Cheapest Laptop for Kids


Windows CE-7 inch Mini Laptop

I bought my daughter a Windows CE Mini Laptop and she just loves it. This is the cheapest and best laptop for children ages 7-15 years old. These mini laptops come in many different colors. I bought my daughter the pink Mini laptop. They are perfect for Internet browsing, checking email and listening to Youtube videos. The mini laptop has built in speakers and Wi-fi connection.

How much does a mini laptop cost?

If you are looking for the cheapest laptop for your child, the mini 7-inch laptop is around $100.00usd plus shipping costs.

Downfalls to buying the mini laptop?

Along with the great benefits it also has some minor down falls you should consider. I tried downloading Mozilla Firefox on my daughters Windows CE laptop and it wasn't capable of downloading. Also I realized that it doesn't view websites that need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. My daughter bought two more webkinz with her allowance and she wasn't able to use the Webkinz website with her laptop because the computer needed Adobe Flash installed. It does have Internet Explorer, Youtube, MSN Messenger, Skype and a variety of games installed when purchased brand new.

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Overall rating of Windows CE mini laptop.

It is nice to know that I now have my own desktop Dell computer to myself again. My daughter use to spend time on my computer and now she can use her own. The Windows CE laptop is also great for researching information on the Internet. When ever my daughter says "I need the computer for my homework" I can now tell her to use her laptop for her homework.

Overall, this is a great Laptop for children. Wonderful birthday or Christmas gift and I highly recommend it to all parents looking for a cheap laptop for their young kids. If your child is use to being on an advanced desktop or laptop, I do suggest getting a laptop that is a little more upgraded. It is only a matter of time before my daughter gets irritated with how slow the mini laptop is.

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