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Characteristics and Traits of Alien Greys

The Greys

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic many individuals have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects and a much smaller, but still significant number of those individuals have also reported some sort of contact with entities alleged to be piloting those objects.

Many varying types of entities have been reported, but the Grey aliens are by far the beings most often described as the type encountered by contactees; in fact, approximately 50% of all contactees describe what is known as the "typical" grey alien encounter.

This document contains an extensive list of the various traits, characteristics, and behaviors which are commonly associated with the Grey aliens by those who have claimed to have some form of contact with them. It is layed out in a bullet point format for ease of individual study and for use in comparing the characteristics of the Greys with that of other creatures who might share similar qualities of particular interest to the researcher.


Image Courtesy of the Grey Goblin Gift Shoppe

Image Courtesy of the Grey Goblin Gift Shoppe

Physical Traits of the Greys

  • Overall humanoid shape
  • Erect standing biped
  • Small and thin torso
  • No visible skeletal structure
  • Lack of any muscular definition
  • Average heights are reported as 3ft. to 3 ½ ft., 4ft. to 4 ½ ft., 5ft. to 5 ½ ft., and 7ft. to 8ft. tall
  • Appear to have tough smooth skin
  • Skin coloration is usually described as light grey to dark grey, or various shades of a cobalt color
  • Complete absence of hair except for in a few descriptions
  • Head is proportionally large and pear-shaped
  • Large and rounded posterior skull
  • Very large almond-shaped eyes
  • Eyes are opaque black (a few descriptions of a midnight-blue color)
  • Eyes are slanted upwards toward the rear of the skull (approximately 35 degrees)
  • Eyes partially "wrap-around" towards the temple-area of the skull
  • No discernible iris or pupil
  • No eyelids except for a few descriptions of a thin "nictating" membrane
  • No outer ears are present, but small auditory orifices are visible
  • Two small nasal openings are visible
  • Nose is described as vague, flattened or small (larger greys as described as having a slightly more pronounced nose)
  • Small, thin, horizontally slitted mouth without lips
  • No visible teeth
  • Mouth appears to be immobile or non-functional
  • Narrow elongated chin tapering to almost a 'V'
  • Extremely thin neck that appears too thin to support the weight of the head
  • Long thin arms which reach to the knees
  • Legs are thin and proportional to the arms
  • Hands are long and thin with a small palm
  • Lacking opposable thumbs
  • Have three to five long, non-tapered fingers without joints
  • Fingers and toes are described as webbed, without webbing, with and without fingernails, suction-cup-like, or having claws
  • Feet are small and usually reported to be covered
  • No visible external sex organs
  • Larger greys apparently have some vestigial reproductive capabilities

Other Characteristics

  • High level of intelligence
  • Surprising physical strength
  • Slow, deliberate and precise in physical mobility
  • They operate very efficiently in the dark
  • Reportedly sensitive to ultraviolet light
  • Often described as naked in appearance
  • Sometimes sighted wearing hooded robes, uniforms, or other clothing
  • Communicate telepathically (on rare occasions there are reports of high-pitched chattering, whispers, humming, buzzing, or staccato beeps and clicks)
  • Sometimes known to make threats
  • Reported to often do or say deceitful things
  • Appear to be emotionless, cold and calculated
  • Have a fear of adult humans (particularly large ones)
  • Appear to respond to the spiritual convictions of humans
  • Some greys have been reported to engage in intercourse (mature ones?)
  • Food is reported to be consumed through a process of absorption through the skin
  • Waste is reported to be excreted through the skin

Abilities of the Greys

  • Able to cause a sense of missing time
  • Able to induce paralysis
  • Able to cause physical marking on humans and animals
  • Can alter our perception of our surroundings
  • Able to shape-shift or disguise their appearance; often appear fluid or plastic in nature
  • Able to control the bodies of abductees
  • Can manifest and dematerialize at will
  • Ability to levitate subjects and even objects
  • Able to inflict pain, extract and inject fluids, and use medical instruments
  • Can cause illness and even death due to after-effects of encounters
  • Known to instruct, train or teach abductees
  • Able to cause mental disorientation and confusion
  • Able to forcefully abduct humans and animals
  • Able to steal or physically take possessions (one contactee reported giving them $20)
  • Able to use colloquial languages
  • Can extract knowledge and sensory information from contactees
  • Can be physically deterred or harmed by humans

Photograph of a UFO taken in 1952

Photograph of a UFO taken in 1952

Phenomenon Associated with the Greys

  • Sometimes associated with fog or haze conditions
  • Associated with humming or pulsing sounds
  • Associated with cancer, gynecological problems, and other illnesses
  • Associated with humans (usually humans wearing military uniforms)
  • Usually present with "other" beings who are commonly assumed to be extraterrestrial in nature
  • Reportedly associated with underground and underwater facilities
  • Associated with UFOs and balls of light
  • Commonly make false or incorrect prophesies or predictions
  • Associated with abductions of both humans and animals
  • Associated with feelings of "having your soul sucked out"
  • Associated with nauseating odors
  • Associated with radiation


Apparent Social Structure of Grey Aliens

  • Group consciousness that is hive-like in structure
  • Appear to have a hierarchical social order
  • Militaristic and systematic in nature
  • Reported to give the impression of gender despite there being no obvious physical distinctions
  • There seem to be two main social classes or maturity groups among the greys; one is very abrupt and crude while the other is more refined and diplomatic

Grey Interests

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  • Show a great interest in human sexuality and reproduction
  • Show a great interest in human political ideologies
  • Seem to have an interest in nuclear technology
  • Show an affinity to what are typically considered to be "New Age" beliefs
  • Have an unusual interest in the spirituality of mankind
  • Show a great interest in social ideologies
  • Seem to have an unusual interest concerning the environment

Some Controversial Claims Worth Mentioning

  • They can feed off the "life essence" or energy of living victims
  • They consume a synthetic substance mixed with human blood (absorbed through the skin)
  • They hold some humans captive in underground facilities
  • They are associated with cattle mutilations


You may freely disseminate this article or the information given herein provided that you link to it and give proper attribution for the research that has gone into this material. You are encouraged to comment.

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