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Changing the World, One Student at a time

Medini is an economics and business student with a passion for education, having taught many students across the years.

Happy :)

Happy :)

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.”

This influential statement said by Nelson Mandela becomes increasingly relevant in the present day and age, with India’s population comprising largely of youth and children. They are the nation’s greatest untapped resource, with the largest potential for growth and innovation.

A passionate student myself, I often realise what a privilege it is to be granted access to quality education. There are countless Indians who continue to lack financial resources to provide such education to their children.

eVidyaloka, a thriving Non-Governmental Organisation, is dedicated to this very cause. eVidyaloka connects passionate individuals as volunteer teachers from across the world with the Government elementary schools in remote and rural villages of India, leveraging technology to deliver live interactive classes in the local medium of learning, excessively during the pandemic.



I registered with eVidyaloka as a volunteer, having always had a knack for teaching, and wishing to channel my skills towards a cause.

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It was decided that, due to my lack of experience, I would not be teaching students directly, rather I would be recording Video Capsules. Video Capsules are a feature in which teachers record a video of themselves teaching a particular lesson or topic, which is available to all Government school students across India and can be revisited by them at any point, for the purpose of revision.

During September, 2020, I recorded multiple videos, from Fractions for Sixth Grade to Algebra for Eighth Grade, all in Tamil. The response to this was overwhelming. I was informed by eVidyaloka that my videos had gotten positive reviews. Further, many students expressed their gratitude personally.

It was a wonderful, enriching experience, one that I hope to perpetuate for as long as possible. It was greatly fulfilling to be able to contribute towards the development of the nation while inspiring young, innovative minds across the country.

-Medini Rajan

P.S If you are considering volunteering with eVidyaloka, I highly recommend it. However, they took nearly two months to allocate the classes. After that, it was smooth sailing :)

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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