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Changes and Chances

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Nothing remains the same for long. The weather can be sunny, cloudy, windy, or rainy from one day to the next. The economy can fluctuate depending on the government agenda, conflicts between countries, and natural disasters. Our health is at the mercy of pollution, seasonal flu, physical injury, and stress at work. Intermittent and drastic changes are occurring around and inside us all our life. They give us chances to understand:

1) Why Nature works the ways it does and how to overcome its furies and to embrace its wonders,

2) How a healthy economy is crucial to the well being of the people, the stability of the country, and peace in the world,

3) How our body works, how vulnerable is our body to injury and disease, and how diet and exercise keep our body healthy.

Author's work

Author's work


Changes are built into our planet as it orbits around the Sun while spinning like a top:

1) It generates a weather system that can cause thunderstorms and hurricanes with destructive powers, and climate cycles that can cause prolong drought and heavy rainfall in different parts of the globe,

2) The slow-moving and shifting of the tectonic plates beneath Earth's crust can generate unexpected earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with destructive power that can also alter the landscapes,

3) The DNA molecules enable all living things to reproduce with changes that enable future generations to survive and prosper with diversity and evolutionary features.

All these changes gave life chances to germinate, develop, and flourish. After 4 billion years, they lead to the emergence of a living thing capable of understanding what is going on.


The economy is about supply and demand. How the supply is produced, managed, and delivered to where the demand is. As the demand increases in quality, quantity, and variety, the supply also increases in size, shape, and complexity. The demand used to be food only and now includes housing, transportation, entertainment, medical care, clothing, etc. The supply used to be farming only and now includes banking, factory, show business, hospital, fashion, etc.

The demand is constantly changing due to:

1) Population increase that means more of everything,

2) Varying tastes in food, clothing, entertainment,

3) A rising living standard leads to more expensive and quality products and services.

The changes in demand give the supply chances to:

1) Be more efficient in services and productivities,

2) Seek better managements and innovative technologies,

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3) Build bigger distribution centers and robust infrastructures.

Our economy has evolved from people exchanging food and hand-made goods to local markets in the village, to the formation of companies and factories that satisfy the needs of the consumers in the country, to global trade and commerce that can move resources and commodities to and from every corner on Earth.


Since the dawn of our civilization, we have discovered that our health can easily be affected by injuries due to physical activities, sickness caused by bacteria and or virus, and illness aroused from malnutrition, food poisoning, and or organ failure:

1) The bodily injuries cause changes to our health from good to worst. They give us chances to learn that our body is put together by pieces of bones that are joined together by tendons, muscles, and cartilages. This structure provides flexibility at the expense of breakage due to overexertion, accidental falling, etc.,

2) Sickness causes changes to our health from good to worst. They give us chances to learn how our immune system works 24/7/365 non-stop and tireless to protect us from the invisible microbes and how the immune system can be overwhelmed at times,

3) The illness causes changes to our health from good to worst. They give us chances to learn how our digestive system works, what food is good for the organs and how overeating or lack of proper nutrition can be harmful.


Our journey through life is also filled with changes. From birth to death, we face changes as:

1) Our body transforms from a helpless baby to a playful child, from a rebellious teenager to an adventurous adult, and finally to an ailing old man,

2) Our emotion progresses from innocence to curiosity, from self-consciousness to independence, and finally to calmness,

3) Our mind develops from ignorance to awareness, from logic to reason, and finally to understanding.

All these physical, emotional, and mental changes give us chances to ponder if there are more to life than to get old, to play with friends, to get married, to get a job, to raise a family, and to see that our children have a chance to repeat the cycle.

Together, we have created a civilization out of a savage, dog-eat-dog, and merciless animal world. Our 7000 years old civilization has evolved:

1) From living in a cave and hunting wild animals, to living in a village and farming for food, to living in a city and shopping for food in a supermarket,

2) From walking on foot, to riding on a horse, and to driving a car to places,

3) From using the smoke signal for long-distance communication, to using pigeon, telephone, and more recently email to get in touch with the others,

4) From at the mercy of Nature's fury, to exploring Nature's wonders, to sending a man to the moon and space probes to search for life in outer space.


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on April 29, 2021:

Well brought out.

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