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Challenges that Teachers Are Facing Under the New Normal System in Education

The circumstances that arise can be a challenge or an opportunity. A situation is called a challenge when it is seen as an issue in an organization. Typically, this is the problem teachers are trying to overcome in order to make it easier, but this is a fact in life that everyone faces as they move on.

The country's health crisis raises difficulties in teaching where teachers are part of the current normal education system. These problems have an effect on their success in the preparation of modules. There are times where teachers are stressful from time to time because of a lot of things to do. As a result, they are also withdrawing from group talks with their friends.

Teachers face difficulties under the current normal education system. These problems include teaching the learners where it is difficult for teachers to reach out to all the learners at home, even the teachers are using different forms of communication. It is therefore quite difficult for them to develop the skills of the learners because the learners remain at home while learning the lessons. Not all parents have the desire and ability to support their children in their studies. Some parents lack the ability to comprehend the handwritten details written on the modules. DepEd constantly implements multiple systems that have culminated in the loss of the teachers. In this phase of the pandemic, it is difficult to gather everybody to carry out the various DepEd services.

Challenges are part of a life that cannot be erased. Individuals need to consider these obstacles in order to realize that they are living spices. In addition, they need to have a positive temperament in their lives so that they can cope with the difficulties they face in carrying out their everyday tasks at school.

Teaching the Learners

Learners are used to learn at school; face-to-face with teachers in the delivery of lessons. As a consequence, the learners grasp the lesson of the day. However, changes arise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which learners remain at home to prepare their lessons with the aid of their learning facilitators. The changes that are taking place directly impact the delivery of the lesson.

Teachers cannot teach the lesson the way they used to teach. The majority of parents prefer written modules as an effective way of learning. Teachers' function is typically limited to planning modules, distributing and retrieving modules, answering parents' questions, and correcting learners' responses. Based on these, it is obvious that there is no contact with the learners. In the absence of a teacher, the learners study their lessons all by themselves.

This is considered a difficulty for teachers since they do not know if their learners are really learning lessons. There are times where parents are the ones who respond to their children's modules to ensure that their children earn high grades. Apart from that, the written assignments and tasks of the learners are being addressed by the parents. These tasks form the basis for the assessment of the quarterly grades of learners.

This is really a challenge that needs to be tackled. Parents must let their children work on their modules. They need to understand their position as learning facilitators. They can only direct their children in responding to the modules.

Enhancement of Skills of the Learners

Knowing the teaching of the learners is an increase in their skills. It is difficult for teachers to ensure that the skills of their learners are improved as a result of the ongoing health crisis. The only support teachers can do is to give activities in order for them to execute and perform. Performance tasks are typically the application of the learning of the learners to the subject. By clearly demonstrating skills, teachers can easily determine whether the learners are consistently doing what is beneficial in improving their skills.

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Enhancing the skills of the learners is one of the activities of the teachers. Teachers typically recognize the talents of the learners; teachers develop the skills of the learners by providing them with adequate training to prepare them for different competitions. The culmination of their skills typically occurs when other learners in the same group are already competing. For other similar skills, schools provide plan for skills demonstration events or talent show where learners present their talents and skills in a variety of fields. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their actions will never be realized.

Enhancing the skills of the learners is considered a challenge for the teachers because they do not have the confidence that the skills of the learners continue to improve at home. It also needs the guidance of teachers to develop the skills of the learners. However, some parents try to help their children develop their skills in various fields. They find time to ensure that the instruction of their children continues.

Parental Support

Parents play an important role in the education of their children during the COVID-19 pandemic. They act as learning facilitators, where they are responsible for monitoring the development of their children. Typically, they offer guidance and assistance to their children in order to appreciate the substance of the lessons. They even clarify and include other examples to ensure that their children understand the lesson. However, not all parents have the desire and ability to support their children in their studies.

There are certain parents who lack the desire and ability to teach their children the substance of the lessons. This scenario is a proof that parental support is one of the challenges that teachers face in teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. The orientation of the content of the module is not a guarantee that all parents recognize the content of the module. In reality, some parents never provide guidance and assistance to their children's studies. As a result, they are lagging behind.

There are many factors that contribute to the difficulty that teachers face. Apart from the above, the family belongs to a low marginal status, giving preference to work in order to have food for the day. In addition, parents need to stay at work for health and safety purposes during a pandemic. These are some of the reasons why parents are unable to provide support for their children's studies. As a result, these learners do not perform the required weekly activities. There are several situations in which parents avoid having their children's modules.

Lucky are the learners who have parents beside them who provide the support and assistance they need in their studies. As a result, they perform all the necessary learning tasks and submit them on time.

Implementation of DepEd Programs

Education continues to do so through the implementation of the various DepEd program. Teachers are affected by this DepEd intervention. It is really difficult for them to follow the different DepEd programs because of the country's health situation. Teachers give importance to their work in preparing the learning materials of the learners. If their time is used in the implementation of the DepEd program, this affects their role in preparing learning packets for the learners. As a result, teachers continue to work overtime only to comply with all of these undertakings.

The DepEd Adopt-a-School program focuses on the procurement of COVID-19 response item. As teachers use social media to ask for these things, higher-ranking officials call their school principal's attention. They are advised to refrain from posting such requests on social media. These two acts did not complement one another, causing uncertainty for the teachers.

The implementation of DepEd programs during this pandemic of COVID-19 is not feasible. Higher ranking officials must see the work of the teachers in order to make them understand that the teachers are still overwhelmed by the things that are going on around them. They are still under stress in the execution of their roles and obligations. They also want face-to-face teaching in times of pandemic to ease the pressure they are feeling. Thus, the implementation of DepEd program is considered a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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