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Patients Without Covid-19 During its Pandemic

Mykola tries to understand strategy of care of patients without COVID-19 in times of its pandemic. He is fond of the history of medicine.

Three Categories in Times of Pandemic

  • It is necessary to give high quality urgent or routine care for patients without Covid-19. This question is made by the regular procedures for general practices. This is because essential routine care should be maintained for patients.
  • General practice has the main role in preserving the health of residents. This is underlined in the present guidance from the Royal College of General Practitioners. The RCPG has very successfully divided the workload into three domains. It uses a traffic light approach.

Green, Amber, Red

GREEN: ContinueAMBER:If possibleRED:Stop

Unwell patients requiring medical attention

F2F low-risk LTC reviews who do not meet the green criteria

Mild self-limiting ilness

Investigations for necessary conditions

DVLA examinations for key-workers

Minor surgery

Home visits

Contraceptive services

Coil or implant changes; depot injections

Potential cancer 2WW referrals

Vitamin B12 injections

Ring pessaries

Palliative and Eol care

Low risk routine smears

LTC high risk reviews

Postnatal checks

Blood results review and filling

Wound care management

Childhood immunisations

High-risk smears

Essential injections

The First Category

  • There is also necessary to know the local experience and practices in your area.
  • This guidance may be completed following recommendations of different health bodies. Also, it is important to remind that some services proposed with different practitioners depend on the setting. Those persons, who feel themselves unwell after a remote consultation, require urgent medical attention as the first category. The same relates to the case when curing may be detrimental if it is delayed, for example, considerable anaemia.
  • A care home can be proposed to buy medical equipment for checking observations. It helps to remote triage clients. Patients which illness is minor can be signposted to the local pharmacy, for example.
  • It is important to make face-to-face observations for patients with long-term curing. They are undertaken immediately. It includes type 2 diabetes with a HbH1 greater than 75%, also recent DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis, or COPD with hospitalization.

Example: how to Manage a Patient With Suspected Tonsillitis During Pandemic

  • If a diagnosis of tonsillitis is concluded on base of clinical history, examining the throat is unless completely necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic.It uses feverpain scoring system to decide if antibiotics are marked (children 3 years and older). The guidance requires that a reasonable approach is made when the score is 2.
  • Antibiotics should applied to children with a feverpain score of 4 or 5.
  • We think that it is preferable to healthcare staff being exposed to Covid-19. Antibiotics rarely give a benefit for children of three years with tonsillitis. They should be prescribed in hard circumstances, especially when a diagnosis of scarlet fever is shown.

Observation for Tonsillitis

Child with tonsillitis

Child with tonsillitis

Benefits of Physical Activity in the Actions Against Covid-19



The Best Remedy

When Gyms Are Closed

The WHO recommends guidance that can be used to achieve these goals.

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These include:

  • Take short active breaks during the day – short exercises, domestic chores, or playing with children.
  • Follow an online exercise class – can be free and readily available online.
  • Walk – on the spot, in a small space, or outside maintaining at least a 2-meter distance.
  • Stand up – especially if your work involved sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Relax – mindfulness and relaxation techniques to maintain emotional health.
  • Of course, these recommendations should be used in conjunction with keeping well hydrated, balanced, healthy, and nutritional diet and reducing high sugar or salt content.

The Symptons During and After Covid-19

It Has Become Increasingly Important

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What condition of hoarseness and cough is the author to be talking ?
    • The anterior pandemic look
    • The post pandemic look
  2. What is her hope to discuss?
    • To discuss one very common sympton, hoarseness.
    • To discuss two very common symptons, hoarseness and cough
  3. What does the larynx accomplished out?
    • Production of sound
    • Protection of the airway
    • The gateway to our swallowing tract, production of sound,and protection of the airway

Answer Key

  1. The post pandemic look
  2. To discuss two very common symptons, hoarseness and cough
  3. The gateway to our swallowing tract, production of sound,and protection of the airway



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The Rise of Different Diseases During the Pandemic of Covid-19

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