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Can I Trust The Vaccine?

Nathaniel Stalling Jr is Pastor of Burning Bush Temple of Christ Church.


There is a lot of anxiousness and distrust in the United States about these, seemingly, rushed vaccines for the covid-19 virus. The skepticism of their safety and effectiveness runs high, understandably. I, too, was one of the initial skeptics. What changed? Why did I decide to get vaccinated? I did some needed research. This is what I found.

The vaccines we have today did not come about as quickly as some might suppose. I was one of those that were reluctant to get vaccinated. My wife and I were in no hurry to be the first in line for an unknown, new and, unproven experiment. I decided to do some research to see what I could find about this mRNA vaccine.

I remembered reading something about RNA a few years ago. I went to my library and searched there first. There it was, just what I was looking for. I bought a book about ten years earlier called: THE MYSTERIOUS EPIGENOME, What Lies Beyond DNA, by Thomas E. Woodward and James P. Gills. If I was to find some answers I should start here.

In the ‘Introduction’ of the book on page 8, paragraph 2b, it says this, “One of the most ambitious and promising projects was the Human Genome Project, launched in 1990, which aimed to map the entire human genome, right down to the exact sequence of adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine along the double helix.”

It goes on to say, “The first major goal was reached in 2000 when President Clinton called a news conference to announce that a rough draft of the genome had been assembled. After a few more years of refining and cross-checking the data, the project was completed in 2003 and a final draft of the genome was published.”

DNA, known in the scientific community as the Master Code of Life.

According to Thomas E. Woodward and James P. Gills, in June of 2007, the ENCODE project discovered something totally unexpected. Before this discovery, vast stretches of the human genome were described as “junk DNA”. Up until then, it was believed that approximately 90 percent of our genetic sequences were useless. At that point I wanted to scream, “God Does Not Make Junk”!! But I didn’t, I held my composure. After all, they were talking science.

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The ENCODE study showed however that their previous assumption of “junk DNA” was radically false. Those stretches of DNA that were previously thought to be junk and useless were in fact being read and copied for use in various functions.

I want to stop here for a moment and point out that being a pastor, after doing this research, reminded me of Joseph's story in the bible.


His brothers considered him useless and ultimately sold him into slavery. After approximately thirteen years Joseph became the governor in Egypt, the second in command. During those years Joseph was being prepared to save many people. For some, he came on the scene all of a sudden, quickly and, without much fanfare. But his rise to power was actually years in the making. What goes on behind the scenes isn’t always known until after the effects are realized.


I watched senior research fellow and scientific lead for coronavirus vaccines, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett give an interview on one of the major news outlets where she explained that the vaccine that she helped develop was years in the making. It wasn’t developed in just 18 months like what was previously believed. A lot of years of painstaking research and lab work went into developing this (Moderna) vaccine. The only missing component was the virus itself. When the virus finally showed up in the latter part of 2019, thus the name covid-19, the vaccine could be tested without further delay.

These vaccines were many years in the making.

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, Phd.


After doing our own research into the matter, my wife and I decided any further delay in getting the vaccine was unwarranted. We are fully vaccinated and have never regretted it.

If there is any doubt in your mind about the safety/effectiveness of the vaccines I urge you to do what my wife and I did, check it thoroughly for yourself. There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there. Don’t put your life and the lives of your family and loved ones at unnecessary risk. Do your due diligence. Research for yourself. You and your family are worth it.

© 2021 Nathaniel Stalling Jr

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