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CVSTAT: Free Excel Based Anova Program for Analysis of Data From Agricultural Field Experiments

Dr. Singh leads a retired life after serving as agricultural researcher for 32 years. Writing about agriculture is his hobby.

A statistical technique that is used to check if the means of two or more groups are significantly different from each other is termed as Analysis of variance (ANOVA). There are few common designs namely Randomised Complete Block Design (RBD), Split Plot Design (SPD), Split-split Plot Design (SSPD) etc. that are used for laying agricultural field experiments. Sometimes, factorial technique is also applied to designs such as RBD and SPD. Based on the design, one way or two way ANOVA techniques are applied for analysis of data.

Majority of researchers and research scholars belonging to different disciplines like agronomy, plant breeding, soil science, plant pathology and entomology use ANOVA techniques for comparison of means of different treatments, drawing conclusions, writing reports, making presentations and drafting research papers.There are several paid or free softwares like SPSS, R, IRRISTAT and Cropstat etc. Many researchers and scholars wish if there is any program that can analyse their data straight in Excel worksheet. Keeping this in mind, CVSTAT was first developed in 2007 with limited number of factor levels but feedback from users demanded more levels. Hence, latest version of CVSTAT comes with sufficient levels of factors for different experimental designs.

How to download?

CVSTAT is a small sized (>400 kb) MS Excel file that may be downloaded either from google drive or from drive one. Click on the download arrow shown in the right corner of the drive. Save the file on the drive or save it in a portable drive. An Online version of program is also available but it allows only direct entry of data and users can't paste data.

How to use?

Downloaded file may be opened clicking on the file or through MS Excel program. Open the file and go to “Read it First” wherein necessary instructions to use program are available. Links to different designs are given in the end of the sheet. Clicking on the link will open the desired experimental design. Click on “RBD” if analysis involves single factor and One Way ANOVA. If two factors are present, select either “Factorial RBD” or “SPD” for data analysis using Two Way ANOVA. After selecting suitable design, data entry has to be done.

First step is to select levels of factors and number of replications. Fill in the information about the variable or parameter to be analysed. Once levels of factors and numbers of replication are selected from drop down list, data has to be entered or pasted in the blank cells generated. Since provision for maximum levels and replications is there some space will remain unpopulated. Don't worry about it.

Maximum no. of treatments in RBD are 35 and maximim no. of replications are 10. Selecting 10 no. of treatments and 5 no. of replications will generate blank cells for the selected treatments and replications. ANOVA will use the data pasted for selected levels and replications. Once user have copied analysed data, he may paste data for other parameters one by one deleting old data.

How to use CVSTAT - An Excel based ANOVA program

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Next step after data entry is to get the results of analysis. Click on the link “ANOVA” to look at the ANOVA table. ANOVA table provides ANOVA structure which envisages details about ‘Degree of freedom’, ‘Sum of Squares”, ‘Mean SS’, ‘F-Calculated’ and ‘F-Tabulated’ values. Next thing to do is to click on the link “Main effects and Interaction effects”. This will provide means of main effects and interaction effects along with Standard Error of Mean (SEm±), Least Significant Difference (LSD)/Critical Difference (CD) and Coefficient of Variation(CV). Results of CVSTAT were compared with standard software 'Cropstat' and found 100% accurate.


ANOVA is used by post graduate students of multiple disciplines for analysis of thesis/project data. Majority of research journals publish research papers that are submitted with complete statistical parameters. CVSTAT is a simple and easy to use program and provides sufficient output required for scientific presentations by the research scholars and researchers.


Crusader on July 16, 2020:

Very fast, easy and simple program for data analysis. No hassles of creating ANOVA structure since pre-structured ANOVAs are there.

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