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Covid19: Did It Really Grow in a Lab? Is #wuhan Lab the Only Culprit?

Do you remember the time?


Mystery in the Virus

Let's get right down to it! Do I believe that arguably one of the deadliest viruses since the Flu Pandemic began in a lab? Yes I absolutely do! Why? Okay 2020 one of my friend's and I along with our kids were really sick. I took my daughter to the doctor and for a week they were stomped. First, they said it was maybe an ear infection. My daughter had fever ranging 104-105. They tested her for the influenza, upper respiratory infection, RSV, strep throat, and everything came back negative.

She missed school. A voice in the back of my head told me after we left the doctor's I needed to go to the pharmacy and get a mask. I bought what was the last pack of 50 disposable masks at CVS pharmacy. I moved her into the living room away from everyone else. I literally nursed her around the clock. The pharmacy took four days to give her the medication she was prescribed, so I went and bought everything off the shelf in a different brand.

By the time her medication arrived I was just out of the store bought medication. I spoke with a nurse practictioner about her fever because nothing was breaking it and I wanted to see if I could give her Motrin along with her Tylenol. She said to give it a try and by the weekend the fever was gone but the cough and energy was low.

She was supposed to attend the District Spelling Bee but was too ill. I had a daughter's appointment set for Monday. Her doctor decided to give her a pneumonia test. It took a few days but she calls me to say she tested positive for pneumonia and I would need a mask when taking care of her. I told her I had already bought one. She prescribed her an antibiotic.

At the time a lot of adults and children were going in for the same type of COVID 19 symptoms but nothing was confirmed to be in the United States. There weren't even COVID 19 tests constructed yet. It took two full weeks there was a shift period where I thought she was better but the cough wouldn't let up and then it was like we were starting back from day one again.

When she finally gets well I start feeling sick and I limit my contact with her and use Mucinex, ACV, Vitamins, an astronomical amount of water and fluids and in a few days I'm better. I get a call from another friend that COVID 19 is coming and get prepared. I told her I had masks but I needed to get some supplies from the store. We were trying to beat the crowd and we did for the most part. Did we have microbial pneumonia for two weeks? Did we have COVID 19 or both?

Am I tripping? But... I figured...

So we were on the mend and one day while my friend and I are in deep conversation about the panic and how we both fell ill with our kids at the same time. We wondered if we had COVID-19. We are wondering about so many things. We are watching the death and in tears about what is happening and praying to God. We realize we had the same epiphany. She said she felt as if God led her to believe it was man made.

At the time they were saying it begin it began in a market in Wuhan. At the time there were theories about "bat girl" and the eat a bat challenge and that this was how the COVID-19 began. I told her I had a feeling it began in a lab. With our two epiphanies matching we were so strong in a stance. In the meanwhile, the world was literally at the mercy of this deadly virus.

I will never forget China wasn't allowing African Americans to come because they felt somehow they were spreading the virus. Meanwhile in America Dr. Fauci said masks weren't necessary and the death rate in New York brought many of us to tears we lost family members, watched New York become the baseline and take the hardest hit. We watched doctors create a hospital on a field triage style.

We watched families not able to say good bye to their loved ones and we watched reporters breakdown while having to report this. We watched Dr. Fauci say that we needed to wear masks. We watching the numbers skyrocket to which felt no end. We heard the whistle blower scientist end up dead. We watched others disappear surrounding the allegations of the Wuhan Lab.

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Fast forward so to see the 60 minutes clip where the man literally says there was no merit to it being started in a lab but more so in a market place. Its like are you kidding me? And when the interviewer asks him if they probed he said no, because they were satisfied with the answer. I thought of course you are. There was no mere coincidence that this would satisfy his agenda. ( I will provide a clip of this below.)

You see President Trump quickly cut funding ties with the Wuhan Lab. Why? Because Dr. Fauci and others were heavily involved with them at the time. Maybe they thought China was on to something major? Maybe they thought they were going to be a part of medical history? I remember reading how Dr. Fauci's institute was working closely with the Wuhan Lab in an NIH lengthy document. I will see if I can find it again. I read this somewhere around late March-April.

So when Donald Trump said it was the Chinese Virus and all these ridiculous names. I thought mighty rich of him to say that because yes it may have started there but when you give money and lend your hands they are also dirty. And no amount of quickly severing ties can negate the fact that we had blood on our hands too. I can understand a need to save reputations such as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. I even read where Fauci felt threatened, etc.

I will not say that he was definitely making moves out of a dire situation but that does not excuse the loss of lives so many people experienced. From children losing their sole providing single mother and not being able to say good bye. Spouses losing their significant others when they babies are not even one years of age hoping for a miracle. Pregnant women giving birth to babies that they never meet.

I'm going to stop there but you get the point. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx sat there numerous times and watching the mockery of medical science and blatant lies be fed to the public at large. Many died behind the lies and I think its time to stop lying and concealing the truth. God didn't begin this pandemic it was greed, it was power, it was pride, and it was arrogance. We can argue the point all day but we can not bring back the lives of those lost to so many.

When the former CDC director made the claims it began in the Wuhan Lab I knew I would write this article. Because the CDC has also made questionable moves during the pandemic as well to appease narcissism at the cost of human lives. The phases were too many to mention but very reminiscent of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx such as this being not an airborne disease to you don't need to quarantine to quarantine for 14 days, etc.

There is plenty of blame to go around but that changes nothing. We are where we are and the truth deserves the time to come out. Its time out for the cover ups have we learned nothing? Cover ups only lead to worse situations! My daughter and I love Science and enjoy talking with her about various subjects but I always bring her to the ethical aspects of Science as well. I think there has to be a balance of discovery and weighing the costs in truth and ethically speaking.

I know the medical field and BIG PHARMA and such are not as committed to ethics as most. It still does not negate the fact that to get on the other side of anything we have to do it as truthfully as we can. We use our mistakes as learning and discovering so that we are more efficient and better the next go round.

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