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Covid Vaccine Coming Soon!

COVID-19 Virus.

COVID-19 Virus.

Today headlines in the UK press are screaming to the top of their lungs, a vaccine is ready and waiting to go, for Coronavirus. A vaccine developed by Pizer and BioNTech is ready to be deployed in December. The vaccine is apparently, 90% effective.

The vaccine will be rolled out across the country. It will be available at GP surgeries and 12 drive-in sites across the country. Mat Hancock, Health Secretary, has outlined that those most in need like the elderly, will be first in line to receive it.

Care Homes and the NHS will also be the first to have it distributed and be inoculated. England right now is in the throes of a month lockdown. There will be many people in the public and in other sectors of life, including the medical profession, who will cautiously be hopeful about this.

Presumably, after the NHS, care homes and the elderly, will come those who are also, vulnerable to COVID. For example, the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic communities have paid a high price in deaths and infections. No one, as far, as I am aware, has really produced any concrete evidence as to why these people have disproportionately suffered.

Boris Johnson during a COVID broadcast live from 10 Downing Street, announced the news cautiously. His words were chosen carefully and slightly optimistically,, that a vaccine was now available. However, he stressed that the vaccine would have to pass certain tests before it could be deployed. Mr Johnson said that so many supplies of the vaccine had been ordered by the UK. Whatever you think of Boris Johnson, he himself knows what it is like to contract this deadly disease. The Prime Minister could have lost his life, however, he rallied and named his baby son, Wilfred, after those NHS staff, who oversaw his time and recovery in hospital.

Matt Hancock speaking to all assembled said the news of the vaccine was "promising news". Both Boris Johnson and Mat Hancock, stressed, however, that the general public must still observe social distancing, face coverings, etc, to ensure that the r rate of COVID will fall.

The BMA or British Medical Association has broadly welcomed the news. The British Medical Association is the governing body of the medical profession and industry in the UK.

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All those who have volunteered to be tested for the vaccine must be thanked. If it was not for these willing volunteers, we probably wouldn't be where we are today. Also, all the scientists, who slaved day and night in developing a vaccine to combat the virus.

A tribute must also be mentioned for all those in the NHS who paid the ultimate price in taking care of those suffering and dying from COVID. This has been and is, a war, between humanity and a deadly virus. The battle is not over, not one can predict how the pandemic will go, but at least, if this vaccine is as effective as they say it is, we may have a chance of protecting ourselves against it.

Humanity itself, however, has brought this virus upon ourselves. How we have treated our fellow creatures upon this planet, forcing animals to live in enclosed conditions, destroying these creatures habitats, etc. The virus has developed or was carried by these creatures and then spread into the human population with a worldwide pandemic.

Humans can and must live more mindfully of the planet we live on and all those other beings we share this planet with. COVID is a result of man's destructive, consumer-driven lifestyle, overpopulation and exploitation of the planet's resources. I hope we learn from this, if not, sadly, we must expect worse.


Nick Bishop (author) on November 10, 2020:


David Sproull from Toronto on November 10, 2020:

The Covid situation in the UK (and indeed worldwide) is truly disturbing and a clear challenge to how we do things.

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